Sunday, June 21, 2015

Goddess Brianna's Interview

"While leaving a man wanting is always fun, I also enjoy making him lap up his filth after he spills it."

For years I've been a huge fan of Goddess Brianna. I don't even recall where I first saw her work and those adorable feet of hers - although the safe bet is on Wu's Feet Links. Back before social media, Wu's was the only place I really found out about the foot fetish landscape before I joined it as well. Once I did, it became a place for me to meet others with the fetish, including some of my peers who also produced foot fetish content.

Over the years my love for Brianna... oh wait, sorry... Goddess Brianna's work has only grown. As I learned more about my other kinks, I usually could find clips or photos with Goddess Brianna taking part in those same exact kinks. I couldn't tell you how many of her male co-stars I've been jealous of over the years - including that one locked in chastity above. And yes, denial is a hell of a turn on if a woman knows how to do it right. Goddess Brianna, the self-proclaimed, "T&D queen," would look amazing holding my key and I can only imagine how long she'd deny me and have me loving every second of it.

Enough fantasizing... for now. 

I was very happy that Goddess Brianna agreed to take part in a Wu's Feet Links interview. She's someone I immediately thought of when I created this blog after Wu passed away. Be sure to stop by her sites for some great foot fetish and FemDom content. Also be sure to tell her what you thought of her interview below. I can say, it sure is a good one!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do those dominant feet of your wear?
I wear a petite size 8. I have a very narrow foot.

A lot of us foot fetish guys have a part, or parts of the foot that are our favorites. I, for example, love soles the most. What is your favorite part of your own feet?
I probably don't view my feet in the same light as you in terms of what I find most attractive about them. I do, however, know that I enjoy the instep massaged deeply as that area is often sore. I also like light finger tips running across the top of my feet. I find it is very sensual.

Your foot tattoo is iconic and something many of us recognize easily as you in a foot-only photograph. When did you get that and is there a story behind it?
The tattoo was a 24th birthday gift from an ex-boyfriend who drew it himself. I knew I wanted my zodiac sign and thought the foot was an unusual and interesting place to put it.

You wear all kinds of sexy footwear. What are some of your favorite kinds to wear both on and off camera?
While flashy and sexy are fun for a short while, I always prefer something comfortable!

A personal favorite of mine is smelling a woman's feet. How smelly do say your feet are capable of being? Is there any certain footwear or instances where they're more smelly than other times?
I don't seem to have any problems making my feet stinky! It really does not matter if it is sneakers, stockings, boots, or heels - they always have an odor. I tell those that want fresh smelling feet that they will have to give me a foot bath during a session if odorless is what they desire.

Do you have ticklish feet? I can't imagine a dominant woman, like yourself, would let anyone tickle you though. Is that true?
My feet are probably the least ticklish part of my body and I really do not enjoy being tickled.

Do you ever adorn your feet with any foot jewelry of any kind - example: toe rings, anklets, etc.?
Foot Jewelry is not something I wear often. Perhaps it is because I just don't have any. I'll put a few things on my Amazon wish list and you can order them for me!

You're often wearing stockings in your content. What are your favorite kinds to wear?
Probably Victoria's Secret. I really like the texture of fishnets. Having my feet and legs rubbed while wearing them is one of my favorite things.

What are some of your favorite foot fetish based activities?
Oh so many! I like a lot of tease and denial. I also prefer task oriented foot slaves who pay great attention to detail and who are easily trained on how to please me.

If you could have any famous person or people at your feet serving you, who would you pick?
I would probably choose someone with a great deal of influence and/or political power. I think Newt Gingrich would look great with my feet in his mouth, or perhaps even Donald Trump.

Discovering Foot Fetishism

Do you remember the first time you learned that there was something called a foot fetish, or people who were attracted to and/or turned on by female feet?
I really do not recall a specific time. It has been ingrained and almost feels second nature.

