Saturday, June 22, 2002

Natalie's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2002 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

Below is an interview held with the sexy Natalie of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. Contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

Marc Asks... Natalie. could you tell me your favorite pair of shoes and best compliment you received on them?

My favorite pair of shoes, of course, is my newest. They're red patent leather five inch heels with an ankle strap from Frederick s of Hollywood. I love hearing men think my shoes are sexy. Whether I'm wearing strappy little sandals, boots, little white sneakers, or the highest heels.  I also like hearing they fantasize about me wearing them and trampling them! (I've always wanted to trample the hell out of someone!) 

Jonn Asks... Hi Natalie do you ever get smelly feet and if so what do they smell like?

Peewhew! Honey, can you smell that?  I just took off my sneakers after running around in them all day. Sour.

FreakZombieKitty Asks... What do you think about he concept of being a giantess? (Having tiny men worship your body)

I just love that idea!  What a wonderful fantasy! I've actually always wanted to do a photo shoot using that idea. I'm a very voluptuous woman sweetie, it'd take a lot of little men!

Robotron Asks... First just let me start by saying, you have very nice soles and a wonderful figure. Has foot fetishism always interested you or did you discover the power your feet can hold over a man? Your feet are in very good shape. Do you wear high heel shoes a lot or only when you're being photographed? I've seen some women that wear them all the time and the have horrid feet. On the other hand I've seen some with angelic feet. Which category do you fall under? One last question, what is your eye color? Thanks for your time Sweetheart!

Well thank you sweetie! What great compliments!  I've always been the kind of girl with a closet full of shoes. Ever since I was in my teens. I love four inch heels, and used to wear them every day when I was a secretary Yes, I'm the kind of girl who can run full speed in them! I think I have every color you can imagine - ranging from turquoise blue to hot pink to fire engine red. I do notice that when I'm in a dress or skirt and have my heels on, they certainly do tend to get attention! You certainly won't hear me complain about that! I feel feminine when I wear them. I like that a lot. And my eyes are bright green.  

Gek Asks... How large are your feet. And can you crush my cock with your feet.

I have small feet. They're a woman's size 5.5 or a children's size 4.  They measure a little less than 8 inches in length and about 3.5 inches wide. Although they're small, they're powerful strong, and I know how to use them. I'll bet I could make you beg.

Dee Asks... Hi Natalie, i find women in ace bandages very sexy. Have you ever sprained your ankle and been on crutches?

I have both been on crutches and been in a cast. I broke my right ankle once and had to be in a cast for about 6 weeks. I'm glad you find it sexy!  If I ever have to wear bandages again, I'll be sure and take some pictures.

Jim Asks... Hi Natalie. First I would like to say you have very sexy feet. When did you realize that people were attracted to your sexy feet and who do you like to turn on more with your feet men or women?

Well thank you honey! I've known for years that most men like a woman with sexy feet. I've always thought my feet were my most attractive attribute. That's why I really enjoy the opportunity to share my feet with you all! I'm bi-curious, but have never been with another woman. I just love men! Men, men, men! 

Marcus Asks... Are you a flip flop wearer? If so why? Will you be wearing them in upcoming videos or photo sets? I love your feet and they should be shown prominently.

I am a flip flop wearer!  My favorite pair of sandals are strappy leather flip flops I've done shoots and video clips wearing them. I'm sure I'll pull them out once the weather breaks! I love wearing open toed sandals and catching men stealing glimpses of my feet. *evil grin* Sometimes I'll drop something right at my toes, in the hopes they'll bend down and pick the item up. That way they get a really good look. (It works quite often!)

E Asks... I love your feet! Can I tickle them? (Resting them in my lap and holding your ankles together ready to rake my fingers along the soles) kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kooooo! I can also give you an excellent foot massage!

My feet are SO ticklish!  Sometimes when my hubby is massaging my feet he'll "accidentally" stroke one of my soles too lightly and it sends me through the ceiling! Sometimes he just grabs my feet and overpowers me completely tickling until I beg him for mercy!  I love it, and so does he. I absolutely love a good foot massage! Truly. I melt all over.

Syd Asks... Hi wonderful creature! I'm a musician. Can I write a song for your great feet and incredible boobs?! I'm from Italy Can I meet you? Kisses everywhere!

