Monday, December 26, 2016

Little Mina's Interview

"I love to tease. Get you right at the top then force you to stop - earning your orgasm, but you aren't allowed to cum."

In recent years I've began to discover foot fetish models who were not known to me, or who are new to the scene, through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. That is where I first saw Little Mina. And since all of you know by now that I'm a huge sucker for Asian women, it should come as no surprise to you that I took a liking to her really quick.

Unlike some other models I've discovered on social media, I didn't really introduce myself to Mina right away. Instead I picked up some clips of hers from numerous producers and enjoyed what I saw. As time went on, however, I decided that I'd go ahead and say hello. I was happy to see an immediate response from Mina and that's when I decided to see if she'd be interested in taking part in an interview here, on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. Needless to say, she was down and was excited to do so.

Since Mina's work isn't just limited to foot fetish content, this interview will talk about some of the other kinks you can find Mina engaged in throughout her clips. Many of these kinks I also enjoy and think you will too. But don't worry, the main topic of this interview still revolves around her size 2 Asian feet. After all, that's what drew me into this fun loving beauty to begin with!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
So for starters, let's talk about how little those feet of yours are. What shoe size do you wear?
I wear a size 2 in kid's, or size 4 women's.

Do you find it hard to find shoes in that size? When you do locate them, what kinds/styles of shoes are some of your favorites?
Yes, it's very hard. No one sells size 4 in women's, so I have to resort to kid's shoes. Sadly, most of the kid's shoes are pink and sparkly, so buying sexy shoes is very hard. When I have fans wanting to buy my shoes, I'm very skeptical about it because it's hard to find a good pair for a good price. I try to order from China since, in my head, "Oh they have little feet, right?" So I order a size 4, but when it gets here it actually is larger than a size 4. That makes me very sad, but oh well.

When it comes to smell, how smelly do those tiny feet get? I can only imagine how fun it would be to under such small feet, having to sniff them fresh from some shoes on a hot day.
My feet are never smelly. It's always a nice, pleasant smell. Even when it smells like sweat, it's still a pleasant smell. And I love my feet rubbed after wearing my shoes for a whole day. Massage my pleasant, sweaty feet.

As far as pedicures go, what are some of your preferred color choices? Do you also enjoy getting any designs done?
I hate getting my nails done because I'm very picky at how people pamper my feet. Thing is, I can't do it and most of my feet lovers aren't around to do it either. I always get Gel nails though, since they last the longest and I always have to get a design on them. Something fancy, I don't like simple. When I get do get a pedicure, however, I always go for the cheapest since I feel like there's no passion in them pampering my feet. I feel like they rush. If they didn't take so long to do my nails though, I would be going every three weeks.

How ticklish are your feet? Do you enjoy being tickled in or out of fetish scenes?
I prefer to be tickled in my scenes only. You don't miss a moment of Mina being tickled.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
I don't wear toe rings because I'm allergic to silver. I also don't think they have any my size because my toes are tiny.

Sometimes I see you wearing stockings in your scenes. Do you enjoy stockings or pantyhose at all? What are some of your favorite kinds/styles to wear?
I don't mind them. I just hate it when my dog's hair gets on my stockings. I don't have a preference though. Either way, I look sexy with or without them.

Of all the countless foot fetish activities you take part in, what are some of your favorites? What do you enjoy about them?
I love having my feet being rubbed and licked. I'm not into the sucking. I don't like slimy feet. So licks are good between the toes, but I like my feet softly rubbed and done sensually.

Do you have any celebrity crushes? If so, if you could have some of them at your feet, what's happening and with who?
Oh man, I have a top 10 list! I like my men with a sharp tongue and a sense of humor. I'll give you my top 4:
  • 4. Robert Downey, Jr., as Ironman, kissing my feet. 
  • 3. Luke Evans, as Zeus, worshiping me as his goddess. 
  • 2. Tom Hiddleston, as Loki, worshiping me on the Asgard throne. 
  • 1. Alan Ritchson, his character is so goofy. I love it. I love his humor and his body. So he would be butt naked as I admire and drool over his body. He can admire me at my feet.

