Monday, December 22, 2003

Erotic Nikki's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview was held with Erotic Nikki of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you. Thank you Nikki!

Sole-face Asks... Hi Nikki. You have some of the most lovely soles I have ever seen, and beautiful toes too. Love your website! Question: When you are with a foot worshiper, and the soles of your gorgeous feet are covering his face, do you enjoy the power you have over him in those moments? And do you like the feel of his face under your bare feet? I hope to be one of your worshipers at an upcoming foot worship party.

Hi Sweetie, This is one of My most favorite things to do when I am with a foot worshiper. I love to feel his warm skin on My bare soles. And I especially love it when he's got a goatee that I can rub My feet on. I absolutely love the feeling of his face under My soles. It's a very powerful situation to Me because I feel that if he let's me smother his face with My bare feet then he will do anything to please Me. I would love for you to attend a foot party so that I can rub My bare soles on your face. Thanks for the great question.

Steven C Asks... It seems most women don't have the imagination to truly explore the unusual world of foot fetishism. And along you come, beautiful and sexy along with some very well-kept, hot and shapely feet. Did a man initiate you to pleasure him with your feet or did you know all along that the female foot had such an erotic appeal? Your husband is one lucky guy!

Thanks for writing in. I've known for a long time that the female foot was very erotic to me. What I didn't know is how many others out there felt the same way. After attending my first foot party is when I realized just how many there were. My husband is the first person I ever "pleasured" with my feet. I initiated it. Before then he was not into my feet or anyone else's. That's changed now. He loves My feet and definitely loves to be "pleasured" with My feet as often as possible.

Toeboy Asks... If you were getting ready to give a guy a footjob who had a small penis would you verbally humiliate about it and then not give it to him? I am on of these guys who would like this done to him. Is 3 inches erect considered small? What insults would you give?

Well toeboy, I think it would go something like this. First thing is I would do is laugh, then tell you that it looks like a penis only smaller, does it come in a man size? What do you expect me to do, rub it with my pinky toe? 0-6 inches is a penis, 6-9 inches is a dick, and 10+inches is a cock. I'm looking for a Cock! I don't think you have enough to ante. In fact your not even close. I'll tell you what I will do. I will let you suck on My Toes while I rub My feet on a real cock since you don't have one. Perhaps for having such a small penis you can clean his mess when I'm done.

Bondistheone Asks... I have to admit you have the sexiest feet ever. Please accept my salute. I want to ask you to whom and when , at what age did u give your first footjob. and what's your favorite technique to administer a footjob – toes, soles, or what?

Thanks for writing me. I have been asked this question a lot. This might seem kind of funny but my first footjob was last September. My husband was so not into feet then. I had to really talk him into letting me try it. Of course he gave in. I started out by dipping my toe in to some lotion and then began to rub on his cock. After a few seconds of this he was raring to go. Now he wants a footjob all the time. My favorite way to give a footjob is barefooted. I love the way his warm cock feels against my soft soles. I like for him to blow his warm load of cum all over my toes. Since September I have given a couple of footjobs to members of my site and others. Hope this answers your question!

Harold Asks... I am somewhat submissive and am into filthy bare feet and would love nothing more than licking your filthy feet clean. Do you get many requests of this nature and are you into it.

I'm glad you asked! I have experienced getting My feet really dirty and having them licked clean. It was great. Me and a girlfriend trampled some guys in a parking garage once and when were done they had had to lick the soles of our bare feet clean. We loved it! What a powerful feeling. I have gotten a few requests for this and would definitely like to do more of it. 

Faiza Asks... Your toes look nice with those toe rings How many toe rings do you have in your collection and do you wear any other foot jewelry?

Hi Faiza, I'm glad you like the toe rings. I have about 10 toe rings that I like to wear. I've probably got 20. I also like to wear anklets. I almost always have one on and sometimes I wear one or 2 on each ankle.

Mojo Asks... Have you ever given a footjob to a black man and would you do it?

No, I've never given a black man a footjob before. Would I do it? HELL YEAH! I like a cock in between my feet no matter what color it is.

Chris Asks... Hi Nikki, you have dead sexy feet! I love them! First, do you have a foot fetish and if so, why? Do you ever suck your own toes or have you ever sucked another girl's toes?

Yes, I definitely have a foot fetish. I didn't realize how strong it was until recently. I know that for as long as I can remember I've always looked at women's feet. My first experience of sucking on another girls toes drove me wild. I've been hooked ever since. I have since worshiped many female feet and I can never get enough. And yes I even suck my own toes from time to time.

Nick Asks... You have the sexiest toes I have ever seen, do you ever let your fans worship your sexy feet?

Hi Nick, Any of my fans can Worship My Feet once a month. All they have to do is show up to a foot party and get in session with Me. I love to meet my fans because they can see that I really am the girl on my sites. I've gotten to know some of my fans and members pretty well. Most of them never miss a party. So if you ever get the chance to come to a party, you can definitely get the chance to Worship My Feet.

Alex Asks... Let me congratulate you for the great job on It's very well done and your beautiful feet are amazing. Well, I know you're married, but what you think about cuckolding? Do you like having fun with a handsome lover while your husband waits at home?

Hi Alex, Funny you should ask. That seems to have been the topic of our conversations this week. I've never done cuckolding before. We were thinking about trying to do a shoot for the sites later in the future. I think it would be not only interesting but a lot of fun for myself. I've just recently actually found out what cuckolding is. I think it might be a fun fantasy to fulfill Thanks for writing!

Johnny Asks... Hello sexy Nikki, I’m in love with your feet. I jack off when ever I'm on your site. I love it to death, but there's one thing I'd like to know. How do you feel knowing men all over the world are jacking off to your feet.

Hi Johnny, Thanks! Hmm? Knowing that men all over the world are jacking off to my feet is an incredible feeling. If you've been to my site and read my Bio you will see that My foot fantasy is a Foot Bukkake. Now if I could get several of these men together and shoot their warm load of cum on my feet, My Fantasy would be fulfilled.

Mike H Asks... At foot parties, do you ever feel threatened or challenged by other beautiful feet that are getting a lot of attention?

No, not at all. I'm usually so involved with men worshiping my feet that I wouldn't notice anyway. I stay very busy at the parties and I have a lot of fun. I love all the other girls that go to the parties and I know they are getting just as much attention, if not more. Besides if I ever do slow down, I'll have a foot session myself with one or two of these beautiful women.

Cage Asks... Love your website and am not worthy of you! Question, have you ever been stuck in your car in the mud or snow? I love pedal pumping. Please share a story!

Yes! I have been stuck. My husband and I went down to the lake one afternoon to do a shoot. When we got there, the beach was pretty empty. A few cars here and there. So we drove to what we thought was a perfect spot to take some pictures. Well guess what happened? We got stuck in the wet sand. While my husband was digging the sand out from around the tires, I was trying to back out of there. I kept pumping the gas pedal and rocking the jeep backwards and forwards. All I did was get us deeper and deeper in the sand. So here I was in my bikini and my high heel sandals pumping the gas pedal while some men further down the beach just sat and stared. Now the sun is beginning to set and I am still pumping away as the muddy sand is flying everywhere and practically burying my jeep up to the bumper. Now I'm a little frustrated at this point because it seemed no one wanted to come down and help us get of there. I guess they too were turned on watching me pedal pump too. Finally 2 man were walking past and I jumped out of the truck and begged them to please help us. Well little did I know they too wanted to see me pedal pumping. They said they would help me get out of the sand if I would just do a few more minutes of pumping the gas pedal. So I pumped the pedal and they pushed.

f00tj08 Asks... Good day Nikki, first off I don't think I can find worthy words to describe you and your awesome feet! :P I'm sure many others can and have during this interview and rightly so  But I'm also interested In your lovely fingernails! As a foot guy AND a fingernail/handjob fan I'm a bit curious, what has prompted you to grow and paint such lovely nails on your hands? Are you a bit of a handjob gal yourself? Do you see a correlation between the two interests? I'm into women's feet because I like to show a woman that I find every inch of her body attractive and a cute pair of feet usually indicates that a woman likes to look after herself. I feel the same about a woman's fingernails and go just about as crazy over them as I do over feet.[just about ] What's your opinion on all this?

Thanks for the great question. As far as the fingernails go I've been wearing them for almost 14 years. I never wore them quite as long as I do now. Funny thing is, my husband actually has a fingernail fetish. When we first met he took me right over to the nail salon and had my nails done. I haven't been without them since. The reason for growing them longer came when I first put my sites online. I had so many guys with a nail fetish emailing me how much they loved women with long nails. I've had many requests lately for handjobs. So now I will be adding handjob sets on my site. I never really thought about how many men would really be interested in my long fingernails. It's actually very popular. I love it that my nails get as much attention as my feet.

Feetlover Asks... Do you like to lick a man's feet or rub your pussy with a man's feet?

There is a part of a man that I like to lick but it's not his feet. 

Dave Asks... Dear Nikki, call me jealous but why does Steve always get the best role of worshiping your feet? I personally liked the set with you in the outback standing on Steve’s face with gravel stuck to your soles. Tell me, does Steve beg you to play the role of worshiper? I envy him.

Let's put it this way, he never passes up the chance to play any role involving my feet! And the dirtier and smellier my feet are the more he likes it. But sometimes he likes to just worship my feet for the hell of it with out the camera. I love to tease Steve with my feet. He is one of the most awesome guys you will ever meet! Lots of guys are jealous of Steve and all the feet that he has worshiped or been trampled by!

Ironman Asks... Hi Nikki, my question is have you ever thought about doing a foot gang bang. Britney Andrews did one and the record was a hundred cum shots The video said that record will never be broken and records are made to be broken. If you have seen it you should check it out. Britney is the queen of feet for the record she help set. I would like for someone try to break it.

I would love to do a foot gang bang. If the opportunity arises I will definitely do it! Just have to round up a whole bunch of men that would be interested.

Redeye Jedi Asks... Greetings from London. You have really gorgeous feet. Tell me what do they smell like and what shoes makes them the smelliest. Take care and keep up the great work on your site!

Lots of guys really want to know what my feet smell like. My feet have a sweet natural aroma. When I need to make my feet smell a lot I have a pair of backless tennis shoes that I wear without socks. This gets them really smelly and the guys go crazy!

Bryan Asks... I like worshiping women's feet and then have the same foot bust my balls. Would you bust balls or have you ever busted balls?

I would love to bust some balls. I haven't had the chance to do it yet but I have sat in on a ball busting contest with one guy and 5 girls and judged it. I wanted the chance to kick him really bad but the girls had pretty well done him in. If the chance ever presents itself again, I will definitely give it a try!

Lee S Asks... Hello Nikki, I'm new to the foot fetish scene but I'm getting into it in a big way. To pay respect to your feet I plan on spunking every night to a pics of your feet, but I've got a strange question which I need answering. What are snake head big toes? I've heard the term used a few times and really don't know what it means? Please tell me. Thanks a lot!

I have never heard that term before. I tried to do a little research to find out what it is but haven't found anything yet. When and if I find out I will let you know. In the meantime you just keep spunking to my feet every night!

Mar Asks... Hi Nikki, I was visiting your site and I must say that you have some beautiful soles. I was wondering ,are your feet ticklish and if so do you like your feet being tickled. Tickling a pretty girl's feet like yours is a real turn on.

I get many questions about my feet being ticklish. Yes, my feet are ticklish but only in specific areas. My heels and up around the bottom side of my toes are really ticklish when you nibble on them with your teeth. When you tickle my soles lightly with something like a feather or the bristles of a brush they are quite ticklish too.

Devon Asks... Do you sell worn stockings or shoes?

Yes, I do sell my personal items. Contact me if your interested in anything and I'll see what I can do for ya!

Polik Asks... What size are your feet?

My Feet are a size 6.

Steve Asks... There are men like me who have a shoe fetish. Would you ever let a man lick all of your shoes clean? After all, awesome feet like yours deserve the best. How many shoes do you have?

Are you volunteering? I would love to have a man lick all my shoes clean. I'm not sure how many shoes I have but I know that there are tons of them. My closet is packed with shoes. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes everywhere! I love shoes! It would probably take days upon days to lick my shoes clean.

