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The Feetosopher's Interview

"In a magic instant, which seemed to last forever, she lifted the sweaty sole of her foot, and planted it on my face! That sweet cheesy aroma is still somewhere in the hard disk of my nose."

There have been many webmasters, photographers, and content providers who have come and went on Wu's Feet Links when it comes to posting on the Wu's Forum. Someone I took immediate notice of upon arrival, however, was The Feetosopher - webmaster/photographer of Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of dirty feet, I do find them to be sexy and/or cute when done right. The Feetosopher does them right! From the model's attitude, which he discusses below, to the awesome settings he picks for the sets, his work from both sites stood out to me instantly. Add in the fascination I have with many of his models, especially Red-X, who also has also done an interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog (see Red-X's August 2015 interview), and I call myself a fan!

To top things off, I'm always happy to find fellow webmasters, photographers, and models to be down to earth and generally good people. Every interaction I've had with the Feetosopher has been genuine and I knew I wanted to feature him in an interview. So I'm happy to say that he agreed and gave a look back at how his fetishes and kinks came about and his growth as a webmaster and photographer. I'm sure you'll enjoy what he had to say and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the years to come.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics
Do you have any size preference when it comes to female feet?
Any size will do. Also their shape has no great importance. They have to be bare, of course - and the dirtier they are, the better! It's the attitude of the "owner" of the feet which makes a real difference to me. I have to feel her joy to be barefoot and her pleasure in teasing people with her bare feet. This applies both to model recruiting for my sites and to my everyday life.

What's your favorite part of a woman's foot?
I am a Sole Man! Soles are the "forbidden" part of women's feet. You can see plenty of tops in the summer, just keeping your eyes on the ground, thanks to sandals and flip flops. But to enjoy the vista of soles, you need the "owners" to be willing to show them by kicking off their shoes. It's the all-important "attitude" factor! Women showing off rough, calloused, dirty soles knock me out. It is a bold, provocative behavior I instantly get fascinated with.

What are some of your favorite colors to see on a woman's toes? Do you also enjoy designs or non-polished toes?
I am not a big fan of designs and French pedicure. I prefer solid layers of nail polish - preferably dark tones like: black, blue, violet, green, and purple, or natural toes. I love feet to be pedicured on tops and toes, but the rougher and tougher the soles are, the better to me!

You obviously like women's feet to be bare, but are there any types of footwear that you also enjoy such as stockings, shoes, socks, etc.?
I "tolerate" all types of shoes which show a lot of the foot, and/or which allow big-time dangling - and easy-to-kick-off types, of course!

If you could film any two female celebrities showing off their dirty bare feet, who are you picking?
Oh, I have a very long list. Choosing just two of them is no easy task! OK... I am going for Penelope Cruz and Kate Winslet.

Discovering the Fetish
How old were you when you first began to notice your attraction to women's feet – even if you didn't know it was called a "fetish?"
I was three years old when I fell in love with the bare feet of a friend of my mother's who had kicked off her clogs under the table while she was having a cold drink in our house in the summer. I still have vivid memories of that beautiful lady arching her feet and spreading her toes, even after 45 years! I have been fatally attracted by bare female feet since then.

What were some of those first thoughts that ran through your head when you realized this attractions to women's feet?
It was a mix of excitement and unease. All the other kids seemed to be totally uninterested in female feet. I was afraid to be the weirdo of the pack! Only many years later I understood how many guys, and some gals too, are into feet.

How long did it take you to finally get to experience a woman's feet? How did it come about? Were you nervous at all?
It was a long, exciting, but also painful process. Hard to believe it now, but I used to be a very shy kid! In 1975, my late mommy hired a woman to help with housework. She was a pleasant woman in her early 40's, with big boobs - which became another passion of mine since then! When she sat down to mend clothes in the summer, she always kicked off her clogs and put her bare feet on the cool tiles, and wiggling her toes. When she had to switch to another task, in most cases she did not care to put her clogs on again, and walked around the house barefooted. I obviously fell in love with her!

