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Adam's Interview (Feet Fair)

"There's nothing sexier to me than seeing a thick heeled woman, from behind, wearing a pair of thin stiletto mules."

This interview is one I've wanted to do for some time. Right around the time I began putting my first foot fetish photos online, back in my college days, there was a site whose work I really admired. It was called Pretty Feet Pictures. I reached out to the photographer/web master of the site, Adam, and found him to be a very cool, down to earth kind of guy. I instantly considered him one of my friends in the ever-so-growing, online foot fetish community.

Over our years online, things have changed for the both of us, but Adam's game really took off when he changed Pretty Feet Pictures into his current site, Feet Fair. Many of us have come to know his photography and we all have different favorites when it comes to his many, top notch models.

A few months ago Adam contacted me personally to tell me that he was thinking of wrapping up production on Feet Fair. He asked me not to say anything until he was certain. Shortly thereafter, he made the same announcement on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Needless to say, many of us were sad to hear of the news, but we all respect Adam for the hard work and dedication in bringing us some of the best foot fetish photos online.

Now that Adam has made his announcement public, I asked him to take part in a interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interview Blog. I wanted to get to know him a little bit better than I already did and give him a chance to tell us some of his stories from his days growing up with a foot fetish, to his early days online, through today. 

Adam, you've always been a class act and I thank you for your constant friendship over our many years online.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

Right off the bat, does size matter when it comes to female feet? Do you have a preference?
Not really. When it comes to feet, shape matters more than size, in my opinion. A model can have beautiful, high arched small feet - Danica's size 5's comes to mind. Or have large high arched feet, like Annette's size 10 toots.

What's your favorite part of a woman's foot? I think we all know this one, but I have to ask it anyhow.
Like most foot fetishist, I’m partial to soles, but I like thick heels just as much. There's nothing sexier to me than seeing a thick heeled woman, from behind, wearing a pair of thin stiletto mules.

What's your favorite when it comes to polish? Any particular colors or designs that you prefer?
I don't care for designs at all, nor do I like French pedicures, so solid colors for me please. My favorite color for nails is probably midnight blue. There are some models, like my bud Giovanna, that wear clear polish best though.

Do you enjoy stockings at all? If so, what kinds?
Yes, I like stockings. The more old fashioned the better. I'm partial to seamed stockings with Cuban heels, and they must be sheer enough to allow a good look at the foot. Seeing side wrinkles like Anastasia's, peeking out of a pair of sheer stockings, means instant boner time for me.

Dream scenario here. If you could have any two celebrities pose their feet for you, who would you pick?
Oww! This is a hard one. Nicole Kidman has really nice arches. Of course, Carmen Electra has outstanding tootsies herself. Then there is Mandy Moore. To be honest, I'm not into that whole Hollywood celebrity thing much, as I prefer foreign films with sub-titles. Yes, I'm that guy. 

I did run into some pics of Yvonne de Carlo the other day, and I'll be damned if that lady didn't have awesome arches. I was a huge fan of The Munsters when I was a little kid, but I never even though about Lilly's feet then. I was actually much more interested in her boobs when I hit puberty, because she always wore that low-cut bosom dress in that show.

Discovering the Fetish

What are your earliest memories when it comes to foot fetishism? Do you know about how old you were when you first began to notice women's feet?
Wow, I was a little boy, and not even living in the United States then. I was born in a beautiful Caribbean town, where everyone knew everyone, and if they didn't, they still greeted each other - sort of like a Hispanic version of Mayberry.  
Back then I had a neighbor who was very petite, I'm talking probably Snooki small, because even when I was about  six or seven, she didn't seem all that much taller than me. Anyways, like Snooki, she had a deep tan and looked like she could have been Indian or Middle Eastern, with tiny, probably size 4, feet. Nevertheless, they were beautifully shaped, with a sweet arch, and a nice contrast between her light soles and darker feet. I was pre-pubescent then, but I just remember being mesmerized by her feet, as well as the feet of one of my doughty aunts. 

