Friday, June 22, 2007

Jessica's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2007 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview is with the lovely Jessica of She agreed to answer some of your questions.

Spider Man Asks... You are very very beautiful! I'd would like to ask you, what do you do when you see an insect in the ground in front of your feet?

Depending on what kind of bug it is. I hate roaches. I'll either quickly stomp the nasty thing flat with my tennis shoes, or if I'm wearing heels, slowly twist into it with my heel, crushing it slowly - usually cutting the little right down the middle.

allan51 Asks... Can I suck you toes and lick you sole? Do you give footjobs?

Sadly, I don't give foot sessions or footjobs just because they are so personal to me. However, I DO pleasure the men in my life with all I've got, including my feet.

Foot Guy Asks... First off, you have very pretty feet. How do you feel about guys all over the world are masturbating about your feet?

I think it's awesome that men are masturbating to my feet! Ever since high school when I went through puberty, men have been masturbating to every other part of me, but never (or so I thought) my feet! I never knew such a harmless seeming part of the body could be so powerful. I love it. Keep at it, boys.

Footjoblover19 Asks... Are your feet ticklish and do you like giving footjobs?

My feet are ticklish, and being tickled to me is a rare sort of pleasure/pain. I've been known to cry and even on one occasion, wet myself, because I was being tickled so hard. The most ticklish part of my body are me knees, with my feet a close second.

Paulwall Baby Asks... Just curious to see if you really have a foot fetish if so is forced foot smelling your favorite or would you rather do something else like nylons or footjobs etc.

I love the way wearing nylons makes me feel, like such a woman. I never thought I'd be someone who could pull off a pair of classic silk stocking with a seam up the back, but you can see that I've grown into it. However, there's something very special about torturing a man with my stinky feet. The nylons are more of a solo pleasure, but if someone else has to be involved I'd much rather be shoving my sweaty toes down some poor slobs throat and watching him struggle with knowing I own him.

Robert Asks... Are your feet ticklish? Which part? Do you like it?

My feet are ticklish and the most ticklish part is the sole of my foot in between my heel and the balls of my feet, right where the tendon on the bottom of my foot flexes. Drives me crazy!

Feey Asks... Do you prefer men or women to lick your dirty feet clean?

I prefer to force men to lick my feet, but having a woman willingly at my soles is like nothing else in the world. The most sensual is a woman. They know what other women really like.

Giantess Fan 747 Asks... You are truly awesome and I love your feet. Being a giantess fan I sometimes fantasize about women having power over tiny people. If you shrank down your worse enemy or (someone you generally dislike) to 2 inches tall could you see yourself stepping on them with a smile on your face? Who would be the person you step on and how would you feel afterward?

This is a great question. I love being a Giantess. It's such a fantasy of mine - I always wanted to be an Amazon. There are two people I would definitely shrink and ruthlessly crush with such a sick smile on my face - I think I'd actually pick them up between my fingers and dangle them over my mouth for a while making them think I was going to eat them. I do think that I'd rather keep them around and torture them for a while, because I can imagine feeling very empty if I crushed them too quickly, without drawing it out. Then, when I became bored with their screams and begging, the crush them slowly, one in front of the other. I imagine I'd feel very victorious afterward avenged.

T-bone Asks... Do you like having a man cum on your nyloned toes? Cause I would sure love to blast a load all over them!

The right man could cum anywhere he wanted! Definitely on my nyloned toes. But, not just any man, mind you.

Mnanana Asks... What's your favorite foot-related activity?

I had a slave give me a pedicure once - even going so far as to apply rhinestones to my toenails, so gently and reverently. I loved that. I also love when a man spreads my toes out really tightly and then licks in between them where the skin is stretched and sensitive. It's so hot!

Soleandarchlova Asks... When was your first foot fetish experience?

