Friday, March 2, 2018

Princess Nikki's Interview

Seeing Nikki handle that BBC like an artist had me hooked on her the moment I saw her.

"Normally the cum ends up on my toes, as they are quite talented. I really love the warm feeling. I normally play with it a bit before cleaning up."

Some women wrap their feet around a cock and what comes after, besides the cock, is pure art! Princess Nikki is one of those women. She admits that footjobs are her number one favorite aspect of foot fetishism. She just loves draining a man's balls all over her feet. She has even told me how much pride she has for making most of those cocks cum so much quicker than they're used to when getting a footjob from another pair of feet. We're talking several minutes or less here!

I first discovered Nikki's work when I spotted a teaser for the video above. Being such a massive fan of interracial adult content, and obviously, foot fetish content, I was quickly paying attention. Seeing the way she had her feet gripping that impressive cock made me go and buy the clip minutes later. I was not disappointed!

I cannot honestly say whose balls were emptier once that clip ended - the guy in the clip, or me, who finished myself off twice before it was over. The second time being before he spurt his cream load all over those upturned soles. I wanted to go for round three, but I was spent!

I shared my love of that video, and of her work, with Nikki shortly thereafter. We began chatting off and on and I mentioned Wu's Feet Links and these interviews to her. She was interested from the start and I was so glad to be having her. There are so many awesome people in the foot fetish community who deserve some spotlight. Nikki is one of them! I ask you to check out her work after reading through this interview and give her a follow on all of her social media accounts. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to gaze upon those feet of hers in person. We've actually talked about making that happen one day should we find ourselves traveling the other's way. I just wonder if I'll leave that day even more spent than I was the day I bought her interracial footjob clip? Maybe I should start "saving up" now?

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
What size shoes do you wear?
I wear a 7.5, but due to my toenails I wear an 8 or 8.5.

I have yet to meet a woman, specifically one into foot fetishism, who doesn't have a nice shoe collection. Do you? If so, what are some of your favorite kinds of shoes for work and pleasure?
My favorite shoes are my Pleaser's Heels. I own nine pairs currently. My heel collection has grown a lot over the past year and a half.

Do you find that any of your footwear makes your feet a little smelly, or even a lot smelly? As a fan of smelling women's feet, I just have to know.
My Clear Chuck Taylor All Stars are my absolute favorite for stinking up my bare feet! As soon as I put them on, the steaming begins.

When it comes to your toes, I often see your toenails painted in some wild colors. What are some of your favorite colors to paint those piggies?

I am personally obsessed with glitters, sparkles, pinks, and purples. Over the past few months, I have grown a huge obsession for French tips as well.

So, those pretty feet of yours... are they ticklish? If so, how ticklish would you say they are?
To the dismay of many, my feet are not ticklish. Other body parts are crazy ticklish though.

I see you wearing toe rings in some of your material. Do you own a lot of them and is wearing them something you do often? How about in everyday life? Do you wear them when just out and about too?
My nine toe rings are fit to each specific toe and those I always wear. I have a plethora of sizeable toe rings that I will also wear for photo sets.

I'm actually looking at a photo right now of your feet and legs encased in stockings. Do you enjoy stockings? If so, what are some of your favorite types/styles?
I have become more of a fan of pantyhose the more I wear them. My main deterrent is that I don't like reinforced toe hose as I want to see my cute toes. Without the enforced toe though, my nails rip right through them.

Of all the foot fetish activities out there, what ones do you enjoy the most and why?
Giving footjobs. It's a voyeur experience for me that I get to watch my feet and you all at the same time - creating pleasure for the both of us.

I always ask this question as it seems to be a fun one for you foot models. If you can pick any celebrities to have some foot fetish fun with, who are you picking and what's going to be happening?
Umm, not sure I would have anyone. I'm not a big celebrity follower.

Discovering the Fetish
Do you have any idea how old you were when you first learned what a foot fetish is – meaning that there are people who are turned on by feet?
I remember being around 12 and knowing I loved my feet. I always thought it was weird. My mom and sister always picked on my feet too. It 2016 was when I found the foot fetish community existed. I've been in love ever since.

