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Lucky Larry's Interview (Foot Job Virgin)

"That feeling right before you cum is so nice. So, tease and denial is basically seeking to stay in that 'almost about to cum' feeling for as long as possible. It's such a rush to be right on the edge of orgasm, but not to go over and to feel yourself backing off from the brink a little bit."

It is quite the experience to feel a woman wrap her feet around you to give her first ever footjob. The eagerness, the worry that she's doing it properly, that expression when she puts you over the edge - or keeps you from doing just that. It's something I've experienced, but not on the level of Lucky Larry from Foot Job Virgin. Having experienced more than 100 pairs of soft, female feet, treating him to some teasing and pleasing, I just had to interview him. Thankfully, he was ever so eager to take part.

These interviews have been a great way for me to reach out and meet new people. I only had limited interactions with Lucky Larry prior to conducting this interview. I saw his posts on the Wu's Feet Links Forum and liked what I saw. All the first timers, and that mix with the tease and denial kink that I'm also a huge fan of, just made reach out. He reached back and here is what the man had to say when I asked him questions about his fetish and love for women's feet: 

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick (

Some of the Basics 
When it comes to women's feet, do you have a size preference? 
Well kept feet of any size can be beautiful and very, very sexy. When it comes to receiving a footjob, I guess the larger her feet, the more surface area for skin on skin sliding there is, so bigger might be better for that practical purpose. However, I think when it just comes to visual appeal from across the room though, the smaller sizes might be more easy to be considered, "cute." I've noticed when I've been out looking at women's shoes for sale, the smaller shoe sizes tend to look sexier somehow.

When it comes to the toes, what colors and/or designs types are your favorite to see on those piggies? 
I really, really like the classic french pedi! Also, dark-blue can be very very sexy as well. But I've also had experience with well-kept natural nails with no polish that were just delightful. 

Now obviously, we enjoy the bare female foot the most, but do you also like any certain type of shoes or footwear as well? 
Strappy sandals that show off a lot of the foot are always a favorite of mine. And I've always found "mules," where there is no heel strap, to be very sexy as well. Love seeing that uninterrupted flow of the leg from knee to sole. 

I make no secret that I'm a sole guy, hence the name of my site, Soles of Silk. Do you have a preferred part of a woman's foot? 
It's all good! Certainly I find many models' feet look best at a particular angle, but that varies from girl to girl. Of course, when it comes to foot worship, most of my time is spent on, and around, and between the toes. There's just so much to do there!

You've obviously had quite a collection of women's feet teasing and pleasing you. If you could pick several female celebrities to work with, who are you picking any why? 
My early days of exploring my foot fetish online was all about celebrity females. I recall vividly some of those early Carmen Electra pics and Vanessa Hudgens. I kind of grew up with and lusting-over Alyssa Milano too. In fact, to this day, one of my most fapped-to images was some scene from "Who's The Boss?" with Alyssa Milano wearing these shredded up bluejeans that showed a lot of her legs. Even though she wasn't barefoot in that scene, I always fantasized about taking her shoes off and playing with her in that moment. Also, Victoria from the Spice Girls (Posh), who went on to marry David Beckham, had some of the most incredible high heel pictures.

Discovering the Fetish
At what age did you first taking a notice of women's feet – even if you had no idea it was called a fetish at the time? 
It was around 15 years old, between 9th and 11th grade, that I started to notice them more and more. I grew up in the south and lots of girls would wear flip flops to school. I started to find myself just staring intently at girls wiggling their toes around or danging their shoes off their feet. 

When these feelings first began to grow, how did they make you feel? Did you hide them, or were you embarrassed as many tend to be? 
As I went through my senior year of high school I was always offering to give my lady friends foot massages and I complimented a few of the girls I knew on their pretty feet. Starting around four years ago though I really became quite open about it, figuring I would get a lot more feet in my hands if I pursued it/ And that has worked out well. I've never really been embarrassed about it. 

Do you remember the first time you got to act on your fetish? Not neccesarily in a sexual way, but more along the lines of touching, massaging, or something more innocent. 
A buddy of mine visited me with his girlfriend and we talked about it. She was cool with me worshiping her feet while they made out. And I rubbed off several times on her feet over the course of that weekend. It was awesome.

How about the sexual, now? Do you remember your first footjob? 
I've had a lot of different experiences and not sure which would qualify as my first. Probably my buddy's girlfriend that I mentioned above? 

Jumping forward here, with all the experiences you've had to this point, how has your feelings toward your fetish changed and/or grown over the years? What reasons do you attribute to that? 
I definitely embrace my fetish now and am grateful for it and that is different from the early years when I didn't talk much about it or share it with too many folks. I think it presents me with far more opportunities for gratification than guys that can only really get off by seeing a girls nipples or pubic hair, for example. I mean I can go to a mall in the summer and just walk around for five minutes and have an overload of visual stimulation that can keep me happy for a while. Plus, it seems girls bare feet have become more and more mainstream over the past 10 years or so.

Filming & the Internet 
How long have you had Foot Job Virgin online now? 
We launched the site about 10 months ago, in early April of 2016. We have been creating content for it since 2012 though. 

Take us back, if you will, on how the site intially came about. Was it something you've been wanting to do for a while, or did something inspire you? 
It had definitely been a dream of mine to create my own foot fetish community and find a way to enjoy my fetish with lots of different ladies and share my fun with others. My first foray into starting to build content was very fun, but all wrong since I didn't get releases. I started hiring girls off Model Mayhem to come over for photo and video set clips of their feet and I had a lot of fun, but cant really use any of the content I shot in those days. At that time, it was all done on my smart phone. 

A big boost forward was I met Jeff, who started the Brand New Amateurs site in late 2011. We both had some common interests and we started working together. He had the studio, some cameras, and lighting. I brought my own take on recruiting models and my software skills to the table. We were a good fit for each other. He was optimistic that a foot fetish site could do well. We started shooting the girls we hired for Brand New Amateurs into foot fetish work as well, so we were able to leverage everything to film content fairly quickly. And especially after we starting mentoring webcam models, there was always some pretty feet ready for attention just a room or two away from my office. 

It's not terribly difficult to find models willing to do foot fetish work if you have a little cash to throw at them for their time. I'm hoping the site will supply enough revenue to allow me to hire all the ladies I want. One new foot fetish model per day would probably be enough to completely fulfill that desire in my life. If I can make enough on top of that to live a modest life then, I will truly be a happy man!

Do you also help run Brand New Amateurs too?
As mentioned above, I joined forces with Jeff, that started the Brand New Amateurs site and I have been the main editor for most of that content since late 2013. 