One hot summer day, when I was 13, I was alone in the house with the busty home helper. She had forgotten her clogs somewhere, as usual. I followed her around the house like a dog, staring at those powerful bare feet. She chatted and smiled at me, and all of a sudden she asked, "Why are you looking at my feet?"

I nearly fainted, but I found the courage to reply, "Because I like them!" 

She smiled at me. I told myself, "It's now or never," so I went down on all four, with her bare feet just a few inches from my nose, and begged her, "Please [Ms. X], let me smell your feet!"

I looked at her face, towering over me, puzzled at first, but she soon came out with a big laugh and just said, "OK, if this is what you want."

In a magic instant, which seemed to last forever, she lifted the sweaty sole of her foot, and planted it on my face! That sweet cheesy aroma is still somewhere in the hard disk of my nose. It lasted just a few seconds, then she ordered, "OK, now I have to finish housework!" 

I felt terribly embarrassed, but I was also super-excited, so I flew to the bathroom. You can easily guess what I did.

As you've grown older, how, if at all, has your feelings toward your fetish changed?
The instinctive part of it has never changed. I still feel the same old butterflies in my stomach every time that I see a barefoot woman. She does not need to be attractive, but I need to feel her "attitude" that I mentioned before. I have just added "intellectual" elements to this instinctive fascination, celebrating barefooting, exhibitionist and sexually liberated women as flag-bearers of a free-spirited, bold and independent way of life.

It took me 10 years after smelling the busty home helper's feet to get in touch with another pair of bare female feet. I was at the university, and I begged a beautiful colleague I had a crush on to let me massage her fantastic feet. I insisted so much that she finally gave me such privilege for a couple of minutes, but she clearly did so to get rid of me, and the experience was humiliating and unpleasant.

I found the courage to reveal my fascination for barefoot women and bare female feet to another cute girl. I will be grateful to her forever, as she was the first one who helped me to feel comfortable about my fetish. We were sitting in her room, and after listening to my long story of 20 years of barefoot mania, she just smiled at me, kicked off her flips, put her bare feet on my knees and said, "You are a cool and sensitive guy, and I value your friendship a lot. You have free access to my feet!"

I admired, massaged, kissed and worshipped her feet for hours on that afternoon - and on many other occasions. She was also the first girl I took barefoot pics of. She always wore great smiles for me while I was taking care of her bare feet. She married some years later and I lost contact with her, but I wish her all the best!

Filming & the Internet
When did you first start publishing foot fetish content online?
I started taking analog barefoot pictures in 1992, but I had only sporadic sessions with female friends of mine back then. I switched to digital photography in September 2004. The first girl who authorized the publication of the pics was Alexis, the mother of all Barefoot Urban Girls.

By 2007 I had amassed a great amount of pictures of different girls barefooting in various Italian cities, in any season, and I started to wonder whether I could make some money, or at least have some fun out of them. I proposed my pictures to the webmasters of the few sites who covered the barefooting and dirty feet niche back then - most of them are still online today.

Hal of Toes-In-Action was the only one who cared to reply. He was enthusiastic about the fact that we had developed a very similar style without even knowing each other. I proposed him to exchange his barefooting videos with my photo sets and he agreed. The first contribution by The Feetosopher to his site, starring Cleo barefooting in Padua, went online on June 08, 2007. I will always be indebted to Hal. His support has been critical for the development of my projects, including Barefoot Nudity. I started to build a presence on internet after the publication of my first sets on Toes-In-Action.

Was foot fetish content your first venture online, or did you start with something else?
No, it was my first, and I would not be interested in developing online ventures which have nothing to do with my personal icon of beauty and freedom - the barefoot woman.

In addition to your foot fetish work on Barefoot Urban Girls, you also run Barefoot Nudity – a site that focuses a little bit more on public nudity. Is this also a kink of yours?
Definitely yes! It traces back to a 30-something barefooting neighbor of mine - more about her later. A great quality of hers was her disdain for underwear in the summer. She wore skimpy dresses, and I had the luck of enjoying breathtaking peek-a-boo vistas of her saggy boobs and super-hairy kitten more than once in my early teens.

