Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Monique's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2005 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview was with the beautiful Monique of She agreed to answer some of your questions. Send comments to the following email address:

William Asks... You have the most nimble feet and toes I have ever seen. When I was a member of your site I noticed you liked giving oil footjobs. I love oiled soles by the way. My question is what, other than footjobs, is the kinkiest thing you've done with oil and feet?

When playing with Joy we both had oiled feet and a dildo. Firstly we played mostly pumping our pussies with the dildo and feet. Later we tried some "foot fisting" and eventually I managed to slide my big toe into Joy's ass. But it seems that I pushed too far because she scolded me severely!

Daniel Asks... Where is the coolest location you have worked a guy off with your toes? Who was the guy?

It was on rocky seashore. We thought that we were alone but during the fun a small ship full of divers approached us. It was 3 years ago and the guy was my boy friend (not showed on my site as we've broken up).

Jebediah Asks... Have you ever killed a man with your feet? If so let me know, that's how I would like to go?

Not yet but I'll definitely do! The problem is that Wu's website is so popular that I won't be able to admit it on his site. I fear there are some foot lovers among FBI agents.

Youngslave Asks... Hey whats up? First of all I would like to say that you have beautiful feet and I think you yourself are very sexy. I am 18 and was wondering if you would ever let someone that young worship your feet?

You're never too young (nor old) to worship lady's feet (I mean within legal limits)!

Footfan Asks... Hi how are your? I have been a fan of you for about a year and a member of your site as well. I think you have the sexiest feet on the internet. My question is, how fast can you make your men cum with a footjob and if you do foot sessions with your fans? If you do where to go?

I'm sorry but it's really difficult to say. It depends not on my feet and skills only. Yes, I meet with my fans. You're welcome to Warsaw, Poland, to follow the steps of the gentleman below!

Bond Is The One Asks... I have to tell you that you have the sexiest feet on earth. Do you like giving footjobs to big cocks or small ones. The guy in the pictures seems quite average. Have you ever made a 10" or bigger cock cum with your feet?

I expect that my "sample" of cocks was too small for me to have definite opinion. I would definitely love to try a 10" cock! What I can say is that I like the cock to become iron hard really quickly. It makes me feel somehow proud!

FeetLove Asks... Hi Monique! You are beautiful! The guy with you is very lucky. I have a question about your friend I see in the pictures with you very often. She looks middle eastern, is she Armenian by any chance? What's her name? Does she have a web-site? Thanks! 

I guess you mean Joy. You're right about the way she looks but she is Polish as I am. Well, one can be 100% sure about one's female ancestors only. So far she doesn't have a website and is modeling only with me.

Steve (Seattle) Asks... When was the first time somebody told you they were attracted to your feet? I love your wrinkled soles!

Sorry but, I don't remember. But I remember that when I was 16 I realized that boys and men looked at my bare feet with real interest. After that I used some foot tricks to attract attention.

Foot Lover Asks... Hi! You have nice feet! What do your feet smell like?

I was told that milk and almond - whatever that means!

Footfiend Asks... Monique, you have the prettiest feet I have ever seen on the net yet. They look especially sexy when your giving a foot job. My question is, have you ever given a foot job and made another foot slave clean your feet afterward? That’s always been a fantasy of mine. Thank you for your response.

Not yet. I thought about that, though and would like to do it! Maybe when one of my fans visits me.

Danny Asks... Monique, let me begin by saying you are an incredibly beautiful woman, and you have some of the most gorgeous feet on the net today. My question is less perverted than most others: I would like to know how you first got involved with foot fetish modeling for a profit, and how your web site began.

Firstly I was asked by a friend to become a model for You can still see some of my older pictures there. After that I thought that I'd like to have my own website where I could focus on feet. I thought that feet are my best asset and I already enjoyed teasing with them. But I had to go a long way to learn how to model seductively, flex my soles, etc.

Fred H Asks... Hi. Let me first say you are very beautiful. You have very sexy feet and toes.  I'm 33 and love the shape of a woman's foot. I was wondering what is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite movie or TV show? What kind of music do you like? What sign are you? lol Man that's a lot of questions huh? Thank you for taking time to answer them. Take care and stay sexy hon. 

Color – Red, Food - Carpaccio and Tartar Steak, Movie - American Beauty, Music – Jazz, and Zodiac – Taurus.

David Asks... Does it bother you at all that guys (and maybe some girls) are masturbating looking at your sexy feet and your lovely body?

Makes me horny and proud!

Robert Asks... Magst du deine faltigen sohlen?

Entschuldigung. I verstehe das nicht. Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht.

Burdo Asks... Hey! You are a very fine girl and your feet are so beautiful. I would like to know if you prefer to have stinky feet when you have to dominate a boy. Bye!

I guess that for a really strong domination it would be great to have stinky feet. Unfortunately my feet don't usually have a very strong smell.

Nic Asks... I love feet and I have a tickle fetish. Do you like being tickled? Which part of your foot is the most sensitive to tickling? Last question, have you ever being tickled in public?

I'm very ticklish and it makes me excited but I must admit that I simply can't stand a real long tickling. The most sensitive parts are my arches. I was tickled once on the beach. I started to cry and laugh so loudly that dozens of eyes turned at me!

Soleman Asks... Though I am sure you must get asked about how you became involved with the foot Fetish Lifestyle all the time, I wonder, women, like cheese and fine wines, mature and get better with age. As you have sexually and mentally grown into the lifestyle, how has your general attitude on relationships and human sexuality, if not life as a whole, been changed for the better? I have long since learned that though the minority are turned off by my fetish, the majority of people don't really care. In all, my best foot fetish experiences have come from women unaware of the lifestyle and the pleasures produced by it. How would you say your opinion of the fetish has changed since you first learned of it?

