Saturday, October 31, 2015

Karolinka's Interview

"I had to give him three footjobs that day because he came under a minute, two times in a row. I can't say I minded since I love having cum on my feet."

One thing I love about getting a footjob is looking at the female giving it and seeing that she's having a blast! I know footjobs can be a chore to some and some women say they're not the easiest thing to do. When you have a girl who just gets it, however, and just knows how to work your cock with her feet, it's an amazing thing. It's a safe bet to say that Karolinka is one of these women.

I first found Karolinka on our very own Wu's Feet Links Foot Fetish Forum earlier this year. It was through her ever growing thread, "My Footjobs," which currently has nine pages of comments and lots of photo additions by Karolinka herself. The first thing I took notice of, and adored about Karolinka, is the fun she seems to be having on camera. When her feet are displayed, whether alone, or with a cock trapped between them, she's all smiles. And don't even get me started on the post footjob cum play photos she does! Wow, I love when a girl shows off her cum covered feet after a footjob. Karolinka always does that!

Needless to say, I'd sure jump at the chance to have Karolinka modeling for me. I'm sure it would be fun to do a bunch of sets with her sticking those pretty size 7 feet my way. I know I'd probably be like the guy in the quote above if I happened to be lucky enough to be in a similar situation. I'm not sure either would happen, however, living half way around the world from one another. Even so, it is my honor to present this interview with Karolinka to all of you. I'm glad she agreed to take part and she totally confirmed all the things I believed to be true about her! Make sure you mention this interview to her and give her forum thread and sites down below a visit.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
My feet are size 7 US.

When it comes to shoes, what are your favorite kinds/styles to wear? Why?
My favourite type of shoes are ballet flats, high heels, pumps, and girly slippers. I love flats because they are comfortable and have an unique smell. High heels and pumps are just sexy.

There are a lot of foot fetishists, myself included, that love smelling women's feet fresh from shoes, boots, socks, etc. Do you feet get smelly? If so, what kind of footwear makes them smell the strongest?
I'm into smelly feet too. My feet sweat a lot when I'm at work. Ballet flats and booties are the best to make my feet very sweaty.

Are you feet ticklish? Do you enjoy being tickled, if so?
I'm very ticklish, especially on my feet. I enjoy having my soles tickled. I especially love being woken up by being tickled!

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I wear toe rings in the summer when I'm wearing flip flops. I don't wear more than one toe ring at a time though. More than one is just too much for me. When I go to the beach I like to wear barefoot sandals.

I've seen you wearing stockings in some of your photos and videos. What are your favorite kinds of stockings to wear?
Dark nylon stockings with a garter belt, and of course, sexy black panties!

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most? If I had to guess, I'm going with footjobs.
You are right. I just love giving footjobs. I can even say that I'm addicted to them. I also love having my feet licked and pampered. I always get turned on when I'm getting a new pedicure in a beauty salon.

If you could give footjobs to any two famous people, who would they be?
None for now. I haven't made up my mind on which famous person I like most.

Discovering the Fetish

How old were you when you first became aware of foot fetishism and how did you find out?
I had this fetish since forever. Before I went to high school I used to smell and lick my own feet. When I went to high school I discovered Wu's Feet Links and other foot fetish websites and realized that there are others like me.

Once you learned of foot fetishism, what were those early thoughts like? Did you think it was interesting, strange, odd, etc.?
I'm a very open person and I was never shy about my fetish. I watched a lot of foot fetish videos when I was in high school and when I turned 19 I decided to record my own stuff. This fetish is awesome and there's a lot to explore.

Obviously you have a lot of experience with the fetish now. How have your feeling toward the fetish overall changes from when you first discovered it until now? What has influenced those changes, if there are any?
Nothing has changed. This is still my main fetish and I still can't have sex without involving my feet.

Do you ever get asked for advice from your fans about how to enlighten their girlfriends or wives into enjoying their fetish and do things like you do? If so, what do you tell them? Do you think it's bad that some women might not want to enterain their loved one's fetishes?
Yes sometimes I get these questions. My answer for them is to go and just tell their partner about their fetish. I'm pretty sure that if someone loves you then your foot fetish won't be a problem. I know a few girls who got into foot fetishism because of their boyfriends or husbands.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been doing foot fetish photography and videos?
I don't know, honestly. Before I started my own website I was active on a lot of communities. I even recorded some short amateur clips for YouTube when I was 18. I lurked Wu's Feet Links in high school. It was the first foot fetish website I visited.

