Sunday, July 24, 2016

Joey's Interview (Joey's Feetgirls)

"I absolutely love when one girl uses her hand to rub and slap my cock on the other girl's feet."

Whenever I wander upon interracial foot fetish material, I take notice. And although the subject of this month's interview, Joey of Joey's Feetgirls, didn't intentionally set out to combine these two popular genres of adult content, it's what made me take notice initially. After browsing through some of his clips and reading some of what he had to say about his work, I thought Joey would make for a great interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. I ended up being right!

I've only exchanged a handful of emails and personal messages with Joey so far, but the guy is super approachable. He's had his work online, in some form or fashion for 14 years and counting. He's no stranger to Wu's Feet Links either, and that is where we began our dialogue. Even all these years later, Wu's is still a great place to meet people and get to know them. I'm glad to say Joey is one of my newer acquaintances. I'm also going to be the first to admit, I'm highly jealous of a lot of his adventures - especially the ones with his girlfriend, Josie, who is a star of many of his videos. Maybe, just maybe I'll get to interview her for a future installment here too! For now, however, let's learn a little more about Joey, his views on the fetish, and just how he's come (or is that cum?) across so many female feet!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

You have obviously shot a lot of different women in your work. When it comes to their shoe size, do you have any preferences on bigger vs. smaller feet?
I just asked this question on Twitter not long ago. I actually have a preference for small feet but, just like my opinion on women's bodies, shape matters more than size. I'll take a soft curvy 10 over a plain Jane 5 any day.

I've seen some wild pedicures in your videos, namely Josie's Skittles toes. What are some of your favorite polish colors for women's toes?
I'm actually pretty boring when it comes to colors. Red is my favorite, but I do like french tips too.

Off camera, what type of footwear do you like seeing on a woman's feet? Any particular favorites?
I like two types of shoes. While in public, I like any shoe that looks like its easy to take off - particularly anything backless from mules to clogs to flip flops. I love to see a girl in public with her soles showing under her chair. Also, I like shoes that girls wear barefoot such as heels, flats or Toms. These shoes have a tendency to make the feet smell, so I like seeing them just because of the association. These shoes are often easy to remove as well.

My preference is for soles, although I do adore the rest of a woman's feet. What part(s) are your favorite? Why?
I'm a sole guy. Soft feet, wrinkles, high arches, all in that order. I've noticed that different skin textures produce different types of wrinkles and a lot of times you can tell the texture of the skin by inspecting the wrinkles. Thin, fine creases are probably my most favorite as they are generally associated with the softest skin. Tougher skins tend to have deep thick creases.

If you could have any two female celebrities in a video with you, footjob of course, who are you picking?
Like real celebrities? To be honest I've never had much of a celebrity fantasy. I know I've always had a thing for Britney Spears' feet, and I guess Jennifer Aniston's feet, even though I've never seen a good picture of her soles. I remember an episode of Friends where she was excited over the thought of having her toes sucked. Now, foot models or girls in foot porn? That list is endless.

Discovering the Fetish

Do you remember how old you were when you first began to notice female feet?
Man, I was super young. I was already attracted to feet by age 7 or so. I remember the first time I mentioned wanting a girl's feet when I was 7 or 8 and my older brother was like, "What? Her feet?"

What were those initial feelings like? Did they make you feel strange, like so many others have when they first began discovering their attraction?
Nah, I embraced it from the beginning. By the fifth grade or so I was already touching myself while I fantasized about my teachers. I had more than one that would have their shoes off while in class.

Can you remember the first time you had access to female feet? What was it like? Were you nervous and did the female know you had a fetish?
There was a couple of times when I was younger that I perved out to some of my cousins' feet before I knew any better. But my first time really getting specific foot action was in high school with a girl I still shoot with to this day. Her name is Reesha and I was very open with her about the whole ordeal. The two of us were also friends with another girl who would let me indulge every once in awhile as well. By the time I was a junior in high school, I had a girl in almost every class that knew about me and feet and would show off to me every once in awhile.

As you have gotten older, in what ways have your feelings toward your fetish either changed or grown?
I'm not sure if anything has changed. I've pretty much completely understood what I like about my fetish from the start.

Filming & the Internet

You've been online for a number of years now, in one way or another. When did you first begin posting foot fetish content on the web?
My very first start was about 14 years or so ago. I tried to build my own website called Sole Photoes and it was a mess and a half. This was long before the days of YouTube and other media sites that make it easy to upload content. I had a cheap web page making program and really the whole page looked terrible.

What made you decide to begin posting your foot fetish content online and where were some of your initial hot spots, if you will, to show off that work?
I always wanted to give back to the foot community. I had discovered foot fetish material online about age 14 or so and I always wanted to go out and give people what I've always enjoyed seeing. I'm sure way deep down in the contributions section on Wu's Feet Links you'll find a couple postings from me from 10 years ago. 

