Monday, September 22, 2014

Foot Toon's Interview

"I loved seeing my classmates bare feet, but didn't know I'd become a professional pervert at some point."

As an artist I was immediately drawn, no pun intended, to Foot Toons and his amazing art. Over the years I've come to call him a friend. It's interesting to see a fellow artist's take on the fetish we both share.

Over the years Foot Toons has drawn a who's who in the foot fetish community. Chances are some of your favorite foot models have had a cartoon of themselves drawn by his hand. On Soles of Silk I have given him his own section where he's drawn some of the site's most popular models. Each and every model was flattered to be a muse for such a talented artist.

With the relaunch of the Wu's Feet Links interviews I thought Foot Toons would make for a great interview. There are so many great people in our community, not just the models who we've all come to love.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

Were you always artistic? Even as a child, or was that something you got into later in life?
I have been scribbling cartoons for as long as I can remember, even before starting school.

It's obvious that you love cartoons and comics looking through your work. Is that a genre you've always been into?
Yes, I guess you can say I'm a natural born cartoonist!

What are some of your all time favorite cartoon and comic book characters?
I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons like most kids, but I loved drawing them too. Comic books as well. I loved Superman, Batman and all of the Marvel characters like Spider-Man and the Avengers. Sometimes I would copy entire comic books just for fun!

Aside from cartooning, do you partake in any art styles or mediums?
I work in airbrush with acrylics from time to time, but cartooning is the place I feel most comfortable.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to you art? We're not talking the girls yet. I'm talking fellow artists here.
Fiasco (@FIASCoMonkey) is my partner in crime as well as FTKL (@FTKL) who is famous for his Ticklante and Vellicatrices cartoons. We crack each other up sometimes on Twitter!

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first begin taking notice of female feet? 
Seems like birth! I've always had a thing for girl's feet going back to kindergarten. I loved seeing my classmates bare feet, but didn't know I'd become a professional pervert at it some day!

Were you embarrassed by your liking for feet at first as it seems many males are?
Oh god yes! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me! I mean it's feet! Who the hell is attracted to feet?

How long did it take you to realize that there was a term called "foot fetish" and that it is actually quite common?
It wasn't until college that I discovered my love for feet was shared by others and thus called a "fetish." Art school is very different from regular schools. A lot of my classmates chose to be barefoot, so dirty feet were everywhere!

In all the years since discovering that you have a foot fetish, how has your views toward it changed, if any?
I no longer see my love or addiction to feet as something to be ashamed of. Now that I'm more out about it, I have learned to accept who I am and that there's nothing wrong with loving feet. In a sense, I'm much happier now!

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been showcasing your work online?
I first started showing my work on Myspace when I discovered a group called "Rawfeet." This was the first time I saw others into feet and many of them were women! I'd have to say this was the late 90's.

Were you including your fetish in your work prior to publishing it online?
Oh hell no! I was too weirded out by it and kept it to myself.

What made you decide to publish your work for others to see?
Like many other guys I wanted attention from foot models so I would do drawings of them. When that practice got a lot of attention, I just ran with it!

How has the fan reaction been?
It's been mostly great! Every now and then I will get a "you're creepy" from someone, but that's very rare!

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
It's been great! I think anyone would be happy to see people enjoying the stuff you share online.

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
I would say thank you for accepting me as an artist and for supporting my work over all these years.

I asked you above who some of your biggest artistic inspirations have been. Now I want to know, which females have you wrapped around their toes? Who are some of the ones you draw inspiration from drawing?
Here's where I get myself into trouble! I have a lot of female friends who are models at different levels of the community from professional models and producers to women who just love showing their feet. First I would have to mention my all time favorite foot model, and that would be Jamie Daniels. She's not only insanely beautiful, has perfect feet and the face of a goddess. She's also super nice and has always found time to return any text, email or whatever correspondence I've annoyed her with.

Then I would have to mention Arch Attitude. I refer to her to as my Internet wife! She's not a professional model, but she's a great friend and makes me laugh a lot! She also has insane arches - hence the name! Yes, she has a wicked attitude too. 
I got to know Sarah Diavola a couple of years ago and if you don't know, she's a fantastic artist. We have that in common, but she's also incredibly funny and has hands down the cutest, most ardorable little feet ever! You just want to hug them! 

Last, but not least is the first foot model I ever met and that's Mommie Dearest. She was the first person that let me know foot fetishism was OK and normal. She's a little brat, but I love her to death.

Looking through a lot of your work you often show a playful side to the fetish. Is that just because you're drawing cartoons, or is there a reason behind it?
I like to poke fun at foot fetishism because when you think about it, sometimes it can be incredibly funny! I mean a woman takes off he shoes and socks, wiggles her toes and clears the place with her stinky vinegarry foot stench! Well, except for that one guy who is left drooling in the corner wanting to suck the cheese out of her sweaty socks! That's comedy.

What are some of the sub-genres of foot fetishism you really like having in your artwork? For example, I see a lot of foot sniffing, especially in the multi-character pieces.
I personally love having bare feet on my face, so foot smothering is a theme I love drawing. I also love wrestling and have always had a dream of directing a foot smother wrestling video, but I could never afford to pay two women to let me tape them. And I'm too chicken shit to ask two of my friends to do it!

What are some foot fetish activities that you also enjoy when you don't have a pen and paper in hand?
Like I said before, I love having bare feet on my face. I love sniffing stinky feet and one thing that keeps me entertained in public is simply gawking at female feet. I live in Florida so there are women showing their feet year round since we never really have a winter. Did I mention I love ladies feet?

It seems like your work is being showcased on numerous sites and featuring girls from all over the web. Where can people see some of your work other than the sites you manage?
I have a site on Deviant Art, I have a Tumblr page, and I'm closing in on 6,000 followers on Instagram. I've also gone back to having a Facebook page. Of course, I'm on Twitter as well.

I'm sure you have a full plate, as many artists tend to, but do you take commissions? If so, how can fans reach you to talk terms?
Yes, I am very busy with working as a professional artist in my "real" life, but I will take commissions from time to time. People can reach me at

What are some of your favorite pieces that you've done? What made them memorable?
I've done a lot of stuff, but I love the e-comic I did based on a character of mine called "StinkFoot." Unfortunately, it didn't do very well since the company didn't ask for a sequel. I may bring her back in a self published e-comic that's more along the lines of what I'm into. Stinky feet and foot smothering!

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Hmm... Yes and no. Yes, because it has allowed people who feel shy about their fetish to find like minded folks that can sort of put an arm around them to say they are OK and you should enjoy being a foot freak! No, because there are still assholes out there who take things too far. There are people out there who like posting pics of underage girls and that's just not right. Also no because many people can be abusive with their fetish demanding free pics and video. These foot models work very hard at what they do and they take it seriously. And fellas please, stop sending pics of your dicks! It's not cool and the models are definitely noy turned on by it!

How about with you? Has having your work and interacting with fans and the models you use as your muses changed how you view  of the fetish in any way?
It's made me a much happier person knowing there are people out there drooling over pics of feet as well! In many cases these friends I've made online are better people than my every day friends.

What would you say to someone who might be like you in that they have a foot fetish and love showcasing it in their art?
Get a page on Deviant Art and share your work! I think there is a shortage of really good foot fetish art, so people are starving to see more of it. Just do it!

How to Find Foot Toons

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