Obviously your premise for Foot Job Virgin is getting girls to do their first ever footjobs. Having had gotten some first timers in my lifetime, how do you find the experience overall? I've found most women to be eager to try it and often playful. How about you? 
Man, it is incredibly fun. Many of them express feelings of concern that they might not do it right, but I just reassure them that I will help them if they need it. What is amazing to me is most of these girls just have a natural gift for knowing what feels good and I often don't have to give any guidance at all to have a perfectly satisfying and intensely pleasurable session. I do often show them a few strokes, but only to improve their general knowledge and not because they wouldn't be capable of taking me right to heaven with whatever they're already doing. 

It's one thing when a woman gives her first footjob, watching her do it and seeing her expressions, but when you cum on her feet there's always that new reaction. What kinds of reactions have you gotten the first time some of these women have gotten cum on their feet, and especially, in between their toes? 
It really varies, but I think most of them find it pleasant. Most of them definitely express that a cock between their soles feels really sexy, but I actually don't often question them about the cum-on-feet sensation. My latest film that is about to go live is Carmen, and she does talk extensively about how sexy my cum felt, but that was all her volunteering the information as I didn't ask. 

A couple of the girls have gone the "eww" route though. I've actually shot with four different lesbians that had sworn off men, but had enough of a vibe and comfort level with me to do the deed. 

I see you've also worked with some models who have done some footjobs, such as Stefania Mafra, who I've adored for some time. How do you normally find the models you work with? I assume finding someone like Stefania is much different than finding one of the first timers. 
Most of our models just answer ads that we run through classified ads, sometimes very general "come model" type ads, and some very specific "hiring foot fetish models." In the early days, I had great success with Model Mayhem, although we haven't used that for a couple years after our accounts got shut down. They figured out I was recruiting for an adult site. And of course, some of my best most enjoyable scenes were girls I met through other models. I offer my models a little bonus if they refer a new model in that I shoot with. 

With Stefania, I actually met her because she was shooting with Connor Coxx and Russell Grand at the house we were all sharing during the FetishCon event. I was having a difficult time actually making shoots happen and she was there and I hit her up. She said, "Yeah, I have some extra time." Even though I had a shoot already booked with Lady Nyx, I went ahead and did a scene with Stefania. Wow! She is incredible and the only thing I regret is I came way too early with her. Definitely will reshoot her in the future to do it "right." Any of you that watches that scene will see how disappointed I was. I loved how she says something like, "Next time you should shoot with someone else first so you can handle me." I love confident women!

By the way, I loved the FetishCon experience of 2016 and will definitely be back there next time. I will be bringing a couple models with that will be available for booking as well, if anyone reading this is interested.

Going through your content I see you've had some multi-model footjobs. That's a dream come true for many foot fetishists. Can you describe how it is having multiple pairs of feet taking care of you down below? 
It definitely is exciting to have all that stimulation going on! I love skin contact with these beautiful ladies, so the sensory sensations are really... wow! Honestly though I think at this point, I prefer working with one model one-on-one because part of what makes the experience so great for me is the way that she and I vibe together so intimately. I really feel like I'm getting to know a side of these girls that is so beautiful and deep as we talk about what feels good to them and I'm tasting and savoring them in such an intimate way. You lose that deep level of personal connection and intimacy when it's two or more girls. So even though there might be more skin sensations, I walk away feeling more satisfied from working with a single model at a time. 

Do you remember the first time you ever had more than one girl spoiling you with their feet? 
Hanging out with my then-girlfriend, who was bisexual, in my early 20's, she was staying with a really cute petite friend of hers and they made me quite happy together. The friend used to take great delight in walking me up and just sticking her foot right on my face. She thought it was funny as heck. I did not mind.

One experience that also really stands out was when these two girls, that were 18 or 19, answered one of my ads. They both had foot tattoos and were drop-dead gorgeous. One was black and the other was white. They didn't want to actually touch skin on skin to my cock, so I made an arrangement that they would just rub on me through my boxer-briefs. We turned on a movie and they laid on my bed with the two of them sitting between my legs and they commenced to just slowly rubbing their feet and legs up and down my legs, over my belly, and of course, over my underwear. Wow! It was an incredible tease wanting to feel that skin on skin so bad, but knowing it was out of reach. I did take some pictures of that and that's one of the ones I really regret not having a release for. After two hours (watched a full movie and started a second) of that exquisite torment, and me having probably a gallon of precum that had oozed out, each one put one of their feet on each side of my cock and wiggled their toes until I came like crazy - all through my underwear.

You've obviously have had a lot of feet around your dick. Do you know how many different pairs of feet there have been, or have you lost count? 
I am sure I've had over 100 different girls give me a footjob. I have probably 85 scenes for Foot Job Virgin shot, but only 40 or 41 edited right now. 

I see that you're also into another kink that I quite enjoy – tease and denial. Can you elaborate on that a bit? What is it, for those who don't know, and why do you enjoy it? 
You know, the big let down for a guy is once you cum, it's just not quite as intense to be touched for a while. That feeling right before you cum is so nice. So, tease and denial is basically seeking to stay in that "almost-about-to-cum" feeling for as long as possible. It's such a rush to be right on the edge of the orgasm, but not go over and to feel yourself backing off from the brink a little bit. 

I enjoy playing an edging game with girls where we figure out some incentive for them. For example, each time I have to say, "stop" so that I don't cum, they get something that way the longer the game goes, on the more benefit they get. Since I'm getting that feeling of almost cumming over and over, we are in a total win-win situation. 

I have enjoyed coming up with various themes to make that work in a video situation, but of course the easiest way is to just make a deal with them. "Hey, here's a $20 dollar bill," and you slap it down on the table. "For each time you make me say 'stop' with your feet, I'll add another $1 to the pile!"  They love that and for me it's so worth it! It becomes a challenge for them to see how many times they can make you add a dollar and it beats the hell out of minimum wage! 

How hot is it to enjoy two kinks into one, like you do with feet and with tease and denial? I know it is always memorable for me. 
It is for me, sexual perfection! I get absolutely euphoric after 10 or so moments of almost cumming from the ministrations of some sexy girl's arches or toes.

Are there any other specific kinks people can find on Foot Job Virgin? I see you also have some masturbation play with the females as well. 
I love to introduce girls to body wand vibrators, and so many of my models have a nice orgasm or two from that as part of the video. Carmen, that am about to publish, actually has about 17 orgasms before that film ends. I'm surprised that probably one in four of the models I work with has never felt a vibrator in her life.

Additionally, I do have some handjob content as well. 