Upon learning of the fetish, what were your initial thoughts about the fetish and those who might have one?
Initial thoughts? I'm not weird! Ha!

You've obviously had a lot of foot fetish experiences at this point, but do you remember your first? Care to share what happened and how it came about?
My real learning came from an old production company that left the community. He taught me a lot about positions and how it feels for a guy.

With all the foot fetish experiences you've had, how has your feelings toward the fetish changed since the time you discovered it for the first time – if they've changed at all?
I just get to tell myself every day now that I get to do what I love for my daily life. Not many get that privilege.

Do you come across people who are ashamed of their foot fetish? I ask this in my interviews because I feel that so many people are shamed for their love of feet and people like us often are the ones they feel comfortable enough to talk to about their kinks. What do you say to those people who feel this way? Do you tell them to not be ashamed and to embrace it?

So many men and women are, and I try showing them how being embarrassed of something so normal is detrimental to themselves. Foot fetishism is the number one body part fetish. We are so normal it's not even funny. Everyone else are the weird ones!

Modeling & the Internet
When did you first begin shooting foot fetish content to be shared online?
September 2016.

How did the decision to star in and produce foot fetish content come about?
I used to be a cam model and as I was working more and more I would hear, "Lemme see your feet," "Feet behind you," etc. One of my followers on that page had told me to make an Instagram page, so one day I did. Now a year and a half later I am so happy that I did!

How has your work grown or changed since you began?
My creativity and artistic flow is always part of my work. So if I'm not feeling it, I won't do it.

Other than your own content and your appearances on Joey's FeetGirls, are there any other producers or models that you've worked with over the years?
I've worked with a few photographers. My first, and longest friend, was The Fleet Of Feet. I've worked with Mr. Photographer, The Feet Guide, The NY Fetish, Footsie Tootsies, as well as Broken Heart Productions.

As I am sure, that your well aware of, there are so many different facets to foot fetishism out there. Would you mind talking about your thoughts on each of the following and if they are something that you do and/or enjoy, or maybe even something you'd like to try?

  • Ballbusting – For me, I won't do this as I cannot inflict pain. 
  • Dirty Feet - I love dirty and stinky feet.
  • Food & Feet Play - I've done one cake squish. It was a different feeling.
  • Foot Worship -  I love giving and receiving foot worship.
  • Footjobs – My number one favorite thing. 
  • Giantess - I am still learning to become comfortable with this particular fetish.
  • Smelly/Sweaty Feet – My most requested.
  • Shoe/Boot Worship - I had a foot boy who would clean my socks, but that hasn't been a large part of my experience here. The most I've done with socks is selling them as I can put a good stink on them.
  • Tickling - My feet aren't ticklish.
  • Trampling - Never been exposed to trampling, so not really sure. 

After picking up one of your clips, "Fan Footjob Cum Catchers, Black Pedicure," I must say that you appear to be an artist when it comes to footjobs. Was that the case from the start, or did getting that masterful take time?

Umm, I'll say it's just how I've grown in giving footjobs. I read the guy and really see how he likes it and then I proceed to torture him into cumming from there.

The ending of that video, when his big black cock (BBC) cums all over your soles, was something I'm sure he thoroughly loved. When it comes to cum on your feet, is that something you also love? If so, what's your preference? On the soles, between those toes, or something else perhaps? Or do you just enjoy it all over your feet?
Normally the cum ends up on my toes, as they are quite talented. I really love the warm feeling. I normally play with it a bit before cleaning up.

I'm going to be perfectly honest, my favorite scenes of yours involve interracial footjobs. This is something that we discussed privately on Twitter (@NikkiPresents). How much do you love having BBC trapped between your skillful feet? The vid cap for the video I referenced above was enough to make me want that video as soon as I saw it. Talk about a grip!
Something about the contrast of my pale skin and my small-ish feet on a big cock will always make me happy. Watching my toes work the head, or trapping it between my arches for a good long stroke, just makes me so excited.