Discovering the Fetish
Do you remember how old you were when you first discovered foot fetishism? Even if you didn't know the full extent, when did you learn that there are people out there who are turned on by feet?
Ha, it's funny. My dog, out of nowhere, started licking my feet and it surprised me a bit. It also felt good. So learning from that, I tried getting my slaves and foot lovers to lick them like a dog, since that's what I enjoy. I've always known about foot fetishism, but I never really thought much of it when I was younger.

What were your initial feelings about the possibility of someone being into your feet back then?
I thought it was normal. I mean, everyone has their own things they are into. It didn't surprise me much, but the whole worshipping my feet did surprise me back in 2011.

Now that time has passed and you've done so much foot fetish content, how have your feelings changed about foot fetishism, if they've changed at all?
My eyes have been opened to realize that there are many many ways others like feet - licked, jerking a cock, etc.

Can you recall and of your earliest foot fetish experiences? If so, care to tell us about any and how they might have inspired you sexually?
I have the worst memory. I cannot remember my first foot experience, I'm sorry. I think my first feet video was a jerk off instruction (JOI), but I'm not 100 percent sure.

Modeling & the Internet
How long have you been doing foot fetish content? What lead you into it and the other adult themed modeling you partake in?
I've been doing foot fetish for 3.5 years. Another model introduced me into the fetish. I didn't quite get everything at first, but I'm getting the hang of it now.

We will get into some of the other kinks found in your work in a bit, but would you say you've always been opened minded sexually?
I've always been open minded about everyone's sexuality. Everyone has their own turn ons. I don't judge others. I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

What were some of your early inspirations when it came to making the jump into adult modeling? Was there anyone you worked with, or helped you out in those early days?
There was another model who got me into it. Although we had a falling out, I do thank her for it, but that's the past. I'm glad I got into the adult business. It's very free and open and I enjoy it. I mean who does t enjoy sex?! I've made new friends and coworkers and I continue to grow my career as we speak. I enjoy it, even though my family doesn't support my decision.

Were you doing your own content from the start, or did that come about later?
I've always done my own content. I guess it always came natural for me... kind of, at least.

How long into your fetish/adult modeling career did you decide to start your own site and clips store? Was this something you've always had in mind?
Wow, I'm not sure. I started camming in 2011, but having my own site came a bit later when I started going to the conventions. It wasn't something I didn't not have in mind. Honestly, I didn't know what I had in mind back then.

You are very versatile when it comes to all the kinks you cover on your site and clips store. For someone new to you or your content, what other kinks besides foot fetishism can they expect to find?
I pretty much do it all, just about. In my videos I try to curl my toes and point them at the camera whenever I remember. And my other kinks are very different. I started off doing hardcore, so my fan base is mostly the hardcore. Lately, however, I've been doing mostly fetish. I hope my hardcore fans don't mind, but I just like to keep my store open and with different varieties of content for everyone to enjoy. I mean, I'm good at just about everything. Although I don't have that FemDom look, I am in person, but I try to give the audience what they want to see - to a limit of course.

In the work of yours I've seen, you certainly show a high level of interest and energy in what you do. So I want to ask, if I, or one of the fans reading this, was lucky enough to be at your feet in one of your scenes, what should I/they expect for each of the following themes?
  • Foot Worship - You better worship these feet like it was your baby.
  • Foot Sniffing - Oh, I love my feet sniffed. The breeze I feel from your nostrils on my feet feels so nice and relaxing.
  • Ballbusting - You don't need to make any babies anyways! You can always adopt. It sucks that karma came around when women had no rights. Well guess what, now your balls have no freedom of speech!
  • Footjob - One of my weakest skills. I don't have leg strength for this job, but if I was to do it, you better cum quick because my legs don't last long.

OK, now for some of the non-foot fetish stuff you do, that I like. Tell me some of your thoughts on each of the following items I see in your work:
  • Edging - I love to tease. Get you right at the top then force you to stop - earning your orgasm, but you aren't allowed to cum.
  • Double Vagina - Surprisingly, I can take two dicks in my vagina with no problem. Of course, after stretching it out. Laying an egg is hard for me though. Taking dick I'm good at, but pushing an egg out... impossible.
  • Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) - I get this request quite often. I have a local here who loves SPH. Making fun of your little dick is one of my favorites. With me being so little, I didn't think I could find anything smaller, until I saw some micro dicks out there.
  • Interracial/BBC - I don't do much of this. I just did one recently, but it hasn't sold as much as I'd thought it would. Odd right? Oh well! But Jerome now, he's gotten so much pussy! Jerome is 15 inch black dildo that I have. Jerome is famous!
  • Squirting – I've squirted a few times, but I can't do it on demand. I don't like cleaning it up and I used to think it was pee, so now my head is screwed up from that. Now I think, “Hey it's hot!” so I'm trying to get more into that game.