I would love a song!  What a tribute. I'm very flattered! Meet me. Hmm, I live in the USA sweetie. We aren't exactly around the corner. I do thank you for the kisses though! I felt every one!

Sucker4Life Asks... I have to start off by saying you have absolutely gorgeous feet. But here's the question. How old were you the first time you got your toes sucked?

Thanks!  Oh my! It was so long ago, I can't remember!  I just know I love it! It must have been in my older teenage years.

Shawn R Asks... Hi Natalie can I lick the hot cum loads off the bottoms of your feet?

That would be interesting. I must say, I've never had a man do that!  I'm always open to new ideas. I think I'll try anything once! I'd never turn down a good foot lick! 

JohnnyCC Asks... Hey Natalie, you are the most gorgeous women that I have ever seen. Your breasts our incredible, along with your feet. Have you ever done any foot fetish acts in public like with your boyfriend, and if so, what? Thanks!

Well honey, I just love to tease in public!  If I'm in a restaurant (my favorite) or movie theater, or anywhere I see a man checking out my feet, I make sure and give him a good show. This has happened several times, and it makes my day!  Especially in the summer because I tend to wear short skirts and no panties.  I like to dangle, drop my shoes, maybe pick my foot up and rub it, like I've been on them all day. I like to give them a glimpse of what I may (or may not) have on under my skirt if I can do so without being too obvious.  It has to be subtle! I think I'm the Queen of flirts. I love it. Really! It's an art!  Thank you for the sweet compliments honey.

Cristina Asks... Do you like going barefoot? If the answer is yes, have you ever gone barefoot in public?

I go barefoot almost ALL the time in warm weather.  I live on the beach, so I rarely wear shoes, and when I do, it's always little strappy, open-toe sandals. That way I can still show off my sexy little feet! 

Chris J Asks... I would just like to say what nice feet you have. By the way, have you driven with cum on your feet?

Well, to be honest, yes, I have!  I was doing a shoot once and couldn't keep my feet to myself. As it ended up, I drove home with my feet dripping all over the gas pedal. How do you know that?! 

YoungMan Asks... I love your feet! My question is, how do you feel knowing men all over the world are jacking off to your feet?

Actually, I find it very erotic and it turns me on! I love knowing you all find my feet and the rest of me. Attractive! I love getting email telling me exactly what you want and suggestions for future shoots. The hotter I get you, the better honey! 

DoctorSoles Asks... Natalie, in using your Sexy soles, How do you masterfully stroke a guy off to a squirty orgasm? Do you have a favorite method?

Well, I'd have to answer, no. I don't have a "favorite,” it depends on what I find my man is enjoying! I like my lovemaking varied, so I go with what the mood brings. I like to keep things interesting! 

Bowa Asks... Natalie you have beautiful feet. If a man paid you to kick him in the balls as hard as you can twenty times would you do it? How would you do it and would you wear shoes?

Gosh, I'm not sure. I suppose if he wanted to pay me to do it, and he really wanted me to. Sure. I guess I would.  I wonder if he'd let me wear some five inch heel, patent leather pumps with a pointy toe? I think that would be my choice for footwear. I think after I kicked him that many times, he'd probably be lying on the ground, and then I'd have to use the heel of my pumps. 

Andrés Asks... The female white socks really turn me on, Tell me what do you think about socks and if you have some? Thanks!

I do wear socks this time of year, brrrrr! (it's cold here!) I like the little white ankle socks best.  I tend to go through them pretty quickly though, most of them are covered with holes.  If you look at the bottoms, you can make out a dirty foot mark, even when my feet aren't in them.

Matt D. Smith Asks... Hey Natalie, you have sexy feet, can I massage them sometime? Also, I would love to smell them, kiss them, and lick them. Do you like guys or girls to play with feet.

Thank you for the compliment sweetie. To be very honest. I am bi-curious, but have never been with another woman. So, I'd have to say at this point. I definitely prefer men. Men, men, men!

Len Asks... Hi Natalie,Most women feel that a man with a foot fetish are submissive and are destined to become their slave. What is your opinion on this and would you ever own a man as a slave because of this?

I don't think all foot men are submissive. I do think some men enjoy the idea of having a woman in control. I sometimes get in the mood to take advantage of this.  I love being able to tie up my lover and dominate him completely. Ahhh, a slave would be wonderful. Sometimes, though, I like to be the sub. 