Biggdirtyredd Asks... I am a member of in which you are a featured guest quite often. I love to see you do barefoot face standing and would like to know, What is the longest time that you have stood on someones face and how powerful it must feel? Also do you prefer to stand on his face with the slave looking straight up or do you prefer to turn the head to the side and stand on the head.

I love to do barefoot face standing with him looking straight up. The longest I stood on someone's face was about 35 minutes or so. It was in a parking garage. There were a few us there standing around talking and me and my girlfriend Vanessa decided to have a trample session with Steve, a guy from Australia and her foot slave I stood on the guy's face from Australia and carried on a conversation with everyone as if he wasn't even there. The rush I got from that was amazing. When I finally got off his eyes were just a watering and swollen. That was awesome. And he totally loved it. Not many guys I've met can take it for that long. Steve is about the only person I know that can take it for sometime. I wish they could take it for as long as I can stand there. Thanks for the question.

Feet Freak Asks... First, I would just like to make it clear that YOU, my dear, have the most awesome pair of feet on the net. I totally lost it when I first discovered your gorgeous gifts within the foot fetish realm. I could go on for ever talking about your sexy, sexy, sexy. and I mean SEXY FEET! However, my question is. How long have you had an interest in modeling your feet? Why did you engage in this unique activity, and what would be your ultimate foot fetish fantasy?

Thank you so much! I've only had this interest for modeling my feet about a year now. I had no idea that so many people besides me were into foot fetish. After attending my first foot party is when I decided that I would build a site around my feet. My ultimate foot fantasy is to have a Foot Bukkake. I can only imagine how awesome this would feel!

Art V Asks... Hello Nikki, I know your feet are very sexy and tasty. How did you discover your foot fetish, and what is your favorite thing to have done to your feet? Is it toe sucking, trampling, sole licking, or a footjob?

How are you? First off let me say that I'm really sad you will not be at the party tonight. I'll see ya next time. Anyway, I seem to have always known that I liked women's feet. I often caught myself staring at them. Then about 12 years ago we were out with some friends at a club and I was wearing some black thigh high boots. My husbands friend ask me to take off the boots so that he could see my feet. I thought at first it was a strange question but I removed them. I took the boots off and I thought the guy was going to go crazy. That was my first experience with someone who had a foot fetish. I wish now that I would have really taken advantage of the opportunity to have him worship my feet right there in the club! Now as far as my most favorite activity to do with my feet, it's all of the above. I love to do everything! I know what yours is! hehe! Hope to see ya next time!

Lisa Asks... Have you ever kicked a man in the balls? Were you wearing shoes and how badly did you injure him?

No I haven't had the chance yet to kick a guy in his balls. I'm patiently waiting for the moment! I've watched it though and it was pretty awesome! Thanks for your question!

Nikkimaniac Asks... I know that this will be rude but I and many of my friends, who are fans of yours, want to know. How old are you and what are your measurements. Don't be shy about your age. We all adore you. You are so beautiful. If you answer we would be really happy. Lots of love and kisses to your gorgeous feet. Bye!

I'm sure that you would love to now my age but if I tell you then everyone would know. I don't know my measurements exactly because I've never taken the time to get them. But I can tell you all that I am 5'3". I wear about a size 5 in clothes and my shoe size is a 6, and I'm a 34dd. I'll have to keep ya guessing on my age! Sorry! Thanks for the question.

Black Foot Bukakke Asks... I am a 24 year old white boy with a skinny little cock. In regards to your foot bukakke idea, I would so love for you to be the only white person present as about 100 black men dump multiple loads of cum all over your precious little feet. Does that turn you on? And if I'd be so lucky, would you enjoy having me there to lick all that thick cum off of your feet and from between your toes?

Well first let Me say that I'm turned on by 100 men of any race cumming on My Feet especially if they have big cocks. Since all you have is a skinny little dick, you'll have to prove your worthy of my feet by fluffing ALL the guys hard, then you may lick all the cum off My Feet and I had better enjoy it. But a hundred loads of cum, Really? Your such a little cum slut I still like the idea.

CJ Asks... You have it all but, your toes are incredibly hot. If I were to recognize you on the street, would you allow me to kiss your feet? Have you ever had a person eat food from your feet? How do you like your toes sucked. If ever you want a foot slave I'm your man. Take care!

Thank you! Yes, I would allow you to kiss my feet on the street. I have had chocolate cake eaten off my feet by another girl! It was awesome. I like my toes sucked one by one and then take them all in at once and sucked. This feels so incredible to me.

Foot Liquor Asks... If a well hung black man shot a huge load of cum all over your feet, would you rather lick it up yourself, or make a white boy (like me) lick it up? What would turn you on more?

It would turn me on more to make a little-dicked white boy like you to fluff the guy hard and then clean the cum off my feet.

Tom Asks... What is your favorite nail polish color?

My favorite nail polish color is hard to say. I really like so many different colors. I prefer to wear dark colors like red, purple, black, blue, etc. and colors that have the prism like effect. Thanks for your question!

Devon Asks... Would you host a drawing to give a free footjob?

Although this sounds like a really cool idea, I'm not sure that the laws allow for this sort of thing.

Tally Ho Asks... Dear Nikki, I worship your divine feet, and always dream of becoming your full time foot slave in real life. I go crazy looking at that cute mole on your silky soft right sole. Please tell me, has any one ever drooled over that sexy mole on your foot?

Thanks for your question. That cute little mole is how I got the name for my site. My first foot party several of the guys kept saying that they love the angel kiss. Hence, Angel Kissed Feet. Lots of guys since then have drooled and kissed and licked that sole more often than than the other because of it.

Tim Asks... I am totally falling in love with your feet. How did you come up with the name Erotic Nikki?

Thank you. I came up the name Erotic Nikki because one time I entered an Amateur Strip Contest and told the D.J. that my name was Nikki and when he called me to the stage he announced me as Erotic Nikki. So I stayed with it ever since.

W.F. Footbottom Asks... Hi Nikki, I am the one who is going to get a statue made of your feet. I was wondering, well sometimes I love the way a sexy female's feet smell. Therefore, how would you rate the smell of your sexy feet, stinky, somewhat stinky? What do you think your feet smell like after wearing shoes?

I can't wait to see the statue. My feet do have that natural smell to them. I would probably rate them as somewhat smelly but after wearing shoes, the smell is definitely more arousing I have noticed with many fans and others. Thanks for the question!

Captain Sole Asks... Nikki. you have perfect wrinkled soles. One of the things I love about you most is that you have lot's of wrinkles on your soles. I have two questions for you. would you ever consider fucking a 12 inch black dick with your wrinkled soles to the beat of some lewd rap music? Moving your feet up and down on his monster cock in time with the rap beat? Would you do this on video so your fans can buy?

First, thanks for the question! Second, if I find a 12 inch black cock attached to a man that I'm attracted to, I'm doing a lot more than just a footjob. hehe! But, yes I would definitely release a video of the footjob for my foot fans and the rest for my hardcore fans. If I start getting a lot of member mail requesting that, I'll have to start shopping for one! 

Tony Asks... What is the quickest you've ever made a guy cum? What is the easiest way (least effort) you've made a guy cum?

The quickest way and little effort was during a private nude dance. He lost it almost immediately! 

Blackstockingfetish Asks... Hi Nikki! You have gorgeous feet. I think they would be even more gorgeous in black stockings. Why don't you think about giving some photo shots in black nylons? It would be fantastic!

We were just discussing this same thing yesterday. I am going to start adding more stocking and pantyhose content to the site since I have several request for it and black stockings will be part of the shoots. Thanks for the question!

Tim Asks... I would love to worship your feet and have the soles of your feet on my face at a foot worship party. Do I get to choose who's feet I worship at the party? If I want to worship your feet at a party, is it guaranteed that I would be able to?

Yes you do get to choose who's feet you want to worship at the party, and there are lots of feet there. But if you want to worship my feet I cannot guarantee that you would be able to. I can pre-book sessions for the party and I will be available for you at that time. I stay really busy from the beginning to the end. If this is something you would like to do then please let me know.

CrazyPaul Asks... Well it's about time I find foot-fetish website that doesn't feature some Britney Spears teeny bopper models. Now Nikki is exactly what I'm looking for, a real woman! Yes! I love your feet and your whole body! The eyes,hair,feet,hands,arms,legs,ass,breasts etc etc. I have one question for ya. If given the right financial incentive, would you do custom videos? One last thing, keep on doing what ya doing and let all the people that come across your website know, you don’t have to be in your 20s to be. The Sexiest Woman Alive!

Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. And yes I do custom videos (for members only) from time to time if I really like the request and it's something that I am willing to do. And of course the price has to be right.  If your interested in something please let me know.

Tim Asks... Have you ever done face sitting? I would love to have you face sit me. What goes through your mind when your face sitting a man?

Yes, I love face sitting! Smothering someone while sitting on their face is so powerful to me. It's an amazing feeling! I would love to do some face sitting with you sometime!

Marcus Asks... What do you think about flip flops? I think flip flops are the sexiest shoes for women.

I love flip flops. What a great pair of shoes. When I wear mine I know that pretty much my whole foot is exposed to tease anyone with a foot fetish no matter where I go. And yes I do tease with my feet when I'm out and about every chance I get. Thanks for your question!

Jimih Asks... When was the first time you had your feet worshiped?

The first time I ever had my feet really worshiped was at My first Foot Party. It was so amazing and really turned me on. I will never forget it. It was also the first time someone ever deep throated almost my whole foot! WOW! Thanks for asking.

James M Asks... Do you like to have cum on your feet?

I love the feeling of having cum all over my feet. When I give a footjob to my husband or a member I make sure he knows to cum all over my toes. After he cums on my toes I like to rub it all over my feet!

Jeff Asks... Huge fan of your feet! Thanks for the shots. Somewhat bizarre question: Given the length of your nails, have you ever clipped your toenails to give to an admirer?

Thanks for writing in. Actually I've had a request for this before. I don't clip my toenails too often but when I do would you be interested in them?

Chuck Asks... How would your dream ballbusting session unfold? How would we be able to get a hold of you for some ballbusting?

My dream ball busting session would probably start out of course with you there in the buff. I would then make you spread your legs some and then I would try to kick you as hard as I can with my bare feet You would have to take several kicks in the balls until you are in enough pain you hit the ground. Then once you are on the ground I would continue to kick you until I see that you have had enough. If you live in or are able to get to L.A. once a month I'm always there to meet my fans and members for foot worship. We could maybe set something up if you are interested. I can't wait until I get to bust my first set of balls! I guess you could say I'm a "Ball Busting Virgin"! hehe!

Gregory J Asks... Do you do foot teases and do you give footjobs too?

Yes I do like to foot tease. I especially love it when someone is worshiping my feet and then I as I have my feet over their face I love to get it just close enough to their mouth and as their mouth's open to lick my soles I pull it away. Once I see that they are almost begging for it I let them have it. I also enjoy giving footjobs and having cum all over my feet! Thanks for the questions!

Darren Asks... What kind of custom videos would interest you the most to make? Footjob, foot tease or trampling?

I think the one one that would get my interest the most is probably foot tease. I love to do foot teasing anyway so i think I would have a really good time do this. Don't get me wrong I like ALL things that involve my feet whether it's footjobs, trampling or whatever. Foot Teasing is real exciting to me because I know how powerful it can be whether your under my feet or across the room!

Thomas the Dwarf Asks... Hi Nikki, your feet are very sexy and your soles are so lovely! If I were only 3 inches tall, would you step on me if I beg you to? I'm a giantess lover and it would be a great thing for me.

Thank you! If you were a 3 inch man yes I would step on you. I would squash you like a little bug.

Piglet Asks... Would you be cruel enough to lock a foot slave in a male chastity belt and watch your sexy feet at the Foot Bukkake? Would it make you laugh knowing that guys all over the world jack off to your incredibly sexy feet, while you controlled that little dicked loser's orgasms, and decided he was unworthy of even masturbating?

Of course I would keep you locked up in a chastity belt and make you watch. Surely you don't think you deserve to join in do you? I think it would be hilarious as you watch me getting loads of cum on my feet and all you can do is sit there and watch. No masturbating, no orgasms. Just watching me have a good time and getting really turned on by this whole thing that I myself might even orgasm and that would be the icing on the cake. HAHA!

