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Crystal's Interview (Cock Trample City)

"I love crushing and trampling, especially balls. Crushing a set of balls makes me feel good."

Since I began doing this Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog back in July 2014, I've always wanted to interview someone who specializes in this facet of foot fetishism - cock and ball torture (CBT). As someone who was introduced to some ballbusting and mid-range levels of CBT by a few dominate ladies in the past, I can honestly say it is a kink I never expected to enjoy. But I did, especially when it's tied to my fetish for women's feet.

A number of weeks ago I reached out to the webmaster of Cock Trample City and asked him if he'd like to take part in an interview for this blog. When I saw he had replied, I was surprised to see that he wanted one of his models, Crystal, to be the one interviewed instead. I figured the webmaster would be the one doing the interview, but I really liked the idea of Crystal doing it too. Honestly, I'd very much like to also have the webmaster take part in a future interview. It would be great to hear the male's perspective on this topic, but for now, you get to read about how one of Cock Trample City's main models came to enjoy foot fetishism and CBT. She really enjoys stepping down and crushing a set of balls, especially when her crushing them results in a load of cum being shot all over the place.

Any volunteers? 

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick (

Some of the Basics
What size shoes do you wear?
A US 8, or EU 38.

I've seen you wear some shoes in some of your work. Do you have a massive shoe collection and what are some of your favorite kinds of shoes?
I love high heels and boots. They're not that comfy though. I do have huge shoe collection.

I know your feet are mostly used to stepping on stuff, which we'll get to in a bit. Are your feet, however, known for ever being smelly? If so, how smelly do you feet get?
They smell, but aren't usually stinky. If I wear sneakers without socks, however, they can be stinky.

When it comes to pedicures, what colors and designs are among your favorites? A model friend of mine said you have cute toes when I showed her some samples of your cock and ball torture (CBT) footjob work.
I love red and French Pedicures the most. I have long smooth toes and toe nails.

Do you have ticklish feet? If so, how ticklish would you describe them to be?
They are a little ticklish, but not too much.

Ever find yourself wearing any foot jewelry like toe rings?
Yes, I love toe rings and anklets. I usually wear anklets.

When it comes to stockings, what are some of your favorite colors and styles to wear?
I like to wear black and red knee high stockings. I also wear fishnets.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
I love crushing and trampling, especially balls. Crushing a set of balls makes me feel good.

Since you specialize in trampling and cock CBT, if you could have any male celebrities under your powerful feet, who would they be and what are you doing to them?
Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock.

Discovering the Fetishes
When it comes to your feet, when did you first realize that there are people out there who adored feet? What did you think about that at first?
When I was in high school, one of the boys in my class was complimenting me on my feet. After that moment, I noticed the beauty of my feet. Since then, I find them to be two of the most beautiful parts of my body.

How about trampling? When did you first learn that some people get turned on by being stepped on? What were your feelings on that?
My ex-boyfriend was into foot fetishism and I began to trample him a lot. He then began getting turned on by trampling, so now trampling is my fetish. I can trample someone for hours.

And then there is the CBT... Would you ever have expected that there would be a kink where men would be turned on by having their genitals squished, beat up, flattened, teased, and whatever other words you can find to describe what you could do to them using your feet? What feelings did you have about this kink when you first learned of it?
I knew about footjobs, but not CBT at the beginning. Then I found out about CBT. It seemed enjoyable and I still enjoy crushing cocks and balls under my feet.

Of course everyone has heard of handjobs and blowjobs, but do you remember the first time you heard of a footjob? Thoughts on it at that time?
I saw it online when I was in high school.

Do you remember your first ever experiences dealing with each of the kinks below? Were they in private, or something you first did on camera? Care to let us in on how they came about, or some fun details of the experiences?

  • Foot fetishism - It's my life. I love being pampered and worshiped, specifically on my feet. Foot fetishism is my lifestyle. 
  • Trampling - Trampling and jumping, make men suffer under my feet. Indispensable. 
  • CBT - CBT is my favorite. I can't go without trampling balls. 
  • Footjobs - I'm very talented when it comes to footjobs. 