Overall, how has the fan reaction and feedback been for Foot Job Virgin thus far? 
I need more feedback on Foot Job Virgin and also, from our other site! Not many guys are in the habit of writing notes after they rub one off, or while they are browsing bits of scenes, so I actually get very very little feedback. Guys that I have pointedly asked about it seem to like it, but I really want to know more about what the guys that are enjoying my site love, or what I could improve upon. 

If you could say anything to all those who support your work and who have been there for you, what would it be? 
A very big thank you! 

Where do you see Foot Job Virgin going in the future? Any immediate or long term plans in the works that you care to share? 
From a content perspective, I would like to experiment with girl-on-girl foot worship. Hopefully find a sexy girl that can cum from being rubbed on by another girl's feet. 

And I would like to find a way to get footjob virgin guys in the door that have never had a footjob. Then let one of my girls that is really into it, get these random guys off. I think that would be pretty hot. Any suggestions on which model? 

From a business perspective, I do plan to spend more time marketing the site and am hoping to find some more strong affiliate partners to get my revenue up more. The more it makes, the more girls I will be shooting with. The end goal is to make a living from this while simultaneously getting as many new pairs of pretty feet in my lap as possible. I would also like to do some content trades with some of the other sites out there where I'll put a scene of theirs up in exchange for a scene of mine, or even a full-site exchange. I got to know the guy behind NetVideoGirls fairly well, and his partnership with Backroom Casting Couch and Exploited College Girls where if you join any of them, you get the other, has worked out well for all of them. So something like that would be cool. 

Is there anything you'd like to share, or mention, before we wrap up this interview? 
Patrick, I really appreciate the opportunity to share with Wu's Feet Links my thoughts on this magical wonderful world. 

I also wanted to throw a shout out to some of the ladies that I work with frequently in the webcam world. All of them have seen firsthand how popular foot fetishism is, and have become really aware of how sexy their feet are. Here are their names, Twitter accounts and live webcam room links:

I am couple hours northwest from Atlanta, so if anyone has any ladies to send my way in that general area, I'm very anxious to meet them. We try and shoot several times a month. I'm in Atlanta frequently as my girlfriend Raquel enjoys doing content trades with Dakota Charms, who you can find on Twitter at @DakotaCharms, or on her site,

How to find Lucky Larry & Foot Job Virgin 
E-mail: &
Twitter: @MyFirstFootjob 
Other URL: (frequent presence in my lady's cam rooms, username: lucky_larry)

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Little Mina's Interview

"I love to tease. Get you right at the top then force you to stop - earning your orgasm, but you aren't allowed to cum."

In recent years I've began to discover foot fetish models who were not known to me, or who are new to the scene, through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. That is where I first saw Little Mina. And since all of you know by now that I'm a huge sucker for Asian women, it should come as no surprise to you that I took a liking to her really quick.

Unlike some other models I've discovered on social media, I didn't really introduce myself to Mina right away. Instead I picked up some clips of hers from numerous producers and enjoyed what I saw. As time went on, however, I decided that I'd go ahead and say hello. I was happy to see an immediate response from Mina and that's when I decided to see if she'd be interested in taking part in an interview here, on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. Needless to say, she was down and was excited to do so.

Since Mina's work isn't just limited to foot fetish content, this interview will talk about some of the other kinks you can find Mina engaged in throughout her clips. Many of these kinks I also enjoy and think you will too. But don't worry, the main topic of this interview still revolves around her size 2 Asian feet. After all, that's what drew me into this fun loving beauty to begin with!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
So for starters, let's talk about how little those feet of yours are. What shoe size do you wear?
I wear a size 2 in kid's, or size 4 women's.

Do you find it hard to find shoes in that size? When you do locate them, what kinds/styles of shoes are some of your favorites?
Yes, it's very hard. No one sells size 4 in women's, so I have to resort to kid's shoes. Sadly, most of the kid's shoes are pink and sparkly, so buying sexy shoes is very hard. When I have fans wanting to buy my shoes, I'm very skeptical about it because it's hard to find a good pair for a good price. I try to order from China since, in my head, "Oh they have little feet, right?" So I order a size 4, but when it gets here it actually is larger than a size 4. That makes me very sad, but oh well.

When it comes to smell, how smelly do those tiny feet get? I can only imagine how fun it would be to under such small feet, having to sniff them fresh from some shoes on a hot day.
My feet are never smelly. It's always a nice, pleasant smell. Even when it smells like sweat, it's still a pleasant smell. And I love my feet rubbed after wearing my shoes for a whole day. Massage my pleasant, sweaty feet.

As far as pedicures go, what are some of your preferred color choices? Do you also enjoy getting any designs done?
I hate getting my nails done because I'm very picky at how people pamper my feet. Thing is, I can't do it and most of my feet lovers aren't around to do it either. I always get Gel nails though, since they last the longest and I always have to get a design on them. Something fancy, I don't like simple. When I get do get a pedicure, however, I always go for the cheapest since I feel like there's no passion in them pampering my feet. I feel like they rush. If they didn't take so long to do my nails though, I would be going every three weeks.

How ticklish are your feet? Do you enjoy being tickled in or out of fetish scenes?
I prefer to be tickled in my scenes only. You don't miss a moment of Mina being tickled.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
I don't wear toe rings because I'm allergic to silver. I also don't think they have any my size because my toes are tiny.

Sometimes I see you wearing stockings in your scenes. Do you enjoy stockings or pantyhose at all? What are some of your favorite kinds/styles to wear?
I don't mind them. I just hate it when my dog's hair gets on my stockings. I don't have a preference though. Either way, I look sexy with or without them.

Of all the countless foot fetish activities you take part in, what are some of your favorites? What do you enjoy about them?
I love having my feet being rubbed and licked. I'm not into the sucking. I don't like slimy feet. So licks are good between the toes, but I like my feet softly rubbed and done sensually.

Do you have any celebrity crushes? If so, if you could have some of them at your feet, what's happening and with who?
Oh man, I have a top 10 list! I like my men with a sharp tongue and a sense of humor. I'll give you my top 4:
  • 4. Robert Downey, Jr., as Ironman, kissing my feet. 
  • 3. Luke Evans, as Zeus, worshiping me as his goddess. 
  • 2. Tom Hiddleston, as Loki, worshiping me on the Asgard throne. 
  • 1. Alan Ritchson, his character is so goofy. I love it. I love his humor and his body. So he would be butt naked as I admire and drool over his body. He can admire me at my feet.

