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Elan Kane's Interview

"The feeling of warm, wet tongues slipping between my toes... The rush of having my arches bitten... It all just drives me crazy!"

Three years ago I found myself checking out foot fetish videos on Roxie Rae's The Foot Fetish Fantasy Clips4Sale store. I was seeing countless videos that peeked my interest and then I found one featuring Elan Kane. I paused right away. My fondness for Asian women, my obvious foot fetish, and the fact that the video also had a teasing and humiliation aspect to it, caused me to add it to my cart and make the purchase. From that moment on, I was a fan of Elan Kane. So much so, I named her as the first person in Part 1 of my ongoing blog series, "Would Love to Shoot," on the Soles of Silk Blog.

Shortly after picking up her video I was able to chat online with Elan a time or two to share my love for her work. I also found out, that like me, she loves roller coasters. Seriously, could my fanboy love grow anymore? Shortly thereafter, however, we just kind of lost touch. It was for no particular reason, but we didn't chat again until recently.

While I was on Twitter about a week ago I saw some of Elan's posts pop up (@MissElanKane), so I decided to see what she was up to these days. I saw she had a site of her own up and running and was doing a good job of advertising her content and updates through social media. Once again, I decided to reach out to her.

I'm happy to say that through reaching out to Elan, I got her to agree to do an interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. It was great getting to learn a little more about this fun loving, bubbly, yet awfully teasing, sometimes not even pleasing, Asian humiliatrix. It reminded me of the reasons why I fell in love with her three years ago. So now, I'll let you do the same and get on to her interview. Meanwhile, I just be over here enjoying my dream of shooting photos of her myself one day!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
What size are those adorable feet of yours?
A petite, size 6! Perfectly sized to be worshiped!

I have yet to meet a woman without a vast shoe collection. How large is yours and what are you favorite kinds of shoes to wear – both on camera and off?
Oh, geeze. I actually had a huge shoe cleanse earlier this year. I prefer to appreciate each pair I have versus hoarding tons I'll never ever wear. So I'd probably pin it at... 40 pairs, or 50? Fifty that I truly love!

My favorites for the camera are my Chucks. I have six or so pairs of those, but I always float back to my fabled baby blue and pink ones! So comfy and cute.

Off camera, I probably get the most wear from sandals, especially my Rainbow sandals since I'm a Florida girl at heart. For a night on the town, you'll most likely find me in a pair of Michael Kors pumps or kitten heels.

Speaking of shoes, I've always adored getting to smell a woman's feet fresh from her shoes. How smelly do your feet get and how strong would you say that scent is?
I have been rock climber for quite a few years now - over half a decade! The by-product of such a hobby is a pretty distinguishable foot smell! Post-climbing, I'd say my ripe feet register pretty high on the stink-meter. But of course, I always prep my feet prior to shooting with others!

What are some of your favorite colors to have your toes painted?
Ever since a foot-spoiling session from earlier this year, I have been obsessed with an OPI nail color from their Mustang line, Sky's My Limit. I've had it stubbornly on my wish list for quite some time now to recreate it's gorgeous color. In addition to blues, I also favor pinks, reds, and purples.

Are your feet ticklish? Do you enjoy being tickled at all?
Oh, dear. I am fairly certain my hair is ticklish. My whole body, feet definitely not an exception, is mindbogglingly ticklish. I always end up in terrible laughing and/or spazzing fits whenever someone remotely thinks of tickling my feet.

As far as enjoyment, though I generally abhor the idea of being ticklish, I end up in such a tickling high afterwards that I forget all of my original resentment!

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
You know, I really do! I always forget to toss them on because I store all my toe rings, anklets, and the like for safe keeping. But who doesn't love to adorn their precious feet in beautiful bling?

What are your feelings on stockings? Do you enjoy wearing them? What kinds are your favorites, if so?
Yes! I just feel so sexy in stockings - tights, long socks, leg warmers, etc. There's just something so undeniably hot about silky legs encased in silky things! Also, long, lean legs just get 58,746,275,305 times hotter in nylons.

I recently got into Wolford, CDR, and Pretty Polly nylons and favor American Apparel socks.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
Foot worship! Especially from pretty girls! The feeling of warm, wet tongues slipping between my toes... The rush of a having my arches bitten... It all just drives me crazy!

If you could have anyone famous down at your feet, who are you picking and what are they going to be doing?
Oh, this is a real toughie! I'd say... Blake Lively. Ugh, her husky voice is pure seduction. To feel the gentles caress of her gorgeous, pouty lips on my delicate toes would send me to Cloud Nine. Plus, her legs for days would look exquisite in pantyhose. Mutual sheer nylon love.

Discovering the Fetish

Do you recall how old you were the first time you found out that there are people out there who love women's feet? How was that first introduced to you?
I didn't know until my college years. I was picking up various modeling jobs here and there when a photographer approached me about my feet. It was more fine art than anything, but that was definitely the gateway drug into the fast-paced world of fetish for me.