Now that you have some experience in all four things talked about above, can you tell us how your feelings toward each has changed over time, if they have at all?
  • Foot fetishism - I was born for foot fetishism. 
  • Trampling - It is enjoyable. It's good to trample men under my feet. 
  • CBT - It was my favorite when I began and it still is. 
  • Footjobs - I love them. 

Modeling & the Internet

What led you to your adult modeling career? Did you do any modeling prior, or was this your first venture?
I did some hand modeling and fair hostess stuff. Since I was already into foot fetishism, it just happened. I'm happy for that.

What websites can people find you on and what is the theme(s) of each?
I'm not online on social media sites, but they can check my website at:

For many people having a camera turned on during sexual moments creates tension. How was performing on camera in the beginning for you?
It wasn't stressful for me, I enjoyed it. They said, "You did great job."

As time progressed, has it become easier for you to perform in your content? If so, what factors came into play to make that true?
Experience. Doing these things in private is completely different than being in front of cameras. I'm very experienced now and love what I'm doing.

It seems like some of the women I know who get into foot fetish themed work are a little taken back by trampling, at first. Some go on to understand and learn the ins and outs of the kink through some of the people they work with. How has your feelings and understandings about trampling changed over the years?
I'm never scared to trample someone with my feet. I enjoyed my first trampling session and I still love trampling stuff today.

I, myself, enjoy some CBT, although I'm not into massive amounts of pain. I'd have to say that I've had some women scared to try CBT because they think they're going to hurt me, or are scared they're not going to be good at it. Were you ever scared yourself?
No, I was never scared. If the person wants his balls trampled, he should not worry with me. I'm a kind of sadistic person, however.

I have to say, your techniques for CBT look intense, but often pleasurable. How awesome is it to be able to beat up a cock and balls only to see it squirt cum out of the enjoyment of the session?
It's a wonderful thing to see cum squirt out of a man's penis with the pressure of my feet! It's tantalizing.

Even though I do not shoot adult content for my site, sometimes I'm lucky enough to have some off camera fun with some of my models. One particular model of mine is curious about ballbusting and CBT. Can you give her, or any other women out there, some advice on techniques, or little tricks of the trade?
It's all about the pressure level and angles. She should watch some CBT videos before trying to do it.

I have never been in a cock box before. What are the advantages of including one in your CBT play?
In order to apply full weight pressure on a cock and balls, the cock box is a must. You cannot crush a cock and balls without it because of the human anatomy.

I see that you sometimes incorporate shoes, stockings, and other footwear into your scenes. Is that done because of fan requests, or is it something that you and/or your producer enjoy in the scenes yourselves? Maybe both?
Both are true. My fans have very creative ideas. My producer doesn't like footwear stuff though. He is a barefoot guy.

The model friend I mentioned above, has tossed around some ideas for including her footwear into some possible ballbusting and CBT play – such as high heels. How does including shoes and such change your techniques, if it does at all?
I've done some shoejob and CBT videos wearing shoes. I need to feel it, however, so I prefer barefoot CBT.

Do you ever get to read any of fan feedback to your scenes? If so, what do you think about the positive comments out there? How does it make you feel that people are turned on so much by what you do?
Compliments and positive feedback are the rewards of this job. I love reading comments. I feel great when I read them.

Take a minute and speak directly to all your fans. What would you like to tell those who enjoy and support your work?
I love you all. Thank you for supporting and buying my clips. I would love to hear your opinions on my feet and clips. Please continue to buy my clips.

Where do you see yourself moving forward? Are you looking to produce even more content, or even try something new?
I love foot fetishism and trampling. I also love being filmed. I would like to create a fetish studio/fetish club, one day.

Before we wrap up, is there anything you'd like to add about what we've talked about, or people you'd like to mention?
I love you guys. If you have any idea, you can share with me. You can order custom clips or buy my clips on any of the sites below.

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