How did opening your site Karolinka's Feet and your Clips4Sale store, Karolinka Foot Fetish Studio, come about? How long have you been running them?
I think it's been eight months since my first clip, and six months since I opened my website. A girl advised me on Skype to open my own Clips4Sale store and I decided to give it a try. Right now I'm having lots of fun recording new clips. It's like my sex life diary.

What was it like doing some of your earliest content? Obviously you've done so much now that I'm sure it comes natural. Was that always the case though?
I've never been ashamed of what I do. I wore a mask in my first clips, but then I decided to reveal myself. It wasn't a big problem for me to reveal myself.

What was the reaction from the fans like when you first began? How has that grown and/or changed since that time?
I got a lot of positive comments. It motivated me to continue making my own foot fetish content. The foot fetish community is very friendly and I won't stop as long as there are people who enjoy my stuff. I also met a lot of cool people and other girls. Some of them are my best friends right now.

If you could say anything to all of your fans here, what would you tell them?
Thank you for you positive comments! I love them and they are very motivating. Also I want to tell some of you that you shouldn't be shy about your fetish. It is one of the most common fetishes in the world.

One thing I love about your work is that you're always smiling and looking like you're having a good time. Is it safe to say that you really enjoy doing this?
I never force myself to record new videos or take new pictures. It's always lots of fun for me and it's a great way to fulfill my sexual fantasies.

Speaking of enjoying, who is the lucky guy who gets to have those feet of yours wrapped around his dick in all your videos?
He's my high school friend. I was always open about my foot fetish and almost everyone knew about it. I knew that he has a foot fetish too because I caught him staring at my feet several times. 

When I wanted to record my first footjob I just called him and asked him if he wanted a footjob. He was very shy, but he decided to come over. I had to give him three footjobs that day because he came under a minute, two times in a row. I can't say I minded since I love having cum on my feet. After that he admitted that he stole my socks while we were at my friend's birthday party while I was sleeping.

While we're on the topic of footjobs, do you remember what it was like giving your first one? Was it difficult, or did you master it right away?
I knew what to do because I practiced it on a dildo before real thing.

How often would you say your feet give a footjob? Is it just on camera, or are you doing them all the time off camera too?
I definitely give a lot of footjobs. I try to record them all, but it's not always possible. Sometimes I give a quick footjob before going to work so I can have cum on my feet. Cum makes my feet soft! It really works great as a natural foot lotion.

When giving a footjob, do you like to make him cum as fast as you can, or do you enjoy prolonging it a little bit - maybe even teasing some before he gets to cum?
I love teasing and edging him, but sometimes I want to have cum on my feet as fast as possible. It depends on my mood.

One thing I love about your footjob content is your post footjob cumplay shots. You are always showing the cummy mess on your feet afterwards and I think those photos are so fun. Once again, it looks like you're having a lot of fun too. Do you enjoy having warm, gooey cum all over your feet?
Some girls like having warm cum on their boobs or butts. I'm a girl who loves it on her feet.

Aside from footjobs, what other aspects of foot fetishism are you into? There are so many out there that people seem to enjoy.
So far I tried and loved: foot worship, foot smelling handjobs, pantyhose, shoejobs, socks, and food crush. I don't know why, but I always loved giving handjobs on my feet. I even gave one in public and someone commented on it! It was a huge turn on for me. I'd love to give a public footjob.

I also see that you're into some non-foot fetish things like handjobs, blowjobs, ass licking, etc. What other kinks do you like to include in your work?
Of course there are other things that turn me on. This includes: facesitting, ass licking, and mouth fetish. I also like girl's pretty hands, so I love giving handjobs!

Are there any fetishes out there you haven't done that you've been wanting to try?
I want to explore the mouth fetish and hands fetish more.

Do you think that the internet has helped people experience more fetishes, such as foot fetishism, and become more comfortable with their own kinks? If so, how does it feel to be someone who helps those people understand their own turn ons?
Of course the internet is a great tool for fetish stuff. It's very easy to access and has tons of content. I think it helps people get more comfortable with their foot fetish because all foot fetish communities I've seen are very friendly. I love being a part of them.

Where do you see your site and work going in the future?
I want it to last forever! As long as I have my feet I'll be giving footjobs.

When it comes to your work, do you accept custom requests from your fans? If so, how can they best reach you for custom orders?
Yes sometimes I take custom orders. The best way to contact me is to send me an email or add me on Skype. My email is and my Skype is karolinkam095.

Anything you'd like to add about foot fetishism, other fetishes, your site, or just the business in general before we wrap up?
Make sure to visit my threads on the Wu's Feet Links Forums. I love your comments!

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