Mike Asks... I just love your feet Nikki! Do You like giving foot jobs and feeling a guy cum all over your beautiful feet? And do you like a guy to lick them clean afterward?

Thanks! I do like to do footjobs. I especially like it when the guy cums all over my feet! I like that warm wet feeling so much that when he is done I just have to rub it in real good! They say getting a facial is good for your skin, so I figure it's probably just as good for my feet! If I had a guy there to lick my feet clean that would be great. This is another one of my fantasies. Someday it will happen!

Frer Asks... Do you like it when people take your shoes off and rub your feet in baby oil?

Yes. I love to have my feet rubbed with baby oil. Volunteering?

Rob Asks... If you were getting ready to give a guy a footjob and he tells you that since he has a small penis he would rather have you bust his balls instead would you do it? How would you do it and would you wear shoes? Then afterward he would fluff a man with a 12-inch dick hard so you can have a relaxing footjob after you bust his balls. Then he would clean his big load off your feet. Would you enjoy doing this?

I would absolutely take him up on his offer to bust his balls instead! I would do it either barefooted or with shoes. Whichever I felt like doing at the time. If afterward he's able to fluff this man for me and clean the load I think I would totally enjoy this. Thanks for the question!

Feetlover Brazil Asks... Hi, I just love your feet. I'm a huge fan! Why do you think your feet look so sexy when you point your toes like a ballerina? Are you a ballerina?

Thanks! I think because it really shows the arches in my feet. I also like the way my toes look when I point them. No, I'm not a ballerina now but I was when I was much younger.

Rick Asks... Is it possible to become a member of your site via postal mail without giving you an e-mail address? I am nervous about sending the e-mail address in the mail.

I would still need to be able to contact you so that I can send your information to you and let you know that I received your form and money order If you could send that to me through my e-mail that would be fine!

Footboy Asks... Hi Nikki, I noticed that some sites will allow members to voluntarily do a photo shoot for their sites. Would you allow a member to volunteer for a photo shoot for your site?

I would love to do photo shoots with my members. If they are near me then maybe we can set something up or if they are going to be in L.A. when I'm at the foot party we can set something up before or after or even during. They just need to e-mail and let me know that they are interested and what they would like to do or are willing to do. That would be great!

Toeslave Asks... I could be at your feet 24/7! Have you ever considered being in adult movies? Specifically foot-fetish videos?

No, I've never considered doing adult movies. I really like doing the amateur thing. As far as foot fetish movies, that's something that might interest me. I guess if anyone offers me the opportunity to do one then I'll have to check into it. That would cool!

SandMan Asks... Nikki I just printed a picture of your sexy feet and shot a huge load of cum all over it what should I do with all the cum on your feet?

Well now you need to lick it all up!

Lorenzo Asks... Nikki, my sexy queen, if I worshiped your sexy feet and you enjoyed it would you give me a footjob so I can cum all over your sexy feet?

I know that I would enjoy it. And you would enjoy the footjob so much that you would have no choice but to cum all over my feet!

Maverick Asks... Nikki you are the first foot website I have ever joined and I want to thank you for all of the adventures of you and your sexy feet and ass. I love them both. I would like to know how long I should save up from not cumming so when we finally meet I can shoot the biggest load you have ever seen all over your beautiful feet then lick it all up for you. Kisses to you and your feet bye bye.

First let me say thank you for joining. Now, if you were going to meet up with me and cum on my feet AND lick it up then you need to start saving now. I want the first guy to lick cum off my feet to be huge load. A guy licking cum off my feet is one of my fantasies so I want it to be everything I imagine. None of this drip, drip! Hope to see ya soon!

James Asks... Have you ever given footjobs to more than one man at a time?

No I have never given a footjob to more than one man at a time. That would be fun! I would love to!

Mean Green Machine Asks... Sexy feet, sexy feet, sexy feet. Oh, hey Nikki I just was wondering do you prefer a lot of little cum shots on your feet or a long thick load on your feet.

I would prefer a long thick load all over my toes!

Rambo Asks... Will you be traveling to South East Asia for adventure, filming or meeting fans?

Thanks for your question. I don't have any plans of traveling there in the near future. If I do I'll let ya know!

TMH Asks... Hi Nikki, you have one of the most gorgeous feet on the web. I definitely would love to suck on them. I was just wondering if you like to tease men with your feet in public? If you do, what do you normally do? Also, what is your favorite type of shoes that you like to wear? Finally, do you like to do some foot tease while lying down in bed? I always get turned on when women tease with their feet in bed.

Thank you! I love to tease men in public. If I noticed that they are staring then I will dangle my shoes, slide my feet in and out of my shoes, take my feet out of my shoes and just point my toes, and many things until i see them just aching for more, then I get up and walk away. My favorite shoes to wear are flip-flops, my 7" platforms, tennis shoes, and strappy sandals. I love to tease my hubby with my feet in bed. I like to rub my soles up and down his legs, play with his toes with my toes then I roll over and tease his inner thighs and his manhood with my toes. Eventually he can't take anymore and he has to have them in his face licking my soles and sucking my toes. Some of our best sex stems from nights like this.

Hung Lee Asks... Hi Nikki, I know you get a lot of guys write to you with small dicks. I am a 22 year old Asian man and I have a pathetic little penis. Its 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard. I am extremely turned on by the fact you hate small penises and that you would rather kick them in the balls than do anything sexual with them. Tell me, is a micro-penised little Asian man like me worthy of worshiping your feet? Or am I too pathetic?

First I would change your name from hung lee to rice dick. No you are not worthy of worshiping my feet but you are worthy of licking cum off my feet. 4" hard? Busting your balls wouldn't even be worth it because you probably got little bitty ones and wouldn't even feel it so why would I even waist my time and energy on you and your small penis?

Someone Asks... I think blue jeans, bare feet and cum make the best pics. What do you think of the combination?

I think you are right! I'll have to post something like that in one of my updates.

Future Cuckold Asks... Hi Nikki. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I fulfilled one of our fantasies by me watching her give a blow job, followed by a nice slow foot job to a hung black man. My girlfriend and I are in our mid-twenties. Anyhow, the experience was great for all three of us. We're already going to set up another meeting. What I want to know is, my girlfriend and I had talked about a couple different avenues with this. The first was to invite two black men over for the same treatment. The other was for us to meet the same man again, but to allow it to go further by her and him fucking. Both ideas excite up a lot. Would you suggest going giving them a try?

That is great that you guys have began to fulfill some of your fantasies. I can tell ya that this is a situation I would love to be in. If you all have talked it out and you both are perfectly okay with this whole thing than I would go for it. The main thing is too make sure you both are comfortable with the whole idea! Have Fun! I know I would!

All That Goo Asks... Here is a fun one. If you could pick any five (5) male celebrities to hold your foot bukakke with, who would you choose?

Oh! I love this question! If I could pick any (10) I would have to go with: Tyrese, Nelly, Michael Jordan, Roy Jones Jr., William Baldwin, Vin Diesel, Maurice Benard, Freddie Prinze Jr., Heath Ledger, and Anderson Cooper. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to 5. It would be a hard choice amongst these guys.

Honest White boy Asks... It seems like many white men, like myself, are fascinated by seeing white women with black men. With interracial footjob photos on the internet being rare, how would you feel getting a huge black cock between your soft soles? And why do you think so many white guys are turned on by seeing white women with black men?

I would love the chance to have a huge black cock in between my soles. I think the fascination is that so many black men have huge cocks and the white men can only fantasize about how they wish they could take care of these white women like they do. Maybe they like to watch how much the girl enjoys taking on a huge black cock! I have often tried to understand this myself and this is the only thing I can think of. If you or someone can fill me in on this I would love to hear what you have to say.

Patrick Asks... To you, does size matter when having sex with a man? How about with giving footjobs?

No size doesn't matter to me when having sex (though I do fantasize about how a huge cock would feel). It's all in how you use it! As far as giving footjobs I would like a bigger cock so that I can feel it in between my high arches, and rub it up and down in nice long stokes with my toes.

Dave Asks... One of my dream sessions would be to have you and Vanessa from flirty feet trample me with heels. Then you make me lick your shoes clean and then do some face standing Then you and Vanessa would give footjobs to 8 men and then make me lick your feet clean. Would you enjoy doing this?

Vanessa and I have done many sessions together. I'm all for giving footjobs to 8 men and making you lick them clean! I know I would enjoy this as would Vanessa too!

Maurice Asks... I need to ask you a question since you know about feet. I have a co-worker and she has beautiful feet. I have told her this but she is not really into the whole feet thing. However I have noticed that since I told her she has been wearing sexier sandals and doing a lot more shoe play and stuff when she is around me. Now do you think she is trying to turn me on knowing that I like her feet? You are a woman with beautiful feet help me out.

Of course she is trying to turn you on. She knows that you like her feet so now she can sit in the office everyday and know that you are sitting back and more than likely starring at her feet! Not only that but you have probably made her more aware of how her feet look which is a good thing for you because she will do more to show them off. You can have fun with this!

Dominic Asks... I would first like to compliment you and say you have one of the most beautiful pair of feet i have ever seen. Your toes look so good and i bet taste and smell delicious! Do you like the smell of your own feet? and have you ever sucked on your own toes to excite you?

Thank you! My feet taste and smell divine! I just did a custom video of self indulging in my own feet. Sucking my toes and licking my soles from heel to toe! It does get me very excited.


Monday, September 22, 2003

Devonne's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2003 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview was held with Devonne of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

To all my fans:

I want to first thank you for sending in your questions during the interview. I had a lot of fun reading and answering them. I hope that I covered most of the topics you all wanted to know about. Secondly, I want to send out a huge thanks to all of you who had such wonderful things to say about me or the site. It truly makes me feel special and I appreciate every single comment that you had to say. I hope you had fun reading my responses, as I did while answering them. I hope you got a glimpse into my mind as to how I feel about the foot fetish industry. Again thanks to all of you, and I can't forget Wu, for offering to let me do the interview  Take Care, everyone!


Dyko Asks... I love feet. I never actually tried to pursue any of the foot activities I desire, mainly cause my girl friends think its gross when I wanna give them a foot massage. My question is: Were you like this and had to warm up to the idea of a foot fetish? Are some girls just more into having guys worship their feet? Just like some guys cant stand feet, most girls cant stand guys who like them? How did you decide you didn't mind?

I never really thought the idea of a woman's foot would be a turn on to men, that is until I met my husband, who at the time I was just dating. I knew nothing of the whole foot fetish world or that it even existed. He obviously liked my feet and while we were out one night, he shyly asked me if he could massage and suck on my toes. I told him sure, although I had never had it done before. I wasn't grossed out, nor was it really a turn on for me, I just figured it was something he was into. The rest is history. From then on, my feet have been a part of a lot of things we do. So, basically in answer to the question, I did in a way have to warm up to the idea of the my man having a "foot fetish." As for some girls liking it and some not, well I think it's the same for a lot of things in life. Some people may have a habit or fetish for something while others can't stand it. I just decided that if this was something that made him happy, then I would keep an open mind about it, and here we are today! 

Rip Asks... Most women in your industry discovered the appeal of their feet when they met their current boyfriend/husband. But your toes are so incredible I was wondering if you knew your feet were special when you were younger; before meeting a foot-guy. Also I love the name of your web site. It fits you so well.

My story is the same. I only started realizing how much my feet were a turn on when I first met my husband. He is the one who introduced me to everything about the foot fetish world. Although I will say that growing up during my school years (late junior high and high school, that my guy friends and boyfriends would always comment on how cute and little my feet were, but none of them ever did anything with my feet. My husband was the very first. He took my feet's virginity. 

Kevin Asks... Devonne, I love your pics, but I want to see more of you. do you post any pics without clothing? I would love to see your petite, nude body! Thanks!

Unfortunately, I do not do any nude photos and for a couple of reasons. First, I am married and I believe that my husband should really be the only one to see me that way. Second, If I wasn't married or my hubby and I were both into that type of scene, I don't think I could do it, I'm not quite that secure about posing nude in front of millions of viewers.

Mike Asks... Hi, your feet ankles and toes are very sexy. I see that you wear anklets and toe rings. I love them! Nothing sexier on a foot. Which is your favorite and how many do you have and do you wear at one time. Thanks and toe kisses to you!