GMan Asks... What feelings come over you when you see your mate get excited over your beautiful feet?

Oh! I get completely excited! I love knowing that I'm exciting a man with how I look. Whether it be my feet, or other body parts.  It brings out the bad girl in me! I get excited just thinking about it! 

FootSlaveBoy Asks... Pretty feet. Do you feel powerful or dominant towards a man when you notice that he has a submissive foot fetish?

When I see a man who likes feet, I don't always assume they are submissive, but once I discover he is, I definitely feel powerful! I love having the power to tease and turn on a man until he's just bursting! I guess that's partly because I'm a very sexual woman. If I'm out somewhere and see a man admire my feet, I tease unmercifully! It's absolutely one of my favorite hobbies! 

Corlione Asks... Would it turn you on if you were walking down the street in open toed shoes, and some good looking guy just grabbed you by the ankle and started stroking his cock on your foot?

I think it would totally turn me on! I can imagine myself sitting at a table outside somewhere, in a dress, wearing hose and high heels. My legs crossed and a gorgeous male comes over telling me how much he admires my feet, and grabs me by the ankles and just fucks my feet right there! That's quite a fantasy!

Jeff Asks... Do you consider yourself a foot slut? If so, how long have you been like this? 

Totally and completely. I've known for years that men like nice legs and feet. I've always caught them looking at me when I'm wearing high heels and hose, or just running around barefoot.  I discovered the sensuality of foot sex when I was in high school. My boyfriend (at the time) came right out and told me how he'd love to fuck my feet. The idea excited me so much, I think my feet were on his cock immediately. 

Len Asks... What do you think of foot sniffing?

I love the idea of anything that gets my feet in your face! I'm constantly shoving my feet in my hubby's face.  He can't lay on the couch without me attacking him. 

Ank Lover Asks... Hi you have very sexy feet and toes. My question do you wear toe rings an ankle bracelets or any other foot jewelry?

I love foot jewelry! I actually have an entire jewelry box full of it.  I wear a silver toe ring on the second toe of my left foot all the time, but I add other toe rings from time to time, and during the summer, I almost always have at least one ankle bracelet on. I have some anti-sandals I like too.

Rox Asks... I have admired your photos several times. I would like to know if another woman’s feet and breast turn you on as much as yours seem to turn them on. Have you ever seduced another woman with your feet or breast? Thank you.

There are a couple girls that I'm friends with online that I'd fuck in a heartbeat! No. I've never been with another woman, but yes, it is certainly a fantasy of mine. I'm very bi-curious. Maybe someday if I meet the right girl in person, I'll use her as a playmate. 

TheGame67 Asks... Hey Natalie, I just wanted to say how fine and sexy your boobs are. I just love them to death and your feet. Is their anyway you can have custom made pics of your boobs or feet and how much will they be? Also is there anyway I can chat one on one with web cam? P.S. What turns you on the most?

Well, what sweet compliments! I do custom sets for the members at the Jungle. So, I guess a custom set would be the cost of a 1 month membership. I do enjoy doing them too! I love getting ideas from my great members! - I don't own a web cam. What turns me on? Well, I love a lot of foreplay. Oral (both giving and receiving), strong hands, good kisser, hard cock, and a man who isn't afraid to play and experiment in the bedroom. 

Richie Asks... Hello Natalie, Just wanted to know how did you know that foot fetish was a special gift for you. I mean when did it occur to you that your feet were among the best looking in the net business? 

They are very nice round not too long nor too short with a perfect arch! Red is your color! Oh my goodness! That is a huge compliment considering the company I keep! I've always thought my feet were one of my best assets. I do get a lot of mail from men who say they don't care for long, bony toes, and mine are certainly not that. I like red too! I think it's one of my favorite colors. I also like pinks and purple shades.

Jaw Asks... Have you ever given a foot job to a guy you didn’t know, or just met?

Well, yes I have. One hot summer day about 2 years ago, I went swimming at a local public pool. Very busy place. I was kind of hanging on the side letting my body dangle in the water, just enjoying the sun when a guy came up to me and kissed my shoulder. I'd never seen him before, but he was gorgeous! He stroked my thigh and smiled as he looked right into my eyes. Before I knew it, he had my foot and was stroking his cock right through his suit under the water. *evil grin* It was very exciting! He was very skilled with his hands, and brought me to a climax at about the same time he came. He leaned over and kissed me deeply. I never even knew his name. 

