Sunday, April 22, 2001

Janet Mason's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2001 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

Below is an interview held with Janet of Janet's Foot Tease where you sent in the questions. Janet chose a select few of your questions to answer. Look for the next interview with a new model very soon. 

Mark Asks... Do you have any domination streak or a sense of respect for your husband when he worships your feet? Do you lose your respect for him when he's at your feet?
I wouldn't say I have a domination streak. But I am finding that as I get older (I'm in my early 30's), I do enjoy being more sexually aggressive at times. But by nature I am submissive, not dominant.
As far as issues of respect goes, this is simply not a factor in the foot-fetish world as Steve and I know it. The whole humiliation thing is just way beyond our comprehension. I absolutely love it when Steve or any other man worships my feet. I feel very flattered - very feminine and sexy. I have no feelings of disrespect at all, on any level, for any man who finds my feet irresistible.
Wayward Asks... What size are those beautiful feet?
Size 4.5. That makes it hard to find shoes that fit me!
K. Wallingford Asks... How come you never post pictures of your feet with unpainted toenails? I think your feet are sexy. I love feet sized six and smaller, but some of us like the 'au natural' look! Can you hook us up? Thanks.
I've made some custom videos with unpainted toes. I guess I'll have to post some pics like that too. It seems most guys don't feel the same way as you do, though. The majority seem to prefer painted toenails, as long as they are done properly and taken care of - not chipped and sloppy like a schoolgirl. But the main reason you haven't seen any pics like this yet is that I have always worn polish as long as I can remember. But look for some "natural" pics soon!
Casey S. Asks... You being a foot model, is it better to take care of your feet, for example: wash them, scrub them, paint your toes etc. Or do you find more men with a foot fetish like to see your feet dirty, or not overly prepped? I would fall under the category. A not too clean, not too dirty kinda guy.
Steve likes them clean, as do I. I'm a very clean person anyway. I have to be with my real-world career, and that's the way I was raised, too.
Rod Asks... When was the first time you knew that your feet inspired such attraction and devotion?
Somewhere around 13 or 14, I'd have to say. You can read more about it on my site.
Wubel Asks... Janet, do you practice any martial arts? And do you like to practice high kicks on men?
No, I'm not into martial arts. And I certainly don't look like the type to go around kicking men, do I? What on earth does this have to do with love of pretty feet?
Mike Asks... Love your feet! Would give anything to get a footjob from you! What is your favorite foot fantasy that you have not done yet?
Thanks for the compliments, Mike! I do have two "foot fantasies" that I haven't yet lived out. One is giving a young guy (18 or 19 or so) his very first foot fetish experience. Making his wildest foot fantasies come true. The other is having a "foot bukkake" party, with a whole bunch of guys jerking off on my feet and legs at once - completely slathering them with sperm. Wow! Both of these are totally hot for me, and Steve has no problem with letting them happen.
Bill Asks... Just curious as to what made you decide to share your beauty with the general public?
The short and simple answer is that I have a very strong exhibitionistic side to me. For instance, I love going to nude beaches. I know I'm no supermodel or perfect 10, but I've always enjoyed showing off my body to men as long as I can remember.
Mr. Big Asks... Do you like it when a guy cums on your toes during a footjob?
Oh God, yes! I absolutely go nuts when a guy cums anywhere on my body, but my toes are a favorite spot.
Alex Asks... How often do you shave your legs Janet? They sure look silky and smooth.
Every single day, almost without fail. Thanks for the compliment!
Wu Asks... Was there a foot fetish site already on the net that inspired you to do one of your own. If so, which one was it?
Yes and no. Technically, everything started for us when Steve posted a few pics of my feet on the newsgroups back in '97. The response was shocking. Though I always had been into my feet, and so had Steve and other guys throughout my life, I knew the subject was still taboo. But the e-mail we got was nearly overwhelming! I'm talking about 100 or more messages the very first day.
One of those messages was from Big Horn Enterprises in Atlanta, who offered to set us up with my own website if Steve and I were into it. The very next day I was offered a paid foot-modeling job at Toe-Tally Extreme. The rest is history! In April '98 my own site went up and it has continued to grow and change. From strictly PG/R-rated content to fully adult content to video clips and so on. The next phase is a complete, professional redesign of the site. And then a new site for my exhibitionism and swinging stuff. Janet's Foot Tease is growing bigger and better and Steve and I are very excited about it!