How did you first feel about the idea of someone liking your feet?
I was little hesitant at first. I wasn't sure what all was involved. I had no idea just how many facets there are to foot fetishism. But soon, I embraced the fetish and pleasantly discovered that, "Hey, I have this fetish!"

Now, later in life, how have your feelings toward foot fetishism changed since those early days? What would you say was the biggest influences on that change, if there was any?
My perspective is constantly evolving in the realm of fetishism. They don't lie when they say there's a fetish for everything! What began as a flirty curiosity has blossomed into a full-blown fascination for foot fetishism. I personally enjoy so many sub-genres such as worship, domination, nylons, and tickling, so it's difficult to say that I'd ever see myself not immersed in the foot love.

I don't believe I can really credit any one, or several things, as an influence to the change as it all shifted so fluidly and naturally. I am leaning more toward the thought that I have always harbored deep, sexy foot feelings and had finally found an avenue to express it.

Do you remember the first time you had a foot fetish experience? What happened and who was it with?
Thinking back now, it may have been for a shoot with Taylor Raz. She was such a doll and paired me up with the devilishly hot Danica Logan, who can definitely work her mouth on some feet. As Danica was worshiping my feet, I honestly thought to myself, "Why the heck haven't I been doing this the whole time?!" Sadly, I have yet to encounter an equally mind-blowing foot worship session. You know what they say about your first time though, huh?

Modeling & the Internet
The first time I ever saw you online it was on Roxie Rae's The Foot Fetish Fantasy Clips4Sale store. When and where did you first begin doing foot fetish material online?
I had been living in Tampa for a pretty short time before I realized I had stumbled across the fetish capital of the world, let alone, the Foot Mecca. With my modeling background, it was only natural to dive head-first, or is it toe-first, into the feet scene. But yeah, Taylor Raz and FTKL were the first producers I had the pleasure of working with. And it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since!

What factors made you decide to become a foot fetish model?
Firstly, I absolutely love the people, the producers, models, fans... everyone! It's a crazy melting pot of brilliance to see our creative minds get to buzzing and what products we can produce. And of course, I love being able to free my feet to the world! What a liberating feeling. The fetish kingdom is sincerely amazing in that you can just be who you are - and for me, that's someone who enjoys some mildly freaky foot stuff!

Would you say that you were a natural at first, or was there some things that you had to discover when it came to the world of foot fetish modeling?
Some things came pretty easily, such as how I wail when I get tickled. Others though, I had to learn as they came, like spreading my toes a bit more when I wail. But I was lucky enough to receive the best tutelage from the pioneers of the industry! Additionally, when it came to being sucked and nibbled on, my reactions are 100 percent me just indulging on sexy lady lips.

Who were some of your inspirations, if any, when you first began doing foot fetish material? Any models, sites, etc. whose work you liked before doing your own?
Aforementioned, I learned from the best and of them are the one-of-a-kind Roxie Rae! She was such an amazing teacher in feet, fetish, and life.

Also, I'd love to give another huge nod to a few more studios that truly shaped me: FTKL Tickling, Space City Soles, and Shy And Wild Tickling. The amount of effort they put in their work is inspiring and has pushed me to create work that is involved and engaging. They have truly honed their craft and it shows - in marketing, production, and just being top-notch people.

Were you always doing your own content from the start, or did that come about later?
Oh, heavens, no! I was so intimated by the thought of starting something on my own, that I didn't approach the thought until years after shooting with other producers. Video editing was probably my biggest concern, but it turns out you can learn anything on YouTube. I am definitely not at level of those producers  I just mentioned, but I am proud of the content I produce and love sharing it with you all.

How did the Elan Kane website and the Love Elan Clips4Sale store come about?
I had moved away from my self-dubbed Foot Mecca to the bustling metropolis of Dallas. I had naively thought that foot fetish ran rampant everywhere, but was sorely mistaken. I was still picking up modeling gigs, but it hardly compared to my busy Tampa shooting schedule. I decided to take matters into my own hands, or is it feet?

Soon, I was crafting my own website, diving into the mechanics of web business, and shooting my own customs. I immediately fell in love with the process. I now have the opportunity to talk with fans one-on-one and create unique clips for the both of us to enjoy. A few years later and I have expanded to a new platform, NiteFlirt, where I can talk to fans privately on the phone and still upload clips, and a member site through ModelCentro, for those who just can't get enough of me. All that to foot tease you with!

How much of a dedication is it to produce your own content? Is it harder than you envisioned it to be before you began?
I'll be completely honest with you, there are days that are harder to shoot than others. I am a born creative. I need inspiration. I need a muse. And I definitely need a made-up face. If the stars don't align, the motivation can be quite difficult to muck through. This usually happens after I go on full-out filming binges and produce dozens of clips in a few days. Then I'm left with the inevitable burn-out.

But most days are fun and full of energy. I keep notepads all around the house in case my next breakthrough enters my mind. It's always amusing to think up imaginative ways to play up certain fetishes or use different video effects.

