Monday, December 22, 2014

Mr. Hollywood's Interview

"There was too much of a recipe for success. Beautiful Latina feet that had the prowess of a Michael Jordan when it came to footjobs and me with a pretty big... Well, you all know!"

As many of you know, not only do I have a foot fetish, but I also really enjoy adult material of the interracial variety. So you can only imagine how impressed I was when I first discovered Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures. Not only did I just stumble upon a Clips4Sale store with interracial material, but one that combined it with my foot fetish - talk about a treasure trove of material to make my wrist sore!

Over time I would get to know Mr. Hollywood and find out that he's a pretty cool cat when it comes to the fetish and just life in general. When I found out that he and another one of my online favorites, Goddess Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet), were a couple and producing interracial footjob material together, I couldn't believe it. I was sure to let them both know that I found their work, especially when together, to be some of the best and most passionate, in the interracial footjob genre.

Now that I've taken over conducting the interviews for Wu's Feet Links both Mr. Hollywood and Red Velvet were both on my list to interview. They might have been the first two people I contacted - telling them my plan was to interview them back-to-back. Both were ever so happy to help as you can find both of them popping in and out of Wu's Forum at times and knew how much his site meant to the community.

So now here is the first of the back-to-back foot fetish couple interviews, starting off with Mr. Hollywood...

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

How did you get the name, "Mr. Hollywood?"
Well it came about from my Miami days. Those who know the legacy of the brand know what I'm talking about. Hint, hint... Mia Hollywood.

Do you have a size preference when it comes to female feet?
A size preference?! I have a pretty preference! We're talkin' about female feet, not dick size! There have been as small as size 5 to size 11 in front of the camera at Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures.

What are you favorite kinds of shoes to see on a woman's feet?
Anything that exposes the toes. OK, really though, flip flops! #SeeEverything

Stockings/pantyhose: Do you enjoy them at all, or do you prefer them to be bare?
Everyone has there preference when it comes to their kink, so for all the nylon lovers please don't take offense when I say, fuck hose! I can't feel soft soles and toes through that shit!.

What is your favorite foot fetish activity?
Umm.... That's probably the obvious question isn't it? Foot smelling, foot massaging, foot teasing, foot lusting, and foot fucking.

Discovering the Fetish

How old were you when you first began to notice you had an attraction to female feet?
Good question! And a side note, I'm doing this interview as my girl, Red Velvet, is laying next to me half naked with one foot in the air distracting the fuck out of me! I digress... 

The reason I say good question is because I didn't realize it until my 30-somethings. I recall as a child, of about 12-13 years old, remembering and saying to myself, "Wow my auntie has some really pretty feet!" She, like most women, always wore flip flops in the summer and she always had her toes painted red. Now let's not get shit twisted, it wasn't some incest shit. It was from a place of admiration of beautiful feet. My aunt had'em. 

I didn't get full onto things from the fetish side until my late 20's. Something just clicked! To keep it all the way real with you, sometimes I wish it didn't, because it really changed a lot for me when it came to my relationships. If you didn't have pretty feet, it was a wrap! Knowing full well that one attribute doesn't or more importantly shouldn't make or break the potential of what could be a long lasting, successful relationship. I'm happy to say that I have grown and progressed past that!

What were your immediate feelings toward that attraction? Were you ashamed or embarrassed by it as many guys seem to be?
I've always been someone who didn't, and still to this day, give a fuck about what anyone else thought about what I do! Those individuals are not the ones who make me happy, feel good, feel fulfilled, nor are the masters of my destiny. So for that, whatever makes you, as an individual, happy, what makes you feel good, those who may judge you are not to judge shit. There's only one who has that right and we will all meet Him in the next life.

Do you remember some of your earliest foot fetish success stories prior to your online adventures?
Yep, it all started in Miami. If that ain't a success I don't know what the hell else is. Like I've said in a previous interview, if it wasn't for Mia, you wouldn't be reading this interview because I would have never been in the biz. She was the one who suggested to start it up. There was too much of a recipe for success. Beautiful, Latina feet that had the prowess of a Michael Jordan when it came to footjobs and me with a pretty big... well you all know! 

Modeling & the Internet

When did you decide to take your fetish online?
Kind of answered most of that in the previous question. Sorry, I'm a bit thorough when it comes to my answers and explanation of things. It tends to answer questions that are next to be asked. I've been told that on a few job interviews as well - just a fun fact. It all started though back in 2007-08.

Where you already filming some of your foot fetish fun prior to starting the site?
Of course I was! Mia and I were in a long distance relationship for well over a year before I relocated to the 305. There was no way I couldn't have something to take back home!

Was there anyone else involved with helping you in those early days online?
Nope, nada.

In the years since you've acquired quite a few lady friends in your videos. Do you get just a little bit more excited to have a new pair of feet wrapped around your cock?
Used to, but not so much anymore. It has gotten more to the fact that the new pair of pretty feet were just for my customers and fan base. Each pair of new feet were judged on how much revenue could be created on "the look." That's just keeping it real!

When those new girls see just how big that member of yours gets between their feet, is it safe to say that you've had some classic expressions and/or reactions caught on camera?
What? Nah, not at all. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!

Just how big does it get?
Ha Ha... How big does what get? Me?! I don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps Goddess Red Velvet can answer this question.

Now it looks like some of these girls also like to have some non-foot fetish fun with that monster. Is this something that is always planned, or is it ever something that just happens because they can't control themselves?
My work is strictly on a professional level. Again, it's always about creating something that's going to entice the consumer to purchase. This is a business. I always go through what's to be shot and how. The adult industry can, no is, misconstrued by most - those people on the outside. They think that it's all fun and fantasy. Let me tell you, it is a business and it is work! Until you're able to make and create a successful business or brand, you'll never really realize all the work that's entailed to achieve it!

Although you have ladies of all races on your site performing with you, many fans have come to rely on you for some of the best interracial footjobs on the Internet. Do you enjoy the interracial aspect of your clips, or does it not matter to you?
It really doesn't matter at all. It just so happens that most that I've come across have not been black. Now by no means is that to say that they aren't out there, because they absolutely are! Just in my circles of where I've been, that's the majority of what I've been able to shoot. I don't discriminate at all!! That's just not good business!
I still haven't shot anyone of the Asian persuasion. That's the only one that's eluded me to this day.

How often do you get fan mail from guys wanting to see their girlfriends or wives in your videos? Have you made it happen if so?
Absolutely! I haven't only because most have been just too far away. Would have been great to have the whole cuckold kind of shoot going on. What's up Shane Diesel? Ha Ha...

Ever have any women contact you to appear in your videos without their husband/boyfriend knowing? Did you do it?
A couple, yeah. Have I? Nah. I'm not one to get into that whole, "Hey honey, I'm home early," confrontation while I've got studio light, camera and your girl's feet wrapped around my dick. I ain't trying go to jail for killing nobody! Like I said, this is a business.

When it comes to the ladies, how do you find the majority of them?
If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question I would be able to retire for real! For the most part, just being within the circles of the adult and fetish communities... period.

How has it been meeting up with other people in the foot fetish landscape such as Lady Steph and Nikki Domino?
See how my last answer leads into, and partly answers the next? They're both cool as shit - again, meeting both within the circles of the community. They're great people but, I can't say that for all. You know who you are.

When it comes to fan mail, how does it feel to read through the positive ones that love what you're producing?
It's awesome. It's just vindication that you know what you're doing is right. Feeding that need of those out there like myself.

If you could say any one thing to all those fans, what would it be?
That would be thank you! I appreciate everyone who has ever purchased a clip, sent an email or liked a picture! Thank you for supporting my work. It really and truly is appreciated!

Goddess Red Velvet appears in a bunch of your videos. Can she drain some balls or what?
She's my girl and yes, she can use her feet very well! I absolutely love her feet.

How did you get to know Goddess Red Velvet and how long have you been a couple?
We met in that circle, which is the fetish industry. We've been together for almost three years now. She's special. She does more than fulfill my needs when it comes to my love for feet. She fulfills everything that I, as a Dominant man, require. That is a whole other interview though!

What can fans expect to see on your clips store in the future?
Well, that is a big question mark. As it stands right now, we are both just doing and dealing with things between the both of us now. Will that change? Maybe yes, maybe no. Guess we'll all have to wait and stay tuned.

If you could have any two female celebrities team up to give you a footjob, who would you pick and why?
Wow... Got to think for a minute on this one. Given as I think, which and who has pretty feet? The first one that pops into my head, because I've seen pics of her feet and she's got a fat ass, is Kim Kardashian. The other... Umm... Umm... Umm... OK, she's not a celebrity, but a porn celebrity and that would probably be Casandra Cruz. If I had more time to think about it, I probably could come up with others.

And if that wasn't far fetched enough, what would your ultimate foot fetish fantasy be to put on film. We're talking no limits here.
Believe it or not, I really don't have one. I've shot a lot of good content. I always try and think of different things and ways to make shoots different. If I think of that fantasy, I'll let you know!

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