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Lux Lives Interview

Lux Lives (left) w/ Stella Liberty make their foot slave fuck Lux's size 11 high heel in shame, followed by a ruined orgasm.

"I have an advantage when it comes to footjobs with my big feet because my long toes are more like fingers. I haven't met a cock I couldn't completely cover with just one foot..."

Welcome Lux Lives and her big size 11 feet to Wu's Feet Links. For those of you who do not know this tall, 6'1" vixen, you soon will. Lux goes into tremendous detail on all different aspects of foot fetishism, as well as many of her other favorite kinks here in the January 2018 interview. 

Lux is truly a sexual being and one who would tame and drain all those who come, but not necessarily cum, before her. Yeah, she's totally fine with getting herself off and leaving you smitten with her feet, with your cock in hand, or balls smashed under her big feet - with your cum build up leaving your balls the darkest of blue. I love her!

When it came time for me to do a mini-relaunch of the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog, after a down year in 2017, Lux was there for me and eager to take part. We hit it off quite nicely talking over Twitter (@LuxLiv3s). Her honesty, intrigue, and even bratty ways made me realize just how perfect she would be to kick things off. Plus, she's used to kicking balls, so there's some correlation, right? Sure... Why not?

Before we get the interview underway, I'd like to say that Lux, just like my friend and Soles of Silk model, Alice, has me totally infatuated by her size 11 feet. Big female feet have really become a facet of my fetish that I truly enjoy these days. I credit Alice for helping that to bloom and women like Lux for edging it, and myself, forward. At first, I thought it just might be Alice whose feet I was charmed by, coupled with her fun loving, teasing personality. Meeting Lux, however, has shown me that there is just something insatiable about women with big feet, who know the power in which they wield. I've heard it from numerous women, but maybe size does matter! 

I'm glad to have both Alice (January 2016) and Lux now featured here on this blog. Both of their interviews are great reads and really show how two women learned the power that their size 11 feet possess.

One day I really hope to meet with and take my own photos of Lux. Will that happen? I don't know, but I really hope it does. Either way, I ask that you check out this amazing woman and her work. Enjoy her interview below, one of the most detailed looks into a fetish model and her mentality that has been featured on this blog site. Lux Lives is awesome!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

One of the things that drove me to you instantly was your shoe size. What size shoes do you wear?
I wear a size 11!

Is it a safe bet to assume that you have a nice collection of shoes, boots, and other footwear that foot fetishists might also dig? If so, what are some of your favorites in your collection?

I actually have a pretty humble collection of footwear, due to the size of my feet. It's difficult for me to find cute shoes that fit me, so I've ended up with a curated selection. I have a pair of strappy goddess sandals that I'm partial to during summer. My favorite heels are black platform stilettos with lace that wraps all around my feet; either those or my thigh high boots! Most days I wear red combat boots, to protect my precious feet and toes! If any fans can find cute size 11 shoes, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Yeah, I heard from my friend/model Alice just how bad it sucks having to buy shoes in size 11's. You've found the same to be true.
I used to resent it more then than I do now. Shoe shopping is a pain, but I'm also 6'1," so I'm no stranger to shopping struggles. I get so many compliments on my feet now, I've really come around and begun to appreciate them more. Same with my height!

While on the topic of shoes, that leads me to a personal favorite – smelly feet. Would you say that your feet are known to get on the smelly side, or are you one of those gals who claim they never smell? If they do smell, what usually gets them to smell the strongest?
Personally, I need to build it up if I want them smelly. This means exercise, wearing the same socks for a few days, wearing shoes with no socks, and so on. Reusing socks seems to get my feet the stinkiest!

Do you have any color or design preferences for nail polish on your toes?
Fire truck red is my favorite color for my nails. I also like darker reds, royal purple, black, and navy blue!

A lot of readers of these interviews also like ticking. Are your big feet at all ticklish? If so, just how ticklish?
Oh my gosh my feet are super ticklish! I did a custom video once where this girl tickled my feet using a hairbrush and electric toothbrush. I swear I was screaming at the top of my lungs for all 10 minutes! Also, if I even think you're about to tickle my feet, I start spazzing out. It's out of control.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
I occasionally wear anklets and toe rings, but not terribly often - mostly just for special occasions. I'm not a huge jewelry girl in general.