Lamprey Asks... Do you Remember how old you were when your feet stopped growing? You must have been pretty young as your feet are so small.
No, sorry, but I don't remember. High school, I guess? Who knows.
Aguardiente Asks... Tips about making a good footjob?
This varies from one guy to another as every man has his own favorite things, and it is far too broad of a question to ask in an interview.
Eric Asks... How did you and your husband meet and how did the foot fetish subject come up?
Steve and I met in college, where we had a class together. The first time we saw each other, I sat in front of him on purpose. I thought was really cute and had a great butt. Anyway, we had our first date a couple weeks later, and he told me that night that he wanted to lick my ankles the first day he saw me. I was already into having my feet worshiped so there was no adjustment period. We soon knew that we were both soul mates and "sole" mates.  The rest, as they say, is history!
Gnasm Asks... What made you decide to go completely nude, and what do your friends, family, and even kids think of this, if they even know at all?
I guess it was my exhibitionistic streak. Most people don't know about it, and that's OK. Those who do know about my site also know me well, and they are OK with it. There are a few exceptions, but so what? Steve and I live our lives by our own consciences, not by anyone else's. Someone else's problems with what I do with my own body are just that - someone else's problems, not mine. Live and let live, I say. 
Ricardo Asks... Hi Janet let say i walked up to you and told i would love to suck and fuck your feet will you let me? Or just specific people can suck and fuck you.
You can't be serious. Puh-leeze!
Jeff Asks... Do you do footjobs because I have never had one done but I fantasize about a woman getting me excited by rubbing her soles on the base and underneath the tip of my dick. Then she would turn over on her stomach and point her toes so that her soles would wrinkle up. Then I would fuck her wrinkled soles until I came all over them. No one I know is into that. They just let rub their feet and sometimes lick them but that's it. By that time I am sexually frustrated and I really want to go all the way but they wont let me. Could you tell what you would do to me if you ever got me alone in your bedroom, now that you know how I like it.
I guess I'd do it the way you like it. Giving pleasure to men is my thing! 
Ron Asks... How did you feel about the first man who came to you with a foot fetish what did you think of him? Perverted?
I loved it, right from the very first moment. Honestly!
Doom Asks... What would be your favorite pleasure done to your feet?
Anything and everything, as long as no pain is involved. If I was forced to choose, I'd have to say having my entire foot sucked at once. Since they're so small, many guys can fit half or more of them into their mouths. I've even had two guys sucking both my feet at once, which is indescribably erotic! Also, I love having guys fuck my feet, grabbing me by the ankles and pumping away between my arches.
Dio Asks... You surely have very pretty feet, but do you also appreciate other women's pretty feet?
I do notice and appreciate them if they are pretty and well-kept, but I'm not in the least bit attracted to them or turned-on by them. I'm not even remotely bisexual.
Wu Asks... What is the oddest request that you have ever received?
There have been many very, very strange ones. Probably the weirdest was from a guy who had a fetish for lit wooden matches stuck between all 10 of a woman's toes, burning all the way down to her skin so that it hurts her. I'm sorry, but what is that all about? What is sexual or sensual about that in any way? And furthermore, how does one get a fetish for such a bizarre thing? It's not like it's something you see in real life by accident and happen to get hooked on - unless I'm really, really inexperienced, that is. 
Paul Asks... Hi Janet. First of all, you have very pretty feet. I enjoy your pics. Do you really like guys all over the net looking at your feet and getting off? Just curious.
Yes, I love it! If I didn't like it, I wouldn't do it, trust me.
Duane Asks... When you wear nylons what is the nastiest thing you thought of doing with your feet?
I tend to actually do things rather than just "think about" them. I don't know exactly what you mean by nasty, because that's something different for everybody, so I can't give a good answer to this question. But I guess you could say that I've pretty much done all the kinky things you could imagine with my feet. 
E Asks... Are your feet ticklish? If so, which part is the most ticklish: heel, arch, toes, etc?
Yes, they're extremely ticklish! The most sensitive spot is just underneath my toes.
PC Asks... Why are you all of a sudden doing such a lot of nudes and footjobs shots (not that I am complaining)?
