Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goddess Red Velvet's Interview

"BBC is king! End of story! Nothing like Gary's perfect cock sliding between my soles or toes. It is so perfect."

When it comes to interracial footjobs, two of my favorite white feet to watch drain a BBC (big black cock) belong to Goddess Red Velvet. This girl can use her big size 11's to milk every last gooey drop of cum from a set of balls, well, that is if she's letting you have an orgasm. Obviously that means she has a teasing side to her and that's yet another thing that makes Red Velvet a favorite of mine. I have even reached out to her about possibly posing for Soles of Silk one day. We really do have to make that happen!

Last month I interviewed Red Velvet's partner in crime (or is it partner in lust?), Gary a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood (see interview: Mr. Hollywood). This month it's her turn to open up about some of her views on foot fetishism, how her size 11 feet got introduced to the web, and even share some naughty tidbits about her and her passion for Mr. Hollywood's BBC.

If you're like me and love the "everyday girl" turned naughty foot gal, then Red Velvet is right up your alley. If you haven't checked out her content before, do yourself a favor and do it. But for now, check out what she had to say in this first Wu's Feet Links interview of 2015.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What is your shoe size?
A size 11. Bigger is better!

What are some of your favorite styles of shoes?
Anything that's on the status of "stripper heels" instantly appeals to me!

Are those feet of your ticklish at all? If they are, what spots are the most ticklish?
My arches are so ticklish! And maybe under my toes. Maybe a tickle artist needs to explore all the nooks and crannies of my luscious soles to find any more spots.

With a name like "Red Velvet," are we to assume that your favorite color for your toenails is red? If not, what colors do you love having on your toes? Do you like nail designs?
I love changing my nails every week! The first time I met Gary, Mr. Hollywood, he christened me Red Velvet in response to my hair and the softness of my soles. As far as my desired pedi, the more "crazy" it is, the better! I have said on so many occasions, "Just go crazy! Do something no one else has asked for!" 

What type of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly as well?
My sneakers that I wear to work five days a week smell indescribable for any foot-stink expert. Pure sexy foot perfume, with hints of lotion and a slight vinegar finish. I guess at this point all my flats smell too. Shit, everything smells! And I can't have it any other way. I sniff my own shoes after taking them off just to gauge the scent - socks too. I want them to be irresistible to a foot fetish connoisseur.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
Toe rings and anklets in the summer are basically mandatory for me, but in the winter boots and sneakers aren't too accommodating. Guess I should move to Florida so I can wear cute toe rings every day.

What do you think of stockings and pantyhose? Do you like wearing either one, or even prefer one over the other?
Oh God, bless the person who created fishnets! I absolutely love fishnets. Stockings and hose are the second best thing to being perfect, in my opinion. They create an illusion of contact, but don't actually allow it. Such a game... 

What is your favorite foot fetish "activity," if you will?
Massage! I absolutely melt when my arches are rubbed and loved on. Second is footjobs. I love being in control and having a cock throbbing, needing relief, between my feet.

If you could pick two different celebrities, one to massage each foot while you laid back and relaxed, who would they be? Any particular reasons why?
Harrison Ford and Tyson Beckford! Indiana Jones vs. perfection in the form of humanity. What else would any girl want?

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first discover that there was a thing called a foot fetish?
I was late to the game. I just thought my rather unnatural enjoyment of pedicures was my inner freak displaying herself yet again... I'm a damn kinky woman.

What were your early views toward the idea that someone would be turned on by your feet?
Thankfully, the first person to ever let me know how beautiful my feet were, and that was fine by me, was a good friend. I always melted over foot rubs, but I didn't know that was 100 percent fine!

How have your thoughts changed as time progressed? If so, what do you think were some of the factors that inspired the change?
Perspective! Having a fetish doesn't make you different. Everyone is different, but that doesn't mean anyone is more correct than that next. Just be who you are. Love who loves you and fuck everyone else.

For those people out there who are ashamed or embarrassed by having a foot fetish, what would you tell them?
Don't be! Embrace that, and run with it. If you have beautiful feet, or live to see them, that is who you are! Never disguise that in order to please someone else. A judgmental person will never be accepting, and no one would ever hate on someone who gets themselves and is doing the best for who they truly are.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Four-plus years. That being said, when life comes up, I always take a break to handle that first.

When did you first open your clips store?
A couple years ago. So much foot love and no reason not to share it. Especially once I met Gary and he started teaching me how to cut and edit footage.

How has the reaction been from the fans?
Wonderful! I couldn't ask for any more fan love. So much positivity and so little negativity. I appreciate my fans as much as they love my soles and cute lil' toes!

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
Humbling... Just being humbled. I was lucky enough to have perfect feet that love being loved on. When my Twitter (@OMGSexyFeet) and Instagram (@Goddess_Red_Velvet) blow up from fans, I just smile.

What sub-genres of foot fetishism, or other kinks can people find on your clips store?
Footjobs, interracial, some play in penetration, CBT, which I want to do a lot more of, and teasing. Also I have done deep throat and gagging, pantyhose play, and torture for private videos. I'm happy to fulfill desires, bitches!

You have a lot of interracial footjob content on your store. Is this something you enjoy, maybe even prefer, or is it because it's a popular genre for many?
BBC is king! End of story! Nothing like Gary's perfect cock sliding between my soles or toes. It is so perfect! 

Having done so many clips with Mr. Hollywood (@MrHollywood95), it's obvious your feet have acquired lots of mileage (or is that inches?) when it comes to giving footjobs. Are footjobs something you enjoy?
I really love pleasing his BBC with my perfect toes and soft soles! If it pleases him, I'm down and I'm not just talking about foot fetish here.

Mr. Hollywood is known for being, well, quite large! In all honesty, do like prefer giving footjobs to a larger cock like his?
Small dicks and and large cocks both have their "wins." Small cocks are easier to slide my toes over, yet large cocks allow me more room to play. As far as foot play is concerned, I like both! As far as what I what to sleep next to, well that's obvious.

Do you remember your first footjob? Were you a pro right away, or did it take some practice? Many girls admit that they're not always the easiest thing in the world.
I was a wreck! The person I alluded to earlier that let me know how pretty my feet were was the first person to ever receive my feet on his cock. I asked him, "Can you show me how to make you cum?" He gladly obliged. And less than a week later, I met Gary. I'm glad I had a breaking in first.

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