When you first learned of foot fetishism, what were your initial thoughts on it and the people who have the fetish?
There was never a shocking moment if that is what your asking. I enjoy the nitty gritty of society and all its little quirks. I love to find out what makes people tick so I am always asking questions to find out how it is different for each individual.

Can you recall your first foot fetish experience?
From a very young age I have enjoyed various textures on my soles. When I was about 5 years old, my parents had set out a dish of Easter M&M's. I wondered how it would feel to put my bare feet in that dish and wiggle my toes around. That night after they went to bed I stole the dish and took it to my room. Feeling all the little beads of candy surround my soles and toes was deliciously awesome! What did I do with the candy dish when I was done, you ask? Why, I put it back of course!

Since those early days until now, have your feelings toward the fetish or those who have it changed at all? Has learning more about it and experiencing the different aspects of it changed your views in any way?
Oh you bet it has! As I got older those pleasurable experiences became more sensual and sexually related. Experimenting has never been a problem for me so through much experience I learned not only what I like but how to get out of others what they like. It is very mental for me and in this way I gained control.

You're used to telling men what to do. Have you ever had any seek advice on how to admit their fetish to a loved one? If so, what kinds of things do you tell them?
This is a topic that I have spent a great deal of time on. Unfortunately most fetishists/submissives that I meet have either already mentioned it to their significant other only to find that it is not reciprocated. Or, they are absolutely dead set against telling their partner as they are convinced the outcome would not be good.

The key to any healthy relationship I believe is honesty and communication. To find a way in the beginning of the relationship to share this information is crucial. This way there are no surprises for your partner in the future or unending disappointment and feelings of shame on the part of the person who has the fetish. It is important that your partner knows what a big part of your sexuality the fetish represents. It is something that will likely not change and you both need to be diligent in your communication with each other to make sure that both parties feel comfortable. A foot massage is a great ice breaker. I don't know a woman who doesn't like one!

Discovering FemDom

With a name like Goddess Brianna even the dumbest of male slaves would know that you're into FemDom. How long have you been into this lifestyle?
Professionally I guess it has been about six or seven years. The personal elements, however, have existed for a long time. Even my pre-school teacher described me as "bossy." Oh well, at least I knew what I wanted!

In your scenes I can't ever recall you being submissive. Am I correct in saying that you're in no way a switch? 
Funny, in the previous question you asked about lifestyle which encompasses all aspects of life correct? In this question you mention only scenes. It is amusing to me how easy it is for us all to forget that movies are entertainment and while they may reflect reality or real situations, they are still just pieces of art meant for our amusement. It is safe to assume that I am not a flat character like in a movie, but rather a multifaceted person capable of a whole range emotions and behaviors just like anyone else. These behaviors and emotions can not be limited to merely submissive or dominant. As a career choice I opt to only to shoot FemDom.

How did it make you feel to dominate a male sexually at first? Were you always the dominant one in the bedroom or did someone bring it out of you? How did you get into the FemDom lifestyle?
To know that I have a man or woman under my spell and exactly where I want them is always a rush. As I mentioned earlier, the mental aspect of it is what I am best at. The thrill and challenge of getting one to succumb is enough to make my panties wet! This is something that is simply in my nature and I have learned to perfect over many years. To speak only in terms of Dominant and submissive would again be assuming a flat character type role. I enjoy expressing myself sexually in many ways that could be defined as "vanilla" as well.

Has your experiences over the years helped you grow as a Domme? If so, in what ways?
I would like to change the order of that question and state that my experience as a professional Domina has helped me to grow as a person. Learning to become an entrepreneur and running my own session business as well as production company has been immensely enlightening. I have become stronger, more confident, and financially stable all while practicing the art of blurring the lines between fantasy and reality!

What would you say to a man or couple looking to learn more about FemDom and the benefits of a woman being in charge?
I love playing with couples and I am always more than happy to offer whatever advise I can. For anyone looking to explore a female dominated life style the choice is very personal. There is a vast variety of options from relaxed casual play to strict and defined roles. The decision must be based on the individual/s particular interests in order to reap the benefits.