Well, when I think about it, it must have been early on in my life, only I didn't know people with foot fetishes existed - people have always commented on my feet. But my first conscious foot fetish experience was at a Buy My Socks foot party last year where we had a foot-smelling contest (I came in 3rd!) and then teased all the men cruelly afterward. It was also my first trampling experience. I stomped all over this one guy! His throat, his gut, his balls! His eyes were popping out of his skull - he must have thought I'd be kind since I was a beginner, but never expect mercy from me!

Shoe Seller Asks... Hi, I like your smile and the shape of your tootsies. Are your feet smelly? What's about the taste?

Thanks - I think my feet are beautiful too. My feet are smelly, they are really vinegary, super salty too - especially after a long work out. I think the smell is mostly a very acrid, sharp vinegar, and the taste is a briney, salty flavor with a hint of cheese if I've been wearing the socks for a couple of days. Pretty strong.

Benjamin Asks... Would you be interested in having your own personal servant/houseboy? And getting paid $350,000 a year to have one?

Would you clean my toilet on your knees, hands behind your back, with the brush in between your teeth?

Dave Asks... I'm a sole guy, and you have some very sexy wrinkled soles. Do you like having them licked?

Oh my God, yes! Especially when they are hot and sensitive after a pounding workout!

Steve Asks... You are very beautiful I wanted to make that clear as well as your feet. Where is the weirdest place someone has asked you to take off your shoes to see your feet?

In a restaurant! In a very upscale French brasserie, I was complaining to my girlfriends about my heels hurting my feet and the waiter was so taken with me he knelt and rubbed my feet as a "joke!" He was totally getting off!

Rowdy Asks... Lots of men that have a foot fetish also have a "ballbusting" fetish. If you boyfriend asked you to kick his balls, would you? Would you enjoy it?

I have kicked boyfriends in the balls (not cause they asked me to though!) and I enjoyed every second of it.

Jimmy Asks... Has anyone licked your dirty feet?

Oh yes. I once made a foot boy lick my feet after I'd ground them in mud - I splashed around in it for a while and told him to pretend it was chocolate! I also love to stomp and squish food with my feet and make my foot boy lick them clean.

Slave Asks... Hello Goddess I love your site and wonder if you enjoy owning slaves and what you enjoys most about it?

I actually don't own any full-time slaves. I have a couple favorite foot boys I call upon once in a while, but I haven't found any of them worthy of full-time ownership. It's quite a job telling someone else what to do all the time. If I owned a full-time slave, I'd put them in a closet when they bored me and take them out only when I wanted some entertainment.

King Asks... If I was a tiny little bug man crawling around your feet. What would you say and do to my tiny little naked body?

Oh let me think... Crush you!

Mystery Asks... I am sorry that this doesn't really qualify as a question but I give you my regards. You have good qualities and of course your feet (the topic) would be one of them. Good day my dear!

Don't ever apologize for giving me a compliment!

Manny1 Asks... Shoe size?

10.5 or 11! Sasquatch!

Ramon Asks... Do you have dirt between your toes?

Right now? (I'm checking my toes) Yes. Sock lint too!

Mike Asks... Hello Jessica! One question for you. I think your feet are exquisite! And being a footman myself, I can only ask, Why dirty and stinky? I just cant stomach that. My girlfriend is new to foot fetish and she enjoys the fact that her feet are appreciated for being clean and would never dream of torturing me with them. Maybe you can clarify this for me. Why dirty and stinky and submission?

Well, honestly, when I discovered that some men love/hate stinky feet, I just couldn't stay away. I mean, a guy will "torture" himself with my feet! How ridiculous is that? Of course, my feet don't stink all the time, especially after a shower. But they will get quite strong if I let them, and I'm very active so it's easy. I think I love the humor, the power reversal and the absurdity surrounding the fact that certain foot boys have no control over their attraction to something so seemingly gross. Basically, I get a kick out of it.

Bill Asks... What do you think of black socks?

I don't really like them, I prefer white socks so that I can see the dirt, funk, stains and sweat build up as I stink them up.