Of the things I didn't mention above, what are some of your own personal favorite kinks and why do you enjoy them?
I love my whole body worshipped - not just my feet, although I fucking love that too. I want my whole body pampered. Massage me from head to toe. I honestly find a sensual relaxing massage from head to toe feels better than sex.

I saw you Tweeting about a fan gangbang here in early December. Was that a first, or is that someone you been doing? How did it go? I saw a few sample shots of you taking a BBC that looked quite nice.
It was not really a first. The first one was with me, my cousin, and a Latina girl. My cousin was on her cycle, so she became the fluffer. November's gangbang wasn't too bad though, even if it left me a little sore. My pussy hasn't fully recovered still. It was destroyed by a big black cock (BBC) and afterward, the gangbang. There was about 6-7 guys there - I'm not sure. There was a lot of fucking in the background and it was like a swinger party, really. There were three fluffers and every fluffer wanted sex too. So besides me there were other chicks too. The whole thing was for fans though. Sadly most everyone saying they were coming got nervous or scared, I guess. I got a lot of excuses for people no showing, but it's okay. The show much go on.!

While we're here talking about you and BBC, I have to ask, do you have a size preference? It's obvious that you can take them big since "Jerome," your massive black dildo, regularly finds itself stuffed into your little Asian pussy.
I prefer 7 inches - something I'm able to take balls deep, without feeling like my insides are rearranging. I like a good, nice feeling pounding, without too much pain.

I see you've worked with numerous other females, including several who have also taken part in interviews here on Wu's Feet Links in the past. Roxie Rae and Leilani Lei come to mind. Have you always been into women, or is it something that came along later?
I've always thought about being with women, even in college, but after thinking about it, I just love the cock too much. Seeing it limp then seeing it go hard. Seeing the cock turning red and seeing all the veins pop out and then exploding... But I don't mind women either, only the drama free ones.

I see you offer sessions on your site. Are those something you do frequently? Do you enjoy making people's fetishes a reality – especially for those who might not have been lucky enough to experience them before?
I do massages daily. I love sessions. Just let me know with at least 24 hours advanced notice so I can schedule you in because I'm always booked with massages. I enjoy doing what I do. I bring everyone's fantasy almost to life.

Do you offer custom videos for fans? If so, what is the best way they can reach you with their ideas?
I do offer customs for fans. My contact info is That's the best way to get a hold of me. I do just about anything.

In addition to all of your own content, you have a ton of work done with other content providers. Are you still working with others out there? If so, where are some of the places people might be able to find you?
I'm always working with others. As long as it is within my rates and my limits. I try to be open with the shoots. I'm always in Atlanta, Ga. Well, north of there, that is. I also travel during AVN and Fetishcon, but this year I'll be going to other conventions. Let the touring begin.

What kind of dedication does it take to keep up with your own sites, social media, sessions, and work you do with others?
I tweet just about everyday. So my Twitter 
@Little_Mina69 will let you know where I'm going and what I'm doing... or who I'm doing! I tweet my sites out too. is my site, well temp site for now.

I must say, before we wrap this up, as someone who adores Asian women, I certainly would be loving life if I had your little feet in front of me – for a photo shoot, or other, more naughty things. How easy do you think it would be to make me your bitch by simply using your feet?
Oh I try to have some manners, but if you open the door telling me what your fetish is, I'll make your fantasy into reality. I can get pretty busy, so booking me will be kinda hard last minute. My feet are in need of some more attention lately. Any takers?

Any final thoughts, or items you'd like to mention before we finish up this interview – foot fetish related or not?
I just want to thank everyone who supports me financially, emotionally, mentally, even with hatred, etc. Without your thoughts. I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Thanks.

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