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Miss Whitney Morgan's Interview

"To witness a man's complete masculinity being demolished by one hard kick after another, to feel his balls beg not to be crushed under the weight of my feet... It's amazing!"

If my mind remembers correctly the first time I saw the beautiful feet of Miss Whitney Morgan was during one of's updates. I was instantly impressed with her look, the confidence she oozed, and those feet... Damn, those feet!

Jump ahead a little bit and I began following Whitney on Twitter (@MissWhitneyMorgan). At first I just gave her photos a like and a favorite, but then I began to communicate with her. She, like quite a few of the other models I met after creating the Twitter account for (@SolesofSilk), was very open and sweet to her fans. We hit it off right away and have always said that we have to work together one day should our paths cross.

When I reached out to Whitney about the possibility of doing this interview for Wu's Feet Links, she didn't hesitate to accept. So while I patiently waited a couple of days for her to have the time to answer my questions, I mentioned Whitney to an 18 year old coworker, and future model to my site. She was instantly enamored by the photos I showed her. Of course, Whitney told me to pass her along for some girl/girl fun through a little social media exchange when I mentioned my friend's admiration for her. And that's the kind of person Whitney is. Teasing and playful, yet able to show that Domme side in a flash. And that is one thing I love, myself, about Whitney - that teasing, denying, totally in charge personality.

So whether it's a future photo shoot, or passing my young coworker friend along to her (I so want to watch), I can only imagine what meeting Miss Whitney Morgan in person would be like. I, like my coworker, would love to find out. But for now, let's find out a little more about her here...

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What is your shoe size?
Size 8.5, wide with high arches.

I've seen you in all kinds of different shoes in your photos. When you're not shooting, what are your favorite kinds of shoes to wear when out and about?
I love all shoes. In Florida, typically flip flops or sandals of some sort. Leather boots right now though. It's chilly out!

One thing I love is smelling a woman's feet fresh from some shoes she's been in for a while. What kinds of shoes would you say make your feet sweat the most? And how strong would you say your feet smell?
I have a pair of leather boots that make my feet terribly funky! I certainly make it a point to wear them all day before any foot smelling sessions - they're even more intense with pantyhose on. They're starting to get quite a bit of wear and tear on them, I'm afraid I might need to send them off to a new home sooner than later. In these boots, on a scale of 1-10, I would give my foot funk an 8.5!

How ticklish, if at all, would you say your feet are? What spots on your feet are the most ticklish?
Ha! Extremely. It's best to tie me down if you're going to try to tickle me - especially my feet. They're excruciatingly ticklish at the meat of the sole right where it meets the toes and on the backs of my heels too.

Do you like to adorn your feet with any kinds of foot jewelry like toe rings, anklets, etc.?
Very rarely. I sadly have the tendency to lose jewelry.

Many times, especially in the pin up style, you're wearing stockings. What are your favorite kind/style to wear? Are stockings something you just wear in your shoots, or do you enjoy wearing them when you're not in front of the camera too?
I love stockings, pantyhose, nylons of all sorts. I also love wearing them off camera too. Full fashioned RHT stockings are my absolute favorite. And they give me a good excuse to throw on a sexy garter.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
I simply love having my feet bitten. On the ball, on the heel, along the arch, gently with each little tootsie toe in your mouth. Careful not to tickle me with your teeth though.

Fantasy scenario: If you could have any celebrity pampering your feet, or if you could dominate any celebrity with your feet, who would you pick and how would that scenario go?
Some might know I'm a goth girl at heart, so it might not come as a shocker, but I know Marilyn Manson has a foot fetish. Considering I don't know any female celebrities whom have a foot fetish, I'm going to get my feet covered in lipstick one way or another while being licked, sucked, bitten, and uh... Well, you know. Let things happen as they may. I'm a go with the flow kinda gal.

Discovering the Fetish

At what age did you first learn that there was something called a "foot fetish?" What was your initial reactions to the idea that someone could love your feet, or be turned on by them?
I honestly never considered it a "fetish" pre-modeling years, I just considered it an attractive zone. Part of natural physical lust. Second base. Like sucking on tits, or grabbing ass. Thought nothing of it being "taboo" of sorts until I got into kink on camera at 18 years of age.

Did you have any foot fetish experiences prior to becoming a fetish model?
After discovering foot fetishism in my modeling career, I can look back and realize it was something I had already been lusting after in my personal life. I had plenty of foot loving boy toys - even one at the age of 13 sucking my toes through my fishnet stockings on our lunch break. I was into Madonna and Marilyn Manson, what do you expect?

Now that you're a fetish model, how has your views changed, if they've changed at all, toward foot fetishism?
Considering I've never found it to be something that should be hidden, not spoken of, nor expressed - not much has really changed for me. If anything at all, I love it a little bit more every single day I get to live out my own fetish fantasies on film for others.

There are people out there who are scared to admit that they have fetishes. What advice would you give them? Is it something they should embrace?
You are who you are. If society tells you it's wrong to have a fetish, society is wrong. Everyone - yes everyone - has some sort of kink or quirk they're afraid to let loose about. Embrace it! So what if someone thinks you're weird for what you like. I bet if they let all of the skeletons out of their closet, you'd find them weird too! And who knows, maybe that someone is into it too.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been a fetish model?
It's been 12 years and counting. I started out at 18 in 2003.

Did you start off doing fetish modeling from the start? If not, how did you get introduced to the scene?
I actually stumbled upon an open casting for a fetish burlesque troop in downtown Orlando on my 18th birthday. I started three days later. From there, I met a handful of other models whom referred me to various photographers and producers in the area - MMM fresh meat! My first photo modeling gigs were art nudes for a gallery downtown; video work was bondage for an awesome damsel in distress site I still shoot for today.