Vee Asks... Your feet are amazing! My questions are do you enjoy licking guys' and girls' cum off your pretty feet and toes? Have you ever licked cum off another girls toes? Also, do you ever rub your own feet on your face?

Thank you honey.  Yes, I have licked cum off my feet! I find it very sensual! I love my toes sucked - even if I'm doing the sucking! I have never had the great fortune of finding another female playmate to play with. I am on the prowl though!  

DirtyFeetLover Asks... What does your feet smell like when their really smelly? Would you get your feet really dirty with oil, dirt and sock lint so I could lick them clean? 

Well, I guess my feet smell, smelly.  I get asked this question a lot, and it's a scent that's difficult to describe. I guess sour is the best adjective I can come up with. I walk around barefoot most of the summer, so my feet generally are dirty. I try like hell to keep them clean, but it's hard because I'm kind of "anti shoe" during the summer months. 

Jon Asks... Can you give a blow footjob?

Well honey, thankfully I am limber enough to give a blow job and a foot job at the same time! My hubby loves it!

Boomerang Asks... Whats the thickest object that you picked up with your toes? Can you really spread you toes wide?

I can spread my toes pretty wide. Actually, maybe wider than anyone I've ever seen. I haven't ever done pictures though. I should! The thickest object? Gosh, I guess it would have to be my dildo. 

Toemaster Asks... Hi. I've seen a pic of you gripping a banana in between your dexterous toes. Was that the thickest thing that you ever grabbed with your skillful toes? Have you ever used your toes to pinch someone? Thanks!

You know how everyone has a hidden talent? Mine is my toes!  Truly! I can pick up anything with my feet! Even a wet bucket of sand. (I live on the beach) My husband and friends find it extremely amusing to test the strength of my feet and toes. I can pinch, and hard too!  If you could see me here at home, I pick things up, with my toes, without even thinking. I'll be walking through the room, or sitting down somewhere, and I pick something up and start fondling it with my feet!

Monty Asks... You have the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. I love your big toe. How do you keep them so sexy. I would visit you anywhere to touch and feel them in my mouth. Keep them looking sexy.

How sweet! I love your compliments!  My big toe? You're just too cute! I try and take care of my feet, but I run most of the day so it's sometimes difficult. I soak them for 15 or 20 minutes every other day, then I use a pumice, and brush to soften them up. Then I use my favorite cream on them. I actually use the cream at least once a day.

Len Asks... You have awesome feet? I'm becoming enslaved because of your feet. Would you like to own a man as a slave because of your feet and verbally humiliate him about having a small penis and balls?

Thank you sweetie! What a nice compliment! A man with a small penis? I would humiliate him in ways he's never known.  I would make him beg me to be nice. I'd trample him and stomp all over him! I'd make him cry.

Mike Asks... What kind of shoes you like to dangle in and do you dangle them in public to get a reaction from other people.

Oooh! Yes! Anyone who's known me (at the Jungle or the Yahoo Group) for any length of time, knows I love to dangle and tease in public! I write about my exploits now and then! I especially like summer because I can wear sandals, and a short skirt with no panties underneath. That way I can dangle, and maybe even flash a little! The only thing I wish is that it would happen more often! 

James Asks... Do you have smelly feet? What do your feet smell like after a whole day in high heels?

My feet smell, but I like the smell of them after a day in high heels. They definitely smell different depending upon what type of shoe I've worn. Leather, patent leather, sandals, sneakers, or boots. I like how they smell when I've worn leather. Musky, and a little sour, They smell leather-ish. I love the smell of leather anyways, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Feeto Asks... First of all, let me say that your feet are so beautiful. Do you have a foot fetish? Please tell us when did you find out about the feet stuff and if there were somebody involved?

Sweet compliment. Thank you. Yes. I love feet. I love my feet.  Yes, there was someone involved. My old boyfriend. I was in high school. I never realized how much men like feet until he told me. I was thrilled to find another way to turn him on! I used my feet in every way possible to tease and please him! It was so erotic! 

Dave Asks... Hi will you be giving black guys footjobs soon. Because I would really like to see your pretty sole and toes on black rod?

Well honey, to be honest, I've never been with a black man. It is definitely a fantasy of mine though! I am happily married to a white man right now, and we don't swing, so although I'd LOVE the opportunity to give a black man a foot job (and a few other things!) I don't see it happening any time soon.