Discovering the Fetish
Do you remember how old you were when you first discovered foot fetishism? Even if you didn't know the full extent, when did you learn that there are people out there who are turned on by feet?
Ha, it's funny. My dog, out of nowhere, started licking my feet and it surprised me a bit. It also felt good. So learning from that, I tried getting my slaves and foot lovers to lick them like a dog, since that's what I enjoy. I've always known about foot fetishism, but I never really thought much of it when I was younger.

What were your initial feelings about the possibility of someone being into your feet back then?
I thought it was normal. I mean, everyone has their own things they are into. It didn't surprise me much, but the whole worshipping my feet did surprise me back in 2011.

Now that time has passed and you've done so much foot fetish content, how have your feelings changed about foot fetishism, if they've changed at all?
My eyes have been opened to realize that there are many many ways others like feet - licked, jerking a cock, etc.

Can you recall and of your earliest foot fetish experiences? If so, care to tell us about any and how they might have inspired you sexually?
I have the worst memory. I cannot remember my first foot experience, I'm sorry. I think my first feet video was a jerk off instruction (JOI), but I'm not 100 percent sure.

Modeling & the Internet
How long have you been doing foot fetish content? What lead you into it and the other adult themed modeling you partake in?
I've been doing foot fetish for 3.5 years. Another model introduced me into the fetish. I didn't quite get everything at first, but I'm getting the hang of it now.

We will get into some of the other kinks found in your work in a bit, but would you say you've always been opened minded sexually?
I've always been open minded about everyone's sexuality. Everyone has their own turn ons. I don't judge others. I won't judge you if you don't judge me.

What were some of your early inspirations when it came to making the jump into adult modeling? Was there anyone you worked with, or helped you out in those early days?
There was another model who got me into it. Although we had a falling out, I do thank her for it, but that's the past. I'm glad I got into the adult business. It's very free and open and I enjoy it. I mean who does t enjoy sex?! I've made new friends and coworkers and I continue to grow my career as we speak. I enjoy it, even though my family doesn't support my decision.

Were you doing your own content from the start, or did that come about later?
I've always done my own content. I guess it always came natural for me... kind of, at least.

How long into your fetish/adult modeling career did you decide to start your own site and clips store? Was this something you've always had in mind?
Wow, I'm not sure. I started camming in 2011, but having my own site came a bit later when I started going to the conventions. It wasn't something I didn't not have in mind. Honestly, I didn't know what I had in mind back then.

You are very versatile when it comes to all the kinks you cover on your site and clips store. For someone new to you or your content, what other kinks besides foot fetishism can they expect to find?
I pretty much do it all, just about. In my videos I try to curl my toes and point them at the camera whenever I remember. And my other kinks are very different. I started off doing hardcore, so my fan base is mostly the hardcore. Lately, however, I've been doing mostly fetish. I hope my hardcore fans don't mind, but I just like to keep my store open and with different varieties of content for everyone to enjoy. I mean, I'm good at just about everything. Although I don't have that FemDom look, I am in person, but I try to give the audience what they want to see - to a limit of course.

In the work of yours I've seen, you certainly show a high level of interest and energy in what you do. So I want to ask, if I, or one of the fans reading this, was lucky enough to be at your feet in one of your scenes, what should I/they expect for each of the following themes?
  • Foot Worship - You better worship these feet like it was your baby.
  • Foot Sniffing - Oh, I love my feet sniffed. The breeze I feel from your nostrils on my feet feels so nice and relaxing.
  • Ballbusting - You don't need to make any babies anyways! You can always adopt. It sucks that karma came around when women had no rights. Well guess what, now your balls have no freedom of speech!
  • Footjob - One of my weakest skills. I don't have leg strength for this job, but if I was to do it, you better cum quick because my legs don't last long.

OK, now for some of the non-foot fetish stuff you do, that I like. Tell me some of your thoughts on each of the following items I see in your work:
  • Edging - I love to tease. Get you right at the top then force you to stop - earning your orgasm, but you aren't allowed to cum.
  • Double Vagina - Surprisingly, I can take two dicks in my vagina with no problem. Of course, after stretching it out. Laying an egg is hard for me though. Taking dick I'm good at, but pushing an egg out... impossible.
  • Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) - I get this request quite often. I have a local here who loves SPH. Making fun of your little dick is one of my favorites. With me being so little, I didn't think I could find anything smaller, until I saw some micro dicks out there.
  • Interracial/BBC - I don't do much of this. I just did one recently, but it hasn't sold as much as I'd thought it would. Odd right? Oh well! But Jerome now, he's gotten so much pussy! Jerome is 15 inch black dildo that I have. Jerome is famous!
  • Squirting – I've squirted a few times, but I can't do it on demand. I don't like cleaning it up and I used to think it was pee, so now my head is screwed up from that. Now I think, “Hey it's hot!” so I'm trying to get more into that game.

Of the things I didn't mention above, what are some of your own personal favorite kinks and why do you enjoy them?
I love my whole body worshipped - not just my feet, although I fucking love that too. I want my whole body pampered. Massage me from head to toe. I honestly find a sensual relaxing massage from head to toe feels better than sex.

I saw you Tweeting about a fan gangbang here in early December. Was that a first, or is that someone you been doing? How did it go? I saw a few sample shots of you taking a BBC that looked quite nice.
It was not really a first. The first one was with me, my cousin, and a Latina girl. My cousin was on her cycle, so she became the fluffer. November's gangbang wasn't too bad though, even if it left me a little sore. My pussy hasn't fully recovered still. It was destroyed by a big black cock (BBC) and afterward, the gangbang. There was about 6-7 guys there - I'm not sure. There was a lot of fucking in the background and it was like a swinger party, really. There were three fluffers and every fluffer wanted sex too. So besides me there were other chicks too. The whole thing was for fans though. Sadly most everyone saying they were coming got nervous or scared, I guess. I got a lot of excuses for people no showing, but it's okay. The show much go on.!

While we're here talking about you and BBC, I have to ask, do you have a size preference? It's obvious that you can take them big since "Jerome," your massive black dildo, regularly finds itself stuffed into your little Asian pussy.
I prefer 7 inches - something I'm able to take balls deep, without feeling like my insides are rearranging. I like a good, nice feeling pounding, without too much pain.

I see you've worked with numerous other females, including several who have also taken part in interviews here on Wu's Feet Links in the past. Roxie Rae and Leilani Lei come to mind. Have you always been into women, or is it something that came along later?
I've always thought about being with women, even in college, but after thinking about it, I just love the cock too much. Seeing it limp then seeing it go hard. Seeing the cock turning red and seeing all the veins pop out and then exploding... But I don't mind women either, only the drama free ones.