What's your feeling on stockings? Love them? Hate them? Sexy? Which ones do you like, if you like them, and why?
I love stockings. I love how they make me legs and soles look, and how it looks when I'm stretching my toes in them. I love thigh highs with a garter, that's how I wear stockings the most. It makes me feel really sexy. But I also like pantyhose and full rise stockings. They're a little more low maintenance and I like the old glamour feel with those styles. Off black stockings with the line up the back of the leg are the sexiest to me.

Of all the foot fetish activities out there, what ones do you enjoy the most and why?
That's a hard one! I love having my feet worshiped, I think I could cum just from that honestly. In particular having my toes sucked, my soles nibbled, and my arches licked and kissed drives me wild. I always say my feet are my second clit! I also love feet BDSM play like caning and bondage (giving and receiving), as well as giving footjobs as a Domme.

A fun, customary question, I've asked everyone since I began this is in regards to famous people. If you could do foot fetish related activities with any celebrities, who are you choosing and what are you doing?
I want Idris Elba to suck on my toes while I suck on Salma Hayek's toes.

Discovering the Fetish

Do you, by chance, remember about how old you were when you first discovered foot fetishism? How did that come about?
That episode of King of the Hill where Peggy becomes a foot fetish model was my introduction, actually, some time ago back when I was a teenager. The first foot fetishist I met was a friend in college. I was/am a saucy chick so the subject of sex came up pretty early in our acquaintanceship and he revealed to me that he had a foot fetish. That's when I learned more about it.

After that discovery, what were your feelings toward the idea of someone being attracted to your feet?
I remember not really finding it odd or anything. To me it was like someone saying they were attracted to breasts or any part of the human body. I just didn't think it was that out of the ordinary, and although at the time, I didn't identify as having a foot fetish, I understood why one would find feet attractive. That friend also was the first person who told me I had good feet and I remember being flattered; he was the first person to ask to smell my feet too. So I've always been open-minded.

With your feet being bigger, did you ever think anyone would find your feet desirable? Sadly, too many women growing up with big feet have negative feelings toward them.
I definitely didn't think anyone would find my feet desirable, I always thought big feet were a bad thing.

If the answer above was yes, was there anyone, or any interactions which helped you realize just how beautiful your bigger feet truly are?
When I saw that King of the Hill episode I started to think maybe there was more than one point of view on that. Then meeting more foot fetishists, dating them, and becoming a model have all really improved my confidence in my feet. My primary partner Casey V., who is my business partner as well, was the biggest factor in helping me see my feet as beautiful. Casey also, in general, has been the most influential person in my fetish and sex life.

Do you remember having any foot fetish experiences prior to your adult modeling career? If so, care to share any of them?
Oh definitely! I was involved in the fetish scene for a few years prior to getting into the industry. I did fire play on my feet at a dungeon party once which was a really cool experience. The top used flammable hair mousse, sprayed it on my feet and then set it on fire. The fire burns up the mousse in a matter of seconds and doesn't burn you, but causes an intense heat sensation. 
It felt really good and I'd love to do it again.

Don't try this at home folks. Only in a safe setting with an experienced player.

With the wide variety of fetish work that you've done to this point, am I safe to assume that your feelings toward the fetish might have changed over the years? If so, in what ways?
Over time I've grown to identify as a foot fetishist, in part, thanks to my modeling. At first having my feet played with was more of an aspect of BDSM to me, which I enjoyed but didn't really think of it as a fetish in itself. But throughout my career I've had a wider variety of experiences that have made me realize that I'm definitely a foot fetishist too. For example, I probably wouldn't have discovered I also enjoy worshiping women's feet if I hadn't have gotten into adult work, because I don't think I would have tried it.

Many people are ashamed of having a foot fetish. Have you ever been contacted by someone who was? If so, what kind of advice did you give them, or would you give to someone else who might be scared to admit their desires to a loved one?
I've definitely spoken with people who deal with shame. Pop culture is especially cruel to foot fetishists, I've observed. I try to lay down a bit of anthropological context and let people know that liking any body part besides genitals constitutes a "fetish" - many cultures don't fetishize breasts like our culture does, but rather other body parts such as the neck, nostrils, and yes, feet - hello ancient China! People in those societies would think that finding breasts sexy is unusual or weird. It's completely normal to find different parts of the human body attractive, in fact we should celebrate it!

But regardless, there's a lot of close-mindedness, and I would say that if someone wanted to admit their fetish, but was scared - be prepared for a negative reaction, and that you might have to educate someone for them to come around. Be confident that you are not a pervert or freak. Rather keep in mind that people have been taught messed up things by our sex negative culture, and unlearning that is a process. That said, if someone is repeatedly mean to you about it and isn't interested in learning your point of view, maybe they're not the best person to have in your life for many reasons. I just try to be really validating and supportive because people can be so terribly self-loathing about their fetishes, and it makes no sense to me because variety is the spice of life.