Robert Asks... Have you done a foot job in a car or in restaurant?

Thank you sweetie. I've done a footjobs in cars and in a movie theater once. Not in a restaurant though. Although, that does sound like a lot of fun! I may have to try that out soon! 

Footlovinman Asks... Natalie you have gorgeous feet. Would you let lick your feet clean after you stepped in chocolate? That would be yummy. Can I be your foot slave for life? What would you make a foot slave do? 

Oh! Licking and sucking would certainly be a part of any foot slave's duties! I love having my toes and feet licked and sucked! Very sensual! I get hot just thinking about it! Chocolate would be wonderful! I'd love the feel of it squishing between my toes! What if I happened to spill some chocolate on my lap? Oops! 

Darwin Asks... How old are you? You have a nice feet what are you doing to maintain that gorgeous feet?

I'm 32. I get asked that a lot So, now you know. I love a pedicure. They're just so super relaxing after a long day!  I try for one at least 3 times a week.

Aliem Asks... Has any man ever noticed the lines on the outside of your heel? If so do you have a lot lines there?

I actually do have a lot of lines there! Hey! How did you know that? No one's noticed - at least no one online. I have had men notice in real life though. 

Yohannes Asks... What size are your feet?

I wear a size 5.5 in women's shoes, or 4 in children’s. Yes, they're petite.

Romeo Asks... Hi there. How are you? By the way mam I just want to say that you have very gorgeous feet and that you are a very beautiful lady! I have a huge foot fetish but never had the experience before. Do you think I ever will? 

Of course I do! I think if you find a woman with a relatively open mind, the idea of foot sex will appeal to her. It's definitely an erotic and sensual experience! It may be easier to show her what you want, maybe by looking online together, or a video or something. Give her the idea, and let her run with it. If she's anything like me, she'll jump all over it! 

Kristion Asks... Hey Natalie! I think you have some of the most beautiful feet in the world you so beautiful!

Do you meet any of you fans for any special sexual encounters and if so how could I be one of those people? Thank you for the sweet offer honey! I don't currently meet with fans. I am happily married, and believe it or not, in real life I'm quite shy! No, really!  I don't think I have the guts!

John Asks... Hi Natalie This may be a strange question. Nevertheless I am curious. I was wondering why do so many women like putting there pretty feet on the dashboard of a car? I have seem so many women do this on a consistent basis. In addition I was wondering have you ever gone to a public place were there is wall to wall carpeting and kicked off your shoes, just so you can rub your pretty bare feet through the carpet to feel it. And finally have you ever gone to a carpet store or any mall were they are selling carpets and rugs and just to feel the quality of the rug, removed one or both of your shoes and felt up the brand new carpet with your pretty bare feet?

I love your question! Well, I cant speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that one reason I like putting my feet on the dash of my car is to see who notices them! It's almost as bad as shoving them right in your face, and the foot-fetish men are obvious. That way, I know who to tease.  The other reason, is that I know a lot of foot fetish men find it sexy and erotic. If I know I can get to a man by doing something. I'm going to do it. A public place to feel carpet, well, I do it at home all the time.  I made my husband put in the plushest, most cushiest carpet they sell in my house because I LOVE the feel of it under my bare feet. I do it in public, but usually only when I'm buying area rugs.  Mmm, I love those long sheep's hair rugs! You may see one on my site soon, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out before buying one!

Lonny Asks... Hi Natalie you have beautiful feet. I like to lick sock lint on women s soles and eat their toe jam from between their toes after they had a long with socks on. Would you let me do this to you and what would you think of this man who wants to be your slave?

Mmm, I think that sounds heavenly! Anything that gets my toes in your mouth, I'm all for! I love having them licked and sucked! What a turn on! Of course, I wouldn't be a bad girl if I didn't like the idea of a male slave! I could use several actually.

Roberto Asks... Natalie, What are your "erogenous" zones? Which parts of your body to you enjoy being kissed or licked? Do you enjoy "group" action or do you have fantasies about it?

Oooh! Good question! I love it! Going from head to toe, the nape of my neck, shoulders, inside of my elbows, breasts, hips, kitty, inside of my knees, toes and arches. I think I got them all! I love having them kissed and licked, sucked and bitten! Ahhh! I love my nipples and clit bitten! I've never enjoyed group action, but yes, it is a huge fantasy of mine! 