You can be found on countless producer's sites and stores as well as your own site, Did you start out working with other producers or by doing your own site?
I was immediately inspired to start my own site - back in the day member's sites were far more popular than the clip sensation. I started out shooting for various other producers and photographers for a combination of paid and trade work until I built up enough content to release the original about a year into my career.

When did you open
My first member's site was, which opened around 2004. Since then, I struggled with various webmasters and designers, and fought over rights to my site until I secured through for an official relaunch in 2013. 

Other than foot fetish work, what other fetishes do you shoot? Of those other genres, what ones are some of your personal favorites?
Wow... There is not much I don't do. I base myself off the rule, if you don't try it at least twice, you'll never know if you really do or don't like it. That being said, I've shot just about everything legal under the sun, moon, and stars. I'd also be happy to test the waters of anything I haven't tried yet. Some of my personal favorites though - other than foot fetish, because duh - include: tickling, forced orgasms, feeder/feedee, bondage, edging, vore, latex... Oh the list goes on!

I've always loved how versitle you are in your scenes. Whether it's you being sensual or dominant, you own your scenes. Do you prefer one kind of a scene over the other?
I consider myself a top heavy switch, but I am truly a Domme at heart - though a sensual one with a sadistic side.

Speaking of your dominant side, it seems like you're pretty well versed at ballbusting. When did you first find out that there is a kink that involves you kicking and/or flattening a set of balls using your feet?
Sadly, I didn't find out this was something I could excusably do on film until about 2008 with Slave Andy. I was scorned for all these years for busting poor bastards in the balls when all I had to do was confess I had a fetish for it?! Boo! 

I know a few girls who actually love ballbusting. How about you? Do you enjoy it and if so, what is it about it that you like?
I love ballbusting! It's a wonderful power trip! Ah, to witness a man's complete masculinity being demolished by one hard kick after another, to feel his balls beg to not be crushed under the weight of my feet... It's amazing!

Obviously there are a lot of foot guys out there who love footjobs. Do you remember what it was like to give your first one? Were you a natural, or was it something that took some practice?
I've always played footsie with guys, rubbing my bare feet in their laps to bring on a raging hard on. I didn't give my first official footjob, however, until I was on film. I'm sad to say, sorry guys, I'm not a natural at it. I'm honestly still quite clumsy at them.

How does it feel to be able to milk out a load from a guy using nothing but your feet? Is there a feeling of power associated with being able to control a guy's release between your feet?
Well, not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at controlling a guys release even with just my words - and maybe some wiggling toes in his face just to tease him. That is the ultimate power trip!

While talking about footjobs, I see you do quite a bit of tease and denial play. Have you ever given a guy a footjob, edging him to the point of release, only to leave him with blueballs? If you have, do you enjoy this sort of play?
Yes! But not on purpose. Well maybe a little... Yeah, I lied. I'm mean and love tease and denial! But to make sure he doesn't finish the job himself, I gotta throw him in chastity.

I also see some orgasm denial and small penis humiliation (SPH) in your jerk off instruction (JOI) clips. Is this something a lot of foot fetishist request? Is it fun for you to crack on those fans with small cocks, even doing something like licking up their own cum for getting to watch you wiggle your toes?
It's honestly not something I get frequently from foot fetishists, but more often from sissification fetish fans. I find these genres to be incredibly fun for me. It's something I'm great at - being bratty. Not to mention, giggling my ass off when some are silly enough to even send me proof of their little clitty dicks for SPH! I'm not generally a mean person. But hey, if you're going to add fuel to the fire for me to humiliate you, I'm going to go balls to the wall and have a damned good time at it too.

Having worked with so many other female performers, what are some of your favorite fetish themes to do in your girl/girl clips? 
Some favorites include latex dressing/lubing, duel foot worship, tickling - both as a lee (ticklee) and ler (tickler), giantess, forced orgasms, cannibal role play... Wait, what don't I like to do with a pretty girl?

Since it seems like you've done practically every kink/genre out there, are there any you wish you could do more, or ones you might want to try that you actually haven't yet?
Stumped me there! I honestly really enjoy everything I currently put out - be it my sites or anyone else I work for - and will continue to strive to produce top quality content in those genres. What haven't I shot yet? Well fans, you tell me. What do you want to see me do next? Give me something new and exciting to try. I'm waiting with baited breath.

In addition to all the modeling you do, you're also into the fetish scene in other ways - including Taboo Fetish Talk on Tell everyone a little more about that and what people should expect when they check out those radio shows.
I like to consider myself a Jane of all trades. I just recently retired Taboo Fetish Talk Radio, but have made the transfer to a Taboo Fetish Talk segment on - Friday nights,  7-9 p.m. EST - streaming live on for free and even call in. In my segment, I discuss various fetishes - be it my own, the model's whom is on air to be interviewed, or via fan mail - a little background story on the fetish and then even demonstrate it live on air, if possible, for everyone to hear and see. We do live video and photos throughout the whole show so listeners can feel like they're in the studio with us. I'm always looking for more suggestions for fetishes to cover - tweet @TabooFetishTalk or email

How does it feel reading all the positive interactions with fans of your work?
Beyond flattering. It brings a smile to my face stretching from ear to ear. I promised myself I would never get an ego, but sometime it's hard when you have such wonderful fans to shower you in their love!

Do you do custom work for your fans? If so, what's the best way for fans to reach you for details?
Absolutely! Shooting custom content is my favorite thing to do. Email me at

If you could say anything to all your fans, what would it be?
Thank you! Without awesome fans, I wouldn't be here. You guys are the reason I am who I am today in this industry and I can't thank you enough.

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