Yes, I do wear both anklets and toe rings. I too, believe that they accentuate the leg/foot and it looks very sexy. When I first started my foot modeling it was just my bare feet, but the more I started showing them off, the more I wanted to wear the foot jewelery to make them look better. At the present time, I wear one gold anklet on my right ankle and one gold toe-ring on my right foot. I have previously worn two silver toe rings. One on each foot (same toe) and a silver anklet. I currently own two gold anklets, one silver one, one gold toe ring, and eight silver toe rings.

Footlover Asks... First off I must say I love your feet and have pleasured myself to them many times. I was wondering if you could lend some tips on how to get my girlfriend into feet. I love them and I play with her feet a lo, but she hates them. I would love to get my tongue in between them. I haven't found a way to let her know that I want to have them sexually. I need your help. Please give me some advice on how to get her sweet feet.

First off, I would say to maybe talk to your girlfriend about the way you feel. Maybe if she knows that this is something that you enjoy or makes you happy she will be more obliged to do it. Also if you wish for her to let you lick/suck or use her feet sexually, let her know that you will do things in return. Massage her feet after a long day of work. Maybe if she sees that she is getting some pleasure from it, she will be a bit more open minded about it.

Toelover3 Asks... Hi Devonne, I'd like to say that you are my favorite foot model and I think your feet and toes are the hottest on the web. They look very similar to my girlfriend's feet and I sometimes fantasize that my girlfriend's feet are yours. My question is, do your feet sweat a lot? It's such a turn on and what shoes make your feet sweat the most?

My feet are not the type to get extremely sweaty, but especially in the summer they do tend to get more than usual. I would have to say that my feet probably sweat the most when I do wear sandal or open-toed heels, believe it or not. I'm not one to wear sneakers very often, so when I wear my sandals and I'm walking a lot, they slip and slide and then if there's a breeze it temporarily dries them off, but by the end of the day my feet have been sweaty and the combined sweat and air has left a nice smell to them. 

Pedboy Asks... What's the favorite part of your feet?

The favorite part of my foot is definitely my toes and the size. Although it can sometimes be difficult when searching for shoes, I would never trade my small size 5 feet for anything bigger. I just love having small toes and feetsies.

Marc Asks... First let me tell you how much I enjoy seeing your delicious feet. You have incredible toes and soft sexy soles. Now to the question, do you enjoy giving footjobs to climax and do you mind a man that enjoys the sweet smell of your soles?

As for the footjob, I have never not finished giving a foot job. My husband always climaxes each time I give him one. And for the smell, when I first became a part of the foot fetish industry, I found it a bit odd, I guess you could say, but I don't mind it. Hubby likes the way my feet smell and uses it to the utmost advantage.

Ejack Asks... If you were at a restaurant and you caught a guy trying to sneak peeks at your soles and toes, would that bother you? If not, what would you do? How would you feel?

If I caught a guy sneaking peeks at my feet in a restaurant or anywhere for that matter, it would not bother me in the least. I find it very flattering. There have been occasions when I have seen guys staring at them, and I just smile and continue doing whatever it was that I was doing. Sometimes hubby and I are out and I will catch a guy looking so I will get my husband's attention and then in a friendly way he will pull me close as to say, this is my woman. You can look all you want, but those feet are mine. 

Adrian Asks... You have the most beautiful feet that I have ever seen. I noticed an earlier post where you posed with your mom on your site. Does she know about your husband's fetish ? and does she know about the web site? if she does? What does she think of it? Also, has your husband had a chance to smell her feet or shoes?

First off that is definitely a good question. I get a fair amount of emails concerning me and my mom. My mom, including my whole family, knows of our web site and they have seen it. I don't think everyone quite gets the entire concept of the site. They realize that I model my feet and that there are guys who enjoy seeing that and who get turned on by the idea, but I don't think they realize how in depth some of the stuff goes. My mom has been real supportive and does do the photos with me every now and then, our feet look so similar so we thought it would be a good idea, the whole mom and daughter theme. As for my husband, he does think that my mom's feet are cute for her age, but has no desire to do anything with them. He has never even massaged them. He is only the photographer for our sets together. Besides I do believe that if he ever did want to or tried to do anything like that with my mom, that it would be crossing the line and stepping over a boundary that probably shouldn't be crossed. After all she is my mom and his mother-in-law.

Dave Asks... I think that you have very pretty feet and toes. However, I do not see much foot tickling in your photos. Are you into tickling? Do you enjoy having your feet tickled? If so, does it sexually turn you on and what is your most erotic torture of tickling techniques that you enjoy most?

This too, is a good question, that I believe I should address. You are correct in stating that I don't do much of the tickling in my photos sets. To be totally honest, my husband, nor myself are really into the tickling. I will say that my feet are very ticklish, but the tickling idea is not one that he is really into so we tend to shy away from that. As for me, obviously I wiggle and squirm anytime he does try to tickle me or my feet, and it is fun at the time, but it's not a turn on for me, so when it comes to the sexual part of our photos we usually don't do the tickling since it is neither one of our favorites.

Ted Asks... Do you ever tease your husband with your feet to get him to do things like housework, babysitting, buy you gifts, etc. One could well imagine that those perfect feet of yours must be impossible to resist. By the way I think the rest of you is incredibly hot as well.

You got me laughing right from the start of your question. I must admit that there have been times when my husband will want my feet, and I will say, "Well, baby if you do this I'll let you see them when your done." He sometimes tries to be sneaky and say "just let me see them now and I promise I'll do it later," but I don't fall for that one. So in answer to your question, yes, I have done that when it mostly comes to housework. I don't believe that I have ever done it for gifts or anything like that.

Joppy Asks... Hi Devonne, you have beautiful feet have you been in any embarrassing situations with your feet when you was at high school.

I don't believe that I've ever really had a embarrassing situation when it has come to my feet. The one thing that does stick out in my mind from high school was when I was in the 10th grade. A guy that I was dating, really thought I had cute feet and would tell me now and then, but one morning before classes we were sitting around with a big group of friends (he was a football player so you know he was popular and had lots of friends) and he just put my leg on his lap and starting showing my foot to everyone saying "Look at how cute and little her feet are" That was a little weird because I was on display. And off course all of this occurred before I even knew of the foot fetish world.

Scooter Asks... Hey Devonne! Love the site! One of your recent updates was dirty soles, do you love having your soles dirty and has your man ever licked your dirty soles clean?

I'm not one who usually walks around everywhere barefoot, so my feet aren't dirty that often. I think that when it comes to dirty feet, it doesn't really bother me that much. If they get really black and lots of junk on them, then I will probably wash them off, but some dirt from the street or whatever is OK sometimes. As for hubby, he's not into the dirty feet, so he has never licked the dirt off. He is mostly into clean feet, but does enjoy the smell after all day of walking.

DonSarge Asks... Hey Devonne what is up. Anyway I would like to start off by saying you have really sexy feet I really love your toes. Have you ever had a french pedicure and do you have pics with a french pedicure? Have you ever waked up to someone playing with your feet? Are your feet really ticklish? I think your boyfriend who ever he is the luckiest man in the world and tell him to suck those pretty toes for me.

I have had a french pedicure before. I have previously done it on myself or the one and only time I've been to a salon to get a pedicure, I got my toes done in the french pedicure. It's sometimes hard because my toenails are so little, but it usually looks OK when I'm done. I do have pics of my feet in the french pedicure, they are in the old archive of my site, I haven't done them like that in a while, though. As for me waking up to someone playing with my feet, Yes, I have and that someone would be my husband. That situation has occurred quite a number of times. I think the whole idea of me being asleep and him sniffing or sucking on them is a real turn on. As for my feet being ticklish, they are, but we don't do the tickling very often. We both agree that there is other stuff that we would rather be doing with my feet than tickling them.

JBB Asks... What is your favorite way to have your feet worshiped? I would love to suck your toes and lick your feet. Which type of foot worship is your favorite?

My absolute favorite way to have my feet worshiped is by mouthing my toes. It is a huge turn on when my husband mouths the tips of my toes. It's like a tease for me and it makes me want more. I also enjoy when he takes the tip of his tongue and runs it up and down the middle of my sole. That feels quite good as well, but the toes are number one.

Footstar14 Asks... What is your take on footjobs? Is it your favorite thing to do and is there anyway of ever meeting you in person?

Honestly footjobs are not my favorite thing to do. Obviously hubby enjoys them tremendously, so I do it for him. Giving him an footjob does not turn me on, but I do like knowing that I'm pleasuring him. I prefer to actually tease him with my feet, like stick my toes in his mouth then pull them out real quick, and do that for a while so it drives him crazy. As for meeting me, I have never met any of my fans face to face and I don't really plan too. One reason is a safety issue, not that any of my fans are harmful, that is not what I'm saying by any means, but if I run into somebody who knows me from seeing me on the web, they will most likely know the places I shop at, and be close to my home, and I would rather not have that. I have been and always am willing to write fans back whenever I get emails. I try to do that as much as possible. 

Nandres Asks... I just want to you know that I really like your feet. Here goes the question. Do you like to wear white socks and if you got a special feeling when you are wearing those? Do you like to suck other female's feet Thanks for your answer!

In all honesty, I hardly ever wear socks. I think I own about 4 pairs of socks total. I am a big sandal/open-toed shoe kind of girl. So I can't really answer your question as far as whether I feel special wearing them. I have thought of getting some white lacy socks and doing a photo set with me wearing them in a school girl type of outfit. Keep your eyes peeled for something like that in the future. When it comes to other women, I have never had any girl on girl action, feet or otherwise. That's not really my thing. I save all my action for hubby I will admit that since I've been a foot model, that I do notice other women's feet. They don't turn me on, but I like to see how they look, what color they're painted, size, shape, etc.

Tyrell AKA Footman Asks... Hi Devonne! I was wondering, how do you feel knowing men (including me!) all over the world jack off your feet.

Now here's a blunt, but good question  When we first started our site almost 3 years ago, both hubby and myself felt a bit strange knowing that all you men were getting aroused by my feet, and then pleasuring yourself to them. The whole reason behind the start of our site was a way for me to stay home with our daughter and yet still have some sort of income. My hubby suggested me modeling my feet and so here we are. The way I look at it now is basically an open-minded/what-ever floats your boat kind of attitude. I don't sit there throughout my day and say oh man this guy and that guy is doing whatever to my feet right now. I don't really think about it. I just figure that there are men out there who like the look of my feet and it makes them happy to see them.

Matt H Asks... What is your favorite thing about showing your feet on the internet?

My favorite thing about showing my feet on the net, is knowing that I get a good response from doing it. I don't mean money wise, but the attention. It is very flattering to know that so many people look at my feet in such a good way. I get such nice compliments all the time, and they are all very much appreciated. I never thought that when I first started that my feet would be such a big hit, but they are, and it feels good. To most people who don't know of the foot fetish industry or who dislike feet it may seem corny or odd, but for those of us who do it, it's nice to know we have loyal fans!

Anthony Asks... For what it is worth I think you have the best, the sexiest, and the cutest feet shown on the internet. I was wondering at what stage in your life did it first occur to that your feet were special or have you always known?

I would say that growing up in my early teen years I began noticing my feet. I never thought in my wildest dreams would they be this popular. For as long as I can remember I took good care of my feet, I kept them clean, filed, clipped, and painted my toe-nails. I always liked the cute, open-toed shoes and tended to wear those, when I could. In high school is when I really started having many guy friends say how cute and small they were. I got complimented on them frequently. I only really began to know just how special they were when I met my husband. He truly showed me how important my feet are 

Robert Asks... Soft soles get me aroused. How soft are your feet on a scale of 1 to 10? 10 being "too soft for the guys with high cholesterol.” Are your feet ticklish and last but not least what is the fastest footjob you've ever given?

I would have to guess that my feet are probably about a 7 or 8 on softness. They are usually pretty soft and they're never rough. Right after a shower they are really soft and smooth and they are the same way after I have worn socks and sneakers/boots for the day. My feet are ticklish, but I try my best not to let them get tickled  And for the footjob, the fastest one, time wise would be probably be a couple of minutes (I'm not sure exactly 

JoKeR Asks... I think your feet are beautiful! When was the first time you gave a footjob? Have you ever made a man cum with his thing inside your shoes in between your feet?