Modeling & the Internet
With all the things I see you doing sexually in your work, is it safe to assume that you were always an open minded personal sexually prior to your modeling career?
That is definitely safe to assume. Ha!

When did you first begin shooting adult content and sharing it online? How did that come about?
At first, I started putting nude and fetish photos and videos online for free on Reddit, because I'm an exhibitionist and enjoy documenting my sex life. A couple years later, I was navigating the Denver housing crisis with a low paying healthcare job and trying to supplement my income. I decided to start camming and opened a ManyVids store. I found that I could make way more money and have way more fun doing fetish work, so a couple months later Casey V. and I quit our jobs, moved into our Oldsmobile, and drove across America for six months. I cammed, made videos, and modeled for indie clip producers all over the country during that time and that's how I financed the trip.

How was it shooting your earliest content? Were you a natural in front of the camera and around others, or was it something that you took some getting used to?
It took some getting used to! The biggest thing was learning so much more about fetishes. Things like how different groups of people like different things, poses/attitude/etc. I now have a pretty good working knowledge of what people in different fetishes want, but I still learn something new every day. Human sexuality is very complex and fascinating. Also, I had serious deer-in-headlights vibes when I first started getting in front of the camera - learning how to model was also an at times painful process.

Did you start off shooting your own content, or were you shooting for others and then progressed to your own? If you progressed, do you also still shoot for others?
I started shooting my own content, but pretty quickly moved to shooting for others as well. Then and now, most of the time I do my own work, but I shoot for others every now and then.

Who are some of the models and/or producers who you've worked with over the years? Where are some of the places can people find you online?
I've worked for Planet of the Arches, Anton Video, Ballbusting Beauties, Ultimate Surrender, HardTied, and Infernal Restraints, to name a few. Models I've shot foot fetish content with include: Stella Liberty, Daisy Ducati, Miss Jane Judge, Cupcake Sinclair, Ami Mercury, and Miss Quin.

About how far along into your modeling career did you begin shooting foot fetish related content?
Right away! Ha!

It's crazy to think just how many facets of foot fetishism there are. People like so many different things, so I'm sure you've delved into a lot of these. If you would, share your thoughts about each one of these sub-genres of the fetish:

  • Ballbusting - I love ballbusting! I've worked with Jay West, Andrea Dipre, and Ballbusting Beauties. It's one of my favorite things to do as a Domme, for those who dare.
  • Foot Worship - My favorite thing! I've done this more than anything else. I'm always down for it.
  • Footjobs - One of the hardest things to learn how to do, but now I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself. I really enjoy giving footjobs as a Domme, with my sub tied down and squirming.
  • Forced Smelling – Super hot! Foot Domming is a major aspect of my Domme style. I love slapping, suffocating, choking, and forced smelling with my feet.
  • Shoe/Boot Worship - Also super hot! I haven't done this as much, but I especially find boot cleaning hot.
  • Tickling - I am extremely ticklish and I can't say that I love to be tickled. Ha! I tolerate it because I enjoy my partners having fun, but it's just so intense for me!
  • Trampling - Love trampling! I love hearing someone groan while I walk all over them. It makes me feel powerful. I've never been trampled myself.

So I have to know, were you a natural when it came to giving footjobs, or was that something that took some work? I still hear women tell me it's not easy after years of doing them. How about you?
I have an advantage with my big feet because my long toes are more like fingers. I haven't met a cock I couldn't completely cover with just one foot, so I'm on easy mode. The real challenge was building up the thigh strength to hold my feet like that! But I'd like to think I have it down these days.

Do you like how cum feels on your feet? Is it a safe bet to assume only the luckiest of fellas get to squirt it there?
I do! I like playing with cum between my toes too. My feet are one of my favorite places for cum, so I would say not "only" the luckiest fellas. Ha!

Any of them ever have to lick them clean afterward?
No, but I love that idea!

Speaking of submissive acts, did you ever think, way back when you began your adult modeling career, that doing videos with things such as small penis humiliation (SPH), tease & denial, cuckolding, ballbusting, or anything along those lines would be something many men would crave? Do you enjoy entertaining fantasies of this nature? If so, what do you like about it?
Yes, I was surprised by a lot of the fetishes I've come across, but learning a new fetish is one of my favorite things about this work. SPH was especially surprising, but now it's one of my favorite categories! I think it's such a vulnerable topic that it's hot when it's off limits. As a Domme feeling like I'm cutting to the core of my sub is a really sexy feeling.

