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Mr. Hollywood's Interview

"There was too much of a recipe for success. Beautiful Latina feet that had the prowess of a Michael Jordan when it came to footjobs and me with a pretty big... Well, you all know!"

As many of you know, not only do I have a foot fetish, but I also really enjoy adult material of the interracial variety. So you can only imagine how impressed I was when I first discovered Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures. Not only did I just stumble upon a Clips4Sale store with interracial material, but one that combined it with my foot fetish - talk about a treasure trove of material to make my wrist sore!

Over time I would get to know Mr. Hollywood and find out that he's a pretty cool cat when it comes to the fetish and just life in general. When I found out that he and another one of my online favorites, Goddess Red Velvet (@OMGSexyFeet), were a couple and producing interracial footjob material together, I couldn't believe it. I was sure to let them both know that I found their work, especially when together, to be some of the best and most passionate, in the interracial footjob genre.

Now that I've taken over conducting the interviews for Wu's Feet Links both Mr. Hollywood and Red Velvet were both on my list to interview. They might have been the first two people I contacted - telling them my plan was to interview them back-to-back. Both were ever so happy to help as you can find both of them popping in and out of Wu's Forum at times and knew how much his site meant to the community.

So now here is the first of the back-to-back foot fetish couple interviews, starting off with Mr. Hollywood...

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

How did you get the name, "Mr. Hollywood?"
Well it came about from my Miami days. Those who know the legacy of the brand know what I'm talking about. Hint, hint... Mia Hollywood.

Do you have a size preference when it comes to female feet?
A size preference?! I have a pretty preference! We're talkin' about female feet, not dick size! There have been as small as size 5 to size 11 in front of the camera at Mr. Hollywood's Fetish Adventures.

What are you favorite kinds of shoes to see on a woman's feet?
Anything that exposes the toes. OK, really though, flip flops! #SeeEverything

Stockings/pantyhose: Do you enjoy them at all, or do you prefer them to be bare?
Everyone has there preference when it comes to their kink, so for all the nylon lovers please don't take offense when I say, fuck hose! I can't feel soft soles and toes through that shit!.

What is your favorite foot fetish activity?
Umm.... That's probably the obvious question isn't it? Foot smelling, foot massaging, foot teasing, foot lusting, and foot fucking.

Discovering the Fetish

How old were you when you first began to notice you had an attraction to female feet?
Good question! And a side note, I'm doing this interview as my girl, Red Velvet, is laying next to me half naked with one foot in the air distracting the fuck out of me! I digress... 

The reason I say good question is because I didn't realize it until my 30-somethings. I recall as a child, of about 12-13 years old, remembering and saying to myself, "Wow my auntie has some really pretty feet!" She, like most women, always wore flip flops in the summer and she always had her toes painted red. Now let's not get shit twisted, it wasn't some incest shit. It was from a place of admiration of beautiful feet. My aunt had'em. 

I didn't get full onto things from the fetish side until my late 20's. Something just clicked! To keep it all the way real with you, sometimes I wish it didn't, because it really changed a lot for me when it came to my relationships. If you didn't have pretty feet, it was a wrap! Knowing full well that one attribute doesn't or more importantly shouldn't make or break the potential of what could be a long lasting, successful relationship. I'm happy to say that I have grown and progressed past that!

What were your immediate feelings toward that attraction? Were you ashamed or embarrassed by it as many guys seem to be?
I've always been someone who didn't, and still to this day, give a fuck about what anyone else thought about what I do! Those individuals are not the ones who make me happy, feel good, feel fulfilled, nor are the masters of my destiny. So for that, whatever makes you, as an individual, happy, what makes you feel good, those who may judge you are not to judge shit. There's only one who has that right and we will all meet Him in the next life.

Do you remember some of your earliest foot fetish success stories prior to your online adventures?
Yep, it all started in Miami. If that ain't a success I don't know what the hell else is. Like I've said in a previous interview, if it wasn't for Mia, you wouldn't be reading this interview because I would have never been in the biz. She was the one who suggested to start it up. There was too much of a recipe for success. Beautiful, Latina feet that had the prowess of a Michael Jordan when it came to footjobs and me with a pretty big... well you all know! 

Modeling & the Internet

When did you decide to take your fetish online?
Kind of answered most of that in the previous question. Sorry, I'm a bit thorough when it comes to my answers and explanation of things. It tends to answer questions that are next to be asked. I've been told that on a few job interviews as well - just a fun fact. It all started though back in 2007-08.

Where you already filming some of your foot fetish fun prior to starting the site?
Of course I was! Mia and I were in a long distance relationship for well over a year before I relocated to the 305. There was no way I couldn't have something to take back home!

Was there anyone else involved with helping you in those early days online?
Nope, nada.

In the years since you've acquired quite a few lady friends in your videos. Do you get just a little bit more excited to have a new pair of feet wrapped around your cock?
Used to, but not so much anymore. It has gotten more to the fact that the new pair of pretty feet were just for my customers and fan base. Each pair of new feet were judged on how much revenue could be created on "the look." That's just keeping it real!