The point of no return was a 1986 summer holiday on the coast of the former Yugoslavia. With the boiling testosterone of a teenager, I received 15-days of shock treatment on a beach where the only rule was total anarchy! I was constantly surrounded by a crazy mix of grannies in old-fashioned full swimsuits, quiet mothers in decent bikinis, topless women of all ages with boobs of all sizes and shapes, and hordes of totally naked females ranging from their late teens to their late 60's - all of them without any inhibition! Under a heavy crossfire of pendulous boobs, wobbly asses, gaping hairy pussies and bare feet, I wore XL-size NFL jerseys to hide the permanent erections in my swimming pants! When I came back home, I was totally wrecked! I have been obsessed with female exhibitionism and public nudity ever since.

How long have both of your sites been online now?
I started uploading content in June 2013, but Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls went online on December 15, 2013. So it's over two years.

How have you seen those sites grow over time? What have you learned along the way?
To put everything in the proper context, I have to say that my sites are a weekends only operation, and that I earn a living on a regular job which has nothing to do with footography. My sites are basically a hobby for me, but I take it seriously. They are a way of self-financing shootings I could never afford, especially the nude ones.

Barefoot Nudity has been an unexpected success. When I launched it, the "purists" of barefoot girl photography, who see nudity as porn, voiced their contempt. I found a much better attitude in the adult section of the Wu's Foot Forum, on Tumblr, and on DeviantArt. After two years of operations, it is actually Barefoot Nudity which funds the sessions for Barefoot Urban Girls, which is not self-sustaining.

Barefoot Urban Girls has to compete with sites which have been online since the early 2000's – trying to win new subscribers is a tough job. This said, I enjoy running both sites, regardless of the different profitability.

As for lessons learned.

  1. Enthusiastic comments and popularity in forums and social networks are enjoyable, but do not automatically translate into lots of loyal subscribers. Everybody loves you when you give away quality stuff for free. The tough part is getting people to pay some dollars to enjoy your stuff. 
  2. You cannot please everybody, even in the apparently narrow niches I operate in. There are potential customers with super-focused, very peculiar and quasi-obsessive tastes. If you want to please them, you will probably lose the more mainstream ones. 

How has the reaction been from fans?
As I said, some chaps probably see me as the villain who threw so called porn into their beloved niche. Posts about Barefoot Nudity hardly get a comment in some forums. Not that I cannot understand the shock of those dudes in seeing their oh-so-decent barefoot heroines stark naked, spread-eagled, stuffing cucumbers in both holes and having lesbian sex! I only say that a free-spirited girl who takes pleasure in walking around barefooted and in showing off her dirty soles, and who loves to think that thousands of guys are jerking off at her bare feet, is also very likely to be into showing off other body parts. She's probably a sexually liberated girl too. My only fault is to have brought the exhibitionist side of those girls to the surface. Truth be told, I can also count on a bunch of faithful and passionate followers, who have enthusiastically welcomed Barefoot Nudity.

If you could say anything to those who have supported you along the way, what would it be?
Just a huge thank you, and the best wishes from my heart!

I am especially indebted to Hal of Toes-In-Action, to the legendary Elliot James, the associate editor at The Score Group, a true friend and a longtime fan of my Barefoot Nudity project, to Jose Maria "Ponce," the Godfather of the Spanish Porn and a great amigo, to my friendly and talented German colleague GB62, to my few true friends in Italy (you know who you are) and, last but not least, to all the wonderful girls who have posed for my sites and to all the countless women who have thrilled me with their bare feet, boobs, pussies and asses since I was 3 years old. I love you all! And many thanks to you for this interview and for supporting my sites, Patrick!