My neighbor also always wore flip flops, and would always sit on her front porch and entertain anyone who came a calling, from adults to little kids. She was always dangling her sandals, and arching her feet, but if anyone else besides me noticed, I couldn't tell you.

When you first began to realize that you liked female feet, how did that make you feel? Were you embarrassed by those feelings like many people were/are?
When I was about 10 years old, I remember discovering my dad's girly magazine stash, and being mildly curious as well as a bit repulsed. I mean, at that age, girls are still kind of icky, aren't they? I didn’t pay them that much mind, but a year after, as I was ready to start puberty, I found the stash again, and this time I remember being really interested. 

The only magazine I remember was an old one from the 1950's which had two topless blonde girls, washing a car outdoors while wearing shorts and white five inch mules. All the pics were in black and white, and this being the 50's, the girls had that platinum Marilyn Monroe look, but they both had big boobs. Now I think that maybe my father "accidentally" left those mags where they would easily be found, to sort of "jump start" my puberty, but who knows?

Do you remember your first foot fetish "score," if you will - the first time you actually had a girl allow you access to her feet?
Yeah, back when I was in my late teens, I developed a ridiculous crush on a very cute blonde with very straight hair from New Jersey - so I will call her Blondie. We hung out a bit, but she made it very clear she liked me, but just as a friend. I must say that I was crestfallen when I told her that I wanted to date her seriously, and she shot me down. 

We still hung out, and I remember hanging out at her apartment late on a Friday night, and drinking cheap wine with her cute roommate Megan, who incidentally had introduced me to her. Turns out that Megan had a crush on me, and had very nice size 6 feet of her own, but I was so blinded by Blondie at that point, I didn’t even consider her roomie. Megan drank a bit too much, and finally excused herself and went to bed, while Blondie and I stayed in the living room and chatted late into the night. Being a bit tipsy, and having resigned myself that I was never going to score with Blondie, but because she was always very affectionate to me anyway, I asked her if I could massage her feet. 

At the time Blondie had a job in which she stood most of the time. She readily accepted, and groaned her approval when I laid her face down on the sofa, and started to work my knuckles on her tired size 8 soles. After a bit of that, I casually picked up one foot, and gave it a quick little kiss. Instead of rejecting it, she just laid there placidly, which emboldened me to continue to stroke and kiss her silky smooth toots. To make a long story short, after about 20 minutes, I found myself completely lost in her amazing soles. Blondie had a moderate arch, but her feet were very graceful, milky white and flawless. No bunions, warts, cuts or hair for this young lady - just pure foot perfection. 

As I continued, I started to get more aggressive, sucking her toes, licking her soles, and putting her heels in my mouth. Rather than protest, she managed to stammer, "Wow dude, that’s magic," before passing out on the couch. I had to gently get up, and run into the bathroom to relieve myself, before quietly taking my leave for the night. 

I actually felt very awkward around her after that because, while she considered what happened a very pleasant non-sexual experience for her, I couldn't say the same for myself, of course. We hung out a few more time after that, but never at her place and never at night - not because we didn't want to, it just never came up again. We then slowly drifted away after Megan got a boyfriend, and they moved away. I'll never forget that first experience, where I was able to freely express my fetish without fear of ridicule or rejection.

Did any of the females early on know about your fetish? Did you share that with them, or just keep it to yourself? If you told them did, how did they react to it?
As far as I know, besides Blondie, who must have figured out I had a foot fetish after the night we spent together, I'm not sure anyone else knew about my fetish. I was a bit shy around girls as a teen, and didn't really date much. 

The next person that found out that I had a foot fetish was my first serious, long term girlfriend. It's a weird story, when I met Dina (not her real name), I was only 19 and she was already 32. She had been a flower child back in the 60's and had ran away to San Francisco to drop acid, and do the hippie thing. In spite of our age difference, we got along well, and had sex after our second date. Because I was in the closet about my fetish at the time, I forced myself not to pay much attention to her feet, but that first time we had sex, I saw then in their full glory, and was having my way with them before too long. At this point I must mention that Dina had huge boobs, but even more important for me, huge arches, and her feet would have fit in very well with the likes of Annette, Mona Lisa, Sabrina, and the rest of my high arched models. Needless to say, having access to her feet on an almost daily basis, gave me the chance to indulge my fetish to the hilt. I promptly lost count of how many times I kissed, licked, fucked, and came on her amazing feet. 