When those new girls see just how big that member of yours gets between their feet, is it safe to say that you've had some classic expressions and/or reactions caught on camera?
What? Nah, not at all. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about!

Just how big does it get?
Ha Ha... How big does what get? Me?! I don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps Goddess Red Velvet can answer this question.

Now it looks like some of these girls also like to have some non-foot fetish fun with that monster. Is this something that is always planned, or is it ever something that just happens because they can't control themselves?
My work is strictly on a professional level. Again, it's always about creating something that's going to entice the consumer to purchase. This is a business. I always go through what's to be shot and how. The adult industry can, no is, misconstrued by most - those people on the outside. They think that it's all fun and fantasy. Let me tell you, it is a business and it is work! Until you're able to make and create a successful business or brand, you'll never really realize all the work that's entailed to achieve it!

Although you have ladies of all races on your site performing with you, many fans have come to rely on you for some of the best interracial footjobs on the Internet. Do you enjoy the interracial aspect of your clips, or does it not matter to you?
It really doesn't matter at all. It just so happens that most that I've come across have not been black. Now by no means is that to say that they aren't out there, because they absolutely are! Just in my circles of where I've been, that's the majority of what I've been able to shoot. I don't discriminate at all!! That's just not good business!
I still haven't shot anyone of the Asian persuasion. That's the only one that's eluded me to this day.

How often do you get fan mail from guys wanting to see their girlfriends or wives in your videos? Have you made it happen if so?
Absolutely! I haven't only because most have been just too far away. Would have been great to have the whole cuckold kind of shoot going on. What's up Shane Diesel? Ha Ha...

Ever have any women contact you to appear in your videos without their husband/boyfriend knowing? Did you do it?
A couple, yeah. Have I? Nah. I'm not one to get into that whole, "Hey honey, I'm home early," confrontation while I've got studio light, camera and your girl's feet wrapped around my dick. I ain't trying go to jail for killing nobody! Like I said, this is a business.

When it comes to the ladies, how do you find the majority of them?
If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question I would be able to retire for real! For the most part, just being within the circles of the adult and fetish communities... period.

How has it been meeting up with other people in the foot fetish landscape such as Lady Steph and Nikki Domino?
See how my last answer leads into, and partly answers the next? They're both cool as shit - again, meeting both within the circles of the community. They're great people but, I can't say that for all. You know who you are.

When it comes to fan mail, how does it feel to read through the positive ones that love what you're producing?
It's awesome. It's just vindication that you know what you're doing is right. Feeding that need of those out there like myself.

If you could say any one thing to all those fans, what would it be?
That would be thank you! I appreciate everyone who has ever purchased a clip, sent an email or liked a picture! Thank you for supporting my work. It really and truly is appreciated!

Goddess Red Velvet appears in a bunch of your videos. Can she drain some balls or what?
She's my girl and yes, she can use her feet very well! I absolutely love her feet.

How did you get to know Goddess Red Velvet and how long have you been a couple?
We met in that circle, which is the fetish industry. We've been together for almost three years now. She's special. She does more than fulfill my needs when it comes to my love for feet. She fulfills everything that I, as a Dominant man, require. That is a whole other interview though!

What can fans expect to see on your clips store in the future?
Well, that is a big question mark. As it stands right now, we are both just doing and dealing with things between the both of us now. Will that change? Maybe yes, maybe no. Guess we'll all have to wait and stay tuned.

If you could have any two female celebrities team up to give you a footjob, who would you pick and why?
Wow... Got to think for a minute on this one. Given as I think, which and who has pretty feet? The first one that pops into my head, because I've seen pics of her feet and she's got a fat ass, is Kim Kardashian. The other... Umm... Umm... Umm... OK, she's not a celebrity, but a porn celebrity and that would probably be Casandra Cruz. If I had more time to think about it, I probably could come up with others.

And if that wasn't far fetched enough, what would your ultimate foot fetish fantasy be to put on film. We're talking no limits here.
Believe it or not, I really don't have one. I've shot a lot of good content. I always try and think of different things and ways to make shoots different. If I think of that fantasy, I'll let you know!

How to Find Mr. Hollywood

Clips4Sale Store:
Twitter: @mrhollywood95
Instagram: @garyhollywood

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Leilani Lei's Interview

"The largest black cock I've had between my feet would be Mr. Nuttz and I'm not sure of his measurements - maybe 8-9 inches and thick."

Twitter has introduced me to so many foot fetish models and producers out there that I either didn't know or only knew of. Leilani Lei falls into that category. I first saw Leilani's beautiful feet in a shot she tweeted that someone I follow retweeted. As soon as I saw her cute feet, I had to go find her and I followed her immediately.

I took a few days to check out some of her other photos and content. I liked what I saw as I found her to be down to earth and very "real." Sometimes you come across people who seem to just be running their sites for money. While a lot of us do like that aspect, you can oftentimes tell someone who is passionate about what they're doing on camera. Leilani is just that. We've had many online conversations over the months since I introduced myself and she's always been a total sweetheart.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out some of Leilani's work, do yourself a favor and be sure to visit her sites listed at the conclusion of this interview. As for me, I'm hoping to visit more than just her sites as Leilani is someone I very much wish to have in front of my camera one day for Soles of Silk. Her mature feet would surely be a hit on any site, let alone my own. Hopefully one day! Until then, let's learn a little more about Mrs. Leilani Lei.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What is your shoe size?
A 6.5 to 7.

