Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sarah Diavola's Interview

"To see the ache of an edged cock or the pleading twitch of blue balls is extremely satisfying to me. It's turbo charged desire."

Those super soft, oh so wrinkled soles of Sarah Diavola. Much like all of you, I know I don't deserve them and Sarah is ever so kind enough to remind us that we don't. That being said, if you're like me, you'd welcome those feet busting your balls and edging your cock to the edge of countless orgasms, only to leave you denied. What would follow that, you ask? Well, it better be a thank you!

Sarah Diavola is the Fem Domme Brat. She'll tell you as much and does so in the interview below. This isn't the first time I've turned to Sarah for one of the features on the Wu's Feet Links blog sites, but this is her first full length interview. She's someone who I immediately thought of when I began doing these blog sites last here. I'm so happy and honored to have her featured here.

If you haven't checked out her work before, I honestly don't know what you're waiting for. Just this week I picked up her clip, "Ruined Footjob" from her site, SarahDiavola.com. The teasing description of whether or not we'd be allowed to cum was all I needed. And just like a recent popular movie release, I won't spoil the ending for you. Spoiling is Sarah's job - one she loves to do, by the way.

Once again, I'm very happy to have Sarah featured here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. This is probably one of the most detailed interviews to appear on the site to date. I thank her for taking the time to answer these questions and for giving us a glimpse into what it is to be the Fem Domme Brat. 

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick (solesofsilk.com) 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
I had always thought I was a size 6 US. I've learned that I'm more accurately a 5.5, and one of my feet is slightly larger than the other. Good luck to me in finding a perfect fit. Ankle straps are the best because they keep the shoe on no matter what. Pumps are difficult to get a perfect size. However, my size is always the display model. I've taken the last pair several times because I always win.

When it comes to shoes, what are your favorite kinds/styles to wear? Why?
Wedges - Invented by Salvatore Ferragamo, they are the ultimate in style meeting comfort. They feel like sandals, but look like style. Platforms are always better than no platform because they ease the strain of the arch without compromising sexy height. I usually end up in cute flats, but I'm trying to wear my extensive heel collection more often. My office/studio is a shrine to shoe porn.

I'm a huge fan of smelling a woman's feet. What kind of shoes do you think make your feet smell the most? Would you say you're feet get quite stinky, or are you one of those girls who "claim" they never stink?
Flats. Knit, especially. Uggs tend to smell musty and so do plastic flats. When my feet get stinky, they are fucking heaven. Ask my boyfriend, who smells feet for a living. Mine are his favorite. My scent is perfect and should be a benchmark for proper foot scent. There are many ways to coax out one's deep foot aroma. I used to claim that my feet never stunk, until my current boyfriend said, "You're wrong – they are the most specific smell I've ever wanted." So there.

Would those adorable feet of yours happen to be ticklish? And what are your thoughts on tickling? Do you enjoy being tickled, or even tickling someone else?
Do not fucking tickle me, or you will get an instinctive punch to the face. Not your junk – your face. I only enjoy sensual tickling on my feet and the insides of my arms. It balances an excitement with a soothing satisfaction.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
Yes! I need a new round of jewelry, as a matter of fact. It’s the perfect way to sneak in a little Goddess into your every day attire. It's like a magnet for foot freaks. They zoom right in and then I know I've got them hooked. I've made men run into things at grocery stores. True story. (see Amazon wishlist link)

A lot of foot fetishists also love seeing feet adorned in stockings. Do you enjoy wearing stockings? If so, what kinds/styles are your favorites to wear?
No stay-ups! They smoosh your sexy meat and are worthless because what is a stocking without a garter? Pantyhose bring back that young Princess feeling. When I was little, I felt like a fantasy grown-up when I wore what I called "shiny shoes" and pantyhose. The click-clack of the heels and the smooth tightness of the hose made me feel powerful.

I don't like the "control top" and prefer the smallest gusset possible. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to find truly "sheer to waist" pantyhose. It also amazes me how specific my fans get about their pantyhose preferences. Sheer, opaque, shiny, matte, super sparkle shiny… Can you say "Hooters?" Everyone has a trigger. (see Amazon wishlist link)

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
Sensual foot worship by someone who knows what they’re doing and is very careful/meticulous. I can tell if you’re in it for yourself or are as sloppy as a high school virgin kisser. Less tongue, more precision. I want you to melt into my spirit when you worship my feet.

I also enjoy playing footsie with my boyfriend and seeing him react. It's no fun if he doesn't react. Then there's the expert foot rub. Very few have mastered this. If you want to be good at it, I suggest reading up on musculature and reflexology.

Pick any two celebrities to have some foot fetish fun with. Who do you pick and what happens in this fantasy scenario?
No. Well, ok. Quentin Tarantino. I know how cliche that is, yes. We'd have a crazy party night and make some fucked-up noir/pulp films, and no one would ever get to know who directed them. I want to come away from that with some killer footage. Oh my god... Get it? Footage. I'm here all night. Tip your waitress.