The problem was that because of our age difference, she was very insecure of our relationship, especially among girls my age, so we fought a lot. Even though our relationship lasted some four years, it just became unsustainable after a while. I eventually started dating another girl, and even though Dina and I remained friends, we slowly drifted away and eventually lost contact with each other.

Filming & the Internet

You and I go back to about the same time on the Internet when it comes to posting foot fetish pictures. I was a huge fan of Pretty Feet Pictures (PFP) when I was starting out. Could you give us some background about when and how that site came about before Feet Fair was ever even a thought?
When the Internet started to blow up, I found a few places where I could find foot fetish pictures that I could enjoy in the privacy of my own home. I thought I died and went to heaven. I'm surprised my pecker didn’t fall off, if you know what I mean. 

Before starting PFP, I was already thinking of starting a site where I could post free pics of girls' feet, but it would be more in a forum style. At the time I had a cute little German neighbor who had a crush on me. I never did anything with her because I was already in a serious relationship, but nevertheless, she pretty much did anything I asked of her. 

One day, when we were hanging out at her place, I asked her to show me her feet, and then asked if I could take pictures of them. She seemed tickled that I like her feet, after all, the girl really liked me and was very eager to please. Things got weird when I asked if I could post the on the Internet. These were just feet pics, mind you, nothing above the ankles, but the idea of strangers whacking off to her feet really freaked her out, so I gave up on the forum idea. 

It wasn’t until about a year later when another photographer introduced me to, my now good friend, Skye, that things got rolling. At the time, Skye was working for a small New York City modeling agency and commuting from Boston. Skye is an uncommonly sweet and gracious person. One day, while doing an outdoor Fashion shoot, I asked her if I could take some pics of her toes. She was wearing a pair of gorgeous blue wedge sandals and seemed intrigued as to why I would want to take pictures of her feet. I came clean and told her that I have a fetish and was thinking of starting a new site. She then said, "Wow! Cool! Maybe I can be one of your models." 

It was as simple as that. Afterward, every time I met a new model, I would just ask if they would be interested. Those who were who I photographed when I began.

How long was PFP online?
I’m embarrassed to say... I don’t really know. Maybe two years?

Describe what the foot fetish landscape was like back in those early days.
I have to say it was a mixed bag. Like Skye, there were some models that were curious and adventurous, so they wanted to try it. There were others, who like my neighbor, hated the idea of any part of themselves being publicly displayed. I just worked with what I had disposable to me at the time.

How was the fan reaction and interaction back during the days of PFP?
It's was beyond anything I could have expected and extremely positive. That's part of why I've been at it for so long.

How did you go about finding models to pose for you in the early on?
At first, it was mostly word of mouth. I met Tera through the same photographer who introduced me to Skye - as well as a number of my early models. After a while, I started placing ads in places like Craigslist, mostly to mixed results. I didn't start getting more professional models until I started placing ads on One Model Place, and later Model Mayhem.

I adored quite a few of your models during the PFP run. Who, would you say, were some of your stand out models from that time period?
Besides Skye and Tera, I had a tall, dark skinned Brazilian model - I think she went by the name of Masya. She was amazing. Not a huge arch, but some of the softest soles I've ever seen.

What were some of the other sites, magazines, photographers, etc. out there, if any, that inspired you to do what you did?
Without a doubt, my first inspiration was Leg Show Magazine. I've also always loved Ed Fox's work. He is truly outstanding.

At what point did you decide that it was time to close PFP and change over to Feet Fair? Can you tell us why that choice was made and what, if any, were the things that you set out to make Feet Fair different than PFP?
Some of my first models worked for free because they were just doing it for fun. I always felt a bit uneasy about that since we never signed any modeling releases. 
I think I decided to start a more professional site because I wanted to work with more models, who weren't friends of mine and wouldn't necessarily work for free. 