I see you offer sessions on your site. Are those something you do frequently? Do you enjoy making people's fetishes a reality – especially for those who might not have been lucky enough to experience them before?
I do massages daily. I love sessions. Just let me know with at least 24 hours advanced notice so I can schedule you in because I'm always booked with massages. I enjoy doing what I do. I bring everyone's fantasy almost to life.

Do you offer custom videos for fans? If so, what is the best way they can reach you with their ideas?
I do offer customs for fans. My contact info is That's the best way to get a hold of me. I do just about anything.

In addition to all of your own content, you have a ton of work done with other content providers. Are you still working with others out there? If so, where are some of the places people might be able to find you?
I'm always working with others. As long as it is within my rates and my limits. I try to be open with the shoots. I'm always in Atlanta, Ga. Well, north of there, that is. I also travel during AVN and Fetishcon, but this year I'll be going to other conventions. Let the touring begin.

What kind of dedication does it take to keep up with your own sites, social media, sessions, and work you do with others?
I tweet just about everyday. So my Twitter 
@Little_Mina69 will let you know where I'm going and what I'm doing... or who I'm doing! I tweet my sites out too. is my site, well temp site for now.

I must say, before we wrap this up, as someone who adores Asian women, I certainly would be loving life if I had your little feet in front of me – for a photo shoot, or other, more naughty things. How easy do you think it would be to make me your bitch by simply using your feet?
Oh I try to have some manners, but if you open the door telling me what your fetish is, I'll make your fantasy into reality. I can get pretty busy, so booking me will be kinda hard last minute. My feet are in need of some more attention lately. Any takers?

Any final thoughts, or items you'd like to mention before we finish up this interview – foot fetish related or not?
I just want to thank everyone who supports me financially, emotionally, mentally, even with hatred, etc. Without your thoughts. I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Thanks.

How to Find Little Mina
Web Site:
Clips4Sale Store:
Twitter: @Little_Mina69
Instagram: LittleMina69
Other URL:

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Johnny Boy's Interview (SoleNation)

"She was an Asian lady, about late 30's. I remember my heart skipped a beat as I starred at her soles for god knows how long. Maybe hours?"

The first time I was ever able to gaze upon the soft soles of an Asian female with my camera in hand was back in my college days. A lot of my artwork revolved around my fetish and I was lucky enough to get a bunch of my classmates to let me photograph their feet. I vividly remember two of those classmates, one with a size 5.5 and one with a size 7. If I remember correctly, the one with the smaller feet was Chinese and the one with the larger feet was a Filipino. I loved both of their feet and only wished I was still shooting them today.

So why the long intro about my early days shooting? Well, I was reminded of that when I discovered SoleNation. I became found of SoleNation when I wandered upon a post from the user Aznfeetish on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. A vast majority of his clips include Asian women from colleges and universities. I only wish I had that many Asian classmates where I went to school!

Needless to say, I'm always one to check out each and every post from Aznfeetish, who asked to be referred to as Johnny Boy, in this interview. Over recent weeks I've been in touch with Johnny about this interview and was happy to hear that he was on board. I wanted to know a little bit more about his shoots and the women who take part. If you're like me, and love barefoot Asian women, then I'm sure you too are eager to know some of these details. So after this interview, be sure to check out his Clips4Sale store, SoleNation. Now, onto the interview.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
Shooting all the different women you've had in front of your camera, do you have a preference when it comes to shoe size?
I love women with big feet and am not a fan of small feet. I usually prefer sizes between 7.5 to 10.

When it comes to nail polish, what are some of your favorite colors that you like to see?
My favorite colors are French pedicure, turquoise, Barbie pink, hot pink and silver. However, I do prefer Asian girls with all that funky fancy nail art on their toenails, along with wearing a few toe rings.

Obviously, you're into bare feet. When it comes to women's shoes, however, are there any types or styles that you like?
I love women wearing mules, sling backs, flip flops, office heels and of course, gladiators!

I'm a sole guy through and through. That doesn't mean I don't like arches, toes, heels, etc. - I just have a preference for a pair of soft foot bottoms. How about you? What parts of a woman's feet do you like the most? Why?
It's all about the soles for me, hence my store name, "SoleNation." The soles of the feet represents beauty in many ways and the way women portray themselves, by sitting exposing bare soles, lying down, etc. You know what I mean? I tend to like smooth bottoms, but a little bit of wrinkles is fine. I know some guys out there prefer a little rough dead skin on the heels. I think I can accept that as well.

Are there any female celebrities out there who you'd love to have on the other end of you camera? If so, who?
Maggie Q.! Hell yeah! I would love her to model her feet for me. Also, any Asian actress with a size 7.5 and up qualifies to be in front of my camera.

Discovering the Fetish
When did you first begin to notice your attraction to female feet?
Would have to go back to when I was about six or seven. My next door neighbor was over to babysit me while my parents were at work. I remember her trying to put me to sleep on the couch while she slept on the other end of the couch. Oh, boy... When her size 8 soles were right beside my face, that was the very first time I was up close to someone's soles. She was an Asian lady, about late 30's. I remember my heart skipped a beat as I starred at her soles for god knows how long. Maybe hours? As I grew up playing on the streets, or anywhere I would go, I would take a quick glance at the bottom of female's soles - obviously in the summer time. Finally, my dream came true in high school and I had a girlfriend who was cool with my foot fetish.

How did your earliest attractions to female feet make you feel about yourself?
Just like other guys, I hid my foot fetish. It is not something that is easy to share, not even your best friend or family members because of the stigma that we face. I used to have low self-esteem and ask myself, "Why feet?" But hey, what the heck? You are who you are and cheers to all foot guys out there!

Can you recall any of your early foot fetish experiences? How did they come about and what happened?
During my high school days, my ex-girlfriend and I were making out on the couch. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her socks off. She probably thought, "Oh he's just trying to strip me," but then she realized that I only stripped her socks off. I then began rubbing my face into her soles and I can still remember that stench. They were beautiful size 8's and was blessed that my first girlfriend had such beautiful feet. I kissed her soles, sucked on her toes, and then placed her feet in my private area. She didn't hesitate. She played along and knew what I liked.

As you've gotten older, how has your thoughts and feelings about foot fetish changed or matured?
Foot fetishism is not something I would share with most people, but in today's society I find that fetishists are very open minded regardless of which country they live in. Most people are cool with them in the western world and East Asia. There are many sick and twisted fetishes out there also, but foot fetishism is the most common and harmless fetish. I am glad that I have this fetish because of that.

Filming & the Internet
You run the Clips4Sale store, SoleNation. How long have you been doing that? 
SoleNation is quite new. In just few months it will be one year old. I had two clips store before, which are closed down. I migrated much of my work over to this current store. So far, I'd say it is doing well and I do have a lot of loyal fans who appreciate my content.