I count myself as one of the fans of your work. I love so many things about what you do, but one of the big ones is your settings. Do you go out of your way to find interesting places to shoot?
Well, many thanks again, Patrick! The answer is yes, of course. I started with landscape photography as a teenager. I love urban settings and I have always been fascinated with industrial and post-industrial locations. A beautiful model makes the most of a great shot, but adding a beautiful setting surely does no harm! Settings are of paramount importance especially in Barefoot Nudity. I am totally uninterested in studio photography, and I am pretty much of a disaster when I shoot indoors.

Another thing I love about your work is the models you work with. You're fully aware of my major crush on Red-X, but so many of the girls you shoot have a very unique look. Is there a certain “look” you go for when seeking models?
I would not say that I go after a certain "look." Sure my approach to model recruiting is focused on faces and on the infamous "attitude." Not all my models have great feet and great bodies, but most of them have great faces, or at least interesting faces, and you can clearly see that they love posing and showing off. Most female bare feet are exciting to me, especially when tested on tough surfaces They don't need to be perfect, but they need to be alive!

I sure have been lucky in finding so many great models in my 12-year career, and even more so in making good friends with some of them such as: Swains, Alyssa, Arianna, Uma and Eyluh of the Barefoot Urban Girls roster, and Chat Noir, Eynadl, Oxana and Red-X in the Barefoot Nudity one.

I can honestly say that you, and your models, certainly have some "balls," so to speak, when it comes to what you shoot and where you shoot it. How was it shooting some of the public nudes, or insertion sets when you first began?
The fact that the only true love of my life was a die hard naturist and barefooter resulted in my first ever outdoor nude pictures in the early 2000's. They were pretty explicit ones, including pissing action and masturbation. We were in the countryside and it was definitely an exciting experience, even if the risk of being caught was relatively limited. Those pictures were more of an erotic game between lovers, however.

In the late 2000's I had the luck of getting a few of my Barefoot Urban Girls to model naked outdoors as they had already tried nude modeling with their lovers. I discovered that the great issue with nude photography is getting the models to authorize publication. If you formally guarantee that the dirty stuff will remain a private affair between you and the model, you will find many girls happy to expose their hidden treasures. It's a shame that I will forever remain the only dude to enjoy super-hot explicit nudes of a few fantastic Barefoot Urban Girls beyond suspicion!

The first models ever to authorize the publication of nude pictures were Janina and Kira of Toes-In-Action, in July 2010. I have included a famous shot from that memorable outdoor session, held in a disused rail yard in Germany, with Hal as an assistant. The thrill of shooting two Toes-In-Action superstars stark naked and spread-eagled in a fantastic location, with trains passing in the background, pushed me to find Italian models willing to put their face on outdoor nude pictures.

Chat Noir was the first. She was just 19 at the time, but she was already bold. She loved exhibitionism and had a natural talent for guerrilla-style nude shootings. In her first session she flashed her titties right in front of the residence of the Bishop of Verona! Two weeks later, she was already fully naked under her raincoat, flashing wildly and assuming explicit poses with unaware people all around her. I was super-thrilled, so I decided to find other models willing to do such kind of shoots, and to start my Barefoot Nudity project.

The first model ever to pose for insertion and pissing videos was Vega Bausch. She was an exhibitionist at heart, and delivered some insane stunts on her first shoot, including anal pounding with a giant cucumber on a city sightseeing bus. A tourist was sitting just two rows ahead of her!

Have you come up with some tricks or methods along the way that make shooting content like that a little risky?
I have studied a lot to devise an approach to public flashing which results in highly spectacular pictures and videos with little or no risk for me, and especially for the model, who would face the worst consequences and a hefty fine for sure, if picked while strutting her crown jewels, or pleasing herself. This implies an accurate study of the locations, a well-coordinated interaction between me and the models, perfect timing, prudence and extreme attention by everybody involved as I often shoot with an assistant. I must be the only one seeing what the model is exposing.

Ever been caught by anyone? What was the reaction like?
No, never. I got close to this on a few occasions, but nobody actually saw the model's naked body. They might have guessed what was going on, but they would have needed X-ray eyes to see her tits or pussy, so they did not dare to complain. I mean, I love explicit female nudity and erotica, but I also have total respect for people who are not into this. So I and the models always take extreme care in avoiding any potential incident, especially when there are kids around. I do not want to argue with anybody, and I do not want to cause scandal.