I've made mention of some of the other things I see you do in your videos. Would you care to talk about some of them like I had you do above for the foot fetish related items?

  • Blowjobs/Handjobs - I love BJs and HJs! I love feeling in control of my partner, and like I'm pleasing them. I love giving messy BJs especially, as you may have gathered from some of my videos. I can deep throat now, but it took sustained practice to get the skill.
  • Roleplay - Roleplay is a favorite fetish for me as well. My videos definitely reveal that. I love playing with dynamics and power exchange, and playing a character. Also cosplaying/dressing up is one of the best parts of being a film maker! I hope in the future to improve my costuming and such.
  • Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) - SPH is also one of my favorites, you've definitely done your homework! I love how mean it feels, and how it feels like I can degrade my sub however I want. It gives me a feeling of power that's a big turn on.
  • Facials - Fun and sexy!
  • Interracial/BBC - I love diverse porn, but I'm not a huge fan of the IR/BBC category because I feel like it's objectifying of black people. I don't tag my videos as IR/BBC. Nothing wrong with enjoying interracial porn, but it's currently not done very respectfully or ethically by a lot of people. Hoping to see that change! Instead of fetishizing people, let's celebrate people, ya know?
  • Lesbian/Bi - I'm pansexual, so I absolutely love doing queer porn! Women are amazing!
  • Group Sex - I've done a few all girl orgies, including a VR one, but never a B/G orgy. Hopefully in 2018 I can change that!
  • Masturbation - I love masturbating! Ha! By myself, with the help of others, or making others watch.
  • Cuckolding - Cuckholding is super hot. I have a big cuckold video planned with some folks at AVN, so keep an eye out for that in the next couple of months.
  • Submission & Humiliation – I switch between Domme and sub. As a Domme I love to humiliate, but as a sub it's not a huge thing for me. It's not a limit or anything, more like something that is better for me as a supplement to other BDSM acts. So, basically, I can dish it out but I can't take it.
  • FemDom - I identified only as sub at first, but I actually become more and more of a Domme every day. It's wild how my mentality has changed a lot. I'm a pretty shy, introverted, beta type of person, so it came as a surprise that I had this bratty alpha bitch hiding inside all along!

Are there any other kinks that you're into, or regularly perform in your content that you'd like to make mention of?
Giantess and crushing are some of my favorite videos to make. There's so much room for creativity and story. I have a whole lot of those kinds of videos. I do a lot of height related fetish. It really pleases me because my height has also been a big source of insecurity in my life, but now I feel like it's great. I also love to make wrestling porn, although I haven't made a lot of my own wrestling videos yet. It's so much fun and empowering.

It's obvious with all this content you're doing that you keep yourself quite busy. What plans do you have for 2018 onward when it comes to adult modeling?
I want to get better in my filmmaking mainly! I want to start making longer, more high quality, more story driven videos. Festival-quality work. I also want to work with new people, as well as my favorite old friends!

I am sure you get quite a bit of feedback from fans on social media and through email. How has the response been thus far?
My fans are amazing!!! Everyone is so supportive of me, and it's been really life changing. When people say they've been following for a long time and have watched my career grow, that's a really good feeling. I just love to spread sex and fetish positivity, and getting feedback that people are more accepting of themselves from knowing me, is also really meaningful. The biggest area of criticism I've gotten is people saying my wrestling moves need work, but I'm practicing!

If you could say anything to all of those who support you, what would it be?
Just thank you so much for your support and letting me be a professional slut. I'm gonna keep exploring and learning and bringing better and better videos to you! Stay tuned!

Do you entertain doing custom photos/video for your fans? If so, what's the best way that they can reach you?
I most certainly do! Email is definitely the best way to reach me - I get a lot of spam on my social media, email helps me know that you're a serious client!

Naturally, I'd love the chance to have you in front of my camera one day. If there are any content producers out there, what's the best way for them to contact you about possibly working together?
I would be honored to shoot for you! Email is also the best way for content producers to reach me!

To end this on a fun note, if I ever had the opportunity to photograph you myself, how easy would you venture to say, would it be to have me totally infatuated with those big size 11's?
Just let me show you all the things I can pick up with my super long toes, and I think you'll be completely smitten!

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