What really got the ball rolling, was the combination of both YouTube and smartphones. I had high definition video recording literally in my pocket and a quick easy way for me to upload and get views. I got 15k views or something on a video and was bragging to my friends about it when they decided they wanted to be famous YouTube foot models too. That's when things took off for me.

Where you inspired by anyone else online at the time to begin posting your work?
Not so much inspired by anyone in particular, as I just always had the desire to showcase girls feet. I do, however, wish I had the skills that FairAdam (Feet Fair) has. I want to be like him when I grow up!

How long has your clips store, Joey's Feetgirls, been online now?
Just over four years now.

What made you decide to open up a clips store?
I literally had people emailing me asking why I was giving so much content for free. They were like, "You're shooting good stuff. You should charge people for that!" I actually had no real plans to monetize. I dragged my feet about it for months. The thing that ultimately got me to move to a clip store was that YouTube kept deleting my ever popular foot pages that were being flagged as inappropriate. After building up my views for the second time, I gave up.

How has the fan reaction to your work been over the years, up until now?
I've gotten everything from harsh criticism to people who call me a legend. For the most part it's positive though. I have a handful of fans that talk to me directly on a regular basis. I'll entertain most anyone who wants to shoot the shit for awhile.

If you could say anything to all those who have supported you over the years, what would it be?
An obvious thank you. I love the job and the fans make it so much better. It makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing.

Your site focuses a lot on footjobs and you've had a lot of different women giving them. Do you know how many different pairs of feet you've have around your cock, or have you lost count?
Oh god. I've lost count. A couple years ago I tried to remember and add up all the girls I've been with my whole life. Footjobs was already at about 120 at that time. Could easily be at 150-plus by now.

How do you find all these women that appear in your work?
Everywhere. Leave no stone unturned. Lately we've taken to Instagram and have been trying to collaborate with any foot models on there who are interested. The overall list includes girlfriends, fuck buddies, friends, friends of friends, girlfriends of friends, coworkers, to literally random girls. Sometimes it's free and they do it for fun. Most of the time, however, I have to sponsor for their time, their pedicure, and willingness to be on camera.

Is it safe to assume that many of the women who shoot with you are giving their first ever footjob? Do you enjoy taking their "footjob virginity," if you will?
Oh yeah. A vast majority of the girls have never even met a guy with a foot fetish, much less used their feet for sex. Honestly, it's a pretty simple task and there's not much skill difference between the brand new and the experienced. Every once in awhile you get a natural though and they just have some innate cock pleasing abilities.

Josie appears in a lot of your videos and you even mention her in your Clips4Sale store's introduction. Who is she exactly – other than the obvious footjob artist?
Oh, she's my girlfriend!

I've only ever had two womens' feet down below once in my life, but you seem to have that experience quite often. How are multi-woman footjobs different than the one-on-one footjobs I'm sure most of us are used to?
Well, its great in the sense that you don't have to help much at all. With all the feet and hands, you don't have to do any of the work yourself unless you really want to. I absolutely love when one girl uses her hand to rub and slap my cock on the other girl's feet.

I saw you have had a three woman footjob when looking through your videos. Is that the most you've had in one session, or do you have even grander tales that I did not see?
Yeah, three girls was it, and it was only that one time. I do want to set another one up, but it gets hectic. Scheduling all three girls to be in the same place at the same time and then deciding the best position to fit three girls in at once...

Having so many different feet give you footjobs, do you know what the biggest and the smallest have been when it comes to shoe size?
Yes, actually. I have an old friend that's legally a midget. I think shes 4'9" or something and wears child size shoes. Then you have Josie, who is a whole foot taller at 5'10" and a size 10-11, which is on the upper end of girl's feet. I actually have a couple videos of them together and the difference is staggering.

One thing I also love about your work is the interracial aspect. I enjoy the interracial genre of adult content just about as much as my foot fetish itself, so seeing them combined is certainly a treat. Do you have anyone else who has also expressed their love of that aspect of your work?
Yeah. See, I'm a mixed guy and interracial is just normal to me. When I'm, say, uploading content, I don't even think to categorize it as such. Someone was recently telling me that I have hot interracial scenes and I'm like, "Oh wow, it is interracial, isn't it?"

Where do you see your content and store going in the future?
Well, this year I picked up a DSLR and I've been really enjoying the photography. I've actually been building up a ton of content because we plan to open a website soon that will feature twice a week photo albums. I've been shooting models like crazy all summer!

Is there anything you'd like to share, or mention, before we wrap up this interview?
Josie and I are very open and we love to meet fans and models! Don't be afraid to speak up if you want to meet. We travel a few times a year and always try to get in touch with fans and models when we're out of town, as well as anytime when we're home in Chicago.

How to find Joey

Web Sites: coming soon
Twitter: @JoeysFeetGirls
Instagram:@GreekGoddessJosie (Josie's page)