Because I now feel OK about it. I've always done it, and in fact Steve and I are active swingers, but at first I was unsure about doing it on the Internet. I've been into footjobs for 15 years at least, and I love going to nude beaches and such. So it is both easy and fun for me to do these things on the site. Asks... I love your feet Janet! Have you ever given a footjob and had the man lick it off?
No, that's too dominant for me. Steve is very aggressive and that's the way I like my men. If a guy wanted to do that, fine, I guess, but I'd never ask him to.
Icey Asks... What do your feet smell like?
I've never smelled my own feet, so I don't have anything to compare them to. Foot smelling is just not something I'm into. Sorry!
Bazza Asks... Hello. I was wondering do you get pedicure to get your feet looking so great and does it tickle when getting a pedicure? Thanks.
Yes, I get salon pedicures at least once a month, plus I do my own weekly. No, it doesn't tickle at all - it feels great!
Goat Asks... What is your favorite reaction from a guy at the point of ejaculation while giving him a footjob?
Watching his face! But I also enjoy watching the cum shoot out of his cock and all over my feet. Yummy!
Wu Asks... What advice would you give a couple thinking of doing a web site of their own?
I would have to say to really, really put some thought into it. Having a website is a huge responsibility if it is popular, and the more it grows the more time demanding it becomes. If you have careers or jobs and kids (as we do), it can be very, very hard to keep up with everything! There are times when we have received well over 100 e-mails a day and several custom video orders a week.
Let me put it this way, my site has grown in members so rapidly that we are now seriously considering the option of me quitting my work (a career, not a job) in a few months and just run the site full-time! That's about the only way we figure to have the site running at a level where it should be. If you're not prepared for that, be careful!
Nick Asks... You look like the outdoorsy kind of gal Do you like to hunt or fish in your spare time?
No, not at all. I like to sunbathe at the beach, and I enjoy working out at the gym, but that's about it.
Mike Asks... Do you like it when someone starts a foot massage with your socks on and end it barefoot?
I like a good foot massage anyway I can get it. 
stlftskr Asks... Janet, you have quite an extensive amount of pictures and such, how much time per week do you spend indulging in your and Steve's foot fetish?
A lot, trust me! Steve's definitely a foot fiend.
Janet'sPussyEater Asks... Do you let other men kiss/touch your feet? If yes, then how to get that opportunity?
Yes! Steve and I are what you would call swingers, so we're always willing to meet with other couples or singles for foot fun (straight only - neither of us is bi at all). How? By contacting us, meeting in person, getting acquainted and being attractive and normal. Plus, the chemistry must be there.
Shipla Asks... My boyfriend has a foot-fetish. What do I do to please him most? He doesn’t know I came to know this recently and he's too shy about it. Do I surprise him?
Sure, go ahead and surprise him. If you know he has this thing for feet, and you like the idea, and you know he won't bring it up himself, then it certainly won't do either of you any good to both keep quiet about it, right? Life's too short and precious to not be honest and have fun with those you love! Go for it and have fun!
Zobadd Asks... i am very interested in becoming a male actor/model in foot fetish material. Where do i begin to apply. I'm a black male, fine as hell with 9.5 inches of hard cock to show - 10 when I’m really excited. I don't want to fend of the pictures anymore I need the real deal and I'm trying to get paid.
If you want to model with me on my site, then go to my site on the Wanted page. There you'll find info on being in my videos or in a photo layout. We're always looking for attractive guys to do shoots with, since Steve likes to be in control of the camera work.
Croy Asks... Great to have the interview session up and running. My question is this: Have you ever worn a French pedicure and have you ever received any comments from on lookers/passer by about how beautiful your peds are? Look forward to your response.
Yes, I have had a French pedicure, but it didn't look that great on me. And yes, I've had total strangers compliment my feet in public quite a lot since I was about 14 or 15 - so that's over 15 years now!
John Doe Asks... Do you think other woman find that having a foot fetish is gross and even thinking about kissing them is disgusting because I think they do and I think I'm disturbed for having this fetish.
Yes, unfortunately many women do think this way, because the media tells them that feet are dirty. And we live in a very sexually conservative society here in America, even though we think we're so hip and cool (because the media tells us we are, and the media never lies, right?). But anyone who's done some global traveling knows how untrue that is.
P.S. Don't feel guilty. It's not like you're doing something wrong.