Where does the ideas for your content come from? Is it something you think up, fan requests, etc.?
Most of my content is derived from my silly, goofy brain cave, but I do end up with quite a bit of custom requests. I always think I've heard it all, and then I get a request for lawn mowers, or turkey cooking, or sweatshirts...

In addition to foot fetish content, you also dab into other fetishes and kinks. Care to make mention of some of what people can come to expect when they check out your site?
I tapped into my punnyness back in my ancient FTKL days. My scathing humiliation dates back to my shoots with Space City Soles. Because of my... quirks, I have adapted a bit of my personality into my FemDom clips. As much as I love to tease you all with my delicious feet, it's so empowering to torture you all too! Also, it must be mentioned that I have harbored a love/hate relationship with balloons and I adore being a giantess.

You call yourself a humiliatrix on your About Me section of your site. Is this something you've always been into, or was this something you discovered along the way?
I have a tendency of being pretty snarky with my close friends, all in jest. But after having a few requests for humiliation clips, I realized that I possessed all of this pent up frustration that was perfect to release on camera! My FemDom content is genuinely the product of stifling my feelings - take that dissatisfying customer service lines and parking tickets!

As someone who also enjoys tease & denial play and some humiliation, I absolutely love when a woman can combine them with foot fetish play. Is that something you enjoy doing as well? If so, how easy do you think it is to incorporate foot fetishism into these and other kinks?
I love it! I had a brief Domme/sub stint with a man who adored me in pantyhose. He would request customs for pantyhose JOI where the fate of his orgasm rested in my command. He received three or four of these videos, each one withholding that sweet release. He would absolutely love the endless tease and torment. Some of my hottest clips are from this series!

Honestly, foot fetishism is so uniquely versatile. Fancy voyeurism? Try stealing a peek at a woman's flip-flopped soles. Enjoy domination? What's more domineering than a huge giantess boot preparing to crush you? JOI? I love lathering up my feet so we can massage in unison. Pain? Why, what a great day to break in my new stilettos on this perfect-to-trample body.

Plus, for me at least, my feet are just a huge erogenous zone. Reflexology for the win! Anything physical is just plain hot.

Speaking of teasing, you also do size teasing content. Did you ever think in your life that a guy could be turned on by being told his cock is small, pathetic, useless, etc.?
In my experience, yes. A huge demographic for my fan base in particular, love being ridiculed for their dinky dicks! In fact, I'm sure my big toe is more impressive than that pitiful thing they're packing!

So, does size matter? If so, how do you feel about the little ones?
The little ones can pay for their worth. Otherwise, they're just cushioning for my heels.

As I've told you in our private conversations, I have always had a huge soft spot for Asian women. Why do you think there are so many out there who find Asian women to be exotic?
Well, geographically speaking, we are exotic for those of the western world. But voices, facial features, and yummy, tiny feet also play a role! Luscious ebony hair, dark, enticing eyes, and our slender statures are definitely aimed to please.

When it comes to your fans, what has your fan reaction been like over the years?
Overwhelmingly sweet! It simultaneously blows my mind and warms my heart to know just how many people I have touched with my art. I have a frequent NiteFlirt fan who just chats with me for hours where we just get to know each other. Completely vanilla chat, sometimes what we're watching on Netflix or what we like to eat. It's so refreshing to just take a moment to realize that your fetish idols are real people, that your fans are real people. Though, there is the occasional dingbat...

Is there anything you'd like to say to the masses who, like myself, think Elan Kane is a beautiful humiliatrix, whose feet we'd love to spend time under?
If you're looking for the most access to my bountiful fetish kingdom, check out my newly opened member site, Elan Kane, for access to my blog, private messaging with me, exclusive photo sets, vlogs, as well as Monday through Friday clip releases!

Back in April 2013, I included you in a blog series on the Soles of Silk Blog titled, "Would Love to Shoot." It's a little series I do from time to time where I show some foot models whose work I enjoy and well, who I'd love to shoot myself. You were in Part 1 and the first model shown. If I was ever lucky enough to photograph you myself, do you think I'd be able to handle it?
I took a peek at that! I am so honored that you thought of me for such a title! As far as if you could handle such a task, I believe that's simply a test for the future!

Other than my dream of taking your photos, what do you see happening in the future when it comes to your own website, modeling, etc.?
Ha! What a lovely dream! I am looking at adding a cam feature for my member site to reward all those who have committed to an Elan subscription! I also have soft-launched sissy kits for all those curious about dabbling into the sissification world - complete with panties, nylons, make-up, and perhaps other sexy goodies!

I am hoping to add a few more faces to the Love Elan roster, though finding willing feet in Dallas is harder than I'd like. Oh, who knows. Sky's the limit, right?

Some models do custom sets for their fans. Is this something you do? If so, how can someone go about reaching you for a custom request?
Certainly! I shoot both custom videos and photo sets for all those looking to flesh out their visions. All custom requests may be sent directly to me at for estimates!

Is there anything we didn't cover about modeling, the fetish, or your site you'd like to get into before we wrap up?
Please, for the love of feet, pay for your porn!

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