How did SoleNation come about? Was it your first adventure into foot fetish content? If not, what came before and how did it lead to opening SoleNation?
As you guys know, I am a big sole fan and you probably got that with the name "SoleNation." As mentioned above, I did have two other stores before, but am now posting content to "SoleNation."

Your store focuses heavily on Asian women, which in all honesty, drew me to it. I have an insatiable lust for Asian women. I'm guessing the same holds true for you? If so, what is it about Asian women that you adore?
Asian women are just beautiful. Foot fetishism is also well recognized in east Asia in countries like China and Japan. Asian women have all kinds of shape to their soles. They can be very wide, slim, flat, or high arched. East Asian women are just adorable and fun. Most are cool with foot fetishism and could care less about your fetish as long you tell them that their feet are beautiful.

It looks like many of your models are every day girls. Is this true? How do you find them, if you don't mind me asking?
I live in a big and diverse city and it is always busy. There are tons of Asian women in my city - some are working and the majority are visa students. I usually go to colleges and universities to promote my filming and to see what I can get out of it. If I can't get anything, all I have to do is just move to another campus.

I'm sure you've had all kinds of reactions when approaching these women to film their feet. Would you mind sharing some of the typical responses, both positive and negative?
The most common question I get from the girls is, "Why feet?" I'm sure a lot of foot guys reading this interview can relate. The responses I get are not too negative though and don't lead to any personal attacks. I just sugar coat it by telling them that in art, anything goes. I get mostly positive responses. Many are cool with it. Afterward they think they have nice feet and are glad I found them.

Would you say that most of the women you shoot have at least heard of foot fetishism before? Do you ever find someone who had no idea that there are people out there into feet?
Just a few of them. Some burst out with laughter and some were just like whatever. Some are just totally clueless about foot fetishism, but of course I didn't bother explaining it to them. If I did, she'd just storm off in front of my camera.

I've oftentimes found that women want to know more about the fetish. Whether it's what turns me on about feet, what things you can do with feet, or how/why I like them – I usually end up having a foot fetish themed conversation with those I shoot for the first time. Do you find yourself informing your models about the fetish as well?
I would have to know her for a while before revealing details about foot fetishism. However, a few of my models have me detailed questions about foot fetishism. I explained to them why I am into feet. I think I made my reasons very clear and they learned something new.

With the number of women that you've shot, have you had any tell you that they've been with, or have dated a guy with a foot fetish before?
Unfortunately, none of my models have encountered foot guys.

Since you shoot a lot of your content out in public areas, have you ever had anyone interrupt your filming? If so, how did you handle it?
Never had that problem yet. There is absolutely no reason for any jerk to interrupt someone's filming.

I recently picked up one of your two girl clips. I also see that you offer a number of other clips featuring two women. How often do you find yourself before two sets of pretty Asian feet like that?
It really depends on my mood. I usually ask one of the girls if they know any other friends that might be interested. Once I have seen a picture of both of them I would decide to shoot a set of duo soles. I noticed a lot of foot fans love that and I totally understand why. The more the better, right?

While looking through SoleNation, I saw the clip titled, "Amanda's size 9.5 Returns 'Sole of Destruction' Footjob Tease." Who is Amanda and how did that footjob tease come about? Was that a first time experiencing those big feet in that manner for you?
Oh man! So far she is my most open minded model. She knows all about my foot fetish. I have worked with her three times and realized she is an open minded girl who grew up in the western world. 

She was cool with the shoot we did, but was not comfortable with a real foot job... yet. I have been interested in her soles for two to three years and I finally got to experience them. I told her that I wanted to do something different and it was going to be personal. I explained it to her and she was down. In the video, you probably found that she was also enjoying. She found it fun, which you could tell by the looks on her face.

I didn't really see any other footjob content on SoleNation, so was that a onetime thing, or have you found a few pairs of soft feet down below during your filming journeys?
I did work with two models before who agreed to do footjob films, but I lost those video files and was unable to retrieve them.

I see a few mentions of smelly feet with some of the girl's clips. Is that something you enjoy as well?
Hell yeah! I am also a foot sniffer. The stench of their soles is just a big turn on. Close up to face and with a big sniff, definitely awesome.

How has the fan reaction been to SoleNation since you began?
Pretty darn good, I shall say. A lot of fans from North America and East Asia.

If you could say anything to all those who have supported you, what would it be?
Thank you to all those loyal fans out there. Thank you for your support and I will keep up the good work. I didn’t know there were so many Asian feet fans out there. It totally blew my mind.

Where do you see your content and store going in the future?
Hopefully I will begin to have different races of women exposing their bare soles - Latina, white, black, mixed, etc. I have been getting requests up the arse with toe spreading and top views of feet. It is something I should focus on from now on.

How to Find SoleNation

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Elan Kane's Interview

"The feeling of warm, wet tongues slipping between my toes... The rush of having my arches bitten... It all just drives me crazy!"

Three years ago I found myself checking out foot fetish videos on Roxie Rae's The Foot Fetish Fantasy Clips4Sale store. I was seeing countless videos that peeked my interest and then I found one featuring Elan Kane. I paused right away. My fondness for Asian women, my obvious foot fetish, and the fact that the video also had a teasing and humiliation aspect to it, caused me to add it to my cart and make the purchase. From that moment on, I was a fan of Elan Kane. So much so, I named her as the first person in Part 1 of my ongoing blog series, "Would Love to Shoot," on the Soles of Silk Blog.

Shortly after picking up her video I was able to chat online with Elan a time or two to share my love for her work. I also found out, that like me, she loves roller coasters. Seriously, could my fanboy love grow anymore? Shortly thereafter, however, we just kind of lost touch. It was for no particular reason, but we didn't chat again until recently.

While I was on Twitter about a week ago I saw some of Elan's posts pop up (@MissElanKane), so I decided to see what she was up to these days. I saw she had a site of her own up and running and was doing a good job of advertising her content and updates through social media. Once again, I decided to reach out to her.

I'm happy to say that through reaching out to Elan, I got her to agree to do an interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. It was great getting to learn a little more about this fun loving, bubbly, yet awfully teasing, sometimes not even pleasing, Asian humiliatrix. It reminded me of the reasons why I fell in love with her three years ago. So now, I'll let you do the same and get on to her interview. Meanwhile, I just be over here enjoying my dream of shooting photos of her myself one day!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
What size are those adorable feet of yours?
A petite, size 6! Perfectly sized to be worshiped!