PFP was hosted on Angelfire. Do you remember them? That meant it had a very looooong URL and lots of ads. That is okay if you're doing a free site, but I wanted to do something a bit more professional, including a better name. The name "Pretty Feet Pictures" just didn't cut it for me after a while. 

I considered many other names before I settled on Feet Fair, but I knew that it was going to be a professional site. That meant I would have to pay the models and charge membership fees. I also knew that to get The Fair to the next level, I would have to use a professional studio where models could do costume changes, their hair, and make-up in complete privacy. That's actually part of the reason why I haven't made as much money from my site as many would think. There are some things I just won't compromise though. 

What year did Feet Fair debut?
Not real sure, but I think it was 1999.

Once the change was made to Feet Fair, did you go about finding models in the same way as you did with PFP?
I started getting lots of references from models. For example, shortly after I started working with Francine, she introduced me to Grace and Sakura, and a few other Asian models who didn't quite pan out. I also started using Model Mayhem more as a recruiting tool.

Speaking of recruiting models, do you find that the Internet has brought a greater knowledge to foot fetishism as a whole? Do you think that has influenced more models to accept foot fetish jobs with photographers than in the past?
Without a doubt, the Internet has helped immensely in the acceptance and understanding of the foot fetish community. I feel we still have a long way to go, however. As with any liberation movement or social cause, changes are often incremental and setbacks are common. 

I personally do some commercial photography work too, and even though I'm very proud of my work at Feet Fair, I don't go telling everyone about. Some people are still freaked out by anything fetish related, no matter how mild. I like call fetish the other "F" word.

At this point, you've shot a bunch of different models for Feet Fair. Just like with PFP, I adore a great many of these women. Who would you say are some of your stand outs today, or from the entirety of your Feet Fair era?
Oh man, talk about being put on the spot. It's like asking someone to rank their children in order of preference. I've worked with some many great models - with some bitches and stiffs thrown in the mix. Narrowing them down would be daunting, although those that know me well, know my absolute favorites. 

You might want to check out the "My Top Ten" thread on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Just be aware that there were some very worthy model left out of the list because of the finite number of slots.

How has the reception for Feet Fair been over the years? How has the way that people give you feedback, or interact with you changed over the years as the Internet has grown?
I'm very humbled by the fact that I've had almost no negative feedback in the all the years my site has been around. I always take the time to write back to anyone who takes the time to reach out to me.

I'm sure you've gotten asked plenty of times over the years, "How can I make my own site?" Without going into all the details, because there are tons, what kind of things were involved with you and your schedule to keep Feet Fair going?
My "secret" is that I work in spurts, often taking naps when I can. For anyone thinking of starting a site, just be aware that it will take just about all your spare time, especially if you have a day job.

Not too long ago you made a post on the Wu's Feet Links Forum that you were looking to wind down Feet Fair. You've had a long run with content people will remember for many years. What factors contributed to that decision?
Like I stated, I'm just feeling burned out lately and doing the work required to run the site to my satisfaction has become a burden. I'm not going to give you guys my age, because I just don't give out personal information, but let's just say I'm not getting any younger. I'm tired of the hustle involved in the day to day running of Feet Fair.

What are your plans moving forward? Are you still going to involved in the foot fetish scene in any way, or are you stepping back completely?
Well, I plan to remain a moderator on Wu's Feet Links Forum as long as Phil will have me. I plan to still do the occasional shoot, but maybe with just my camera phone, like in this thread, "Marien Gives Up The Soles." Plus, I will still do the odd custom job. Just because I'm closing down The Fair doesn't mean I still won't appreciate ladies' feet. So look for me to contribute as much as I can going forward.

Is there anything you'd like to say in closing to your fans and models who have supported your sites, or worked with you over the years?
Words of gratitude simply aren't enough, but just know that you're in my heart forever.

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