Modeling & the Internet

Did you start out shooting your own site, or were you posing for other photographers/producers?
While I have been an internet presence for a very long time, these days I do not consider myself a model. At least not in the respect that I stand in front of a photographer who has paid me to promote a certain product or work of art. That would mean that it was someone else's creation and I was merely the spokesperson. In my case the concepts and creativity come from myself. 
Currently my time in front of the camera is far less. Instead I spend most of time directing, shooting video and still photos, and of coarse writing the scripts for you all to enjoy! 

The move from model to owning my own production company came about when I simply got tired of working for everyone else. I felt I had enough experience and I had a vision of what I wanted. With plenty of knowledge in Fem Dom and a fondness for having my feet worshipped, I was ready to embark on a new journey.

When did you decide to start your own site and how did that come about?
I began filming my foot fetish videos for in 2009, which eventually led to my website in 2010 and in 2011. The concepts for these videos came from my real life experiences with fetishists, submissives and slaves of all kinds. Many times the scripts came directly from listening to their fantasies.

After spending a few years honing in on what really got you horny little foot guys going, a more user friendly website was designed and the company was ready to expand! In 2014 was launched as well as The most recent venture was and just went live this past February!

Of course I don't do all of this myself. I have a webmaster, and together we make a good team along with a few others. With a determined group of motivated people I am looking forward to the future and the next venture in the network!

Looking back on your early foot fetish shoots, can you describe what kind of things were running through your head at the time? Were you comfortable in front of the camera right away or did it take some getting used to?
I have been comfortable in front of the camera for many years. Being able to portray all the kinky little thoughts that go through my head and turn them into a working fantasy for others to enjoy is always a pleasure and a release for me as well.

How have you as a model and the site you appear on grown and changed over the years?
My initial idea was to take foot domination out of fantasy land and portray what serving is like in a domestic setting during everyday life. I did this by shooting in casual settings and wearing everyday clothing rather than your typical "dom gear" I was from very traditional English/corporal style of domination and so incorporated some pretty intense activities and challenges for my slaves. I found that while I enjoyed that type of play and so did my slaves, I was getting a different response from my viewers. They were looking for a more sensual type of domination.

I learned to tone things down a bit to capture a broader audience. While I kept the everyday clothing and the domestic setting my scripts took on a more playful approach. I also took on the habit of asking "what would happen if..." For example, what would happen if a guy with a really strong foot fetish went to the doctor only to find that she was young and amazingly hot?! And oh my god, look at her sexy legs and pumps! All of you foot kinksters have had this experience at one point or another and I'm sure your mind goes wild with all the possibilities. A million different fantasies play through your mind while you find it hard to focus and blush profusely. Am I right?

Well, I like to finish that fantasy! To bring it to a place of fruition and provide a healthy and fun outlet for all of us fetishists. The great part about it is "what would happen if" can be applied nearly anywhere in any situation so the possibilities are endless!

I'm going to list a handful of some of the foot fetish and FemDom sub-genres you theme your scenes to. Give us your thoughts on each one:
  • Boot/ Shoe Worship - a prerequisite
  • CBT (Cock & Ball Torture) - we'll work up to it
  • Chastity - you belong locked up
  • Cuckolding - one of my favorites
  • Cum Eating - all the cool slaves are doing it
  • Dirty Feet - sometimes they just are
  • Foot Smelling - a must
  • Footjobs - if you expect it, or feel entitled ot it, you'll never get it
  • Giantess - not so much
  • Masturbation Instruction - always
  • Pantyhose/Stockings - beg for them now
  • SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) - I've seen some so small they look like belly buttons... oh was that you?
  • Tease & Denial - I'm the T&D queen
  • Trampling - love to leave my mark on you

Are there any fetishes out there you haven't done that you've been wanting incorporate into your work or try?
None that I can think of. On the other hand I have tried some that I do not particularly care for. Extreme breath play or blood play aren't turn-ons for me.