The first time I ever gave a footjob was with my husband at the age of 18. It was definitely a new experience  I have never given a guy a footjob with shoes on, being that my hubby is the only guy I've ever given one to, and he would rather feel my soft soles and toes against him than hard shoes. I know some guys are into that, but he's not so I never have given one with shoes and unless he wants to try that sometime, I probably never will. Oh well! Whatever makes him feel best.

Tommy Asks... Now more than ever a lot of women are wearing sandals and flip flops in public places. What would be the best thing for a guy to say to compliment the sexy feet of a stranger without her thinking that you are some kind of pervert? I mean, I would never approach a girl and say, "Hey, nice ass" or, "Those are great tits." Is it appropriate to mention their feet?

I can honestly say that if a guy ever approached me with a compliment about my feet, I would say thanks and find it very flattering. Although feet are a special thing to those of you who love them and maybe not so much to those who don't, it's still always nice to hear compliments, just the same as if you were to tell a girl about her perfume or hair. They may be a bit off guard or find it a different that a guy would be commenting on her feet, but we should all remember that each of us has something that we like on the other sex and if feet is what does it for you, then so be it. Just make sure you do it tastefully, and respectfully. You don't want to go up to some girl or woman and say, "Hey nice feet, I would love to suck on those and shove my cock between them." I think I would slap somebody if they were rude like that. Of course you may be thinking that to yourself, but give her the respect by saying something like " I realize this may be strange to you, but I am a big admirer of women's feet and I just wanted to let you know that I think your have very nice/pretty feet." I hope that helps and good luck if you do tell someone!

Mark Asks... Have you ever been to a podiatrist?

Luckily and thankfully, I have never had to go to one!

Bob Asks... When a guy you don't know notices your feet do you show them off for him?

My husband will probably kill me for this, but in a way I kinda do. I don't go overboard and really try to turn a guy on, but if I see him glancing at my feet, I might stick my foot out further or arch my foot while it's resting at the back of my sandal. Sometimes I may even dangle my shoe if I'm sitting down. There have been times when hubby has caught me and he always asks me what I'm doing then tells me to stop. He says that I might make someone a little too happy  It's all in good fun!

Al Asks...Devonne, you have perfect feet, by far the best on the net. I have two questions. Have any girls ever tried to massage, kiss, or touch your feet and is your husband open to letting other people massage or kiss your feet.

I have never let a girl do anything with my feet. I'm not into the girl on girl thing, but I have had a few girls/friends say that if I were, they'd love to. Unfortunately to all my feet fans, I don't meet you face to face so there's not really an opportunity to do anything with my feet. As for hubby allowing it, neither one of us wish to do so. He took my feet's virginity , so I'd like to keep it so he's the only one who does anything with them, if you know what I mean.

Justin Asks...You have nice looking feet can I lick them sometime! Also do you know how to kill someone with your feet, and would you If you had to.

I think you would have to argue with hubby over licking my feet As for me killing someone with my feet, I don't know how to, but If I did know how I suppose I would, if my life was in danger, although my attacker may like that too much!

Frank Asks... What about a stomach stomping? Don't you like it? I don't see anything about it on your site.

That means I would have to stomp on hubby's stomach and I don't think he really wants to be in pain, so I doubt you will ever see that on our site. As for me, I don't really care either way, if he was into it, then I would for him, but he's not, so we don't.

Mojo Asks... Do you prefer reinforce toe pantyhose or sheer?

I hardly ever wear pantyhose, but I have worn both kinds before. If I had a choice I would probably pick the sheer toe for photo shoots or if I was wearing them with sandals, but for anything else the reinforced toe is fine. Either kind is OK with me.

Sash Asks... First of all, your toes are incredible and your hubby is a lucky man. Are you a dominant person when you get your feet worshiped? Has your hubby ever sucked on your toes while he was driving? Why is it that mature women are more accepting and willing when it comes to worshiping their feet? Thanks for your reply.

I am normally not a dominant person, but I get a little controlling when it comes to teasing him with my feet and for sexual purposes. I like knowing he wants more, but I say when he can touch my foot of when he can lick it at times. It's not always like that but I do have my moments  My hubby has sucked on my toes while driving, but it has been quite a while since that's happened. We've even done other stuff with my feet while he's been driving (use your imagination). I don't know if I can really answer the question about why more mature women accept it more, because I can't speak for every woman, but in my case I think it's just because the older you get, and more experienced you become, you are more open-minded and are willing to try new and different things for yourself or your partner. Hope this helps 

Anthony Asks... Will you ever consider making footjob video clips on your web page. I think it would be a great idea, and I guarantee you would have many more sign ups, if you incorporated videos onto your page. Do you see that in the near future happening?

Hubby and I have thought of making some different video clips on the site, but haven't really decided yet. All I can say is to keep checking back because it very well could happen in the future.

James D Asks... Hi sexy! How did you get in to foot fetish?

When I first met my husband he was totally into the whole foot fetish and when we first began dating he absolutely loved my feet (as he still does.) We started using my feet for play, and for him to pleasure himself. My feet became a big part of a lot of things we did. After I became pregnant and gave birth to our daughter, I wanted to stay home and not work, or if work, do it from home, so we decided to start the site. He kinda had to coax me into doing it, I was a little unsure at first, but I figured what the hell. It was a way for me to be at home with our child and still have an income on my part. So for just about 3 years now, we've been doing it, and I still love it. It's fun and I enjoy posing for the camera.

Wayne Asks... Genie has "sweet petite feet" not you! I was very disappointed with your site and what you call your site.

Well, thank you for being so rude! While I can appreciate your opinion was it really necessary to do so with an interview question? I'm sorry that you feel my site is not up to your standards, but apparently lots of people do otherwise, I wouldn't have a fan base or still be in business. I try to take photos that my fans would like to see and I always do my best to communicate with any fans who wish to email me. I can agree with you about Genie, she does have very small feet, but she and I both have had our website for about the same amount of time, so it's not like I stole the name of our website from her. The name of our site was chosen by my husband and myself before we first started. Genie, is a lovely person, who has good qualities about both her personality and her feet, but I like to think that I do as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it's evident that some people are more mature and better at expressing it than others.

FJ Asks... Do you have a certain technique when giving footjobs? Also do you use any lubricants when giving a footjob, if so, what kind?

I don't really have a special technique that I use, I basically just use the insides of my feet with my toes pointed and then just stroke it. I have tried to do things with my toes before, but they are just too short for me to be able to grasp anything  Hubby and I have never used any lubricants, we've never really had the need to, but if we ever wanted something different or wanted to experiment with them, we are both up for that.

Footguy Asks... Hi Devonne, I must say you have such sexy and gorgeous feet. Have you and you very lucky husband ever tired trampling or crushing, such as standing and his hand and fingers?

Fortunately for hubby, we never have done any sort of trampling or crushing. For myself, I don't really see the need to physically hurt him, and I know that he doesn't want to be hurt. Hubby and myself are actually pretty straight-laced We really aren't into a lot of kinky, dominating things when it comes to my feet. He would rather be pleasured by my feet than have to be in pain even if it was caused by my feet.

Jason Asks... Hello beautiful Devonne. I was just wondering what type of movies and music do you like? Also what do you look for in a man? How did your husband win you over?

Well, you kinda caught me off guard with this one  I was getting so used to all the feet questions, then along comes one that's about me. As for movies, I'm a pretty big movie fan. I don't get out to the movie theater often, but I love watching movies at home, curled up on the couch. I'm pretty much into all movies. I enjoy, Romantic ones, Comedies, Scary ones are so-so, because sometimes I get really freaked out, it depends on how bad it is. I like War movies, Suspense, and Drama ones. I'm not real big on girly movies, or kiddy ones, but I will say that I love cartoons and all sorts of characters. Scooby Doo, is the cutest cartoon dog ever  Now for music, anything, but country or classical. Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative, and Classic Rock are all cool with me. You'd be surprised to know how many classic rock songs and groups I love. Ya know, there isn't really anything specific I look for in a guy. If it clicks, it clicks. Before I got married, I dated all different types of guys, but the one thing that everyone can tell you is that I was always attracted to was the Italian type. The dark hair and olive colored skin, something about it, just looked nice. It's funny too, because my husband is neither, but I love him dearly. They have to be funny and obviously know how to treat a lady, oh and no bad boys, like drugs or jail records. I guess I do have some specifics. And last but not least, hubby won me over with his love for my feet. No really he was just very sweet to me and had the biggest crush one me. He went out of his way to make me happy. I figured any guy who would go to any lengths just to see me smile, would be worth keeping around 

Ricky Asks... What is your favorite color of nail polish? are you wearing polish 24/7? If so are your nails yellowish from polish? I think yellowish nails looks sexy.

I would have to say that my favorite color(s) would be like red or maroon colors. I think those look best on my toe-nails. I do tend to wear nail polish, pretty much all the time. Every since I started modeling my feet, I like to keep them painted and just change the color every so often. As for them having a yellowish tint to them, I'm almost embarrassed to say, but they sorta do. As a matter of fact, my toes have been unpolished now for a few days and I'm trying to let my toenails breathe, so to say. It's funny how some people like certain things about the foot or toes, as you like the yellowish look. Me, I won't even wear sandals again until they start to look clear/white again. I'm afraid that people will think I have a foot disease or fungus rather then them only being discolored from so much use of nail polish It's also kinda strange how this is the first question I've received like this and it came at the only time that I've left my toenails unpolished for quite a long time You must have sensed something.

Jones Asks... Hi, Devonne! I've been noticing that some foot fetish sites are presenting a new form of foot fetishism that I find specially exciting: female feet in martial arts and ballbusting. I'd like to ask you if you have done something in this style and what do you think about it. I mean, what do you think of a beautiful woman showing to men that her sexy feet can also be very dangerous if she needs to defend herself? Another question: have you ever kicked a man in his family jewels, or teased to do it, just for a little fun or even for real?

I have on a few occasions taken some foot photos while in my karate uniform. I no longer participate in the karate classes but I have my uniform from when I did and I thought it would be neat to take some shots with it on. I have received many compliments on my photo sets like that. It seems that it is quite popular as you suggested. As for the ballbusting, I have never done that to any guy before, in a serious manner or playing around, mainly because I've never had the request to do it, and I'd probably hurt myself in the process anyway.

Johnny Dynomite Asks... I am an attractive 19 year old male. Lets say I was to run into you relaxing at restaurant, or park for that matter. What are the odds that you'd let me offer you a foot massage, or maybe even let me taste your feet for a minute. Devonne, you have incredible feet, but I think you already knew that. I fantasize about your feet even when I am sleeping with my girlfriend.

Well being that I am married, your odds for that happening aren't very good at all, but if I were single and we met somehow and began talking/dating and you were into the whole foot thing, I would probably react the same way I did with my husband and let you do stuff to them figuring it was a fetish that you were into. I wouldn't just let some guy off the street come up to me and start sucking my toes. We would have to get to know each other first. As for your fantasizing about my toes while your with your girlfriend. You better hope she doesn't find out, or you might have a bit of a problem on your hands  Unless of course she's cool with it!

Huhell Asks... Do you think there are any feet on the web or have you seen any feet as sexy as yours especially your toes? Since your husband is extremely jealous of others looking at your feet do you worry about him looking/wanting some other ladies (your friends) feet that you know are sexy?

Now, the first part of that question is kinda hard to answer. I am not a conceited person, so I don't go around flaunting myself or my feet, really. I think that I have cute feet and wouldn't change anything about them, but there are other women who have attractive feet as well. I don't have a foot fetish my myself, so other women's feet are not a turn on to me, but I do notice if a girl takes care of her feet and if they are nicely shaped or whatever. I tend to believe that because my feet and toes are pretty small that it's hard to find other women with the same size foot who takes care of them as well. What I mean by that is, I have seen a ton of girls who might have a small or petite foot, but their toe-nails are extremely short and look almost bitten down. I see unclean, and chipping toe-nails a lo as well. Because I have small feet, I tend to lean towards liking others with small feet and small toes, but that's not to say that a woman with a bigger foot or long (finger toes- as I like to say) can't make her feet look nice as well. As for the second portion of your question. I do get very jealous when I see hubby looking at other women's feet. Why? I don't really know it just bothers me. I guess I figure that if he's so happy with mine, why look elsewhere? He says mine are the best ever (of course he has to  but that he just glances at others because it's a habit and he's just curious to see what other women's look like. Whatever the reason. It does bother me. I guess I would be living in a dream world if I expected my hubby who has a foot fetish to never look at other women's feet. Oh well!