What are some of your favorite styles of shoes?
My all time favorite is no shoes - none, nada, niente, nein, zip, zero! I love to be barefoot. If I do wear shoes, I prefer flip flops or slide on high heels with straps so I can dangle. The high heels are hard to find though.

What type of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly too?
Any shoes that enclose my feet will make them sweat. Oh my, yes they smell.

Are your feet ticklish If they are, what spots are the most ticklish?
Oh yes! The arch is the most ticklish.

You usually have a wide array of polish colors in your photos. What are some of your favorite colors to get when you go out for a pedicure?
I do my own pedicures. I love bright, deep pinks the best.

What do you think about foot jewelry? Do you like to wear toe rings, anklets or any other kind of "bling" on those feet?
I adore toe rings and anklets. Unfortunately I broke both my anklets and have not replaced them yet.

What are your views on stockings? What kind are your favorites to wear?
Being a nudist, pantyhose I can live without due to their suffocating nature. Plus, I live in Florida and they can get very warm quickly! On the rare occasions when I do wear nylons, I prefer stockings that can stay up without garters. The less layers and amount of clothing the better. But I do agree that stockings and garters look sexy as hell!

What is your favorite foot fetish activity?
Having my feet pampered, adored, worshipped, and massaged.

If you could pick two different celebrities to do all those things to your feet, who would they be?
Never really thought of this.

Discovering the Fetish

How long have you known about foot fetishism?
Since the winter of 2010.

What were your initial thoughts on someone liking your feet, or female feet in general?
I had just become a web cam model and my first thoughts were... "Why on Earth are all these guys asking to see my feet?"

Have those thoughts changed over time? If so, what were some of the factors behind it?
I find myself looking at feet a lot and have even worshipped some feet.

Some people are embarrassed by having a foot fetish and even hide it from their significant other. What would you say to someone who is afraid to admit what they like?
Think of the courage it took for gays to "come out of the closet." I think you have the courage in you to embrace your sexuality too.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Since December 2011.

Were you always modeling your feet, or did you start out doing something else?
I started as a cam model in October 2010, did my first XXX video in December 2011, and finally gave in to my feet fans by exploring the many variations of fee fetishists and producing videos incorporating it in July 2013.

When did you first open your site?
I opened my first web site in March 2013. It was a XXX site mostly. When the foot category became popular I decided to start a site just for the foot fetish videos. I am currently working on building that site now.

How has the fan reaction been?
Fan reaction has been fabulous - support has been much less than that.

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
My ego loves it, of course! Overwhelming at times, surreal, flattering, encouraging...

What would you like to say to each and every one of those fans right now?
From the bottom of my soul, thank you. I am flattered beyond words that you all like my work.

It seems like your foot fetish content became more and more common after I found you. Was it due to fan requests, or is it something that you also found you really enjoy?
It started because of fan requests and a means of exploring the fetish to understand it. At the same time, to decide if I liked it and if it would be comfortable for me to continue doing it. And of course, would the work be acceptable to my fans? The response has been wonderful, encouraging and I discovered that I really do enjoy it. Even the ballbusting is fun!

What kind of foot fetish related sub-genres can people find throughout your site?
Worship, teasing, jerk off instruction and encouragement (JOI/JOE), tickling, dirty soles, footjobs, cock and ball torture (CBT), domination, dangling... Of course I am just getting started, so who knows what I may discover in the future?

It looks like you know how to have fun with a cock between your feet. Do you remember how long ago it was that you gave your first footjob?
My first footjob was in November 2012.

Were you a pro from the start at milking a cock with your feet, or did that take some practice?
It took some practice. And for the record, a real cock is not quite the same as a dildo. Practicing with a dildo is not a bad start and helps to develop the muscles too. But the real practice is going to be a real cock.

You've always had a fair share of interracial content on your sites. Do you find that mixing the interracial with the foot fetish genre is something a lot of people like? It seems like there could be a market for that.
It's amazing how many of those people who like interracial like the feet too and how many are black men with foot fetishes. Yep, the two are definitely mixed together. Now to find that mix within the pool of male talent. Where are you all hiding?

While on the topic of interracial, what's the largest black cock you've teased between your tiny feet?
The largest black cock I've had between my feet would be Mr. Nuttz and I am not sure of his measurements - maybe 8-9 inches and thick.

Is it easier to milk something that big with your feet or your pussy?
I don't think one is easier than the other even though they are very different.

Do you like the feeling of cum on your feet?
Yes, I do!

Another thing people love about your site is the MILF/Cougar genre. Do you find a lot of people are into the fact that an older woman is out there being so sexual with her feet?
More so than I expected. Being a MILF and the fact that it was so popular was the main reason I tried the sex industry. 