Some foot fetish play surely bleeds over into your FemDom scenes. Why do you think that is the case?
I view foot domination as a subset of FemDom. All involve a bottom/slave, etc. who has a desire to serve a dominant female. Foot fetish on its own, is different.

You have worked with a lot of other female talent your scenes over the years. How is it working alongside another woman?
I take an active role in choosing which models shoot for my sites and which site she is most suited for. I enjoy teaching them.

With all the experience you've accumulated in front of the camera, do you ever find yourself taking a less experienced model and showing her the ropes when it comes to foot fetish and/or FemDom? If so, what kinds of things have you passed on or helped another model learn?
Most of the time when a model comes to shoot she has little to no experience with female domination. It is my role to introduce her to a new and different mind set. Demeanor, posture, and proper dialogue are key in pulling off a dominant persona. I make it my goal for them to leave with a new and refreshing outlook on what filming can be. If they can implement a little bit of it into their personal life as well, even better!

I'll be the first to admit, your feet look so soft and I'm jealous of every guy in your videos who has gotten a footjob from them. Do you remember giving your first one? Was it on camera or something done in your private life?
I don't honestly remember, but in all probability it was privately first.

Your footjob skills look masterful. Did it take some work to get so talented or would you say your feet have always been a natural at milking a load from a cock?
It is a lot of work. Especially hard on the lower abs and hip flexors!

Speaking of milking loads, is it safe to assume that sometimes during a footjob you edge that cum over and over and over - only to leave him with a major case of blueballs instead?
Of course! As I mentioned I love T&D!

Now be 100 percent honest - what's more fun, making a guy cum from a footjob or leaving him edged without release? Or if you enjoy both, what might make you treat a guy to one over the other?
While leaving a man wanting is always fun, I also enjoy making him lap up his filth after he spills it.

Do you make a lot of the guys lick the cum off your feet afterward? It looks like you really enjoy it in the clips I've seen.
I love to watch the dilemma and the internal struggle. They want to please me, but the repulsion on their face is so obvious. I get off on pushing limits and testing how far someone is willing to go for me

Where do you see you and your site moving forward? Any upcoming plans or ideas planned that you'd like to mention?
You can look forward to,, and

When it comes to your work, do you accept custom requests from your fans? If you do, how can they best reach you for custom orders?
For custom requests of myself and other models, please go to

Do you think that the internet has helped people experience more fetishes, such as foot fetishism, and become more comfortable with their own kinks? If so, how does it feel to be someone who helps those people understand their own turn-ons?
The internet has certainly helped promote awareness about all different types of sexuality and fetishes. I'd like to think that I contribute to that. Currently I have my bachelors degree in psychology, but would like to get my masters so that I can speak to it on a more clinical level as well.

For those of us who are into FemDom play (shouldn't all men be?), how can someone interested in a session with you contact you or find more information about doing so?
It is not for me to say who should and who should not be interested in FemDom play, but those who are and plan on being in the south Florida area, can go to to fill out the submission form.

Be sure to be thorough and include as much information about yourself, past session experience, and particular BDSM/fetish interests as possible. Keep in mind I am very selective and look for only those who have a true desire to serve. Those requesting sexual services will not be considered.

Other than your sites and your FemDom sessions, are there any other things you're involved in tied to either foot fetishism or the Female Domination lifestyle?
I do attend the annual FetishFactory event in Fort Lauderedale and the Fetish Con in Tampa. Sometimes I am at the various Dom Cons as well.

Anything you'd like to add about foot fetishism, other fetishes, your site, or just the business in general before we wrap up?
Life is short and we should all try to live it to the fullest. Finding a way to communicate our fetish desires and experience them with someone is so important!

And to end things on a playful note... Back in July of 2013 I named you as a foot fetish model I would love to shoot in the fifth entry to the Would Love to Shoot blog series on the Soles of Silk Blog. If I ever found myself looking at you through my camera, would it be an experience I'd never forget? Would I be able to walk away afterward or perhaps be feeling a little blue even?
It would be a total mind fuck

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