Do you think I'd last longer getting a footjob from you, or sitting in the room jerking off while watching you give one to a BBC?
You'd last longer with your own hand!

Now if you told me I couldn't cum at all while watching and do so only from a sloppy seconds footjob after he was done...
Oh boy!

As your Twitter profile states, you are "taken." Care to let us in on how you, as a couple, go about setting up your scenes with fans, or other producers that see you doing things like footjobs? Some people don't understand how married couples can be into such things, while others swear it enhances their relationship like no other. I'd love to know your thoughts and feelings.
Okay, I am very happily married for over six years now. I married my best friend of 15 years. So he's known me and how, or who I am, from the time I was 16. We have a true love that I've never had with anyone else. Yes, I do footjobs, even scenes with others. That doesn't deter my love for my husband. He knows I love my foot world and all that I do, so why would he tell me no and make me unhappy? He knows, approves, and even helps with my personal work sometimes. He is a part of all that I do. If someone wants to work with me they just need to approach me. I seem to be a very mean person, but I really am not.

Your ManyVids store, NikkiPresents, also features clips dealing with some non-foot fetish content. What other kinks are you into other than the ones tied to below your ankles?
Oh, well that goes back to my cam model work. My old name was NikkiBunzz. Booty play is one of my favorite, but I am kinda an all around freak.

I've made mention of some of the other things I see you do in your videos below. Would you care to talk about some of them like I had you do above for the foot fetish related items?

  • Blowjobs/Handjobs - Guys in the foot fetish community love blowjob, handjob, and footjob combos! Those are something I will definetly be trying to make more content of!
  • Masturbation – This is something that is in a lot of my XXX videos.
  • Speculum (Vaginal & Anal) – These were medical customs I was asked to do. It was definitely interesting and I had fun, but the community there seems small.

Are there any other kinks that you're into that you'd like to include in future content? If so, what are they?

Nipple fetish!

Speaking of future content, what's on the horizon for Princess Nikki in 2018? What would you like to happen with you, your sites/stores, and in your content moving forward?
Well it's already happened! I launched my very own self-created site called, NikkiPresents.

I can only imagine how much feedback you get from your work. How has your fan base reacted what you do? Care to say anything to them here?
My fans are what keep me going! Sometimes the hate gets to be to much, though. I am a soft-hearted person who has a very thin skin, so a lot of times I seem weak. My fans are the ones who come to my rescue and pick me back up, though! I love you all!

I see on your sites that you do custom videos. Are customs something you often entertain and is that the best way for people interested in getting customs to reach you?
Best way to get a custom now is with the form on my site.

Speaking of your fans, you also mention on Twitter that you do personal sessions. Is that something you partake in often?
I love sessions. I am always offering in person sessions. I hope to start travelling again soon, with the help of the community. I miss seeing the country!

Do you enjoy letting people live out their kinks with you and your feet through these personal sessions? I imagine that even you are still learning from each and every one of those meets since this fetish is so specialized to each person.
That is something I have a hard time getting across to people. Foot fetishism is so varied that every session is different. People will email, "Whats in a session?" Well, it's customized to your fetish. Every guy is different.

I see you're up in the Massachusetts area. I'm a huge roller coaster fanatic and have gone up to Six Flags New England a couple of times. Should a certain photographer, okay, me, come up that way, would you be interested in working together? You seem like a very down to earth person, which is something I really respect. Who needs drama when there's fun to be had?

I cannot Stand Six Flags! Ha! Okay, that may be an exaggeration. I grew up in the town it's in, so the traffic was a nightmare in the summer. As an adult and not living in that area, I think it would be fun to go back! Can anyone say Clear Chucks?

One final question – a fun one to wrap this up. How long do you think it would take to have me totally infatuated by your feet should I ever get the chance to photograph them myself? Are we talking hours, minutes, seconds, fractions of a second...? And do you think it would be fun teasing me in person?
That would all depend on how long until you saw and smelled my feet! But once you get a look, and especially a sniff or touch, I say you'll be hooked within four minutes. 

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