John Asks... An important question. What will you suggest to a married man who is into feet, but his wife is not?

Well honey, I get asked this question all to often! I think anyways. I am sorry your wife isn't more open minded. I have a hard time understanding women like this because I'm the complete opposite. If my man shows me something that turns him on, I grab a hold and don't let go!  You need to let her know how you feel. She may surprise you! Even if you don't think she'd be receptive. Do it slowly. Once she sees how much it turns you on, I'll bet she'll be all over it! If not, it'll just have to be a fantasy, which is also fun! I definitely have fantasies that will always remain just that. It gives me something to daydream about! 

Futlvr Asks... If a complete stranger approaches you at the library, and tell you how gorgeous your feet are, and then ask you if you would allow him to massage them for you. Would you allow him to do so. What will be your advice to approach someone about her feet and the desire to massage them? 

Honey, I'd let Satan massage my feet I love it so much. Before you approach a woman about something like this, be sure she's 'into' feet too. 

Balkan Asks... Big question! Is it possible, and how to find out if girl has foot fetish. I know communication is one of the ways, but is it possible to notice some kind of a sign(s) or something before I talk to her? What are the signs? Please tell me.

I get asked this a lot! yes. I think it is possible to tell before you even speak to a girl! See if she wears foot or ankle jewelry. Also, look at her shoes. Open toed shoes are a sign. A nice pedicure too, painted toe nails. All these things are little hints. If you're attracted to her, let her see you looking at her feet. If she's into feet, she'll catch on, and maybe even give you a good teasing! That's what I'd do! 

Archman Asks... Have you ever squeezed a mans cock between your toes hard enough to make him scream?

I have squeezed a dick between my toes. I love doing that! I've made my lover beg for my mercy.  My little toes are strong! I know they look dainty, and tiny, but they're like a vise when I want them to be!

Wuestenfuchs Asks... Your feet and legs are perfect. I am a big fan of your foot and toes! Please tell me how long are your toes?

I just measured them. My big toe is a bit over an inch long ranging down to my pinky, which is a little over .5 inch. 

Ozzie Asks... What is your favorite part when giving a footjob?

Oh honey, I'm surprised you have to ask! Of course it's the spurt at the end! It's a real turn on to know I'm getting a guy off with my feet! 

Ascanio Asks... Hello Natalie, I love your perfect toes! I like to see girls playing with shoes. My question is, do you perform shoe play in public places in your real life?

Oh absolutely! Any time I get the chance! If I notice a man admiring my feet, I totally take advantage of it, and tease till he can't get up from the table! I find it very arousing!

Fouad Asks... Your feet are he kind of feet I dream of. What I want to know is if you get turned on by the smell of your feet, and if you like rubbing them all over guys faces until the smell is printed on their faces? Keep up the good work and charisma.

Thank you sweetie! I love the smell of my feet!  Is that weird? I love rubbing my smelly feet all over my husband's face. I even make him suck my toes after a long day on my feet. 

Woopsie Asks... Hi! Who do you think has the most dexterous toes on the net? Who's got the most talented toes in giving footjobs?


TA Asks... Do you ever deliberately tease shoe salesmen? Have you ever let them slide shoes on and off your feet?

Oh my! You mean there are still shoe stores around that employ men to help you get your shoes on?!  I only wish there were one near me, because yes. I think I'd do quite a bit of shopping there! 

ToeLoverNC Asks... I think you have very sexy feet! Really love your toes! Do you think that mainstream culture has accepted the foot fetish as normal or do you think that they still think of it as taboo. I’ve noticed a little more foot fetish ideas in TV and movies

Thank you! I absolutely think it's becoming accepted! I'm thrilled about it. I notice a lot more foot kissing and licking, not only in movies, but on network television! Maybe I'm sensitive to it because of my own foot fetish, but I definitely think foot worshipers are coming out of their closet! (or should I say shoe box)

Tommy Asks... Hello I can say your feet are tremendous. How does it feel for you to know that millions of men over the net are turned on by your feet and will beg to smell them and kiss them and love them?

I find it very arousing! I love knowing that men are turned on by my feet. Or by other parts of my body!  I love keeping in touch with my members and fans, and getting their picture ideas. I especially love it when someone sends me a fantasy they want to see me do and then really likes the pictures when they're done!