Huhell Asks... You won the best toes contest last year, how did that make you feel and did it give you a more convincing outlook on just how gorgeous and enticing your toes are?

I was extremely excited when I won the contest! As corny as it may sound, it was a great honor to know that my 10 little piggies were chosen out of about 80 girls, to be the best. As for it giving me a more convincing outlook, I'm not real sure. I was head to head with another girl pretty much the whole way through and her feet had a whole different look to them than mine, so I wonder if the same few people who really loved my feet voted over and over for me and that my winning wasn't truly based on a majority, but a select few who wanted to make sure I won. Whatever the reason behind it, it was flattering to know that I won  It's something I'll never forget.

Huhell Asks... Small feet are admired by many women, will you ever take your flawless feet to the mainstream like television or professional foot modeling cause every one needs to see the most beautiful feet in the world?

I would absolutely love it if I was on TV or in magazines. That would be so cool and a dream come true! I even applied to several agencies who work with Burdines, JCPenney's, and so forth to be in their ads for footwear, but I haven't heard back, and it was a while ago. Apparently I'm not what they need I notice in a lot of magazines that the foot models they choose have big feet and long toes. Maybe they want it that way, to show off the shoe better. When I first started my modeling, I was with a different site, who has since gone under, but the owner of that site had wanted to start a calender with 12 of her girls modeling their feet, at one point. That never happened, but I was totally psyched about that. That would be toe-tally awesome if I was ever in a calender, magazine, or even on TV So if there are any recruiters out there looking for a foot model with small feet. Pick me, pick me!

Huhell Asks... I noticed you posed with your mom recently and in the past, do you have any sisters and will you pose with them anytime? Do you accept shoes to be worn for special requests? Do you accept any other gifts like paraffin spa's, foot oils lotions etc?

Unfortunately, no sisters! Just a brother and I don't think he would make the cut for cutest feet !

Huhell Asks... The Little Red Head left the scene a few months ago, and has been greatly missed. How is your site going and can you please please please never leave? Are their plans to increase your site's awareness if needed? I just don't want you to leave!

I noticed that Little Redhead left, a while back. She was good foot model. My site is doing fairly well. It could always be better, but I'm not really complaining. I'm an at home mom, so the site is my job. All the income that the site brings in is like money I would be making at a regular job. The only negative thing I have to say about the site is that because the money varies, it's never a steady income. It usually stays close from week to week, but it's not like a regular career job, where you make salary and you always know what your working with. As for plans to increase the awareness, we are always trying to advertise, by swapping banners with other sites or contributing photos to other sites, but to make the big bucks you've got to advertise almost 24 hours a day, I just can't do that with a little one at home. For any fans who would like to spread the word about my site, it would be greatly appreciate, but I do realize that in most cases, having a foot fetish is not something you want to share with family or co-workers. Seriously though, anything will help. If anyone does wish to spread the word. Please be my guest, that way maybe I won't have to ever leave I enjoy doing this and plan to for as long as I can. Of course the main reason I stay in business is because of all you loyal members. So thanks to you!

Footmanmike Asks... I was wondering if you've ever worried about maybe someone you know outside of the website (like a personal friend) having a secret foot fetish and discovering your website? I think you have great feet.

You know, the thought has crossed my mind a few times. I really don't worry about it too much, other than my family clicking on the site one day and seeing hubby's prized possession right smack in the middle of the page. That I do worry about in fact, hubby works with a guy who he recently found out has a foot fetish (you know how you guys talk about girls and what you like on them), but hubby won't say that he has one or that we have a website for fear that the friend will join and see not only my feet, but hubby too. That would be sorta weird, but there's always the chance that the guy already knows and just isn't saying 

Les Asks... What does your feet smell like? What size shoe do you wear?

That first part is a question more for hubby, so I checked with him. He says he can't really describe it, they just have a good, stinky smell to them. Nothing nasty he says, but good I wear a size 5 in women's shoes or a 3 in children's.

Mr. Ace Asks... How often do you drive barefoot?

It's rare that I drive barefoot. The only times I really do drive barefoot is after I've been to the beach and my feet are sandy or occasionally if I've been wearing shoes that hurt my feet, then I will take them off and drive barefoot.

Spencer Asks... Do you like to wear nylons and are your feet very ticklish in them?

I hardly ever wear any pantyhose, I don't really have the need to since I'm an at home mom. As for my feet being ticklish when I do wear them, I would say it's probably about the same as when I don't wear them. The pantyhose don't necessarily enhance the ticklish feeling, at least not for me.

Aron Asks... You have some very cute little feet. Has any one ever just came up to you and asked to take a picture of them or kiss them or even buy a pair of sandals or shoes you might ha been wearing at the time?

No actually, none of that has ever happened to me. I have had requests for photos, and even to buy my shoes, but never while I was wearing them.

Firebird Asks... Devonne - you've got unique and very compact feet. It is hard to find a sort of petite-like feet that resembles yours. Most women have the same look to their feet but yours just rests in its own league and I bet you know it. Your toes are genuine and are fantastic when viewed head-on while giving a footjob. I don't really have a specific question but I was kind of curious: who talked you into launching your own website?

Thanks for all the compliments! I appreciate them. The whole idea for the website came after I began modeling for another foot site. Hubby introduced me to the foot fetish industry, since he had a foot fetish himself and so I began modeling for this site. At the time it was for extra cash. After a while, we decided we would try to launch our own site and so we did. We came up with the design, layout and so forth, got our web hos and just began there. Slowly but surely the members starting pouring in. We've been on the net for almost three years now and I love it. I plan on doing it for as long as I can, or at least until my feet start to get wrinkly   

Footlover Asks... Your feet are so so sexy! Have you ever had your feet bound by rope or something else and then given a footjob? My girl loves it and I was wondering if you would try it? I'd love to see a set with you in that position.

No, I've never had my feet bound by rope for a footjob. The only time my feet have ever really been tied up is once in a while when hubby tickles them. The idea of them being tied up before I give a footjob, might be interesting though. Maybe we can try that sometime. We'll see what happens.

Footguy Asks... Hi, Have you ever teased a guy under the table of a restaurant or anything like that, and if so what were the details like and did you make him cum and what were his reactions to your foot play?

I can honestly say that I've never really played with a guy like that before. Hubby is the only guy I've ever done foot play with and we do most of our foot fun in the privacy of our own home. I can say that every now and then if we are at a restaurant, I will sometimes run my foot up the inside of his pant leg as far as I can reach and he just gives me a look, like stop now or we'll have to go home and finish this  It's rare that we do that though, considering most of the times when we are out to eat our daughter is with us. Gotta watch what you do when kids are around. They pick up stuff real fast.

Ilovesexyfeet Asks... I love your feet! They are so sexy! Just wondering, do you ever paint little flowers or designs on your toes? If so, are there pictures of them. Also, how often do you re-paint your toes? Do you go the whole routine and use toe separators,and give yourself a full pamper? Also, how often do you paint multi-color toes? I loved your footjob set with multicolor toes. It was such a turn on.

I have never put any designs on my toes before, because I'm not very good at it myself and the only toe it would be on is my big toe, since my other toe-nails are too small to put anything on. The design would take up my whole toe-nail I would say that I repaint my toes every week and a half to two weeks. Unfortunately I don't use the toe separators I bought some a while back but honestly, my toes are too short that they don't even fully fit the separators like they should. I feel so much more comfortable painting them while they just rest naturally on the floor or dresser. When I paint my toes I don't pamper my feet. Occasionally I will lotion them, but that's about it. I leave the pampering up to hubby As for the multi-color toes, the only time I do that is when there is a holiday or special theme I want to do. For Christmas. it's red and green. On Halloween, black and orange. For Valentine's Day, red, pink, and white, Well you get the idea 

PaladinX Asks... There's one thing that troubles me. Here you are, someone in the foot-fetish industry, and I can sense from your comments, that you still find it odd. Now my question is, Do the really kinky, extreme foot fetishists are who make it strange. Or is it just strange in general? Like for instance, when the weather gets slightly warm, many girls run out to get pedicures, and buy open toed shoes - almost fetishizing their feet - thinking it makes them cute. So if a guy has an appreciation for a nicely shaped foot. Is that any weirder then thinking a girl has nice legs. Be honest.

That's a good one. I'm not quite sure how I should answer that. As I have stated before, when we first started out doing this, I found it to be different. Not good or bad. The reason my answers may seem to be dull or as if I don't like it may be because I myself do not have a foot fetish. Many of the people in the industry have foot-fetishes themselves so you will see a lot more girl on girl action or they may want a lot more stuff done to their feet because they are really into it. I started the site because hubby thought I had cute enough feet to show to the world, so here I am. Hubby is the one who has the fetish, so he enjoys doing things to and with my feet and trying new things when it comes to my feet. Honestly, I do this mostly for him, and to show off my feetsies, for anyone who likes to view them Now, I will say that I do enjoy some of the stuff that hubby will do to my feet, so I do get pleasure out of it as well. I don't find the foot fetish industry weird at all, but I just might not share the same views as a lot of people who are into more than I am. There are some sites/people who are very extreme within the whole realm of foot fetishism and I don't knock them for being that way, it's just not something that either myself or hubby like to do. As for the females trying to show off their feet more once summer rolls around, I think it's half and half. Some of those girls might be doing it to show off their peds, while others do it because it's hot as hell and want to be comfortable the best way they know how and obviously the girls/women who get the pedicures are probably the ones who want to show them off. There's nothing wrong with that. Since I have become part of the foot fetish industry, I have a new appreciation for anyone who might have a habit or fetish for something that others might find strange. Everyone has their own opinions and if the female foot is what some men like then so be it. I don't think, it's bad or good, just something that makes them happy, as you said legs might do for a leg lover I hope this helps.

Paul Asks... Do you like your partner just coming up and licking the soles of your feet, or do you like him paying attention to the rest of your body first?

It works both ways. Sometimes I would prefer him paying attention to me and the rest of my body first, then move on to my feet, but then there are other times when it's fine if all he does if play with my feet.

Marcus Asks... How often do you wear flip flops? I feel they are the most revealing shoe. Do you ever catch men peaking at your toes in your flip flops?

Flip flops are so comfy  but I would have to say that I wear more open-toed sandals/heels than I do flip flops. Now that summer is here I will wear the flip flops more. I wear them to the beach, pool, or store. I also slip on the flip flops when I have to walk around my home, or walk down the street. I have seen guys looking at my feet in flip flops but I don't really think it's any more than when I wear other open-toed shoes. It's probably about the same 

Jim Asks... You have the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen,but that's all I’ve ever seen of you. Why do you not do any nudity on your website?

I don't do nudity on my site because that's not what the focus and idea behind the site is. I model my feet, for feet lovers I realize that there many sites who choose to combine the both, but I don't. For one thing I'm an old-fashioned kind of girl, and I don't believe that anyone other than my husband should see my naked body. That does not mean I look down on or think less of women or girls who do show off their bodies, I just choose not to go down that path. I apologize if I sound rude, but I just feel that if anyone wants to see naked women, go to a porn site, but if you want to see feet, then be part of a foot fetish site. I can admit that over the few years we've been doing this, I've received some criticism for not being nude in my photos, but I guess I just hope and believe that the reason someone is part of my site is to view and pleasure themselves from my feet, not my nude body. After all, there are tons of porn sites with beautiful women on them nowadays and I like being different and not following the pattern of being naked all the time. There are some sites who choose to show photos strictly of the feet. My site offers the feet, face, and body. At least you know what I look like. Leaving my clothes on leaves a little to the imagination, and hopefully keeps the focus on my feet 

Jim Asks... First of all, you handled the jerk, Wayne, up there really well. Second, I have to tell you that I think you have the sexiest feet I've ever seen, but I have to admit that I canceled my membership to your site after the first month because I didn't see much of what (actually the only thing) I'm really into, which was hoping to see your husband licking and kissing your soles. Then I though maybe I'd take this opportunity to ask you if you planned or could plan doing some of these shoots. Is that something your or your husband are not into? I promise I would come running back if your guys could do more of this, and I bet a lot of guys are with me on this one. Thanks!