You've also been known to show a dominant side - forcing people to smell your stinky feet, clean your dirty shoes, trampling, administering some ballbusting, and even denying orgasms. Are these FemDom traits something you enjoy? What are some of your favorites of the bunch?
I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it because I am too nice, but as I embrace my sexuality, I find FemDom traits are emerging slowly. More because I enjoy pleasing and it pleases many, it seems. Who am I to deny pleasure? 

Since you're bisexual, do you also enjoy other women's feet?
Yes, I do enjoy women's feet.  

No limits here. What are some fantasy clips you'd love to film one day?
Well, they have nothing to do with foot fetishism. Although one fantasy is more FemDom based, so does that mean I want to embrace my inner Domme? But who says it can't be sensual? Uh oh... Now you're really curious, aren't you? 

Were there any other models or producers out there who helped you get started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
Foot Exhibit and Kandii Kiss have been very instrumental in helping me get started.

Other than your own site, what other sites and producers have you modeled for?
You'll find my foot fetish work on Metro Foot Models and Bandwidth Bangers sites. My XXX work can be found on 40 Something Mag, Jerky Sluts, Over 40 Handjobs, Cum Blast City, See Mom Suck, Vivid TV, MILF Tugs, and I am sure a few more I am forgetting right now.

Are there any other models or producers out there they you're hoping to work with one day in the future? If so, who?
There are many models and producers I would love to work with and I am sure that list will be ever-changing. After all, I'm just getting started.

What are some of your favorite shoots or videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
I don't really have any favorites. I enjoy the variety. The first time you try anything new is always memorable. 

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish become more acceptable?
Absolutely. With the ease of access and the sheer volume of people reached, the Internet helps people see other people enjoy a fetish, which helps them have the courage to be open about it themselves - thereby perpetuating the acceptable factor.

What can people expect to see from your sites in the future?
Currently I am working on switching my XXX site to a different system which will enable me to offer all of my videos in full length, streaming format. The foot fetish site is on hold at the moment. It may become part of a network or follow the same format as the XXX site. Either way, it does push the launch back to the first quarter of 2015. 

Do you do customs for your fans? If so, what's the best way they could go about contacting you?
I love to do customs for my fans, preferable solos as I often have a problem finding talent to participate with me. My fans can contact me at

How to Find Leilani Lei

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Bailey Paige's Interview

"...I did a footjob clip for someone and it was one of my first ones. So after the scene was over and he came all over my feet, I just got up to go clean my feet off and I kinda slipped and almost fell. I didn't realize cum was as slippery as it actually is."

If you asked me to describe Bailey Paige with one word, I'd be torn between using "kinky" and "fun." And that is such a great thing. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who seems more into having her naughty adventures out there for the world to see.

When I first discovered Bailey I didn't see much in the way of foot fetish material. Over time, however, I got my first glimpse of her little bare soles and I was in love from that moment forward. I even downloaded her jerk off instruction video from (photo above).

Bailey is another model I named in a "Would Love to Shoot" blog series entry (Part 9) on the Soles of Silk Blog. I hope to one day meet up with this funky, fun loving chick and see those feet for myself.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
I wear a size 5 shoe. 

What are your favorite kind/style of shoes?
My favorite shoes of all time are my old, stinky Converse low tops. I also really like flats and Vans. 

Are those little feet of yours ticklish? If so, what spots are the most ticklish?
I am extremely ticklish on my feet - specifically between the toes.  

Pedicures: What colors and/or styles are your favorites?
All black with one white nail is my signature move. 

What kind of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly too?
My Converse get my feet so stinky and sweaty.  

Do you wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry on those tiny feet?
I prefer to not wear jewelry on my feet. I like to let those little piggies run free. 

What are your thoughts on stockings and/or pantyhose? Any particular favorites when it comes to hoisery?
I love stockings and thigh highs. Thigh high fishnets are my absolute favorite though. 

What is your favorite foot fetish "activity," if you will?
I absolutely love having my feet worshiped. 

If you could pick two different celebrities, one to massage each foot while you laid back and relaxed, who would they be? Any particular reasons why?
If I could pick two celebrities, on on each foot, I'd choose Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. I love the way Christoph Waltz speaks and Michael Fassbender... Well, I'd just kinda sit there and stare at him. Ha! He's fucking gorgeous.

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first become aware that some people were turned on by your feet, or feet in general? What were you initial thoughts when first learning of the fetish?
I first learned about it when I started camming. I'd have guys come in and shout "feet bb," so I kinda hated the fetish until I got into the fetish industry myself. I then quickly found that I loved having my feet worshiped and using them to control men.  

Did you realize right away just how common the fetish is?
I realized that it was more common than most fetishes. In the fetish world, feet are like BJ's or HJ's to the "vanilla" world. 

As time has progressed, have your views toward the fetish changed at all? If so, how?
Yes, I absolutely love the fetish. Some guys buy you stockings, shoes, and even custom videos of you using your feet in various ways. What's not to love? 

Even though the fetish is common, there are still many people embarrassed by it and ashamed to admit it - even to a loved one. What would you say to someone in this situation?
Do what makes you happy and if people don't like it - fuck 'em.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Non-nude 10-plus years. Nude/fetish/porn about four years. 

Did you start out as a fetish model, or is it something you got into later?
I started out camming from home and after a few years of that I moved into actual video productions. 

Were there any other models/producers out there who helped get you started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
I have met some great models/friends in the industry that have helped me further my career - Roxie Rae, Taylor Raz, Mark Rockwell, Big Daddy J, and so many more! Thank you guys so so so much!  

When did you open your site? How did it come about?
My site has been around for about 2 years now. I actually met a local camgirl who was acquainted with a local video/photographer/webmaster. I scheduled a coffee date and the rest is history!  

How has the fan reaction been?
Amazing! I am so blessed to have as many loyal fans as I do. I wouldn't be here without them.  

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to read fan mail from all over the world. I really feel like some of these people actually like me for me and I'm not entirely just a sex object to them.  

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
If I could thank each and every one of my fans I'd say, "Seriously, thank you." 

It looks like you cover countless different fetishes on your site - just not foot fetishism. What other fetishes can be found on your site?
I'm down for almost any fetish you throw at me. I like a lot of ass worship, smoking, foot domination, and my favorite - jerk off instruction. 

Before getting into some of the foot fetish focused questions, while on the topic of other fetishes, what else turns on Bailey Paige?
Wow, that'd be a long list if I named them all. Just a few - buttholes, spit, breath play, pegging, footjobs, spanking, bondage, and so many more.  

I have seen those little feet of your wrapped around a dick, flexing during some jerk off instructions, being worshiped by another female (as well as you worshiping hers), and even kicking a few different sets of balls. When it comes to some of the different sub-genres of foot fetishism, what are some of your favorites?
I like foot smothering and trampling a lot. I also like the dirty feet guys a ton. 

One thing I adore about you is your fun loving attitude - even when in a moment of pure ecstasy, or smashing a guy's balls flat. Is it safe to say you love what you do?
I literally can't say it enough - I fucking love my job and everything about it. If you've seen my clips, you can tell I'm having fun by that huge smile on my face. Ha! 

Were you even surprised when you first learned that things such as ballbusting or tease/denial games were a massive turn on to some?
Yes, and it actually kind of scared me. But then I worked with Lance Hart and learned how much fun it can be to tear a man down. I'm naturally submissive, so it definitely feels good to let that dom side of me out every now and then. 

How about to you? Do you enjoy busting up a guys balls or putting him to the edge of orgasm over and over and leaving him with blueballs?
Is that even a question? Of course I do.

No matter how unrealistic, what would your ultimate fantasy scene involve?
Two insanely hot brothers. Or a pizza boy. 

Other than your own site, what other sites/producers have you modeled for?
Oh dear lord. I'm not sure I can name all the sites I've worked for, but I can tell you that most of them have been for producers, so that's the best place to look to find my stuff. 

You have quite a few guest models on your site? Who are some of the models people can find Bailey Paige teasing and pleasing in your members section?
You can find all my friends on my site! Roxie Rae, Dakota Charms, Ms. Quin, and so many more.  

Are there any models you hope to one day shoot with or feature on your stores? If so, who?
I just wanna eat all the butts. So if any models would like to let me eat their butt and want to be featured on my site, hit me up!  

Are there any other producers out there who you're looking to work with sometime in the future? If so, who?
I'd love to work with,, and someday! 

What are some of your favorite shoots/videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
Pegging Lance Hart for the first time has to be the most memorable shoot ever. I had so much fucking fun making sweet, sweet love to his asshole while jerking him off. He had this amazingly adorable smile on his face the whole time like he was actually enjoying it and it turned me on so hard. I fucked his butt so good. Ha! 

Has the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Yes, especially Twitter. Ha! 

Do you do customs? If so, what's the best way for fans to contact you if they're interested?
I do offer custom videos! You can email me at if you're interested. 

What kind of things can people expect to see from your stores in the future?
I can't tell you all of my secrets, can I? 

Do you happen to have any funny stories that happen to do with your feet, the fetish, or modeling in general?
One time I did a footjob clip for someone, and it was one of my first ones. So after the scene was over and he came all over my feet, I just got up to go clean my feet off and I kinda slipped and almost fell. I didn't realize cum was as slippery as it actually is. Ladies - be careful. Ha!

How to Find Bailey Paige

Monday, September 22, 2014

Foot Toon's Interview

"I loved seeing my classmates bare feet, but didn't know I'd become a professional pervert at some point."

As an artist I was immediately drawn, no pun intended, to Foot Toons and his amazing art. Over the years I've come to call him a friend. It's interesting to see a fellow artist's take on the fetish we both share.

Over the years Foot Toons has drawn a who's who in the foot fetish community. Chances are some of your favorite foot models have had a cartoon of themselves drawn by his hand. On Soles of Silk I have given him his own section where he's drawn some of the site's most popular models. Each and every model was flattered to be a muse for such a talented artist.

With the relaunch of the Wu's Feet Links interviews I thought Foot Toons would make for a great interview. There are so many great people in our community, not just the models who we've all come to love.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

Were you always artistic? Even as a child, or was that something you got into later in life?
I have been scribbling cartoons for as long as I can remember, even before starting school.

It's obvious that you love cartoons and comics looking through your work. Is that a genre you've always been into?
Yes, I guess you can say I'm a natural born cartoonist!

What are some of your all time favorite cartoon and comic book characters?
I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons like most kids, but I loved drawing them too. Comic books as well. I loved Superman, Batman and all of the Marvel characters like Spider-Man and the Avengers. Sometimes I would copy entire comic books just for fun!

Aside from cartooning, do you partake in any art styles or mediums?
I work in airbrush with acrylics from time to time, but cartooning is the place I feel most comfortable.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to you art? We're not talking the girls yet. I'm talking fellow artists here.
Fiasco (@FIASCoMonkey) is my partner in crime as well as FTKL (@FTKL) who is famous for his Ticklante and Vellicatrices cartoons. We crack each other up sometimes on Twitter!

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first begin taking notice of female feet? 
Seems like birth! I've always had a thing for girl's feet going back to kindergarten. I loved seeing my classmates bare feet, but didn't know I'd become a professional pervert at it some day!

Were you embarrassed by your liking for feet at first as it seems many males are?
Oh god yes! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me! I mean it's feet! Who the hell is attracted to feet?

How long did it take you to realize that there was a term called "foot fetish" and that it is actually quite common?
It wasn't until college that I discovered my love for feet was shared by others and thus called a "fetish." Art school is very different from regular schools. A lot of my classmates chose to be barefoot, so dirty feet were everywhere!

In all the years since discovering that you have a foot fetish, how has your views toward it changed, if any?
I no longer see my love or addiction to feet as something to be ashamed of. Now that I'm more out about it, I have learned to accept who I am and that there's nothing wrong with loving feet. In a sense, I'm much happier now!

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been showcasing your work online?
I first started showing my work on Myspace when I discovered a group called "Rawfeet." This was the first time I saw others into feet and many of them were women! I'd have to say this was the late 90's.

Were you including your fetish in your work prior to publishing it online?
Oh hell no! I was too weirded out by it and kept it to myself.

What made you decide to publish your work for others to see?
Like many other guys I wanted attention from foot models so I would do drawings of them. When that practice got a lot of attention, I just ran with it!

How has the fan reaction been?
It's been mostly great! Every now and then I will get a "you're creepy" from someone, but that's very rare!

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
It's been great! I think anyone would be happy to see people enjoying the stuff you share online.

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
I would say thank you for accepting me as an artist and for supporting my work over all these years.

I asked you above who some of your biggest artistic inspirations have been. Now I want to know, which females have you wrapped around their toes? Who are some of the ones you draw inspiration from drawing?
Here's where I get myself into trouble! I have a lot of female friends who are models at different levels of the community from professional models and producers to women who just love showing their feet. First I would have to mention my all time favorite foot model, and that would be Jamie Daniels. She's not only insanely beautiful, has perfect feet and the face of a goddess. She's also super nice and has always found time to return any text, email or whatever correspondence I've annoyed her with.

Then I would have to mention Arch Attitude. I refer to her to as my Internet wife! She's not a professional model, but she's a great friend and makes me laugh a lot! She also has insane arches - hence the name! Yes, she has a wicked attitude too. 
I got to know Sarah Diavola a couple of years ago and if you don't know, she's a fantastic artist. We have that in common, but she's also incredibly funny and has hands down the cutest, most ardorable little feet ever! You just want to hug them! 

Last, but not least is the first foot model I ever met and that's Mommie Dearest. She was the first person that let me know foot fetishism was OK and normal. She's a little brat, but I love her to death.

Looking through a lot of your work you often show a playful side to the fetish. Is that just because you're drawing cartoons, or is there a reason behind it?
I like to poke fun at foot fetishism because when you think about it, sometimes it can be incredibly funny! I mean a woman takes off he shoes and socks, wiggles her toes and clears the place with her stinky vinegarry foot stench! Well, except for that one guy who is left drooling in the corner wanting to suck the cheese out of her sweaty socks! That's comedy.

What are some of the sub-genres of foot fetishism you really like having in your artwork? For example, I see a lot of foot sniffing, especially in the multi-character pieces.
I personally love having bare feet on my face, so foot smothering is a theme I love drawing. I also love wrestling and have always had a dream of directing a foot smother wrestling video, but I could never afford to pay two women to let me tape them. And I'm too chicken shit to ask two of my friends to do it!

What are some foot fetish activities that you also enjoy when you don't have a pen and paper in hand?
Like I said before, I love having bare feet on my face. I love sniffing stinky feet and one thing that keeps me entertained in public is simply gawking at female feet. I live in Florida so there are women showing their feet year round since we never really have a winter. Did I mention I love ladies feet?

It seems like your work is being showcased on numerous sites and featuring girls from all over the web. Where can people see some of your work other than the sites you manage?
I have a site on Deviant Art, I have a Tumblr page, and I'm closing in on 6,000 followers on Instagram. I've also gone back to having a Facebook page. Of course, I'm on Twitter as well.

I'm sure you have a full plate, as many artists tend to, but do you take commissions? If so, how can fans reach you to talk terms?
Yes, I am very busy with working as a professional artist in my "real" life, but I will take commissions from time to time. People can reach me at

What are some of your favorite pieces that you've done? What made them memorable?
I've done a lot of stuff, but I love the e-comic I did based on a character of mine called "StinkFoot." Unfortunately, it didn't do very well since the company didn't ask for a sequel. I may bring her back in a self published e-comic that's more along the lines of what I'm into. Stinky feet and foot smothering!

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Hmm... Yes and no. Yes, because it has allowed people who feel shy about their fetish to find like minded folks that can sort of put an arm around them to say they are OK and you should enjoy being a foot freak! No, because there are still assholes out there who take things too far. There are people out there who like posting pics of underage girls and that's just not right. Also no because many people can be abusive with their fetish demanding free pics and video. These foot models work very hard at what they do and they take it seriously. And fellas please, stop sending pics of your dicks! It's not cool and the models are definitely noy turned on by it!

How about with you? Has having your work and interacting with fans and the models you use as your muses changed how you view  of the fetish in any way?
It's made me a much happier person knowing there are people out there drooling over pics of feet as well! In many cases these friends I've made online are better people than my every day friends.

What would you say to someone who might be like you in that they have a foot fetish and love showcasing it in their art?
Get a page on Deviant Art and share your work! I think there is a shortage of really good foot fetish art, so people are starving to see more of it. Just do it!

How to Find Foot Toons

Twitter: @FootToons
Instagram: @FootToons

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Roxie Rae's Interview

"I want to get my hands and mouth on all the sexy feet I can."

If you're like me and have a few other fetishes in addition to the one for women below their ankles, then Roxie Rae is your girl. From the moment I found her on Twitter I was in love. I even included her in a blog series I write over on the Soles of Silk Blog that I call, "Would Love to Shoot." (she was featured in Part 2)

Now here I am getting to know what makes Roxie Rae, Roxie Rae. She's well versed in many of the things that tease and please (if she allows it). I still haven't got the chance to meet her in person, but I did get to find out just a little more about her. I'll just have to save that hands on inspect of those feet for when our paths cross!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
I have tiny feet. My shoe size is a 5.

What are your favorite kind/style of shoes?
I am obsessed with high heels. I have a huge collection and just can't get enough of them.

Are those feet ticklish? If so, what spots are the most ticklish?
Yes! My feet are so ticklish. I shouldn't be giving this info away, but tickling in between my toes provides for real tickle torture. Don't get any ideas though!

When it comes to pedicures, what color and/or style is your favorite?
Pink! It's my favorite color. I love having natural nails and toes and getting gels put on. Every time I get to look down and see pink on my feet it makes me smile.

When it comes to sweaty feet, what kind of footwear makes yours sweat the most?
Pantyhose! Oh my god, do not put me in heels and hose and have me on my feet all day or you will get some stinky smells from my soles.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
I don't mind toe rings or foot jewelry, but don't wear them often. I should, however, because toe rings are so pretty.

Do you like wearing stockings or pantyhose? Do you prefer one over the other?
I wear both stockings and pantyhose. I love them both and don't really have a preference, although CDRs are my absolute favorite brand of pantyhose.

What is your favorite foot fetish "activity," if you will?
I have to pick just one? God, I love it all! I guess if I have to say a favorite, I'll say foot worship - both ends of it! I love having my feet worshiped, but also love to worship women's feet too.

If you could pick two different celebrities, one to massage each foot while you laid back and relaxed, who would they be?
Robert Downey Jr. because he is my super celeb crush and Bradley Cooper because he's a foot guy and I know he'd do it right!

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first come to learn of foot fetishism? What were your initial thoughts about the idea of someone being turned on by feet?
I guess I have always kind of known about foot fetishism, but when I started in the industry four to five years ago is when I learned much more about it and how broad it is. I think it's a great fetish allows people to be creative!

When did you realize just how common foot fetishes actually are?
When I first started fetish modeling I had no idea that our fetish community was so big! I'm so happy it is though.

How have your thoughts changed, if any, in all the years since you first discovered the fetish?
Over the years I have come to appreciate fetishes more and more. At first it was fun to me, where now I have developed the lifestyle.

For those people out there who are ashamed or embarrassed by having a foot fetish, what would you tell them?
I would tell them to embrace it! It's great to be able to live your life without fear and there is a whole fetish community that will support them. I encourage everyone to be themselves and love for themselves. Life is too short to be ashamed or hide it.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
I have been a model for about four to five years and a producer for three to four years.

Were you always modeling your feet, or did you start out doing something else?
I started my journey in the adult industry, dancing. I thank god that I did because if not, I may have never ended up doing fetish work.

When did you first open your clips stores?
September 2011 is when I opened my first fetish clips store.

How has the fan reaction been?
My fans are amazing! My fans keep me going. They are the reason i do fetish and are my biggest support system. I am so blessed and it's all because of my fans. Without them, I would be nothing.