I have yet to meet a woman without a vast shoe collection. How large is yours and what are you favorite kinds of shoes to wear – both on camera and off?
Oh, geeze. I actually had a huge shoe cleanse earlier this year. I prefer to appreciate each pair I have versus hoarding tons I'll never ever wear. So I'd probably pin it at... 40 pairs, or 50? Fifty that I truly love!

My favorites for the camera are my Chucks. I have six or so pairs of those, but I always float back to my fabled baby blue and pink ones! So comfy and cute.

Off camera, I probably get the most wear from sandals, especially my Rainbow sandals since I'm a Florida girl at heart. For a night on the town, you'll most likely find me in a pair of Michael Kors pumps or kitten heels.

Speaking of shoes, I've always adored getting to smell a woman's feet fresh from her shoes. How smelly do your feet get and how strong would you say that scent is?
I have been rock climber for quite a few years now - over half a decade! The by-product of such a hobby is a pretty distinguishable foot smell! Post-climbing, I'd say my ripe feet register pretty high on the stink-meter. But of course, I always prep my feet prior to shooting with others!

What are some of your favorite colors to have your toes painted?
Ever since a foot-spoiling session from earlier this year, I have been obsessed with an OPI nail color from their Mustang line, Sky's My Limit. I've had it stubbornly on my wish list for quite some time now to recreate it's gorgeous color. In addition to blues, I also favor pinks, reds, and purples.

Are your feet ticklish? Do you enjoy being tickled at all?
Oh, dear. I am fairly certain my hair is ticklish. My whole body, feet definitely not an exception, is mindbogglingly ticklish. I always end up in terrible laughing and/or spazzing fits whenever someone remotely thinks of tickling my feet.

As far as enjoyment, though I generally abhor the idea of being ticklish, I end up in such a tickling high afterwards that I forget all of my original resentment!

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
You know, I really do! I always forget to toss them on because I store all my toe rings, anklets, and the like for safe keeping. But who doesn't love to adorn their precious feet in beautiful bling?

What are your feelings on stockings? Do you enjoy wearing them? What kinds are your favorites, if so?
Yes! I just feel so sexy in stockings - tights, long socks, leg warmers, etc. There's just something so undeniably hot about silky legs encased in silky things! Also, long, lean legs just get 58,746,275,305 times hotter in nylons.

I recently got into Wolford, CDR, and Pretty Polly nylons and favor American Apparel socks.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
Foot worship! Especially from pretty girls! The feeling of warm, wet tongues slipping between my toes... The rush of a having my arches bitten... It all just drives me crazy!

If you could have anyone famous down at your feet, who are you picking and what are they going to be doing?
Oh, this is a real toughie! I'd say... Blake Lively. Ugh, her husky voice is pure seduction. To feel the gentles caress of her gorgeous, pouty lips on my delicate toes would send me to Cloud Nine. Plus, her legs for days would look exquisite in pantyhose. Mutual sheer nylon love.

Discovering the Fetish

Do you recall how old you were the first time you found out that there are people out there who love women's feet? How was that first introduced to you?
I didn't know until my college years. I was picking up various modeling jobs here and there when a photographer approached me about my feet. It was more fine art than anything, but that was definitely the gateway drug into the fast-paced world of fetish for me.

How did you first feel about the idea of someone liking your feet?
I was little hesitant at first. I wasn't sure what all was involved. I had no idea just how many facets there are to foot fetishism. But soon, I embraced the fetish and pleasantly discovered that, "Hey, I have this fetish!"

Now, later in life, how have your feelings toward foot fetishism changed since those early days? What would you say was the biggest influences on that change, if there was any?
My perspective is constantly evolving in the realm of fetishism. They don't lie when they say there's a fetish for everything! What began as a flirty curiosity has blossomed into a full-blown fascination for foot fetishism. I personally enjoy so many sub-genres such as worship, domination, nylons, and tickling, so it's difficult to say that I'd ever see myself not immersed in the foot love.

I don't believe I can really credit any one, or several things, as an influence to the change as it all shifted so fluidly and naturally. I am leaning more toward the thought that I have always harbored deep, sexy foot feelings and had finally found an avenue to express it.

Do you remember the first time you had a foot fetish experience? What happened and who was it with?
Thinking back now, it may have been for a shoot with Taylor Raz. She was such a doll and paired me up with the devilishly hot Danica Logan, who can definitely work her mouth on some feet. As Danica was worshiping my feet, I honestly thought to myself, "Why the heck haven't I been doing this the whole time?!" Sadly, I have yet to encounter an equally mind-blowing foot worship session. You know what they say about your first time though, huh?

Modeling & the Internet
The first time I ever saw you online it was on Roxie Rae's The Foot Fetish Fantasy Clips4Sale store. When and where did you first begin doing foot fetish material online?
I had been living in Tampa for a pretty short time before I realized I had stumbled across the fetish capital of the world, let alone, the Foot Mecca. With my modeling background, it was only natural to dive head-first, or is it toe-first, into the feet scene. But yeah, Taylor Raz and FTKL were the first producers I had the pleasure of working with. And it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since!

What factors made you decide to become a foot fetish model?
Firstly, I absolutely love the people, the producers, models, fans... everyone! It's a crazy melting pot of brilliance to see our creative minds get to buzzing and what products we can produce. And of course, I love being able to free my feet to the world! What a liberating feeling. The fetish kingdom is sincerely amazing in that you can just be who you are - and for me, that's someone who enjoys some mildly freaky foot stuff!

Would you say that you were a natural at first, or was there some things that you had to discover when it came to the world of foot fetish modeling?
Some things came pretty easily, such as how I wail when I get tickled. Others though, I had to learn as they came, like spreading my toes a bit more when I wail. But I was lucky enough to receive the best tutelage from the pioneers of the industry! Additionally, when it came to being sucked and nibbled on, my reactions are 100 percent me just indulging on sexy lady lips.

Who were some of your inspirations, if any, when you first began doing foot fetish material? Any models, sites, etc. whose work you liked before doing your own?
Aforementioned, I learned from the best and of them are the one-of-a-kind Roxie Rae! She was such an amazing teacher in feet, fetish, and life.

Also, I'd love to give another huge nod to a few more studios that truly shaped me: FTKL Tickling, Space City Soles, and Shy And Wild Tickling. The amount of effort they put in their work is inspiring and has pushed me to create work that is involved and engaging. They have truly honed their craft and it shows - in marketing, production, and just being top-notch people.

Were you always doing your own content from the start, or did that come about later?
Oh, heavens, no! I was so intimated by the thought of starting something on my own, that I didn't approach the thought until years after shooting with other producers. Video editing was probably my biggest concern, but it turns out you can learn anything on YouTube. I am definitely not at level of those producers  I just mentioned, but I am proud of the content I produce and love sharing it with you all.