Thanks for your honesty! I appreciate the fact that you were able to tell me how you feel without being an ass. Thanks! As for the photos you like, I'm sorry you were disappointed. Now are you strictly talking about photos with hubby just kissing and licking my soles or do you mean photos in which there is some of that and footjobs as well? In most of our footjob series. He does all of that stuff. He will suck my toes, lick my soles, even shove my foot in his mouth at times and then finish off with an footjob. But as for a full set of him solely doing that then I must admit no, we don't have any like that. That is an idea though. Maybe we will take a full set of photos with him strictly focusing on sucking and liking all over my feet. Maybe if we do that, we'll see you back there 

Aron Asks... OK I got to know this. Why do women act like they hate their feet so much and act like they don't want anyone really acknowledging them but yet in still. They will wear pretty little sandals or toe rings or either have cute french pedicures or some pretty color on their nails. Why do all this to their feet & showcase them like that if they don't like the attention they get? Cause guys do look.

I'm not sure if just one woman should answer that question. Maybe you should get a group of women to sit down and discuss this issue with you because I can't speak for everyone.  As soon as I read your question. The name Brittany Spears came to mind. I'm not sure if you pay attention to her much or not. Who am I kidding, every guy pays attention to her , but she always showcases her feet with sexy, strappy, sandals and yet has said on various occasions that she hates her feet and can't stand them. So why does she wear such revealing shoes? Who knows! I'm sure to you guys it can be very confusing because sometimes it's confusing to me, and I'm a woman! All I can say is that most woman like to get all dolled up from head to toe. It would look pretty strange if you saw a woman wearing a real sexy dress, hair and makeup done, but she had on some old lady looking shoes. Granted the woman could wear pumps or close-toed shoes, but I think maybe the woman just wants to show off just how nice everything on her can look including painted nails and toe-nails. Shoes are a big part of any woman's wardrobe, so they pick sexy shoes to accent the rest of the outfit. Of course there are women out there who do like their feet to be noticed, so they take good care of them and show them off just to drive you men wild! 

Huhell Asks... When I was younger I had an older sister who really had nice looking feet and I use to make games etc. Just to touch and grab her feet. Did you ever catch your brother staring or trying to touch your feet and what about your male in-laws?

As for my brother, I have never seen him looking at my feet and he's never tried to touch or play with them. He is much younger than I am and he is just now coming into puberty. I have a feeling he won't develop any habits or fetishes until he is a bit older and around girls more. Secondly I hope that my brother would not want my feet in that way, if he did turn out to have that type of fetish. There are tons of girls he could choose to do that with, I would hope that his sister wouldn't be one of them. It's one thing to maybe make a sincere remark about me having little or cute feet as others have mentioned before, but for him to try to play with them or want them, so to say, is a whole different ballgame. Now, when it comes to other male relatives, there are two men who come to mind, but they are very close friends of the family, that we just call them family, but there is no blood relation. One of them definitely has a foot fetish and he always makes remarks about me and my mom's feet. He grew up with both my parents and always rubbed my mom's feet for her, but NO never played with them sexually (I'm sure I'll get a question about that later). He is always saying how cute out feet our together and that it's a good thing I took after my mom and not my dad  The other gentleman, is always staring at my feet whenever we have family functions. He makes comments about the color they are painted and my toe-rings and such. It seems pretty evident that both men love women's feet 

Danglelover Asks... Do you have a foot fetish? Do you like having attention paid to your feet or anything like that before becoming a foot model?

Nope, Never  I didn't even know there was such a thing as a foot fetish until I met my husband. He showed me everything I need to know, so props to him  I don't have a foot fetish, hubby is the one with the fetish, but I do enjoy showing off my feet with sexy shoes and foot jewelery. Before I became a foot model, I would still buy cute or sexy shoes that showed off my feet, but now I pay more attention to the little things, like wearing the foot jewelery to accentuate my feet and making sure they are painted as perfect as possible.

Anu Asks... Do you love dogs? Has any dog ever licked your silky soft & smooth soles? I wish I were your dog.

Yes, I do love dogs, very much, but I'm guessing not for the reason you want me to like them  My dog has never really sniffed my feet or licked them in particular, the only thing she will really do is nip at my toes sometimes if I'm playing with her or if I'm wearing socks, once in a while she will grab hold of the end and try to yank it off 

Tom Asks... Have you ever had your feet sucked whole? And how far can you bend your feet?

If you mean completely from toe to heel all in hubby's mouth, then no, but he does get it half way in at times. As for how far my feet bend, I'm not exactly sure. I know that I do not possess one of the best arches out there, but I would say I can arch my foot pretty good, so I'm guessing when I do arch it, I'm about average at it. My feet are somewhat bendable and flexible, but I'm no contortionist 

ILovesexyFeet Asks... Just wondering do you ever paint sparkles on your toes? How many pairs of open toe strappy heels do you have? What's your favorite pair? Also, how often does your hubby get to enjoy you footjobs? Do you always let him cum all over your toes? May I just add you toes look so sexy covered in cum. In some of your pics it seems you gave him blow jobs and a footjob at the same time. Have you done that much?

Ya know what, I have yet to paint sparkles on my toesies. I look for glitter type nail polish and all the ones I find, the glitter and sparkles are so darn little that it's like putting on clear or regular colored. I haven't found the right kind yet, but trust me, when I do you will see it on my toes. I would say that I own about 25 pairs of open toed shoes. I wish I was a millionaire sometimes because I would have my own closet just for shoes. There are so many sexy and trendy shoes that I would love to own, but I must admit a girl has to stop buying shoes every time she see's a cute pair when other things require money first. Hubby does not receive footjobs nearly as much as he would like to or thinks he should. He will definitely tell you that. We do most of the footjobs for photo sets, so when I'm always whipping out the camera right before I begin he gets a little frustrated at times and wishes it cold be done without always taking pictures. I guess I can see where he's coming from but I just figure that while we're doing it, snap some photos to share on the site. Anytime I give him one, he always finishes on my feet, sometimes it's soles, sometimes it's toes, just depends on how my feet are positioned. Now finally as for the blowjob/footjob pics. That was something I was real uncomfortable doing at first. I was trying to keep some parts of our sex life behind closed doors, but I know some people enjoy seeing that. You will continue to see pics like that, but it won't be as common as just the footjobs ones.

Gego Asks... Let me start off by saying you have the sexiest toes. I love it when you wear bright-green nail polish. My question: Whats the best way to tell your girlfriend that you have a foot fetish?

I can only tell you from experience, but I don't know if in your situation it would be the best way. Everyone is different and reacts to things differently. When my hubby and I were dating he always stared at my feet, tried to play with them, by stealing one shoe, so he could get a good look at the shoeless one, massaged them and so forth. one night while massaging them he asked to suck on my toes. I let him do it and didn't think one way or the other about it, I just realized it was something he liked doing. Hubby never actually came out and said he had a foot fetish, no wait I take that back, but it was more like a "well I guess you know I have a foot fetish" after some time had gone by and he'd done things to them. I basically took it upon myself to make the assumption that he liked female feet. Once it was all out in the open he felt better and we started exploring new things together, even to this day we surf the net together looking at feet pictures. The best advice I can give you is to tell your girlfriend based on how her personality is. If you think she would go for you just trying new things with her feet one day and gradually going more deeper into like how my husband did, then try that without having to really come out and say it. Or is she is the type of person who likes to discuss things before experimenting then sit down and really talk one day. Just gather up the courage to tell her that you are very attracted to the female foot and if she's up for it you'd like for the two of you to explore things together. That way maybe if she's learning things at the same pace you are, she won't feel so weird about it. I'm sure you probably know a lot more about the foot fetish world then she will when you tell her so just go slow and try new things. Don't just say "hey honey, I have a foot fetish, now can you give me a footjob?" That might not be the best approach. Good luck and have fun!

Your Slave Asks... Hi beautiful lady. You have the most beautiful feet in the world. Your feet are the only thing in the world that worth worshiping How many lucky guys have worshiped your feet?

Just hubby! He's the only one. 

Mark Asks... I would just like to ask how it feels to know that men, like my self, would kneel to you and worship your feet. What is it like having that power to control people?

I'm normally not a controlling/dominant person, so I don't really think of it as controlling all you men, although I'm sure some of you would love it  I just think that there are lots of men who enjoy the site of my feet and if given the chance would love to do all sorts of things with them  It is kinda cool, though, knowing that if I was like that I could have certain things in return for the pleasure of my feet!

Toe Cutie Asks... Why do you have nice feet?

I'm not really sure why I have nice feet, but I'm certainly not complaining about it  I was just lucky enough to be blessed with small, cute feet. You can thank my mom for that one, our feet our very similar. I figure that since I've been complemented on them for so long why no show them to the world to view?!

Scotty Asks... Devonne, I know you said that your feet were very ticklish. but where would you say is your most ticklish spot?

I would say right in the arch of my foot. That seems to be the most sensitive area.

Mike Asks... Hi Devonne, first I just have to tell you how much I love the pics of you and your beautiful feet. Is there anything special you do to take care of them?

Honestly, nothing out of the ordinary. Many women/girls are constantly getting pedicures, and having lotions and oils massaged on their feet but I've never been one to do all that. I have been to the salon for a pedicure only one time in my life. I basically just try to keep them up. I obviously wash them well, while showering and I just clip them and change the color of my toes regularly. I don't go out of my way to do special foot treatments. Once in a while hubby or myself will do a lotion rub down on them but that's about it. One thing I will say which does eventually affect the way a woman's foot looks, is that if I do buy some really high heeled shoes or ones that are real tight on the toes, I do my best to only wear them to special occasions, and not for long periods of time. When women continuously wear sexy shoes that squish the toes, it will eventually form a bunion I have relatives and friends who can vouch for it. Although there are so many shoes on the market that are so damn sexy and make a woman's foot look irresistible, I would much rather wear the shoe for a short period of time to look nice for an event or function, than to try to show them off all the time and eventually find out that my feet are nothing to show anymore since the regular wear of those types of shoes ruined my feetsies. I honestly don't know how some women can do it 

Jonas Asks... Devonne, Your feet are so beautiful, your toes are perfect and your soles look delicious but i was wondering are your feet really smelly and if so would you ever consider selling worn socks and pantyhose?

My feet are smelly, but I wouldn't say they are on the extreme side. More like a light scent. Hubby can tell you more about the smell of them  I have previously sold worn socks, but no pantyhose because I hardly ever wear those. If your interested in socks you can email me sometime. I'll see what I can do.

Greg Asks... Hi! I think you have some of the prettiest feet on the web. How come you don't have any footjob video clips on your website?

It's just something that hubby and I decided not to do at first, but we've been discussing some new options, so you may see some sort of MPEGs.

Jake55 Asks... I read that you shy away from tickling in your photos because you're not into it. but do you actually have tickling on your website? After all, your banner ads say "Tiny Tasty Ticklish Toes." Just curious.

My feet are ticklish, so if anyone does tickle my feet, you'd get me going, but it's not a turn on for either one of us so we just shy away, as I said before. We do have some tickling photos on the site, but they are mostly in the archive of the old site. We haven't done any recent ones. As for the banner, you got me there, huh? Actually, I didn't make up the wording for our banner, when our site was redone, everything was changed over including the banner. Although we may not do a lot of tickling photos, I thought the description still fit because after all my tiny, tasty toes are indeed ticklish. 

Patrick Asks... I know you are loyal to your husband, so I am going to word this question to fit. Do you get a chance to look at other footjob photos on the web? If so, have you ever seen an interracial one with a white gal (small feet) on a black man's package (quite large)? I've seen several and I think they are very hot! Just wondering if you've ever seen one and if you liked the look of the interracial aspect?

First off, thank you for being respectful! I do browse the net often and see all sorts of foot/footjob photos. As for the interracial aspect, I think it's fine. I don't really choose to look at one over the other. If it's two Caucasian people doing it, that's cool, just as well as two African American people doing it. Whenever hubby and I browse the net, it's whatever gets our attention that what we look at longer, no matter the race.