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
That's my favorite part of my job. I love hearing fan reactions and comments. I always encourage my fans to write.

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
Thank you!

Your clips stores cover a massive amount of sub-genres of foot fetishism as well as other non-foot fetish kinks on your clips stores. What all can people expect to find when browsing the clips available on your stores?
Oh my gosh! So much! I try to cover every fetish I enjoy. If I'm not into it, I won't do it. On my sites you can find: foot worship, foot smelling, foot humiliation, pantyhose, high heels, dangling, shoe play, brat girls, foot play, footjobs, dirty feet, Femdom, foot domination, foot smother, foot tickling, and many, many more sub genres.

You have a wide variety of different models featured on your stores. Before we get to them, what kind of things can people find Roxie Rae partaking in the videos?
I pretty much do everything that I ask my models to do. I love foot worship. I love foot domination. I love doing point of view (POV). I love being a brat girl. I have a very open mind and love trying new things as well. Almost nothing is off limits when it comes to the foot fetish.

One thing I have to say is you seem like you are a natural tease when it comes to men adoring you and your feet. Is that something you enjoy doing to the boys?
I love to tease! It's sort of my thing!

Some of your clips focus on things such as small penis humiliation, tease/denial, FemDom, and jerk off instructions. Were you surprised to learn that there are guys out there who are turned on by you being in total control of them, even to the extent of them getting no release whatsoever?
Yes! I was surprised to find this out. Something about having the power turns me on too. It's a two way street.

Do you do customs? If so, what's the best way for fans to contact you if they're interested?
Yes, of course I do customs. If there is a custom I won't or can't do, I do have other models available to do them as well. For customs the best way to reach me is via email at

Were there any other models/producers out there who helped get you started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
Taylor Raz first and foremost has been a god send and helped me in my career so much. Also, Whitney Morgan and Steve Savage. Everyone at Clips4Sale has been amazing to me as well. This community of models and producers has been great to me. I can't even begin to list the people who have helped me out, but I will try: Footongues, Jason Ninja, Candle Boxx, Pantyhose Jon, Alexis Grace, Ruby Luster, RAO Entertainment, and every single model who has worked for or with me. I'm sure I'm forgetting people in my list.

Other than your own stores, what other sites/producers have you modeled for?
Wow! A lot! Some of my favorites are: Bratty Foot Girls, Bratty Babes Own You, any Whitney Morgan and Candle Boxx site, Hypno Hi Jinx, Jim Hunter's Lair, Footongues, Tony Korleone, Tickle Cuties, etc... I think there are too many to list.

Who are some of the many models people can also find on your stores? 
Whiteny Morgan, Taylor Raz, Ivy Sinn, Morgan Del Ray, Bella Ink, Chi Chi Medina, Sadie Holmes, Lela Beryl, Orias, Alexis Grace, Nikki Next, Candle Boxx, Natalie Laine, Ayanna, Simona, Mandy Candy, Andi Page, Laci Star, Bailey Paige, Brandy Jaymes, Britteni Bank, Trixie Hans Solo, Dixie Comet, Star Nine, Jolene Hexx, Dakota Charms, Cherry Morgan, Katie Cummings, Asia Perez, GiGi Lyn, Sarah Diavola, Liz River, Michelle Maverick, Allura sky, Miss Crash, Elan Kane, Scarlet Lush, Darling Rikki, Sydney Screams, Sioux Sinner, Amanda Winchester, Goddess Rachel DD, Goddess Dee, Lizzy Lamb, Ashley Graham, Paris, Carmen, Mia, Brooke, Iliana, Lilith Astaroth, Jordan, Autumn, Becky LeSabre, Dacy Lynn, and many many more.

It seems like you have a lot of "fun" when there are other girls in your clips. Is this true and do you enjoy other girls feet?
Yes and yes! I love working with other models and combining personalities. Variety is the spice of life and I never fake it. I want to get my hands and mouth on all the sexy feet I can.

Are there any models you hope to one day shoot with or feature on your stores? If so, who?
Yes. There are always new models entering the industry and old ones I would love to work with. That list could go on forever. I welcome all new and old talent and am ready and willing to work with all of those models who would like to work with me.

Are there any other producers out there who you're looking to work with sometime in the future? If so, who?
Yes. Let's just say I created a list of producers I must work with while I am still modeling. One by one, I hope to be able to work my way down the list. Those producers know who they are.

What are some of your favorite shoots/videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
I love all the shoots I do. I do not accept shooting invitations or jobs if I don't think I will enjoy them or if they are past my limits. My custom shoots are always the most memorable. I get the best customs from fans.

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Yes. The Internet gives us the world at the end of our finger tips. It is the one thing that puts us all together.

What can people expect to see from your stores in the future?
I'm going to keep doing my thing on my clips stores. All your customs get posted there and lots of silly ideas I have for shoots. I'm always up for hearing requests or suggestions. I hope to keep expanding and growing with industry and times.

How to Find Roxie Rae

Twitter: @roxie_rae
Instagram: @roxieraefetish