What do you think makes the whole idea of possibly getting caught a turn on for people?

I know that this might sound rather weird, but it's a topic I haven't explored that much. I am into women who love to show off, but I am not into showing off myself. I know for sure that some of my models such as Red-X and Blue Ice, for instance, get super-excited at the very thought of getting caught because they have told me. I haven't asked this question to the other ones, as it would not be very professional. I see that some quickly get very wet, so I guess that they get excited.

Okay, now to spin this a little more back on the foot fetish aspect here. What do you think, is the reason why there are so many people who enjoy dirty bare feet?
I think that there are a number of reasons, whose importance varies according to the subject. Some see dirty feet as the trademark of their heroine, the barefooting woman, but would never kiss or lick dirty feet. Others love submission and humiliation from dominant, dirty-soled women. Some of these people just fantasize about this, other get excited when actually worshipping dirty feet. There are also those who have a sadistic attitude - they fantasize about forcing women to walk barefoot in filthy places like public toilets and stables and/or in painful conditions such as scorching hot or rough surfaces, on broken glass, nailbeds, etc. as a form of dominance.

A you said above, you enjoy shooting what you love. How long into discovering your foot fetish did you begin to notice the dirty feet aspect?
When I was five my family moved to another house. Our new neighbor, as I said, was an attractive woman in her early 30's, who had the healthy habit of systematically walking barefoot inside her house and also in her backyard in spring and summer. Her soles were black 24/7 for months! I spent hours spying her from the window of my room. I had butterflies in my stomach day in and day out!

The passion for women barefooting in the street came when I spotted the first ones - two beautiful German tourists in Verona, Italy when I was 15. I have been a keen hunter of barefooting beauties in the street since then. If you add the fact that the only true love of my life was, and still is, a frequent barefooter in spring and summer, you will understand my fascination with dirty bare feet. This said, while I love to admire and to massage dirty feet, I am definitely not into licking them. I love to wash dirty feet with water and soap, and to worship them once they are clean.

Are you also a fan of clean, bare feet then? Do you shoot that at all?
I have never shot clean feet for my projects. Dirty bare feet are my trademark. Most of my followers would strongly disapprove any clean feet stuff by me.

In my private life, yet, I enjoy clean, or not so dirty, at least, bare feet a lot. I especially love to test the attitude of women who relax themselves by putting their bare feet on the seat before them on trains. I take the free seat beside their feet, wearing a great smile. I then I look at their bare feet with great gusto and see if they have the balls to leave them there.

Some initially take them off, but put them on the seat again after they have realized that I am into bare feet. Others, the boldest ones that I love most, leave their feet there and often put on a hell of a foot show! The rest, a minority, I would say, shyly hide them in their shoes for the rest of the trip and get very low marks from The Feetosopher!

Where do you see yourself and your sites going in the future? Any immediate plans, or things you're looking to do?

I am fully committed to keep both Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls alive and kicking for many years to come as long as free time, health and revenues allow, of course. I would really like to make Barefoot Urban Girls self-sustaining. I have made some upgrades, above all, the switch to the same 1080 x 600 HD video format which became standard for Barefoot Nudity this year. I will invest more time and money into shoots, including bikini ones, and into recruiting new models.

As for Barefoot Nudity, I would like to do more full nudity shoots in industrial or post-industrial locations. I will surely keep on expanding the roster with exciting new models, and I will make the customary European Tour this summer – with the model being top-secret, of course!

Any final thoughts or items you'd like to say before we conclude the interview?
Barefoot beauties, foot fetish photography and the launch of my sites surely saved me from depression and from a very sad life. I warmly encourage everybody to fight hard to make his or her dreams real. It is the best way to feel alive.

How to find The Feetosopher
Web Sites:,
Tumblr: (Barefoot Urban Nudity), (Barefoot Urban Glamour), (Esibizionismo Urbano: In Italian), (Barefoot Urban Girls)