Discovering the Fetish

How old were you when you first learned of foot fetishism? How did make this discovery?
I don’t remember. I recall it was the first joke I heard regarding "freaky people." I remember looking at my feet one day, propped up on a window in a softball league van, and thinking, "Man, I wish guys were attracted to feet because these are aesthetically perfect." 

Foot appreciation is a matter of proportion and balance, plus a few personal preferences. Some like the long second toe, and some can't stand it. I find the whole issue fascinating and learn new things every day. If you think you know it all, you are truly empty. I prefer to dig to new depths on a regular basis.

Upon learning of the fetish, what were your initial thoughts on the idea of someone being turned on by feet - even yours?
Of course. That makes sense.

Having all the foot fetish experiences you've had now, have your feelings toward the fetish changed in any way? Have you opened up even more to it?
I don't think I could date someone who doesn't appreciate feet. I actually wish my boyfriend loved them more - and he does seem to love them. If anything, I've learned more about foot boys - they're vast. It's a tragic mistake to think that they're all submissive or that they all like the same thing. It's just like boobs and ass. That's the only common denominator and the rest is personal and a part of your individual love map.

Foot fetish men have a tendency to notice the small things, which every woman appreciates. They are open-minded enough to receive new information. That said, you boys can be just as ignorant as the next. A guy who's into feet can insult and be offended by more niche fetishes – as if they've forgotten how it feels to be ostracized for your personal preferences. In addition, because foot fetishism is so "vanilla," the online foot fan base has a good proportion of douchebaggery – that is, self-serving entitlement that is characteristic of mainstream porn fans. I once had a loser tell me he wanted to "rape" my feet. That's fucked up, boys.

Yes, certain fetishes carry their own type of personality. Certain fetishes tend to lend themselves (or vice versa?) to personality types. Yes, we talk about you, and yes, there are certain fetishes I do not film, specifically because I don't want to deal with that specific asshole/entitled fan base. That's for another conversation. Oh god, how I want to talk about a few in particular…

On a side note, please know that you're mostly predictable. When you approach us with no respect, then we reject you and you immediately turn to violent threats and insults. You're not special. Rather, you are ride-the-short-bus "special" and just one of a million nobodies on the internet.

Modeling & the Internet

When did you first break into modeling? Was foot fetish modeling something you did right away?
I don't remember. Yes, foot fetish was one of my earliest areas of expertise. I think I've answered this already.

Can you recall any of your earliest memories from doing foot fetish shoots? What was it like posing your feet those first few times?
I know how to pose my feet to show them off perfectly.

Now that you've done more foot fetish shoots that I'm sure you can remember, what has the fan reception been like?
Everyone is in love with my tiny, highly-arched, insanely-wrinkled feet.

If you could say anything to all of your fans here, what would you tell them?
Go buy my clips and send me all of your money and gifts. Let's go. Move it.

You helped me out with the first Wu's Feet Links Column Blog entry I did when the blog was first launched - "FemDom: When You're Her Bitch." In the piece you talked about some of the aspects of FemDom when combined with foot fetishism. Have you always been into this aspect of foot fetishism, or did it come with time?
Always. I've always performed from a position of power.

Why do you think FemDom blends so well with foot fetishism? What kinds of things do you do when dominating a man using your feet?
You're literally worshiping the ground I walk on. Worshiping my feet puts you directly beneath me. That's where a sub belongs. I would venture to say that's where all men belong.

It also looks like you combine some of those FemDom aspects with footjobs too. What is it like to edge a man, or leave him with blueballs following one of those masterful footjobs of yours?
It feels awesome. It infuses power and pleasure into my feet because I see exactly what they do to him. To see the ache of an edged cock or the pleading twitch of blue balls is extremely satisfying to me. It's turbo-charged desire.

I have to say, your soft looking feet sure do seem like they can milk a cock better than many others in the business. When was the first time you gave a footjob and was it for a scene?
I wanted to try it out, so I made a boyfriend let me use his dick as a guinea pig. He was shocked how much he liked it and asked me to do it again later. I've found out that he has developed a slight foot fetish. Oops.

Were you a natural at footjobs or was it something that took some practice?
It's just a matter of using muscles in a way that is unfamiliar, but it's kind of like riding a bike. Once your muscles and coordination find their flow, it's very fluid. Some positions are better than others and every dick likes it different. It's necessary to match a comfortable position with whatever motion excites the cock the most, to be efficient and drive him insane - and there are even more variables when you want to film the foot job.

I've had footjobs from girls who had very wrinkly soles - like yours. Sadly, they weren't yours. Not sure I'm worthy to experience that, but I'm getting sidetracked here. I think wrinkly soles enhance a footjob a ton. Have you ever heard that from any of the guys lucky enough to experience one from you?
Those guys were/are three boyfriends. They may need to be reminded of just how lucky they were to be chosen by me! No, they generally haven't given me the gift of describing how and why they liked the footjob. I prefer to be talked to and discuss intimate things, as well as have my body verbally worshiped. I need feedback. So maybe, like most sexual things with males, they forget how bad they wanted it after they get it. 

