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Jamie Daniels' Interview

"I get excited to know that someone is enjoying a video that I created for them. I don't care what fetish it is, I like shooting new ideas all the time."

I started my first website in 1998 and Soles of Silk in 2004. In the years since I've come across many beautiful foot models that have come and gone. To find one who has stuck around for many years can be rare, but that is the case with Jamie Daniels. Not only is Jamie a foot model many have come to love, but she's also well-versed on the production side as well - something she even talks about in her interview below.

I'm happy to have Jamie here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog and she was immediately on board with being the subject of an interview when I contacted her. People like her have been ones you've seen for years popping in and out of Wu's Feet Links, so many of you know she's legit when it comes to the quality and passion that goes into her work. For any of you who might not be familiar with her, be sure to check out her work on her sites found below. Now, onto her interview!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
Currently I am a 6.5. I used to be a 6, but after the birth of my daughter, they grew half a size.

When not on set, what are you favorite kinds of shoes to wear and why?
When not on set, my favorite shoes are my basic black high heel pumps. They are super comfortable and sex, but nowadays, I don't get to wear them that often and pretty much find myself in sneakers.

As you're well aware, there are many guys out there, myself included, who love smelling a woman's feet fresh from shoes. What kind of shoes make your feet sweat the most? And would you say your feet get pretty smelly or no? 
That all depends. For my feet to smell I need to use sneakers or closed slippers that I have had for a long time. The shoes need to be old and worn with no socks. Pretty much a lot of bacteria needs to build up in the shoes in order for any smell to happen. So if I happen to have some bacteria shoes laying around, then yes, I can get them to smell. Ha!

You've been in some tickling clips, obviously. How ticklish are your feet?
My feet are ticklish depending on the tickler. If someone knows how to tickle, then yes, my feet are ticklish. If someone is just scratching at my soles, then no.

What are your feelings on foot jewelry such as toe rings, anklets, etc.? Do you wear them when not doing scenes?
I like it. I think it's pretty, but in New York City it's unpractical since most of the time I am wearing closed toe shoes to avoid getting injured. I don't wear jewelry.

I've seen you in some awesome shots/scenes wearing stockings. What are your feelings toward them? Do you like to wear them and what kind of hosiery is your favorite?
Hosiery depends on the outfit and if it is in fashion for the season. Right now black pantyhose with a short skirt or dress is in style so yes, I will wear it. Stocking these days are mainly for shoots. They are kind of unpractical for everyday use.

Do you have a favorite color of nail polish to have on those adorable toes of yours, or do you like to change it up all the time?
I like to change it up, but I mostly stick to the classic colors like reds and neutrals. The funky colors like green or blue I am a little too old for.

Of all the countless foot fetish activities out there, what are some of your favorites? And not necessarily for scenes. What ones do you personally like?
I really don't have any.

Discovering the Fetish

How long have you known about foot fetishism in terms that there are people out there who have a fondness for feet to the point of being turned on by them?
I have known about the fetish for a long time - probably since I was a kid. Growing up we were not censored regarding music, TV, or movies so I was exposed to a lot of culture.

When you first learned of foot fetishism, what were your initial feelings toward it? Was it something you found to be odd, different, interesting, etc.?
I definitely did not think it odd or have any bad feelings. Interesting perhaps, but it was so long ago that I did not give it much thought at the time.

Did you have any foot fetish experiences before you began doing foot fetish modeling?
No, not that I remember.

Have you ever had a fan admit to being ashamed or scared to admit their fetish to a significant other? If so, what kind of advice did you give them, or would you give to someone who might be in that boat?
Sure, I get that all the time. Advice is different depending on the person's situation. Sometimes it's important to discuss this with their significant other, especially if it is important for them. Other times it is not, especially if their significant other is strongly against it and there is a lot on the line. Mostly, I tell people don't get involved if you know the other person is not into it and it is very important to you. You both need to be on the same page from the beginning.

Modeling & the Internet

You say on your site,, that you started fetish modeling in 2007 when you debuted on How did that come about?
I was introduced to by Goddess Dee (@NYGoddessDee).