Tau Asks... Hey there Janet! I’m a man from Sweden and I have a quick question I want to ask a beautiful lady like you, do you think I’m nasty if I would tell you that I would love to smell your feet?  They are so lovely Janet! I love your wonderful feet.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I just don't get the whole foot-smelling thing. To me there's nothing even remotely erotic about smelly feet (or smelly anything). That's just my preference, mind you! I always keep my feet clean, anyway. Thanks for your compliments.
Wu Asks... Have you ever been recognized from your website? If so, how did it go? If not, what would you do if it did happen?
Yes, I have been recognized. The first time was in a shoe store (of all places) in Raleigh, NC. I wrote a story about that once and posted it in my member's area. I'll have to dig it up again.
Since that time (about 1.5 years ago) it has happened at least twice more that we know of. I actually enjoy it as long as the person acts normal! My biggest fear is running into some freak who has no concept of normal social behavior - like the loser who ruined last year's Meet Janet At Myrtle Beach event by writing nasty e-mails saying that he knew who we were and that he would blow our cover and post our personal info everywhere if I didn't give him a footjob. Can you spell "T-R-A-S-H"? In case you are wondering, the good news is that we found out who he was and Steve took care of the problem. Let's just leave it at that.
George Bullock Asks... How do you get young women 18-25 to get into my foot fetish without scaring her off.
Go slowly, and be honest. Don't hide your desire or be ashamed of it. If she likes you, she'll probably allow you to explore a bit, since it's a harmless thing. If she's close-minded, you're wasting your time. But if she enjoys it, you'll know it. Have fun! 
Shadow Asks... Janet, would you every do any shots in the UK or any other countries. If not why?
Sure, as long as all expenses would be paid for Steve and I. We love to travel, but we're not a public-service organization! 
Mark Asks... Hello Janet, can you describe the first time you had your feet licked?
How does pure heaven sound? Having my feet sucked and licked can almost make me have an orgasm, literally.
Jackboy Asks... Your feet is so nice and really sexy. I’m 20 year old boy and my one of the biggest desires is to lick your sexy toes. Could it be?
Could be. You'd have to send me a photo and be able to travel to our area, though. 
Cali Asks... how do you make other women jealous of your beautiful feet?
I don't. I try hard to be a kind person. I'm not into making other people feel bad, whether that means jealousy or other unpleasant things, be they women or men.
Steve Asks... First, I love your stuff. My question is have you ever had any experiences with shoe salesmen - while trying on or buying a new pair of shoes?
Yes, Steve and I have deliberately gone into shoe stores and I've deliberately teased guys who we could tell were into feet. It's fun!
Al Thomas Asks... Janet, I love your sexy arches. Will you show more of your arches on your site?
I do show plenty of my arches. Remember, the majority of pics are in the members' area. If you've been there and still don't see enough, let me know and I'll post more! 
Exel Asks... Do you find lot of guys glance at your beautiful feet?
Yes, all the time. 
JustMeDaveyC Asks... Do you have any gymnastics or synchronized swimming in your background? Your toe points are in a single word "awesome" and I just love toe points especially from the side view to show off your awesome arches.
No, not at all. And thank you for the compliment.
Gomer Asks... Janet, do you get aroused when your shoes are off in a crowd or party, and you sense some men are admiring your feet?
Yes, very much so. In fact, just last week Steve took me out dancing in a short skirt and platforms, which I eventually took off, dancing barefoot. We soon had a group of like five hot-looking young guys obviously staring at my feet and legs from the sidelines. It was fun!
Wu Asks... What can we expect from Janet's Foot Tease in the future? Anything new and exciting?
Yes, the complete redesign I mentioned above! The new Janet's Foot Tease should be open in May or so. Plus, we will be making a series of videos of me with my fans and members - foot-jobs, foot worship, foot cum baths, tickling, and other themes - which we are now recruiting models for. (See my site for details. Please do not write asking for the info as it is all online!)
Another thing we will be doing soon is having "Meet Janet" events at bars, the beach, etc. around the Myrtle Beach, SC area, with select individuals being invited to private foot fetish parties afterward for some extra fun. 
And lastly, we are considering opening up our photo and video shoots to fans who want to watch, but don't want to be on camera. Probably on a contest basis of some sort. This idea is still in the planning stage. It may not work out.
That's pretty much it for now, though that's still a lot! Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed for your site, Wu. It's been fun and I feel honored!