The best way to get what I want is to tease and never deliver, keeping them in excited verbal description mode. That's what I do to all of you, essentially. Lesson: communicate with the person who is giving you pleasure. It turns women on to hear you describe what you like and what you think about her. I promise. Get over yourself and talk.

Would you rather milk a load of cum out of a cock using your feet or edge him to the point of no return countless times without ever letting him cum?
Footjob for cocks that I like. Edging and denial for boys who need to be controlled.

The question that everyone always ponders - does size matter? Seems like you really enjoy putting down the small cocks out there.
It does, to an extent. Micro penises had better get amazing jobs and learn to worship the pussy and body like a professional. Average sized dicks need to remember that they are replaceable. Giant dicks are fun toys but often lack skill. It's important to match the value of the dude attached with the dick at hand.

I see you've also done ballbusting. Even though your feet are super soft, can they put a hurting on a set of balls? Or is this something I should totally experience myself and then report back on once I'm able to stand up again?
The tops of the feet are the impact point. A king-sized mattress is soft too, but if you get hit hard by one at maximum velocity, it's going to hurt. Softness has nothing to do with anything. I often sustain impact abrasions on the tops of my feet, and ballbusting bruises the tops of the feet each time. Once I start bleeding, I let my girl friends take the wheel.

When was the first time you did ballbusting? Did you enjoy it right away and were you scared you might hurt the guy initially?
I figured, "Hey, he volunteered to be here. His dick is hard. Apparently it's fine. Keep kicking harder."

Aside from the foot fetish and FemDom items we've discussed, what other fetishes or kinks do you incorporate into your own work on SarahDiavola.com? Anything of a less "dominant" nature?
I’m a Fem Domme Brat. Accept it.

Are there any particular fetishes or kinks you just mentioned that you really enjoy doing? If so, why?

I really enjoy foot worship and don't get enough of it, surprisingly. I also love needle/sound play, strap-on, and ass worship. It feels amazing and super powerful to have a little tongue worship my ass.

Are there any fetishes out there you haven't done that you've been wanting to try?
I want to learn proper rope techniques and how to wield a bullwhip. I'm practicing.

I see you work with quite a few other fetish models in the business on your site - some of which who have also done interviews and helped out with columns here on Wu's Feet Links. Would you say the fetish community is generally good people?
Yes. There are some macho boys who feel entitled to their favorite body part, and feet are certainly one of those, but in general, foot fetishists are lovely - and they're not all subs. That is very important to remember.

Was there someone in the industry - model, photographer, or producer - who got you into doing fetish work?
I first did sneezing and belly button videos for a photographer in Rochester. I was exposed to Clips4Sale via a clip store I will not mention. Then I did it myself. I started posting in a foot group (Raw Feet) on MySpace, which was fun as hell and opened up my creativity as well as my love for the fetish. I followed my niche crowd, which ended up being fetish clip producers and financial domination circles. I’m still close to the women I met so many years ago, whether online or in person.

Do you still work with other producers for their own sites, or are you strictly doing your own content now? I sure would love to see those feet of yours on Soles of Silk one day. I'm sure it would be fun times to work with you.
I rarely work for other producers. I trade with friends, and even that I've been limiting lately. I work best alone. If I'm going to be hired for something, it has to be worth my while or super fun.

How did opening your own site, SarahDiavola.com, come about?
I figured out where this guy was posting our videos, since he refused to tell us. It turns out it was Clips4Sale, so I opened my own store and ran with it. SarahDiavola.com redirects to Clips4Sale.com/14248.

Where do you see your site and work going in the future?
I've always had a hard time focusing on building my empire, but that has recently changed. My site and my work are going straight to the bank, no stops.

When it comes to your work, do you accept custom requests from your fans? If so, how can they best reach you for custom orders?
You can email me at sdiavola@gmail.com to request a custom. I have not only never had a complaint, I've created downright addicts with my customs. I'm fair and accurate. I do not use PayPal, as they will shut you down for having anything whatsoever to do with adult content – I prefer other methods, which I will mention discreetly in emails. Amazon gift cards are fine, but I'm just going to spend it all on cat food. OK, OK... and pretty dresses and stockings. And jewelry. And hair shit. And shoes.

You can also order a custom through IWantClips.com, as I receive 100 percent commission on customs there. No one else offers that.

Do you think that the internet has helped people experience more fetishes, such as foot fetishism, and become more comfortable with their own kinks? If so, how does it feel to be someone who helps those people understand their own turn ons?
I love bringing people closer to accepting their fetishes and embracing them. It's healthy. If you don't express those deep desires, they will come out in other forms, such as aggression and making up fairy tales like the need for "men's rights activism." Don’t be a joke - accept your perversions.

Anything you'd like to add about foot fetishism, other fetishes, your site, or just the business in general before we wrap up?
I'm the coolest person you'll never get to meet.

How to Find Sarah Diavola

IWantClips: IWantClips.com/store/716
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