Describe those first sets for What was running through your mind as you showed off those alluring feet for the first time?
It was a while ago, so I don't remember too much. I was there to do a job, which was modeling, so I just wanted to make sure I did the job right.

What was your reaction to all the fans who loved your photos? Did it make you want to keep doing it? Did it influence you in any way?
Since is not my site, I don't really know what kind of reaction there was to the sets. At the time, I already had a fan base and was working on content for my site.

Were you doing any modeling prior to your first appearance on
Just working on content for my site.

Was foot fetish modeling your first exposure to the fetish photography scene or did you do any other fetish genres before trying foot fetishism?
Foot fetish was the first.

When did you first decide to open your own site, Tell us a little about how that came to be, how it has gone, and where you see it going.
Honestly speaking, I don't consider myself a model, even though I do continue to work for other producers - mainly to promote my site. I very much enjoy being behind the camera and creating custom videos specific to my customers' liking. That is why I started my own site. I prefer the creative and business side to it and not the modeling side. I do use my name and image to promote it, however, I much rather prefer shooting than modeling.

In addition to foot fetish material, I've seen some of your scenes where you've incorporated other fetishes such as tickling, humiliation, giantess,  and crushing. Other than just strictly foot fetish material, what other genres do you enjoy doing in your scenes and why?
I will shoot any fetish that is not illegal and nothing enters into the porn aspect - where testing is required. Again, I like to shoot and create customs for my clients. I get excited to know that someone is enjoying a video that I created for them. I don't care what fetish it is, I like shooting new ideas all the time. It is a challenge for me and that is what is exciting.

I have always been a fan of how good you are at playing different roles in your scenes. Whether it is you being a headstrong, business woman type, or even a bratty, ever-so-teasing type, you can fit the part no matter what. Do you have a preference for which roles you like to do in your scene, or do you like to change it up?
I like to play any role that is not submissive or overly sexualized.

You've worked with a lot of other fetish models out there. Is that something you've done from the start, or did that happen once you began producing your own content?
Once I started producing my own content I began to hire different models. That's how I ended up working with them.

Are there any particular models who you like to work with on a regular basis, or do you go more for a variety?
I prefer variety because that is what my customers want. I do enjoy, however, working with Dee, Cali, and Keri most of the time as we are close friends.

While on the topic of other women, it seems like a fair share of foot models have found their way down to your feet. Do you enjoy having a beautiful woman worshiping your heavenly feet? It sure looks like it when watching those scenes.
I have made it no secret that I have no fetishes and I am certainly not into other women. I get hired for a specific role and that is what I do. I enjoy working the ladies and we always have a great time on set - having tons of fun. But I am not into this sexually.

When it comes to those lucky males who have been at your feet in your clips, I notice a fair share of teasing and torment aimed at the guy as he worships your feet. Is that something you enjoy - the teasing/tormenting, or is that something you find fans requesting?
At the time I was producing those clips, it was what the fans were requesting. I do find dominating fun as long as the male talent is into it himself. It's fun to be a bitch and have someone appreciate that side of me.

Other than fetish modeling, are there any other fetish related things you take part in, for example: foot parties, blogs, radio shows, etc.?
No. I used to do the foot parties, but stopped that years ago. I did a radio show, once again, years ago.

You say on your site,, that you thought fetish modeling would be a "short detour" after you decided to call it quits from the fashion industry. What contributed to you sticking around in the fetish industry for this long and are you still enjoying it?
Two things keep me around. One. The ability to work for myself and create my own work schedule. Two. Job satisfaction. I enjoy creating videos that make my clients happy.

How does it feel reading all the positive interactions with fans of your work?
I love to hear back from my customs clients. Positive and constructive criticisms are always welcome as it helps me understand and improve my work. I still have many clients that have ordered from Day One and continue to order. We have established a friendship over the years. This is the most satisfying career.

Do you do custom work for your fans? If so, what's the best way for fans to reach you for details?
Yes, I do custom videos and picture sets. The best way to reach me is through email at

If you could say anything to all your fans, what would it be?Thank you for all the love and continued support over these years.

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