PP Asks... Hi, you have fantastic feet. Have you crushed any fruits under your feet and asked someone to lick your feet. Kisses to your feet.

I do have some photos crushing strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on them, but no one has ever licked fruits off my feet. Hubby has licked the whipped cream off though. 

Kenny Asks... I was wondering, do you step on bugs and do you like the feel of them crunching under your heels?

No and I do my best not to kill bugs, but every now and then everyone does.

Foot GuyRyan Asks... Dear Devonne, I’m a big fan of your toes and was wondering when you give a foot job, do you prefer to use your toes, soles or do you prefer to use your whole foot?

As I have mentioned before, I have tried to give footjobs with my tiny toes, but can't grasp anything with them, so because I don't have a firm grip on hubby, I'm sure it doesn't feel as good. I pretty much always use the inner sides of my feet, and stroke it that way. It seems most comfortable for me that way and seems to work well in getting hubby to "finish". if you know what I mean 

Laura D. Asks... I would like to ask you about your toes, because I think they are very sexy! I have some questions about your pedicure, because I want to have sexy toes also. How often do you clip your toenails, and what kind of instruments do you use? Do you have any pics of you clipping and painting your toenails? Thanks!

I would say that I clip my toe-nails usually about the same time that I change the color which is about every week and a half to two weeks. Everything does vary from time to time because sometimes I may change the color sooner because of a holiday or something and with clipping them, I may wait a little longer sometimes so they grow a bit more if I want to try something different. Like with the white tips/french pedicure I have to let them grow a little bit longer than normal so I have a guide line to do the tips with. When I do clip my toe-nails I use little cosmetic scissors, no clippers and then I file if needed. Hope this helps 

Hello Asks... Just curious on how a guy should go about introducing his foot fetish to a lady?

I will tell you the same thing I try to tell others. Every female and every situation is different, so you just have to feel her not literally, of course, although if things go well maybe you will be feeling things  Maybe make a comment on her toe-nail color one day or the shoes she's wearing. While your out, if you see some foot jewelery in a store, say something along the lines of how you think that would look nice on her feet. Start making more comments about her feet and so forth. I'm pretty sure she'll catch on and start asking you questions, then you can just say how you have a love for the female foot. If she doesn't catch on, then maybe ask to rub her feet one day and then just begin by talking to her about foot fetish world. See how she reacts. Not everyone is going to accept the idea of it, but maybe if you talk to her about it the right way, she will be open to trying it out, which would be good for you 

Obsession for Feets Asks... I'm sure everyone tells you this but your feet are very SEXY and your husband is a lucky man. One of the things I have done with my wife to get her into the whole foot fetish thing was to slowly start licking her feet and toes while I was performing oral sex on her and man did it work but my question is what do you think about that and do you think its a great way for guys to get their wives/girlfriends slowly into it.

I think that whatever suits you, go for it! If that's what works for your wife and then you both get pleasure from it, great. I don't know if that will work for all women, though. I can't speak for everyone  I think each person in a relationship should go about doing things the best way they know how. That way they feel comfortable and hopefully their partner does as well. Some women may just prefer to be introduced to it by learning about the foot fetish industry and slowly trying things out with her feet, while others, like your wife, may prefer to incorporate sex into the whole scheme of things. I think your way, is an idea for all those men who want to get more foot action, but know their ladies want something in return. I'm sure it's worth a try 

Tally Ho Asks... Hi Devonne, let me submit that you are a real goddess, you have such divine, heavenly beautiful feet with dainty, delicate toes and silky soles, I am sure no lady in the world has such lovely and adorable feet as yours. Has your husband ever sucked your toes or licked your soft soles under water in a swimming pool or on the beach? I did that to a girl I was teaching to swim a few weeks back (I got her permission before sucking her toes under water). Now I am scared that she will make fun of me. Do you think I should contact her again?

You know, I don't believe that my hubby has ever sucked my toes under water. I really had to sit here and think about that one. The only thing remotely close is sucking and playing with them in the shower. As for your situation. I do believe that this girl would not have let you do that to her if she was not interested in you. So in regards to you contacting her, I think you should. I don't think that she will make fun of you for it, if anything she would have probably said no, when you asked and then made some comments on it being weird or gross, but to have it done to her and then make fun of you, I believe is unlikely. Hopefully this girl is mature and old  enough to realize at the very least that it is something you enjoy even if she's not really into it. Talk to her about it, maybe she is into the whole idea of it, or maybe she just let you do it because she likes you, but whatever the case, you'll never know if you don't contact her. So go find her and good luck!

Big Chris Asks... First, I'll save the obligatory butt-kissing for the other posts, since we all know how great your feet are, and get right into my questions. First, do you get upset if your husband checks out other women's feet? My girlfriend gets a little jealous when I steal a glance at another girl's toes - she's very cooperative in indulging my fetish, but she doesn't realize that seeing a girl with her feet naked is like seeing a chick without a shirt on walking down the street, you can't NOT look!!! Second, how can I talk my little angel into letting me post pictures of her feet on the web, or even starting a web site? I'm proud of her cute feet, and think others should see them, but she's been reluctant in the past when I bring up the subject. How much money is in this sort of thing? I'm not looking to make a fortune, but enough to make a profit would be nice.

As I answered in a previous question. Yeah it does bother me when he sneaks peeks at other women's' feet. I'm not really sure if I'm the one you should be asking this to because I'm totally with your girlfriend on this one. You're really in for it now. Between the two of us, your really gone have an earful mister. Just kidding! I won't get into it a lot since I already have but it's just a feeling we get when we see you men do it. Try to be faithful with your eyes as well. I know it's hard because you want to see other feet, but like you said it's like seeing a girl topless and you don't get to see that, unless, of course, you are in the appropriate place  Same thing I tell hubby at times, if you know it bothers her, don't make her unhappy, try to control yourself. I know it's natural to view the opposite sex and parts on them we all like, it's the way the body works, but try to do it less. And you can control yourself, if you want to. I'm going to make a bold statement here, but it's all based on how much you care for your girl. If it makes her upset or unhappy, then why do it, especially if she's good with you when it comes to indulging your fetish. As for getting her to pose on the net, I truly believe it's all based on morals and comfort. It depends how far you want to go with the content of pictures. If it's just feet, maybe tell her you will post a few pics of just her feet on a foot board some where and see what kind of response you get from people who view them. Maybe if she receives lots of compliments she will be more willing to start a site of her own or at least post regularly somewhere. It's not for everyone, but try a few things and she if she will open up more to the idea. You don't have to show her face if she feels funny about that. Lots of sites are strictly foot photos, but I do believe it is better if your members/fans know the face that those feet belong to. If your wanting to start a site, it can be time consuming and may cost some upfront money, but it may be all worth it in the end. I won't get into details of how much I make, but I will say that I am an at home mom, and the site is solely  my job. Of course hubby works as well, but the site is like me having a part time job or something similar. I hope all this helps 

Carlos S Asks... Do you some times smell your own feet?

I have in the past, but it's rare that I do it. Hubby enjoys it more, so I let him do it for the both of us.   

Justin P Asks... I love getting foot jobs. Is there anything wrong with that? My friends think it is.

If someone you know is not into what you are, they are probably going to find it strange, (At least when it comes to some kinky stuff) as it sounds like your friends have. When this all started for hubby and myself, I found some stuff weird and off the beaten path, but I just got used to it If your going to discuss the issue with your friends, just relate the foot jobs for you as them having a girl or themselves masturbate. It's something you like and it makes you feel good. If they are really your friends they shouldn't hold it against you and just let it be. Ya never know, some of them may have habits, that you might think are weird if you ever found out Everyone has an interest in what, well, they find interesting. That's what makes us all unique but in some cases alike - as in foot fetishists.

Will201 Asks... Do you ever do phone sex with situations involving your feet? If ya do, or if ya know of any websites that offer this, let me know. Your feet are so damn hot!

No, I don't and unfortunately I don't know of any sites who do. Sorry 

Digital Doc Asks... How do you feel about a black guy sucking your toes?

Since I am married, hubby is the only one who does suck on my toesties, but if I was single and into the dating scene, and I happened to be with another guy who was into feet, and he happened to be a black man, then so be it, but in all honesty, I have never dated an African American, so I don't know what it would be like to have one do it to me 

Ben Asks... Do you really enjoy this work? I mean I believe in all this as long as your happy with the things you do. And, how long have you been doing this, but I must say what they all do. You have absolutely gorgeous feet.

I do enjoy this, I really do! Honestly, I hate to sound conceited or something like it, but I really have fun being in front of a camera and posing. And since the whole idea behind the site is photos, for others to view and enjoy, it works out fine  That's probably why a lot of my pics on our site are not only my feet, but my face and body too, because I love to smile for the camera.

Chubster Asks... Hi, I have been a foot fetishist for many years and I'm still a virgin to visiting a mistress who I can explain my fetish and live out my fantasies with. Would this be classed as prostitution or could I be receive a conviction if caught in the act of being used as a foot slave by a dominatrix?

Honestly, I don't believe so, but I'm not really the one to ask, since I don't have clear answer for you. I see it being done all over the net and as well as S&M type stuff, so I think you'd be OK if you did it, but just to be on the safe side, I would check into it, if you want to be sure.

Maceo Asks... Hello Devonne! I just want to say that it is really refreshing to hear someone for once say what they really think, not what they think the guys want to hear. Your attitude towards foot fetishism is real, and I think it is important that there are a few people out there that aren't so fake. Anyway, you already answered most any questions that I could have had, but there is one that you haven't touched on much. Have you ever been spotted by a fan? What would you do if you were? It is probably inevitable that at some point, someone will recognize you, how do you think you would react? Keep up the great work! I love your site, and I think it is really classy that you guys keep a presence around the community. You and your husband rock!

First off. I want to thank you very much for the wonderful things you had to say about me, my husband, and our site. It is really nice to know you think that way of us When I read over the questions I get, I try my best to answer them as honest as possible. Although some men would prefer to hear me elaborate and go into intimate details regarding things I do with my feet, even if it wasn't the truth, but I prefer to be upfront and that way people will like me for what I'm really like an not an illusion. If they like what I have to say, then they will know it's coming from the heart and not some made up story just to please them. Anyway, as for your questions. I haven't really thought about it much. I think that my reaction to meeting a fan someday would depend on their reaction to seeing me on the street or in the store somewhere. I'm not a celebrity, so I'm sure they wouldn't be all that excited, but I may become a little embarrassed if they got real loud about it and starting like freaking out, if you know what I mean Either way, I would be flattered and find it kinda cool that they could come up to me and say something. For privacy/safety purposes and nothing more, I don't really tell people where I live other than the state. Ya never know if I would have somebody who is a fan show up at my front door one day. I did have a guy who instant messaged me quite a while back, who was talking to me about our site and he asked where I lived and I told him the state and he lived here as well, then he told me what city he was in and I'm like 15-20 minutes from him. It was kinda weird because he was asking me where I went to school at and where I shop at. I didn't want to disclose too much info. So regardless of when and how, or if it will ever happen, if it does, I'm sure I would feel special if they confronted me and told me that they were a fan. Thanks again for the nice compliments. I really do appreciate them.

Ryan Asks... Hey Devonne, what would happen if you were taking a nap in a park, or dozing off on the bus, and a guy began lightly tickling your feet? Softly running his hands up and down your soles? would you be pissed? Would you let him continue, understanding his fetish? Would you call the cops? Thanks for your answer. you really have lovely feet.

Well I do believe that someone would have to be pretty bold to do that  I don't believe that I would get the police involved, but I think I would be a little upset about it. I would probably realize that they had a fetish, but I wouldn't appreciate that they started touching me without me knowing or permission. I don't think hubby would appreciate it either  I would be flattered if I saw them looking at my feet, but to touch and do what they wanted, I wouldn't like, especially since it was some stranger.

Michael Asks... Devonne, I just want to compliment you on your excellent site. I think your feet are very beautiful and exciting and that you're a sexy, really fine woman from head to toe. The fact that you're so warm, gracious and down to earth makes you even more special. Thanks for all the pleasure you give me and all your fans!

Now this was a very warm and welcome message. I am glad you like the site and what you read from the interview. Thank you so much for telling me this. I really do appreciate it and it makes me feel special to know fans like yourself think of me in such a nice way. Thanks again and take care.