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Lady Steph's Interview

"I love a man that knows when he should submit, or just does it because I say so."

A number of years ago Wu personally asked me to take over doing interviews on his site, Wu's Feet Links. We tossed around a number of ideas, but he always said he wanted me to take it and run with it. His only request: make the first interview with Lady Steph.

Sadly, Wu passed away earlier this year, but a number of us decided that his site would not. Although the plans Wu and I had talked about never came to be, I decided that now, more than ever, I wanted the interviews back as a regularly updated section of his site. So here we are relaunching the interviews with who Wu wanted all along, Lady Steph.

In the years between the initial relaunched interviews section plan and this one, I actually got to meet with and shoot Lady Steph for Soles of Silk. She is an energetic one, that's for sure! She knows just how to appeal to us foot guys - whether she's dangling her numerous pairs of shoes, showing those artistic pedicures she's known for, or verbally putting us foot guys in our place, Lady Steph is as real as they come. Speaking of which, she's sure made a lot of us guys do just that with no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What is your shoe size?
I basically wear a size 7, but I prefer a 7.5 in sneakers or boots.

Speaking of shoes, what is your favorite style/kind of shoes?
I really love stilettos - the higher the better and the funkier the better!

Are your feet ticklish? If so, what spots are the most ticklish?
I used to be ticklish a few years ago, but a tickle session burned that right out of me. I have a few spots, but you will have to find them to find out.

Many of us have come to know you for having some wild looking pedicures. Do you have a favorite color or design?
My favorite color is actually neon yellow. I love that color on my toes and nails. It works great against my skin tone. Otherwise, a rainbow color set or a neon variety set would come in close second.

What type of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly as well?
I don't wear socks often, even in the winter. They do make my feet sweat, but I think I saturate boots the most.

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
Any dedicated fan knows I wear an engraved Lady Steph anklet that I have worn almost seven out of the eight years now. I own over 20 toe rings, but I've found they are quite easy to choke on.

What do you think of stockings and pantyhose? Do you like wearing either one, or even prefer one over the other?
I don't mind stockings or pantyhose, particularly. But I love fishnet hose - those are super funky!

What is your favorite foot fetish "activity," if you will?
I love to see a man squirm to the wiggle of my toes and the flex of my foot. But I enjoy meeting folks that are really into the scene more than anything else.

If you could pick two different celebrities, one to massage each foot while you laid back and relaxed, who would they be? Any particular reasons why?
Wood Harris and Method Man all day. I've loved Method Man since Tical and Wood Harris can get it!

Discovering the Fetish

Do you remember the first time you learned about the fetish? How did you come to know about it and what were your feelings about it in those early days?
I was made aware of the foot fetish scene and whatnot via Craigslist. I met my first footjob buddy then. He made me aware of foot parties and events in the area. He told me to look up foot fetish and see and I did.

I went to my first party, and then another one for There I met Mistress Lynn, Goddess Chocolate, Lady Storm, Mindstatz and Ivory Mistress Jae amongst countless others - all of which I've come to have long lasting relationships with. I have been attending parties, modeling for foot fetish sites and participating in the scene for almost a decade now.

When did you first realize just how common foot fetishes actually are?
To be honest, when I first got in the scene, it was almost like a secret society. Folks would look at me with raised eyebrows if I told them what I did behind closed doors. Over the years and more recently I have noticed that it is almost an epidemic. Guys and girls are embracing their fetishes left and right. Everyone is into all types of stuff. You just have to find your niche and go crazy!

How have your thoughts changed, if any, in all the years since you first discovered the fetish?
I love what I do. I love being worshiped at my toes. I love the fellas that I have met over the years. I have some great friends that truly know how to treat my sweet feet just right.

For those people out there who are ashamed or embarrassed by having a foot fetish, what would you tell them?
Closed mouths don't get feet put in them. The worst thing anyone could ever tell you is no.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Foot modeling, about a decade.

Were you always modeling your feet, or did you start out doing something else?
I started out doing more general modeling, trying to located specific photographers that were into the same things I was trying to show. Got in with and of course and its been heaven ever since!

When did you first open your clips store?
I originally was released many years ago, probably 2006, with some videos on and, which is how I met Mindstatz. We did work for about a year. I officially opened my own clips store in 2008/09.

How has the reaction been from the fans?
Keep the material "cumming." Videos sell all over the world!

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
I love all my Lady Steph squad. I have had followers who have been with me since Day One. There's absolutely nothing more fascinating then knowing someone is watching videos of your feet in Egypt, Germany, Australia, Spain, Canada, and of course, the USA. I even sold a clip in Japan this morning! How awesome is that?

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
Keep biting the dust!

What sub-genres of foot fetishism, or other kinks can people find on your clips store?
It's all mostly foot fetish related activities. There's also some CBT (cock and ball torture), or instruction, tease/denial, and worship. There is also videos with some of my lady friends, footage from past foot parties, and all other types of stuff.

You've got quite the reputation for giving ball-draining footjobs and from looking at your previews, it looks like that reputation is well deserved. Do you remember giving your first footjob? Was it before or after you began foot modeling?
My first footjob was in the back of my homie's car. He met me, told me he loved feet, wanted to see what mine were about and went to town. He loves soles and, of course, loved mine. That was just the beginning I referred to earlier.

How long did it take you to become a footjob artist, if you will? Was it natural or did it take some practice?
Ha! Like riding a bike. Once you know how you never forget. You just learn more ways to ride without hands.

It looks like you're not always nice to your fellas though. Looks like you've also had some practice in the art of ballbusting and tease/denial games. Do you find those fun and what were your initial thoughts when learning some guys get turned on by such things?
I have got a few subbie friends that love to be humiliated - some even kneed in the balls here and there to keep them in line. I love a man that knows when he should submit, or just does it because I say so.

Do you do custom sets/videos for fans? If so, what's the best way for them to contact you?
Depending on what it is your requesting, yeah, I can do requests or special color sets. Best way is to email me and be persistent.

Were there any other models/producers out there who helped get you started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
I have a significant appreciation for Lady Storm. I look to her as a role model of sorts - someone who has been in the game longer than me. I admire her demeanor and always give her props where they are deserved. I even have videos with the both of us. 

Another one would be Mommie Dearest - a.k.a. Mommies Feet. She's the one with the nautical stars on her feet. She seems like an awesome chick, and when I first got in the scene, she was everywhere. I told myself I need to make a name for myself just like her!

Other than your own site, what other sites/producers have you modeled for?
Are there any other models/producers out there you're hoping to work with one day in the future? If so, who?
Actually yeah, Florida Foot Girls, and There are states all over the US that I want to attend parties in as well!

What are some of your favorite shoots/videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
My number one seller is my tiger toe three part video set. It shows all different variations and positions of my skills as well as an explosive finish! I remember it like it was yesterday. But I am known for my foot contest video.

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Absolutely. You can find anything your heart can imagine on the world wide web.

What can people expect to see from your store in the future?
More of what I do most and perhaps expansions into some other categories. I've got a few requests to complete.

Do you have any odd or funny stories to share about the fetish, modeling, or your feet from over the years?
I once met a fella in a liquor store. I found that he was acting rather strange until I get an email a few hours later from the young man stating he recognized me in the liquor store. I knew who he was because I remembered him making eye contact with me as I said his name and thanked him for my change. I was ticked when he said, "I was going to ask for your autograph, but didn't know how you felt about that sort of thing." I still laugh about that one!

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