How did the Elan Kane website and the Love Elan Clips4Sale store come about?
I had moved away from my self-dubbed Foot Mecca to the bustling metropolis of Dallas. I had naively thought that foot fetish ran rampant everywhere, but was sorely mistaken. I was still picking up modeling gigs, but it hardly compared to my busy Tampa shooting schedule. I decided to take matters into my own hands, or is it feet?

Soon, I was crafting my own website, diving into the mechanics of web business, and shooting my own customs. I immediately fell in love with the process. I now have the opportunity to talk with fans one-on-one and create unique clips for the both of us to enjoy. A few years later and I have expanded to a new platform, NiteFlirt, where I can talk to fans privately on the phone and still upload clips, and a member site through ModelCentro, for those who just can't get enough of me. All that to foot tease you with!

How much of a dedication is it to produce your own content? Is it harder than you envisioned it to be before you began?
I'll be completely honest with you, there are days that are harder to shoot than others. I am a born creative. I need inspiration. I need a muse. And I definitely need a made-up face. If the stars don't align, the motivation can be quite difficult to muck through. This usually happens after I go on full-out filming binges and produce dozens of clips in a few days. Then I'm left with the inevitable burn-out.

But most days are fun and full of energy. I keep notepads all around the house in case my next breakthrough enters my mind. It's always amusing to think up imaginative ways to play up certain fetishes or use different video effects.

Where does the ideas for your content come from? Is it something you think up, fan requests, etc.?
Most of my content is derived from my silly, goofy brain cave, but I do end up with quite a bit of custom requests. I always think I've heard it all, and then I get a request for lawn mowers, or turkey cooking, or sweatshirts...

In addition to foot fetish content, you also dab into other fetishes and kinks. Care to make mention of some of what people can come to expect when they check out your site?
I tapped into my punnyness back in my ancient FTKL days. My scathing humiliation dates back to my shoots with Space City Soles. Because of my... quirks, I have adapted a bit of my personality into my FemDom clips. As much as I love to tease you all with my delicious feet, it's so empowering to torture you all too! Also, it must be mentioned that I have harbored a love/hate relationship with balloons and I adore being a giantess.

You call yourself a humiliatrix on your About Me section of your site. Is this something you've always been into, or was this something you discovered along the way?
I have a tendency of being pretty snarky with my close friends, all in jest. But after having a few requests for humiliation clips, I realized that I possessed all of this pent up frustration that was perfect to release on camera! My FemDom content is genuinely the product of stifling my feelings - take that dissatisfying customer service lines and parking tickets!

As someone who also enjoys tease & denial play and some humiliation, I absolutely love when a woman can combine them with foot fetish play. Is that something you enjoy doing as well? If so, how easy do you think it is to incorporate foot fetishism into these and other kinks?
I love it! I had a brief Domme/sub stint with a man who adored me in pantyhose. He would request customs for pantyhose JOI where the fate of his orgasm rested in my command. He received three or four of these videos, each one withholding that sweet release. He would absolutely love the endless tease and torment. Some of my hottest clips are from this series!

Honestly, foot fetishism is so uniquely versatile. Fancy voyeurism? Try stealing a peek at a woman's flip-flopped soles. Enjoy domination? What's more domineering than a huge giantess boot preparing to crush you? JOI? I love lathering up my feet so we can massage in unison. Pain? Why, what a great day to break in my new stilettos on this perfect-to-trample body.

Plus, for me at least, my feet are just a huge erogenous zone. Reflexology for the win! Anything physical is just plain hot.

Speaking of teasing, you also do size teasing content. Did you ever think in your life that a guy could be turned on by being told his cock is small, pathetic, useless, etc.?
In my experience, yes. A huge demographic for my fan base in particular, love being ridiculed for their dinky dicks! In fact, I'm sure my big toe is more impressive than that pitiful thing they're packing!

So, does size matter? If so, how do you feel about the little ones?
The little ones can pay for their worth. Otherwise, they're just cushioning for my heels.

As I've told you in our private conversations, I have always had a huge soft spot for Asian women. Why do you think there are so many out there who find Asian women to be exotic?
Well, geographically speaking, we are exotic for those of the western world. But voices, facial features, and yummy, tiny feet also play a role! Luscious ebony hair, dark, enticing eyes, and our slender statures are definitely aimed to please.

When it comes to your fans, what has your fan reaction been like over the years?
Overwhelmingly sweet! It simultaneously blows my mind and warms my heart to know just how many people I have touched with my art. I have a frequent NiteFlirt fan who just chats with me for hours where we just get to know each other. Completely vanilla chat, sometimes what we're watching on Netflix or what we like to eat. It's so refreshing to just take a moment to realize that your fetish idols are real people, that your fans are real people. Though, there is the occasional dingbat...

Is there anything you'd like to say to the masses who, like myself, think Elan Kane is a beautiful humiliatrix, whose feet we'd love to spend time under?
If you're looking for the most access to my bountiful fetish kingdom, check out my newly opened member site, Elan Kane, for access to my blog, private messaging with me, exclusive photo sets, vlogs, as well as Monday through Friday clip releases!

Back in April 2013, I included you in a blog series on the Soles of Silk Blog titled, "Would Love to Shoot." It's a little series I do from time to time where I show some foot models whose work I enjoy and well, who I'd love to shoot myself. You were in Part 1 and the first model shown. If I was ever lucky enough to photograph you myself, do you think I'd be able to handle it?
I took a peek at that! I am so honored that you thought of me for such a title! As far as if you could handle such a task, I believe that's simply a test for the future!

Other than my dream of taking your photos, what do you see happening in the future when it comes to your own website, modeling, etc.?
Ha! What a lovely dream! I am looking at adding a cam feature for my member site to reward all those who have committed to an Elan subscription! I also have soft-launched sissy kits for all those curious about dabbling into the sissification world - complete with panties, nylons, make-up, and perhaps other sexy goodies!

I am hoping to add a few more faces to the Love Elan roster, though finding willing feet in Dallas is harder than I'd like. Oh, who knows. Sky's the limit, right?

Some models do custom sets for their fans. Is this something you do? If so, how can someone go about reaching you for a custom request?
Certainly! I shoot both custom videos and photo sets for all those looking to flesh out their visions. All custom requests may be sent directly to me at for estimates!

Is there anything we didn't cover about modeling, the fetish, or your site you'd like to get into before we wrap up?
Please, for the love of feet, pay for your porn!

How to Find Elan Kane
Web Sites:
Clips4Sale Store:
Twitter: @MissElanKane
Nite Flirt: