Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tina Marie's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview was with the beautiful and sexy Tina Marie of She agreed to answer some of your questions. Below, you'll find the questions she answered. Send comments to the following email address:

Cam Asks... Let me start off by saying that you have the best looking feet in the business. Your pretty toes are perfect and those wrinkled soles are the best I've ever seen in 22 years of life. My question is, I know there’s no sex on your website, but do you enjoy giving footjobs off camera in your everyday life.

Hi Cam, and thanks for the compliments! There are many things I enjoy off camera. I just keep that part of my life for me and my hubby.

SpitFire Asks... Do you like being tickled in your feet? Love!

Hi there SpitFire! Well, I wouldn't say that I "liked" it. Sometimes I can't stand to be tickled, sometimes, it doesn't bother me. Thanks for your question though!

Tina's#1Fan Asks... You are breathtaking! I love your pictures and clips! How can I see more of you?

Hi there! Thank you so much! Actually, I do live webcam shows now. you can email me at: Get the details if you'd like! Would love to do a show for you!

Razby Asks... I'm 100 percent serious about the question that I'm about to ask you: would you be interested in starring in a movie with a plot that centers around your luscious feet? Say the word & I'll dedicate myself towards creating a worthy screenplay. I really mean it.

Hi Razby. do I know you as someone else (maybe Stephen?) lol. I am teasing you, please don't take offense. I am VERY flattered you feel my feet are worthy of such a thing!

Steve Asks... Do you ever like to dominate a man with your feet? If so what types of things do you like to do?

Hi Steve. Hmm, dominate? Well, I'm not so sure about that. if I had to give a yes or no answer, I'd probably say no.

Vincent Asks... What was your first reaction to a man with a foot fetish?

Hi Vincent! Oh I love your question, because, in all honesty, I thought it was "weird" at first. (yes, I'm talking about my hubby).But, he showed me, or made me realize that a woman can have sexy feet, and now? I'm so hooked, it ain't funny! lol

Michael Asks... First off, I would like you to know you are absolutely beautiful. I find you sexier than the girls I see here at my college! Will you ever be selling worn shoes or socks soon?

Well thank you Michael! Actually, I do sell shoes, I have a few listed on my site. As for socks? Yes, I've sold those too. thank you for your question!

TY Asks... Hi there, You have nice feet. Have you ever kicked a man in the balls before?

Hi Ty. I guess I should answer this, since I've been asked this a lot No, I have to say I've not had to do that. I don't like pain, and I don't like making someone hurt, UNLESS they are a threat to me, or a member of my family. Then? I'll kick and kick hard!

Eric Asks... Hey Tina, May I just start by saying you have very beautiful feet, and also I was wondering if you have ever given a footjob and if so, to who?

Hi Eric and thanks for the compliment! There are a lot of things I keep "private." for instance, I won't pose nude etc. But, I will "tease" enough to keep someones interest. So for your question? There isn't much I wouldn't do for/to my hubby, should he ask me.

Ralphy Asks... If you were in a movie, would you be a good girl or a bad girl in an action movie? Would you show off your feet and what part of your feet would mostly be coming out and what do you think will happen to you at the end of the movie?

Hi Ralphy. Hum. I'd probably be a good girl, since it'd be easier for me to draw from my "real life" to do the "part." Would I show off my feet? Oh my god you betcha I would! lol. I do every chance I get! As for what would happen to me at the end of the movie? Why, I'd get the guy of course!

Jay Asks... Hi Tina, I wanted to know of you have ever caught a man staring at your feet in public and if so, what did you do about it?

Hi Jay and yes, I have! What do I do? I "pour it on" lol. I'll "show off" so to speak, and if he's going to stare, he's going to get a show!

Thomas Asks... Your feet are beautiful, what size are they? do they smell?

Hi Thomas, and thank you! My shoe size is 7, and as for them smelling? Well, no, not really. I'm such a clean freak, I can't stand dirt - anywhere. So usually, my feet smell like lotion.

Italian Guy Asks... Hi Tina! You're really a gorgeous woman and I really like your beautiful sexy feet. My question is: do you like having your feet licked & sucked? And have you ever done such things to another woman's feet?

Hi there, and thanks so much! For your question, yes, I do. . But, no, I've never did that to another woman.

WERX Asks... Hello lovely Tina! I am your biggest FAN! and a frequent member of your site! I have a question for you: in the beginning when you first learned about foot fetish, how did you react and what did you think about it! Be honest.

Hi there. Well thanks for being a fan! I appreciate it! I answered a question kinda like this one earlier, but, will again since you say you're my biggest fan . lol, Well, my hubby brought this fetish to my attention YEARS ago, and, I thought it was "weird" at first. Now? I think I'm more into this than he is! lol. Anytime he'll say "give it a rest hon." I realize just HOW much I'm into this!

Cleve Asks... Dear, Tina why don't you do a lot of dangling content on your site?

Hi Cleve. I know, I don't do much dangling pictures on my site, but, I need to! I absolutely LOVE to dangle my heels, or. flip flops. whatever I'm wearing.

Yayo Asks... Ever since I saw your feet I fell in love with them. I would love to massage those feet, they look so nice. would you ever let your fans worship your feet?

Hi and thank you so much. Actually, no, I don't meet anyone in "real life" (so to speak). I keep the foot worshiping, only for my webcam.

Missouri Asks... You have great looking feet. What would you think if I asked you to put one of those feet on one of my hands and press down firmly but gently?

Thank you . I honestly wouldn't know what to think lol. Maybe that you were in the medical profession, and, were checking something out on me medically? I have no idea!

J Asks... Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you are truly beautiful and your feet are magnificent. I see that there is no nudity or x-rated material on your site, and I certainly respect that. But my question is this: Does it turn you on that guys all over the world are getting off to your pictures? You seem very adamant about not having a "foot porn" site, but you must know what we foot fetishists are doing when we look at your pictures. Do you enjoy being the object of so many guys, such as myself, masturbatory fantasies?

Hi there, and thank you so much! Well, as for your question, I'm not foolish, when it comes to what guys/girls do, when they see my feet. I enjoy doing my site, and, to me, it's no different, than what someone may do, should they see me shopping, running errands etc. For all I know, they go home and do what you are speaking of. I also will admit, that, I'm no different than ANY woman, we all love attention! To hear compliments, and positive things said about/to you, is wonderful! And, I don't know one woman who can honestly say, they WOULDN'T like being the object of a lot of guys fantasies! So, yes, I do enjoy that.

Zakk Asks... Hi Tina! You have the most beautiful body & feet , my question : is it erotic for you to get your toenails painted by a man?

Hi Zakk. Thank you very much! Ya know, I've not had a man paint my piggies! I have had hubby take the polish off, but not paint them.

MXPX1987 Asks... Hi Tina I think you have some sexy as hell feet I would really love to lick your soles. I'm just wondering do your feet get really smelly and if they do what do they smell like?

Hi there and thanks! Nah, not really. Like I've said before, I'm such a clean freak, my feet stay super clean, and don't smell. IF they smell, it's usually of lotion!

Johnny Asks... Hey Tina Marie! First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your pretty feet with all of us! I was wondering if you could share with us your first foot fetish experience and how does your feet smell/taste?

Hi Johnny and why, you're welcome! Hum, first experience? Probably when, while being intimate with hubby, I had my feet and piggies, licked and sucked on. As for the scent of them? Lotion lol. Always like whatever lotion I've been using. . The taste is of that too, that's why I like to get lotions that taste good (and, yes, there is such a thing). just in case (winks)

Ben Asks... Tina, you have the tastiest soles I have ever seen. Have you ever considered wearing black polish? and would you seduce me with your hypnotic toes?

Hi Ben! Thanks so much for the compliment. Honestly, no, I've not considered that. to me, and this is ONLY my personal choice/opinion it appears "goth" and, that so isn't "me," so, I never even give it a thought.

Al Asks... Do you sell used stockings?.I would love to smell and kiss your feet!

Hi Al. and yes, I sure do!

Mike Asks... When did you first discover that men were attracted to your feet.

Hi Mike. I guess I'd have to say years ago. by my hubby.

Suopo Asks... Hey Sweetie. You have the nicest feet ever. Are you often in barefoot around the house and stuff and if not what did you wear on your feet at home?

Hi and thank you! I am ALWAYS barefoot around my house, while inside. If it's cold, I WILL put on socks, but I hate to. I prefer being barefooted.

Steve Asks... Hey honey. You have great feet. My question is what is your fave barefoot pose?

Hi, and thanks! Oh wow, favorite pose? Oh my god, I don't know! I have SO many!

Lena Asks... Hello Tina! I have a question referring to your personal foot care because I think your feet are one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! Now my question: What do you use to clip your toenails? I use nail scissors, but my nails always split when I clip them. Could you give me some advice how I can reduce this? Thanks and big kisses! Keep on doing your great work!

Hi Lena and thank you so much! I don't clip my nails. I use a nail file to keep them at the length I like. Maybe you should try that, and see if that helps!

Dennis Asks... First, I must tell you that your feet are gorgeous. Perhaps the perfect shape, well groomed and simply lovely to look at. My question is do you enjoy actual foot play where your feet are worshiped?

Hi Dennis. thank you so much! There's only 1 person in "real life" who gets to do that, and, why yes, I DO love it! lol 

Pich Asks... Do you like the smell of your feet and your shoes?

Well, I wouldn't say I "liked" it, but, it doesn't make me wanna hurl lol .I like the scent I have, after I've showered and applied all the lotions I have for them. I guess I'm just so clean, my feet don't smell bad.

Otto Asks... How long have you been foot teasing?

If teasing means, how long have I had my site? Over a year now. I've teased my hubby though for years!

Footboyo Asks... Hi Tina you have a beautiful body may I ask if you ever get sweaty or smelly feet in summer,and do you wear sneakers without socks at all?

Hi Footboyo. and thank you! No, my feet don't get smelly in the summer, because I'm usually ALWAYS in flip flops, or, some sort of sandal. I don't like to wear sneakers without socks, because, it will give me blisters, which I HATE!

Tommy Asks... Hi Tina! You are so amazingly beautiful and your feet are a model of perfection. Thank you so much for your site! I was wondering. have you ever injured your foot or sprained your ankle? what happened? would you ever consider modeling with an ace-bandaged wrapped ankle?

Hi Tommy. and thank you! Yes, I sprained my ankle, years ago, when I was about 14 years old. I fell backwards, and it twisted. hurt like crazy too! And, would I model with an ace bandage? Maybe if the price was right, lol

Dion Asks... Hi there, have you ever thought of posing in legwarmers and bare feet?

Hi Dion. ya know, I've not thought of that. I guess because that was a thing of the 80's.

Footluver0127 Asks... Have you ever made a guy cum with your feet? Do you feel like you can control a man with your sexy feet?

Hi there. as for your question, I'm sure I have, and didn't even know it! lol. Control a man with my feet? I guess it would depend on how deep his fetish went. if he were "really" into it, then, I betcha I could!

Dutch_Boy Asks... Hi Tina I think you have perfect feet and cute toes. What I want to ask you is . what's your favorite type of shoes?

Hi there. and thanks so much! Wow, that's hard to answer. it's a toss up between pumps and flip flops! I love both!

Turbo Asks... Hi Tina! I think you have the highest arched feet of feet in the world. I would love to know if you feel something special if you drive your car wearing a pair of sexy shoes or just barefoot. If yes, could you tell me which will be the car of your dreams to drive and show your high arches on the pedals? and which you describe which will be a hot adventure inside it? Thanks in advance and congratulations for your awesome feet.

Hi there and thanks! I don't really feel anything "special" while I'm driving wearing sexy heels. . Usually, I take off my right heel (I know, you're not suppose to in my state) so that, it won't get scuffed up! As for car of my dreams? Oh lord, well, my dad once had a classic jet black mustang. it was simply gorgeous! I loved that car, and would love to have one myself. I believe it was a 66 or 67. or maybe 68 lol. It was in the 60's though!

Ash Asks... Hey, where do you find the most sensitive part of your foot, and what do you feel is the biggest turn on when a boy is working on your feet. I love green varnish, could you maybe do a shoot with green please, your feet are awesome.

Hi Ash. most sensitive part? Probably my toes. biggest turn on? Wow, I guess when they are being licked or sucked on.

Tifer Asks... Have you ever had a fantasy about finding tiny man in your house and then figuring out what to do with them? like put them inside your shoes or make them lick between your toes?. I always wanted to be a tiny man and always hoped that a giantess would make me worship her feet all day and night. Tina, you have such beautiful feet they I really wouldn't mind to worship them forever, my giantess emperor!

Hi there Tifer. I can't say that I have had that fantasy! Would be cool though to have someone that tiny clean in the corners where I can't reach though! lol. Thank you for the compliment!

Luke Asks... Have you ever done any photos of you toes painted hot pink with toe rings and anklets?

Hi and, hot pink polish? I don't think so, but I am a huge fan of pink! And, I love toe rings, and anklets, I'm never without each!

Linus Asks... Hi there. I LOVE YOUR FEET! It's perfect. I'd like to know if you crush bugs and how you do this. At your feet.

Hi Linus, and thank you! Um. no, I don't crush bugs. I don't LIKE bugs, but, I don't crush them.

Mario Asks... Tina, I am a big admirer of yours. Cannot help checking your web page almost everyday. Neither I can decide which part of your entire body is the most wonderful, although your feet are magnificent. Also I have heard you on your radio interview and your voice is really nice. Just perfection! Here is the question: what type of shoes do you like the most and why?

Hi Mario. thank you so much! I think I sound like a hick, lol. (which I am), but, anyway. I was asked this question before, and, really it's a toss up between pumps and flip-flops/sandals. I love any shoe that will show my toes. I love that! I also love each because I can dangle them!

John Asks... How many men have caressed, smelled or and licked your beautiful wrinkled soles?

Only 1 has! And, yep, it's my hubby.

Trent Asks... Tina I’ve never found wrinkly soles so sexy before! How do you keep them so nice and wrinkly?

Hi Trent! Well thanks! I have no idea why my feet have so many wrinkles! I guess it's genetics? Beats me! I use to hate them but since so many have said how they love the wrinkles, I'm kinda glad I have them now! And also that it's my feet that have them, not my face.

Jack Asks... Hi Tina, your feet are beautiful, You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. Can I say this, I could lick and sniff your feet, soles and toes forever. Do you like if I say I dream most of my time worshiping your lovely feet. Is it OK if I say so. My question is what is your favorite way of having your feet worshiped? And What would you do If I am your slave? And can I call you Goddess Tina?

Hi, and thank you so much! My favorite way? Hum, well, I love my feet being rubbed, and pampered. If you were my slave, I'd have you rubbing my feet ALL the time! And, yes, you can call me Goddess Tina 

Stanus Asks... How often do you wear your flip flops? How many pairs do you own? Which are your favorite?

Hi Stanus. I wear flip flops up until its just too cold to wear them. How many pairs? Wow, without actually counting, I'd say about 25 pair maybe? I don't have just 1 favorite pair. I have so many that I love, I can't pick!

Jojo Asks... Do you like to dangle shoes?

Yes. I LOVE to do that!

Footmaster Asks... Does your husband pressure you to keep your feet beautiful?

No, he never has. I just always do!

Eban Asks... Have you ever been tied up and had your toes sucked?

Hi Eban, and no, I've never been tied up while having my toes sucked. I don't like to be tied up. I go crazy when I can't move lol

Tomi Asks... Hi! First of all, I must say that never and I mean never have I seen such a beautiful woman as Tina Marie. Oh my good those feet! I would love to taste them. Will you ever come to Finland and visit me?  I know!

Hi Tomi. Thank you so much! I never say "never," but, can tell you I don't have any plans made right now to travel outside the states!

Joe Asks... Tina first off I think your site is classy and you present a classy spin on this type of topic. A refreshing change. Are your feet ticklish and if so where? Will you post foot tickling pictures?

Thank you! I will post some tickling pictures, for all you tickling fans! Just give me time, I will though! And, yes and no, for the tickling question. just depends really!

Ace Asks... What is your secret to look so sexy in your age? I believe that you will still be sexy at 80.

LOL. well, thank you! I HOPE I look sexy at age 80! Maybe to the guys in the nursing home I will! lol. I'll be the only old lady there with pedicured piggies, and dyed hair! lol. I have no secret, other than watching what I eat!

Samantha Asks... Are you really 39, you look great. Can you stand getting pedicures or is it too ticklish?

Yes, I'm really 39, and thank you! Yeah, I can handle getting pedicures, but I usually do it myself.

Jeff Asks... You are very sexy. Incredible feet! Do you ever drive barefoot? If yes manual or automatic?

Hi and thanks! I DO drive barefoot, but, usually only because I don't want to mess up my heels! And, always an automatic! I can drive a stick, but hate to!

FootLover_Dave Asks... You not only have among the world's most beautiful feet, you are also one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. How did you hide from us for so long? What are your plans for your website and your foot fetish career?

Hi there and thank you so much! I wish I knew what my plans were for my site! lol. I just don't have the time needed to keep a pay site updated or, have as many pics as needed TO update one, on a weekly basis. I'm just enjoying what I have now, and all the positive and flattering comments I've been getting!

Footslave Asks... Does the fact that you expose yourself to other men, turn your husband on? Have your husband's friends adore you?

I wouldn't say it "turns him on." He is proud of me, and kinda a jealous guy, but, he also knows where I stand too. He's 1st and only, so, men can look, it's HIM who gets me . And as for his friends, well, no, not really.

Brazilian_pp_boy Asks... Hi Tina, it's really good that you are in interview, you really have sexy feet. My question is: Have you ever cranked a car in real life, if yes can you describe the scene?

Hi there and thanks! Yes, I have did that before, but it was long ago, and not very sexy! lol. My car was having problems, and, I had to "rev" it up, so that they could see what was wrong with it, or, if they had fixed it.

Love Wrinkled Soles Asks... Hello Tina, you are one heck of a fine lady. I am just wondering why you never do any barefoot bondage. I and many others would to love to see your beautiful sexy feet tied up sexily. How about some barefoot bondage would you consider it?

Hi and thank you! I don't do bondage pics, etc. Because, I don't like being tied up. It makes me feel "trapped" and, I HATE that! Sorry to disappoint those who would like to see that! Now, a loose scarf or something (very loose) would be OK, I suppose.

Kevin Asks... For a guy who's in love with female feet, if you caught me gazing at you your toes how would you react. Would you feel uncomfortable.

Hi Kevin. no, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable, I would probably "lay it on thick" lol. and, start dangling, arching etc. I love to do that!

Agent 00Feet Asks... Tina, I love your web page it is nice how you show off your feet for all of us. will you ever post shots where you are stepping on the camera? I love low-level shots and I would love very much seeing you do this. Sorry my English is bad. I'm still trying to learn. Let me know Tina!

Hi there. well, thank you and your English is just fine! That's a good idea for a set of pics too! I'll have to remember that! Thanks for the idea!

Blanton Asks... If you had the power to shrink people, what would you do with them?

I'm not sure what I'd do. never really thought about it!

Siience Asks... How would you qualify the odor of your feet: odorless, normal, strong?

Hi. well, they don't smell, but they aren't odorless either, they smell of lotions!

Mike G Asks... Hi Tina, Just want to say that you are absolutely gorgeous! My question is, before you realized the beauty of your feet and the foot fetish itself, did you think it was weird for a guy to like a woman's feet? When I realized I had a foot fetish, I was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know. Do you think guys should be more open to this fetish? I have heard that a lot of guys have this fetish but are too afraid to admit it.

Hi there. Thank you so much! I answered a question like this earlier, and, yes, I did think it was weird. BUT, I kept an open mind about it . and the rest as they say "is history." Cause look at me now! I think if you feel comfortable with your fetish, then. you shouldn't be embarrassed Society has made everyone feel this way, and it isn't fair. It's no different than someone being "really" into breast etc. Womens feet can be VERY sexy, so men and women both are missing out! And, yes, I think guys should be more open to this!

Jman Asks... Hi Tina! How did you get started into foot modeling?

Hi! I got into this, by surfing the net, looking at other sites. I was thinking to myself"wow, I think my feet are just as good as other girls." So, I started a little page, and, took some pics with my webcam (it's all I had at the time). The response I got, was so positive! I kept running out of data transfer, because I had too many looking at it (thanks to Wu, adding me to his links). so then I purchased a package, and made my site!

Nick Asks... You have very sexy feet, what is your favorite part of your foot?

Hi and thank you! This is the first time I've been asked that for this interview. I would say, my arches first. I love a high arch, then, my toes.

Andrew Asks... Mistress Tina. I have been a fan of you feet for over a year. I love them. I wish I could be at your feet all the time. Worshiping you feet, sucking your toes, cleaning your footwear. I know you're married but do you have a foot slave? Could I be yours? I think a mans places is under his mistress How should guys approach women to ask if they can be there foot slaves?

Hi and thank you so much! Hum. I suppose one could never have too many foot slaves, now could they! lol. I also think that, you should ask someone, who you knew shared your fetish, just like you did me! Come right out and ask! All they can say is yes or no!

FrankRR Asks... How do you keep such a perfect figure? Keep up the great work

Thank you, but its far from perfect!. I just watch what I eat!

Sosa Asks... Hi Tina I Love your feet. My question is, are you dominant? Do you like to have foot slaves? Do you like ass worship as well. thank you

Hi and thanks so much! Usually, I’m more submissive, BUT, I DO love to be dominant when the time calls for it. And, yes, I like foot slaves. I'm not familiar with your other question.

Footslave Asks... If you could pick the celebrity you wanted, who would it be? Sorry my English is not so good.

Hi there. I understood what you meant. I probably would be Jennifer Love Hewitt I just think she is so pretty - elegant, yet sexy and classy all rolled up into one!

Al Asks... There are no toe spreading pictures on your site. Why is that?

Hi, I guess I just never really "got into" toe spreading I DO like wiggling them though!

Simone Asks... Do you usually drive your car barefoot? Have you ever met one of your fans?

Hi, as for driving my car barefoot. well, only when I have on a pair of heels that I don't wanna get all messed up, and no, I've not met (in person) any of my fans.

Andy Asks... Can I ask, have you ever worn high heeled sandals or mules with bare feet in the winter or snow when it has been very cold and what was it like? How did you warm your feet?

Usually, no, I don't wear open toed shoes/heels in the winter time. I will, sometimes, wear pumps in the winter without hose, but even then, my feet freeze! It's very cold on the piggies! I warm them like anyone would, SOCKS!

Rob Asks... I really like your site. You're a very beautiful woman with the best feet of the net. I would really love to see your feet with a lot of foot jewelry. I love anklets and toe rings. Do you like foot jewelry too, and so, are you going to make a "foot jewelry" photo session.

Hi Rob. Thank you, I'm glad you like my site! Thanks too, for the compliments! I do love jewelry on my feet but, I try to stick to the motto "less is more." It's just my preference to keep it down to, 1 anklet and 2 toe rings. Not sure about a foot jewelry photo session, but thanks for the idea!

Vince Asks... Hi there cutie pie! How important is it for you that a potential (or real) boyfriend is into your feet? Do you sometimes use your feet to attract attention from others?

Hi there, well, I really don't think about having a boyfriend, since I'm married! lol. Yes, I do use my feet to attract attention, if the situation allows me to!

Jim Asks... Do you think men who love your feet are weird?

Hi Jim. Well, no I don't!

Ryan Asks... Do you like to have your soles licked?

Yes, given the right circumstances (grins). I do.

Generic Asks... You have the most beautiful feet, body and tasteful website I have ever seen.what makes such a beautiful woman want to share her feet. Could you up date more often lol, like daily.I enjoy every pic of your perfect toes.

Well thank you for the compliments! I wish I could update more, but, I'm a mom first and this takes (this, being my site) a back seat to that. I just don't have the time right now to update more. If I did? I sure would have a pay site!

Julius Asks... Hello Tina, compliments for your wonderful feet! Do you like to make people smell your feet? I would like so much to see you forcing a man to sniff between your smelly toes!

Hi. thank you. No, I don't like to force anyone to do anything that he/she doesn't want to do.

Guitardrew Asks... Hello sweetheart, I first want to attempt to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful you are, you are one of these human beings that god spent a little or a lot more time on, and you have amazing feet with an incredibly high arch made for teasing and to be the object of lust to all the foot loving men in the world. I have 2 questions:

  1. It amazes me and warms my heart that your site is actually free! with features EASILY worthy of a pay site, what on earth has led to make it a free pics site?
  2. When was the first time you noticed guys wanting and lusting after your remarkable peds?

Hi there, and thank you so very much for the compliments! I keep my site free (while I can) because, I don't have the time to update on a regular basis, and, that would not make for a good pay site The members would expect (and rightly so) a regular update. Outside of my hubby (speaking in real life, here). I never noticed men looking at my feet in "that" way, until I started my site lol. Isn't that strange! Maybe I just didn't notice? Not sure, but, I'm sure glad they do!

Walkonme Asks... Hi Tina have you ever trampled a man before? If yes how, if no I would like to volunteer.

Hi there, and, no, I've never done that.

Stewdred Asks... Hello Gorgeous, just wanted to know if you've ever teased a guy under the table of a restaurant with your sexy feet and if so did you make him cum and what was his reactions? And you have AMAZING feet. so succulent.

Hi there, and, thanks so much! I have teased my hubby under the table with my feet before, playing "footsie." But, as for the 2nd part of your question, no. And, needless to say his reactions were. well, he was saluting me! lol

Humanrug Asks... Would you ever consider using someone as an inanimate object such as a human rug or footstool for your tired, hopefully pungent feet after a long day? If so for how long would you make them smell your feet?

Probably not, no. if I were that tired, I'd just go to bed lol

Steponmyface Asks... Do yo do trampling? If so Face, or chest with or without heels. Do you let guys lick your shoes clean?

Hi there. No, I don't do trampling.

Ben Asks... Do you like crush things ?, things like toy cars or stuff. And do you like sandals? Thanks and kisses for you feet.

Hi. no, not really, but yes I love sandals!

Adam X Asks... You're very beautiful and charming, I was wondering what first turned you onto the foot loving population?

Hi Adam. thank you so much! Oh wow, well. I guess the idea that "we" all feel and think, that a woman’s foot can be sexy and often overlooked . So many women and men too, forget that, it completes the package! From a woman’s hair, to her piggies. everything can be sexy! And, the foot population knows this!

Foot Worshiper Asks... On your site how come you don’t have any foot worship? I would love to worship your feet!

Well, because my hubby is the only one who does that, and so far, he's been camera shy! lol

DisposableThoughts Asks... When you go out in public with high heel pumps or open toed shoes do you enjoy when younger guys (ex. 18+) look at your feet trying to not let you notice or making it noticeable?

Hi there, well. If they're of legal age, then yes, lol. Younger "boys," no. I mean, don't get me wrong. I know some start out with this "fetish" at an early age, but, I have 2 kids and, well. if under 18 I get kinda sick to my stomach if I know they're looking, even at my feet lol

Tssinclair Asks... Why don't you never pose nude?

Hi there. Because, I feel that a woman can be sexy clothed, and also AS sexy as someone who is sitting next to her, without clothes. as long as her attitude is that of "sexy" To me, sexy IS an attitude. Also, it's a personal choice, and, that's (the being nude part) left for my hubby’s eyes, and his alone. The imagination is a wonderful thing too. And, I feel that so many forget this. I'm not knocking those who DO . pose nude. That's their choice, and, I sure don't judge!

OWL Asks... Tina, I'm sure you have heard many a time, but you have the most gorgeous feet on the net. I am also a stocking lover and was wondering if you would show those feet in stockings? I can even send some very expensive ones with full fashion or RHT styles.

Hi there! Oh, thank you so much! Send baby, send! lol. Of course I'll do stocking pics. I prefer a bare leg, but, I know there are a lot of men who like hose .so, sure I'll do pictures like that. Just email me and, I'll give you my P.O. box! 

B-foot-man Asks... If I were to pay you would you kick my balls and send me to my knees with your beautiful feet. Thank you for your answer

Um. I don't think so. I don't like causing pain.

Dudu Asks... Hi Tina, I´m David from Argentina. First I want to tell you that I like you very much and your feet are perfect! the question is. Do you like to show your feet on the internet? is it fun?

Hi David. and thanks so much! YES, I love doing this online! And, yes it is loads of fun!

Jake Asks... Will you meet any of your fans! I am willing to pay anything if you would let me suck on your toes and worship your beautiful feet! Would you give your fans footjobs?

Hi there. Well, you're willing to pay ANYTHING? (smiles, evil like). Hmm. lol. Seriously, no, I don't meet my fans and the only one who gets what you mention in your 2nd question, is hubby.

Mystik Asks... Hey Tina! Just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Being a brunette man myself, you've got the WHOLE package. Just wanted to ask you how you got into the foot fetish world, and if you have a foot fetish yourself? Have you ever wanted to suck on another girls toes or wanted one to suck on yours? Keep up the good work girl, you rock!

Hi there and thank you so much! I answered a question like this one, I believe, earlier. Also, on my site, there is an interview on my "about me" page, and, I was asked that question by the DJ. so, I explain it on there. As for having the fetish myself? I love feet lol. but, I have no desire to suck on another girls feet. I HAVE my own though, for pics etc. Anyway, thanks!

Tom Asks... Would you say that you have normal, low, or high arches?

I would say high.

Matt Asks... What is the most romantic thing a man has ever done to you're feet, and what was the occasion and setting?

Hi Matt. I would say, when my hubby and I were having some time alone, and, (this is romantic and sexy to ME), I was wearing an outfit he loved, along with 5" heels, which he loves. And, after awhile, he slowly removed my heels, one at a time, and, licked up my arches, before sucking on my toes. You had to be there, (not that you would WANT to be lol) but, it was the whole setting I guess, how I was dressed, knowing that, I was dressed for HIM, and, I knew what would happen when he took my heels off like that!

Nylon Quest Asks... Do you have any videos featuring you sucking your own nyloned toes? If not, would you consider doing custom videos?

Hi there. right now, no, I don't have any. And, yes, I would consider doing and have did, custom videos in the past.

Mike Asks... Hi Tina, I just want to let you know that you have the best feet on the web. I was wondering what is the best way to reveal to your girlfriend that you have a foot fetish. But I don’t want her to think I am a weirdo or freak? Thanks!

Hi, and thank you so much! Oh wow, well, I think it would depend on how long you have known her/been with her? I'm not the best one for advice though on this! If she cares for you, and has an open mind, you should have no problems. Maybe you could make small comments on, how you read that a lot of women love to have their toes sucked during sex. etc. and, thought maybe you could try something new? Who knows, she may even share in your fetish! I wish you luck!

Nancy Bear Asks... Hi Tina. I do like your legs. and your feet are beautiful. My quest is: Do you like other girl s feet? if you do. do U like rub her feet with yours and press soles or entwine toes? I think girl feet on girl feet rules.

Hi and thank you. I wouldn't say I "liked" other girls feet. I DO notice when it's obvious that someone takes care of her feet though. I check out the competition all the time! lol

Joshy Foot Boy Asks... First off, you are the sexiest thing on the internet! My question is: I'm 21, if I were to come over and mow your lawn for a few extra bucks and saw you sunbathing and then asked you to massage your feet would you let me? Then would you ask me to come in your house and maybe go further? If yes, how far would we get to go?

Well thanks! If you saw me sunbathing, rest assured, it wouldn't be a sexy sight lol. When sunbathing, you sweat like crazy, and, (for me anyway) I wear no makeup, so. it ain't pretty! But, to be honest, no, I wouldn't allow that to happen.

Jay Asks... I mean this with the utmost respect and genuine curiosity. But I was wondering if online foot models have a problem with people with foot fetishes. well, pleasuring themselves in response to the photos. Does the idea ever bother you?

Hi Jay, and no, it doesn't bother me! I can't speak for anyone else. I don't ask to be told of what one does, while viewing MY pics, but, I'm also not foolish. I know what you do! lol .

Frankie Asks... Do you and your hubby swing with other couples or singles?

No, we don't. We're devoted to one another and if I caught him with another woman, I'd kill him! lol

Admirador de tus pies Asks... Hi Tina! I came with another question. When did you begin to wear toe rings and if people ask you about you toe rings from time to time (by the way I LOVE YOUR TOE RINGS, they make your feet even more beautiful!) thanks again Tina!

Hi there. I don't remember when I started wearing them. I've always been a "girly" girl, so jewelry is just so natural for me, even with my feet. Yes, people have commented on them before, but, it's always been positive things said.

Chris Asks... Have you ever had a man just smell your feet and masturbate? I have a fantasy about that.

No, I've not had that happen.

Footfan Asks... Hi Tina, Would you ever consider doing a photo set while dresses in a karate uniform. A lot of men enjoy seeing a sexy woman like yourself dressed in martial arts clothing.

Hi. well, I don't have a karate uniform, but, yeah, I would consider doing a set like that.

Adrian Asks... First thing: you have the most amazing feet I have ever seen and you don't look a day over 27, but how do I get my new girlfriend involved in my love for feet, and what are favorite nail polish colors?

Thank you so much! If you've tried to get her involved with your love of feet already, I wouldn't push the issue. If she's open minded, and, cares for you. just one day casually bring up how, you heard a lot of women enjoy their feet being included in their sex life. maybe you could find out for yourself? I'm not exactly the best one to ask this question to! lol. Anyway, good luck!

Simon Asks... Hi Tina Marie. I must say that you have very beautiful feet I wonder if you like to were toe rings? I saw some picture and it looks great on your toes. How many do you have, and which toe do you have them on?

Hi Simon, thank you very much! Yes, I love toe rings, and, I have one on each foot. my middle toe.

Rhdbz17 Asks... Hi Tina, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. You're an incredibly sexy woman and I love your pics. Understandably, many women do not want to reveal their face on the internet. What changed your mind and are you ever concerned that someone will recognize you?

Hi and thank you very much. A number of things changed my mind really. One, I was tired of trying to find ways to hide my face, and when I blurred it, I looked, . well, just creepy! lol. Also, my hubby was more comfortable with me showing my face, as time went by. I also thought, it "took away" from the picture, when I would either not show my face, or, again, try to blur it. No, I'm not afraid someone will recognize me, and if they do? I am showing no more, than the Victoria’s Secret site shows. Also, if they DO recognize me? That means that they have been looking at my site, and must have a foot fetish! 9 times out of 10, they wouldn't want anyone to know! lol

Mariela Asks... Do you like to toe-wrestle with another woman? I mean to interlock your pretty toe with hers in a pure test of strength.

Hi. No, I can't say that's something that I've tried, or. would want to. Is that like a game of p-knuckles, only, with toes? lol. Is it called toe-knuckle? lol. I'm teasing, but, no, I've never did that.

Mikey Asks... Hi Tina. Love your site and love those legs and feet. You say earlier that if you see someone staring at your feet you give them a show. How do you do to tease them?

Hi Mikey and thanks! Well, I usually will sit and, flex my feet, maybe rub them some, apply lotion, dangle my shoe (whatever it is, I am wearing that day). almost all I do in my video clips, I do when I catch someone looking at my feet!

Mikey Asks... Hi Tina. You have an amazing figure, are you quite flexible?

Thank you! Well, I'm not a contortionist, but, I'm not stiff as a board either!

Ned Asks... Tina, thanks for your response to the question about why you don't pose nude. I agree that a woman can be very sexy in any stage of dress or undress, "sexy is as sexy does." I also would like to compliment you for your tasteful site and the ladylike way you have answered the questions presented to date. I think you are a strikingly beautiful woman with very sexy feet. I now know that there is an intelligent, sensitive and sensuous woman attached to those pretty feet. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

Well thank you very much!

Monty Asks... How can I approach a woman about her feet. (Ex) If I'm at a bar and her toes are out what would be the right thing to say too her.

I would say. if you like what you see, just tell her straight up. "I think you have pretty feet/toes." I guess, I don't know what to say lol . That's what I would do though. or maybe say, "not to sound weird, but, your feet are really pretty." I once had a guy tell me, while waiting in a checkout line, that I had pretty skin, so see. saying someone has pretty feet is nothing compared to that! Maybe he had a skin fetish lol. Anyway good luck!

Tony The Shredder Asks... To some of them who wants to know, and I have already know you answer, what's your definition of a high arched feet?

Hi Tony. I'd say mine.

Shyguy Asks... Do you enjoy getting your feet messy in foods such as pudding and syrup?

I wouldn't say I "enjoy" it, but, I have taken pics before with syrup, and honey on my feet.

Trevor Asks... You have awesome feet! I just wanted to know if you have ever taken any photos of your feet with out any nail polish on your toes? If so, please please please post them!

Hi, and thank you! I never have taken pics like that. It's always been with polish. I feel "naked" without polish! lol

Greg Asks... Hi Tina I would like to say that the stool that you were putting you're beautiful foot on is so lucky but why do you do it. To tease all of us foot lovers?

Why do I do what? If you're talking about me putting my foot on the stool, I thought it would make for a good pic, and, show my arch better. I will admit, I love to tease, and "show off" my arches!

Randy Asks... First of I have to say Oh my god you have the best feet every and I know that you are a clean freak and you do webcam shows so what if someone asked you for dirty feet in one of the shows would you do it?

Thank you, and, if they were willing to pay quite a bit more, than what I normally get, then yes! lol.That would be the only way!

Marco Asks... Hi,you got very cute toes. Did you ever had to wear a bandage on a foot, so that your toes were showing off from the wrap?

Hi, thank you, and no, I never have.

Steve Asks... You have extremely sexy arch support, very rare! Do you do anything special to enhance that feature (special footwear?) It works very well with foot sex, are you into that?

Hi, and thank you. Nope, I don't do anything special or, wear anything to enhance it. And, I'm into anything, but only with my hubby.

John Smith Asks... Would you ever like to be locked in stocks toes tied and feet tickled with a feather?

I can honestly say that no, I wouldn't. I don't like to be unable to move.

Checko Asks... Hey Tina. You have the most awesome feet. My questions are do you like wriggling your toes often and do you enjoy doing the pose of laying on your front and listing your feet in the air.

Hey there, and thank you! Yeah, I like to wiggle my toes and, that pose you spoke of, is a really good one, so yeah, I do enjoy it.

Sweety Asks... Dear Tina, do you have sweaty feet,sometimes? You are a beautiful woman!

Thank you. Well, we all get sweaty feet at times, I'm no different than anyone else. So, yes they just don't smell lol

Dan Asks... Could you please do so pictures with sheer Tan Pantyhose and red toe nail polish! Your feet are so HOT! WOW! thank you for taking some time to show us your great looking feet. You have one of the best sites on the internet I have seen in a long time!

Thank you. . I'm not a big fan of hose, but, have had so many who wish to see me in hose, I suppose I should do that! I prefer black sheer hose to tan though, so if I do pics, it would probably be in that color.

Zeppelin Asks... What is you favorite color of nail polish?

Hi. Oh my god. I'd have to say, hands down. white! I DO love french pedicure too, but white is just "my" color.

Mark J Asks... Do you ever have foot parties?

Hi. No, I don't.

Paul Asks... Less is definitely more when it comes to an anklet (especially a dainty gold one, like yours). But I struggle to convince my lady friends that an anklet can be subtle and sexy and not "slutty"! Can you help me convince them otherwise?!

Oh wow, they think it looks slutty? Good lord, why? lol. it's feminine, that's all. You can take anything and make it look "slutty." it's how you pull it off. Makeup for example, you can either look "good" or "slutty," all in the application.

Brad Asks... Your feet are beautiful Tina! Do you sell your worn socks? I would love a pair.

Thank you, and yes! Email me for details:

Foot Vore Fan Asks... Does it turn you on think about swallowing a human and he or she liked it?

Um, no, can't say that it does.

Paul Asks... Do you smoke? Do you like when one kisses your feet while you smoke?

No, I don't smoke.

Steev Asks... I have to start out by saying you have beautiful feet. I appreciate you and your website. I just wanted to know if my girlfriend and I should start a website of our own. Is it worth it financially. Being a foot lover I know it has it's advantages but is it worth it to pay the bills?

Hi and thanks so much! I'm not really a good one to ask that question to, because, my site is free. From those who I know, that have pay sites. they enjoy it a lot, and, some make some pretty good money at it! You first have to have the time to devote to it though. I sure wouldn't quite my job if I were you though, thinking that a pay site would take it's place. at least, not at first anyway! But, again, like I said, I'm not really a good one to ask this to. I foot the bill for my site myself, (pun intended lol) and, only get paid to see my live web cam. Thanks for writing me though!

JohnnyTNT Asks... How likely would you be to let a total (yet attractive) stranger touch and/or massage your feet? What if he just wanted to take a picture of them? Thanks for your time!

Hi there. I would say zero percent chance lol . If he wanted to just take a pic, I'd say no to that too, and tell him he could see all he wanted on my site!

Jerry Asks... Definitely the best wrinkled-tasty soles never seen! Have you had your soles licked by a hungry tongue? Do you like footjobs? How can I do to get your pink flip flops? Is there a way to have your feet near me? I´d clean with my tongue each place that you step with your bare feet!

Hi there! Well, no, my soles aren't really what I like licked. how can you get my flip flops? I would sell them to you. just email me at

Merlin Asks... Hi Tina, Do you share your feet with other men from time to time. Would you let someone touch your feet if he asked really nice?

Hi there, and no, I don't share my feet with anyone but my hubby. Would I let someone else touch them? I'd probably say no to that. I would feel uncomfortable. Thanks for your question though!

Pearl Diver Asks... Would you consider doing some barefooted underwater swimming showing some nice underwater pictures/videos of your bare feet?

If I had the right camera for such, then, yes, I would.

Owl Asks... Thanks for your response regarding my stocking request. Can send stockings, but need your height and weight for the proper size. Can't wait to see them in FF stockings.

Email me at

Skorpious Asks... Hi Tina. I would like to express my deep love for you and your feet, especially your wrinkled soles. I'd love to lick Hershey's chocolate syrup off them. YUM! YUM! I've read that you tend to walk barefoot a lot Does that include outside your neighborhood in public? Like when you go shopping or visit other cities. I've seen your lake pics and WOW! I like them a lot Your site is the BEST. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see more of you.

Hi there, and thank you! No, I don't go barefoot when I'm shopping. I can't stand to walk barefoot in a store, your feet get just . icky! I DO go barefoot all the time when at home though. Thanks again for the compliments!

Tony The Shredder Asks... I have a fantasy question for you, if you don't mind. If you ever wanted to do a legs and high arched feet duet with one model, who would be your ideal model, or models? Thanks for making your site one of the best foot fetish sites in the world.

I'd love to do a set of pics with Lexi, Gigi, Patricia, and Nikki. I think all their feet are just gorgeous! And thank you!

Solelicker Asks... I want to taste your soles, to feel each wrinkle on my tongue but I know that is impossible. That was my dream. What do you think of that?

I think it's flattering, so thank you!

Spencer Asks... Would you pose for me please? You'd pose naked from the first hair to the last nail of the foot only for a few minutes. I have to recognize that I love female feet. That's the reason why am taking pictures of naked people specially women. Those are my favorite pictures because they're showing more than bare feet. So what do you think?

No, sorry, I don't pose nude for anyone.

Danny Asks... Hi your feet are so nice! Do you like having them covered in things like slime?

Thank you and no, can't say that I do.

Dan S Asks... How do you let a guy know you want him to do something with your feet like massage them or lick them?

Well, with my hubby, I will sit by him, put my feet in his lap, and wiggle my toes lol. that means, I want them rubbed! As for the licking? He knows when to do that without me saying a word 

Brad Asks... How did you get so good at pointing your toes? Your feet look very flexible and strong and you look pretty flexible when you have both legs open on the floor, do you do yoga?

I have no idea how I got so good at it lol. But, thank you for thinking so! No, I don't do yoga, but, ever since I was a little girl, my feet have been strong and flexible.

Ikki Asks... What can I say! You are such a beauty,and especially your feet! I know you probably won't like my question and you answered earlier that you don't like bugs, but I just had to ask you have you ever squished a bug of any kind, with your shoes on of course, even if it was by any kind of accident? Thanks for answering! You're the best!

Hi there, and thanks so much! Well, yeah, I have by accident and the sound made me wanna throw up! I don't like killing things, even bugs, but also, don't wanna be stung, bit etc.

Shoeman Asks... You have very sexy feet. My wife loves for me to cum in her shoes then wear them all day. Has your husband ever cum on your feet or in your shoes and you wear them all day.

Hi, and no, that's never happened.

Ale Asks... Hi Tina Marie I'm Italian and 20. Due to your great ability in arching I'd like to ask you if you are flexible, perhaps if you did ballet or gymnast and if you still do. Thanks anyway and congratulation for your pics and site.

Ciao! My feet are flexible, yes . but no, I've never did ballet or anything like that. Just been blessed I guess, lol. and thank you!

Steve Asks... VERY NICE website done with a lot class. I don't have a question, just a couple comments. You have one smoking' body Tina, very sumptuous legs and feet!.and your hubby.he's a lucky dude!

Well thank you so much! I'll be sure to tell him what you said too lol. Seriously, thank you!

Exotic Chef Asks... Hello woman of my dreams. I am one of your many worshipers I know you have already heard this a thousand times but, it bears repeating. You have the most exotic, erotic, breathtaking and delicious feet I have ever seen! Being a chef my favorite photos are of your feet with syrup or some oil on them. Would you consider doing a shoot with your feet served soles up on a platter smothered in honey or something?

Hello Chef! Thank you so very much, and yes, I would consider doing a shoot like that! Now, come cook for me lol (kidding) . thanks again!

Etftlvr Asks... Tina, you are absolutely stunning from head to those perfect toes. My question, do you like to put your sexy feet on the dash when riding as a passenger? I love to see that when I'm driving. Most women likely only do it to stretch their legs, but I'd like to think that some are doing it to tease fellow foot loving drivers like me.

Hi there, and yes, I sure do! Thank you also for the compliments! 

Rudi Asks... Do you wear a seat belt when you drive in a car? It makes me hot when women don’t do do you wear your seat belt?

I sure do wear mine. I make everyone who rides in my car wear theirs too! It saves lives. I'd rather be a live foot model, than a dead one!

SweetFeet Asks... Hi Tina. You mentioned that it was your husband that introduced you to feet fetish, but how did he warm you up to the idea, especially if your initial reaction was that it was weird?

I just kept an open mind about it, and, started to see things through his eyes. Also, I knew it was something he liked, so, I wanted to make him happy. and also, keep him from looking elsewhere lol

Chris Asks... Hello, there. I just wanted to start by saying I've been a fan for a while and I'm glad you started showing more and more of your face. I cannot believe such a perfect looking woman exists out there. Every inch, just perfection. From your head down to, well, obviously, your toes. My question is this, do you consider your self a "Size queen"? And, have you been with, or fantasized about a really well endowed man? Thanks. I'll keep coming back for more.

Hi there and thank you so much! Hum, at first I didn't know what you meant by size, then when I read endowed, it hit me lol. OK, first of all, I think that MEN are more obsessed with that, than women are. I'm not, that's for sure. I'm very satisfied with my hubby, and, we have no problems in that area of our lives! There's more to a man than his "size" too, just as, there's more to a woman than the size of her breast, for instance. her FEET!

Rich Asks... Hey Tina ! I am a HUGE fan. you are amazingly beautiful as well as your feet, my question is: do you like to tease your husband a lot before you let him suck your feet? or do you just give them right to him? 

Hi, and thank you! Actually it's both ways. to answer your question! Depends on the situation at the time.

Marc Asks... Tina. of the shoes that you have, which ones show off your feet the best?

Probably my silver slides. They're a 5" heel, so my arches are noticed very much from them, and also, open toed, so you can see my piggies too!

Patrick Asks... You've become known for those killer arches here on the web, but when you were first introduced to the fetish by your husband, which part of your feet did he really fall for?

Hi there Patrick. . I'd say 2 things, my toes, and my arches. He loves both!

Tom Asks... You have perfect soles. Do the balls of your feet hurt in high heels? What do you say to collagen injections into the ball of foot for a sexy padding?

Thank you. . and no, my feet don't hurt in heels, unless I've been on my feet for hours at a time. As for injections? I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn't know anything like that was out there!

Larry Asks... Hi Tina my name is Larry and I live in Missouri. I think you have very pretty feet. I have had a foot fetish since I was a little kid I am now 24 years old and still do. My question is do you ever talk to you fans on the telephone or just by email? Keep up the good work. Your foot fetish fan.

Hi Larry, and thank you. No, I don't talk on the phone with fans. I do try to email anyone who does me. It may take me some time to reply, but, I try to do so, with everyone.

Soleman030 Asks... What is your favorite foot pose and why?

Oh wow, favorite pose? Hmm. probably anytime I am wearing my black pumps. I love it because it shows a lot of toe cleavage,and, they are cut so low, you can see my arches really well. Plus, a pose in my pumps just always gives it a more classy feel.

Jack Asks... Hello foot goddess, love your feet. My question is would you ever give a foot job to a big fan. I know its not your style to do it. Just curious. 

Hi there and thank you. I would say that, no, I wouldn't do that. You're right, it just isn't my style 

SteveyQ Asks... I'm such a sucker for beautiful feet and you have by far the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my entire life. You could control and own me with those feet, and do you sell used socks?

Hi Stevey, and thank you! If you are a foot fan, then, yes. I could control you. I do my hubby lol. And, yes, I sell used socks. just email me about it!

Axel Asks... Wow, you are stunning from head to toe. I want to be your personal carpet so your beautiful feet never have to touch the dirty ground. I would do anything to serve you and be your lifetime slave! Is any of that possible? I'm begging!

Hi there and well thank you so much! Lifetime slave? Hmm. Well, you have to love those! lol. Why don't you email me? OK? Thanks again!

Pedicure Lover Asks... I really love your nice feet. Are you doing the pedicure by yourself or are you going to have a professional do your feet? Would you also let fans give you a pedicure?

Hi. and thanks! I do my own pedicure, yes. I have been to professionals, but, honestly, the people I went to? I could do just as good a job. so decided to save money! Would I let my fans give me one? I'd have to see an example of their work first lol

Randy Asks... Tina I would like to see more updates is that possible? You are simply beautiful. Love the high arches and nails.

Thank you very much, Randy. More updates? Well, sorry, but, since my site is free, I do what I can, when I can. But, I'm glad you like my site!

Jason Asks... Have you ever sucked another girls foot before?


Treerobber Asks... First off Tina, I want to say, you are amazing! I didn't know about you until just now, and, well, I can just say I'm relieved. It is amazing to me your site is free. How do you decide to do a photo shoot? Thank you on behalf of us all!

Hi and thank you! How do I decide to do a photo shoot? Well, honestly, I just do whatever comes in my mind at the time lol. The laundry day . I really did have to do laundry, so, thought. well, why not do some pics? And, you're welcome 

Matt Asks... Boy is your husband a lucky guy! You have a beauty and sex appeal that transcends age. I'm saying this because I'm some young kid. I'm probably your age or a touch younger so I know. Even had I not seen your tootsies first my opinion of you would still be a beautiful woman! Anyways your arches are magnificent and it is nice that you show your face now as well. I can understand if you choose not to before. I'd love to have some custom photos or a video clip of you. If this is possible (now or in the future) let me know! Sorry I have no general questions; I really just wanted to compliment you.

Hi Matt. and, wow, thank you so much! Email me if you want to talk about custom pics, or clips OK? Thanks again!

Mark Asks... I know you have 2,000,000 number one fans but I'm it! Of course your arches stop traffic but to you also appreciate toe cleavage in some of your heels?

Hi there, and thank you! Yes. I simply LOVE toe cleavage!

Sayonara Asks... Hi beautiful lady. I want to buy your worn flip flops. Your feet look wonderful in flip flops.

Hi there! Thank you! Just email me for details 

Mark_up Asks... Now and again someone arrives on the foot scene and just blows everything else out of the water. Your feet fit into that category and I would say that I have only seen two other ladies with feet as hot as yours. You said that you have had lots of questions about men asking if you had kicked anyone on the balls. Personally (and I'm not sure why) I find being kicked in the balls by certain (not all) feet as a huge turn on. What are your thoughts on this issue? What do you think is the relationship between foot fetish and ballbusting? Thanks for sharing your feet with us, they are incredible.

Hi. and thank you so much for the compliments. I honestly have no clue as to the question you asked me. . I know that everyone has their own ideas etc. as to what turns them on, and I'm not knocking it at all. But, I have no idea how the 2 would go together. Maybe it's WHERE the foot is? Maybe it's that, that is the turn on? I don't know. I'd like to think though, that a well taken care of, soft. pedicured foot causing sweet, sensual pleasure, rather than pain, would be MORE of a turn on 

Tony The Shredder Asks... I have a very curious question for you, if you don't mind. How do you like your stunning legs and the cutest high arched feet 'n piggies to attract not only to myself, but to all visitors-- oiled, watered, plain or all of the above? Thanks for posting your bunny costume, Tina. You're definitely put a whole new definition of "Hip-Hop Hooray!"

Hi Tony . without doubt, oiled! I love baby oil, and anything that "shines." No wonder body builders use that stuff when they pose, it really does make you look better! And, you're welcome on the costume lol

Soleface Asks... Your feet are absolutely gorgeous from all angles! Do you ever put your feet in a man's face and completely smother his face with your beautiful soles? If so, do you enjoy the feel of his face under your soles?

Hi and thank you so much! Yes, I've did that before, and, yes, I have enjoyed that feeling!

Phlanx Asks... Congrats for your beautiful body! Question is: if you find some ant on the floor of your kitchen what do you do? did you never crush them under your lovely feet?

Thank you, and no, I don't crush ants if I find them. I usually just use insect spray.

Animal Asks... If I was your foot slave for one day, what would you make do? Please get into detail!

I'd make you sit in front of me, let me rest my feet on your lap, and demand they be rubbed until, I fell fast asleep. Then, when I woke up, I'd make you wash them with a nice soft, warm cloth, full of an orange/citrus body shampoo, rinse them with warm water, and slather them with a mango scented lotion.

Alex Asks... Do you love having all the power of a man, just by using your feet?

Hi Alex. And, well, yes I ,sure do!

Lambskin Asks... Tina, I want to start off by saying that you do not look a bit of 39. Second your feet are beautiful and you have the best arches I've ever seen. I know your husband turned you onto your feet, but did anyone prior to you meeting him compliment your feet? Also, did anyone ever kiss on lick them before him?

Thank you very much! I have been with my hubby now, 20 years, and, I can't remember anything much past that lol. I honestly don't think so. And, no, no one licked or kissed them prior to him.

Mark Asks... You are absolutely amazing, feet like these are hard to find, you seem to be a really strong willed woman. Are you into sub men or far stronger?

Hi Mark, and thank you! I am strong willed, you got that right! I guess as far as what type men I'm "into." I like one who is as strong willed as I am, yet, willing to compromise when need be. I like one who isn't afraid to tell me what he likes/wants. And, also, one who isn't afraid of a woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it! lol

Yock the Jono Asks... I would like to pretend that you are a spy and were captured by the person you were spying on. They want to know who you work for and why you were watching them. They will mercilessly tickle and lick your feet until you tell them what they need to know. How long would it take you to crack?

I'd say, depending on the "mood," probably less than 10 minutes! lol. Sometimes I can't stand to be tickled, sometimes. it isn't so bad. So, again, depends on the mood I'm in that day!

Legcastfan Asks... Hello it's the obligate question about if Tina ever had a leg cast and if she probably would do some shots with a leg cast on. 

No, I've never had a leg cast and, doubt that I would do pictures with one on. I wouldn't feel "sexy" enough to do so.

Ben Asks... You might be one of the sexiest interviews I've ever seen here! My question is have you ever had trouble getting a car started and pumped the gas pedal vigorously in real life? If so, can you describe what you did? Thank you!

Hi Ben and thank you! Of course I've had trouble starting the car before and I hated it! Yes, I've had to pump the gas pedal and I cussed my poor car like it was the cars fault! lol But, I just called up hubby and, we had it towed.

Walter Asks... Hello Tina, I'm your fan from Italy. Your feet are INCREDIBLE! When can we see them in a footjob pose? Bye.

Hi Walter from Italy. Thank you so much! I doubt you will ever see my feet in a footjob pose. sorry to disappoint those who are fans of such.

Andrew Asks... Mistress Tina you are my goddess and I worship you. I will do whatever you ask of me. I would love to be under your feet 24/7 the rest of my life. No joke. How much money would you expect me to pay to be your lifelong foot slave?

Hello Andrew. If you are serious, email me at

Solelicker Asks... Hi Tina! I was wondering if you ever flexed your feet and curl your toes while having sex? I think that is so sexy when a woman does this during sex. I would like to see you in a cheerleader outfit. 

Hi there. Actually, I pay very careful attention to my feet when I'm being intimate with my hubby. I love to do both, flexing and curling. so yes to your question 

FrankJr Asks... Is it a turn on or turn off to know that hundreds or even thousands of men and women masturbate while looking at pictures of your feet?

Well, I'm not sure about "thousands,”  although, that would sure be flattering! To know that someone finds my feet and the pics of myself, so much of a turn on, that, they want to please themselves while looking? Of course that's a turn on, and I find it so flattering! I think anyone, man OR woman would!

Bob Asks... Do you smoke? If so do you do shoe play/dangle while smoking?

No, I don't smoke at all. I feel sorry for people who do, because I know they are addicted to it.

Ken Asks... Tina Marie. You are fantastic. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. My only complaint is that you aren't candid enough with us. Of course, we understand that certain matters are best left between you and your husband, but, I speak for many of us when I say, please. Let's open up a bit more.

Ken, thank you for the compliments, I appreciate them very much. As for "please lets open up a bit more." Um, no. this is who I am. take it or leave it, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I don't give out personal details of what I do with him, that's between us. If you want details of things, find another model 

Alex Asks... Can you please show your feet in vintage RHT stockings? are you into the nylon stocking thing?

Hi Alex! Well, I'm really not "into" the nylon thing. I do own some. But, I love bare legs and heels. as long as the legs are tan. I only have about 4 pics on my site that are with hose on. I know, I need to get more, for those who, like you. love hose.

Mike Asks... Hi Tina, I have to say I'm in love with your feet. I'm working on the second issue of my magazine, Untamed Foot Fantasy Romance, and I wanted to ask your permission to mention your website in it. Also, when might you have DVDs available? Thank you.

HI Mike. thank you so much! Where could I find your magazine? Is it an online project, or, is this one we can go buy at a book store? I don't mind you mentioning my website, I'd just like to see what kind of magazine it is you work for, or own, whichever it is lol. I don't know about the DVDs just yet. So far, I've only did a few custom videos for a few people, and they were VHS.

Dave Asks... Tina, can I be your toe toy?

Um, exactly what do you mean, toe toy?

Jack Asks... Hey Tina, I absolutely love your feet. You are a pioneer for many women, showing that you don't have to be nude or do porn to be sexy. You're amazing. My question, is it rude to stare at a woman's feet? Does it make them uncomfortable?

Hi Jack, and thank you SO much! Is it rude to stare at feet? Well, I suppose it isn't if you don't get caught lol. I was always taught it's rude to stare, period. But, personally, I love when my feet get looked at! I can't speak for everyone else, only me. but, I love it!

FootMassagger Asks... Hello, I thought that I would get advice from you about something. My son who is 13, has a hugefoot fetish, and he keeps on going to porn sites. What should I do? And he always is talking about a footjob he wants.

I'd say to get Net Nanny, or, take away his computer from him. Don't let him get on a computer to go to porn sites. And, I would pass out if my 13 year old son, came to me and told me he wanted a footjob. To say he thought women's feet were attractive is one thing, but, to tell me he wanted a footjob? No, I'd draw the line there. This is only my opinion too. I'm not saying it would work for everyone.

Nathan Asks... Hello Tina do people ever ask you do ever have a foot fetish your self?. and second if a guy wanted you to be a foot model, what will be your cost?

Hi Nathan. Have I been asked if I had a foot fetish? If you mean in real life, then, no, I've not. If you mean online, by various people, yes. and I say yes I do! I don't know about cost, as far as your 2nd question goes. I don't know what the "going" rate is. why, ya wanting to hire me? lol

Chandler Asks... Hey Tina, I love your feet! but quick question, what part of your foot do you like to have sucked on the most? Thank you!

Hi there and thanks! I'd say my toes!

Omi Asks... If a guy had a tiny cock, and you made fun of him for it, what nickname would give for him? If you don't want to be mean that is fine, but lets say he wanted you to make fun of him. What would you nickname him?

Hi, you're right, I wouldn't want to be mean. It's not my nature. But, OK, to play along with you, I'd call him LC.

Peter Asks... Hi Tina! You're a very very sexy woman! I'd like to ask you something about a fantasy of mine (just a fantasy, sure): if you had to defend yourself against a bad guy, how would you use your feet on him? For instance, where would you give him a hard kick?

Hi Peter and thank you! I'd kick him where it counted! I'd kick his "boys" so hard, it'd drop him to his knees.

James Asks... Hi Tina, I think you are a wonderful looking woman and I really like your website, my question to you is: Would you ever consider doing bondage on your site?

Hi James. thank you very much. No, I don't think I would ever consider doing that. It just isn't "me" and I don't like being held down, unable to move, even for a picture.

Footmarks Asks... Your feet are awesome! I'd love to lick your feet clean after you have given a footjob to someone! Have you ever had that happen to you? You also wear a lot of flip flops would you consider parting with a pair of really abused ones with deep footmarks in them?

Hi and thanks! No, never had what you mention happen, and yes, about the flip flops. email me at:

Mel Asks... Purple nail polish and toe rings get you a lot of stares. I bet do you like that.

Hi Mel, the toe rings, yes. purple polish? I don't wear that.

Jock Asks... Hi there. I'm from the Midwest. (we have a huge arch there, along with mine lol). Yes, I've had black men admire my feet, but no on the second part of your question. I'm glad you enjoy my site too!

Hi there. I'm from the Midwest. (we have a huge arch there, along with mine lol). Yes, I've had black men admire my feet, but no on the 2nd part of your question. I'm glad you enjoy my site too!