As a teen I realized the power of woman's feet and exercised it in attracting attention. I simply regarded feet as a nice and attractive part of my body. Thanks to my website experience I learned much more. Not only about "technical aspects" like foot jobs but about the whole community of man and women who are into the beauty of female feet! I think I gained a deeper knowledge of human sexuality and understanding of diverse interests.

Clyde Asks... Hi! I got 2 questions. (1) Whats your favorite foot fetish activity (2) I see you are into footjobs, but what do you feel about giving blowjobs?

What I really like is footjob & blowjob combo! I work constantly on my body to be flexible enough. You can see it for yourself.

John Asks... Are your feet ticklish

Very much!

Mf Asks... Do you like walking bare feet in mud? If you do, how does it feel?

Feels awesome! Like being caressed by multiple tongues!

Marc Asks... Would you say that you have smelly feet and which way your feet smell, do they smell like vinegar or more like popcorn. And how is your opinion about selling worn socks, nylons and shoes, would that be possible? Thank you very much for answering.

I was told that my feet smell like milk and almonds. If I were to choose from your hint I would choose popcorn. I sell worn socks, nylons and shoes. My shop is here There are only samples on the pictures. You can choose any item from my picture sets or clips and if it's still available I will send it to you with my letter and foot print!

Ben Asks... Do you tease men in public? If so how and why?

Yes, I do! That's why I can't wait until it gets warm and I can walk barefoot or in sandals. I love dangling my sandal in a cafe or restaurant and check the reaction. I usually find a guy and tell myself - that one likes feet. And usually I'm right!

Paco Asks... Hello Mónica I am a great admirer yours and mainly of your page. It enchants the feet to me that you have and mainly the form in which beams footjobs. My question is: What has of individual footjobs?

You are warmly welcomed to visit me and take part in our foot fun!

Dieter Asks... Wow, your feet are incredible, I really like them. Are they very smelly?

Not that much. When somebody wants to buy my well worn and smelly nylons I have to wear them for 2-4 days. But after that they smell quite strong and nicely!

Maxim Asks... You have really nice feet. I’ve been a member of your homepage. Your pictures and clips are very good quality. The only thing what I miss is the smell of your perfect feet. So, can you describe it?

I would say that my feet smell of milk and almonds. I've got a hint from my fan and I think that I could describe them as smelling of popcorn as well. You can check the smell for yourself if you order my used stockings or pantyhose!

Toesfeet Asks... When was the first time you gave a footjob? Where was it? You enjoy that? How many time per week you give a footjob?

I guess the first time was for my site. I used to play with cocks with my feet before but I wouldn't call it a footjob proper. Surely I enjoy it. I guess that my partner as well. It's usually him who asks. Twice maybe 3 times a week.

Holger Asks... Hello Monique, you have the most beautiful feet in the net and I sample all of your pictures, please tell me how did it come to have a foot fetish. My wife and me share the foot-living too. Kissing your toes, Holger.

I simply realized that my feet make a strong impression on men. How could I not use this advantage! Running my website and e-mails from other foot fans were a real knowledge mine!

Kusha Asks... When did you first experience the wonderful world of feet?

When I was sixteen or seventeen I started to tease with my feet. After that I was getting more and more into it!

Steve-o Asks... You have such amazing technique! I have always been thrilled by your obvious outward assets, but I have always been curious as to your genetic lineage: are you east-European?

Thank you! You guessed right! I'm Polish.

Alex73 Asks... Do you like walking barefoot? Any problem getting dirty soles?

I love walking barefoot. For me it's not a problem. Even for that guy below dirty soles don't seem a problem.

Faizal Asks... I can say your feet are really tremendous. I have a fantasy of having a footjob with a helplessly bound feet. Can you do that to me dear? And have someone ever tied your feet before?

How do you like these pictures? I will soon post another bound feet set!

Maxi Asks... Your feet are the best I've ever seen. I love your website. Do your feet often get sweaty? If yes: what from the most and how is the smell like?

My feet get sweaty in sneakers after jogging or if I wear boots and nylons. They smell like milk and almonds, maybe sometimes stronger. Well it depends on the shoes.

Psilocynicalogic Asks... I've noticed you wear a lot of reinforced toe nylons. I think its great because it brings out the curves of your toes. What would you think about photographing your nylon feet slightly soiled? Not many models feature dirty nylon feet.

Great request! I will shoot it soon and post on my website.

Toes2 Asks... What do you think about footjob and cum on feet?

I think it's very yummy. On some of my clips I lick the cum from my feet. It's really nice finish!

Jason Asks... Do you like the taste of other women's feet?

Usually yes! For sure I like Joy's and Pat's.

Parce19 Asks... Hi Monique, you have beautiful feet and you are a beautiful woman too. My question is besides your hubby, can other guys worship your feet on your website and you enjoy?

Yes. All of my members are warmly welcomed to visit me. I really enjoy it!

Lopezj Asks... You are hot from head to toe. Thanks for all the pics. How can I get my wife into my foot fetish. I love her feet but can't get pass sucking them.

I always think that the best way is to put things straightforward. Just explain her how you like her feet and what pleasures she can give you with them. No woman should refuse hearing that she can give great pleasure to her husband. Thumbs up!

Jack Asks... You seem like a really liberated woman. Do you ever feel any guilt for doing pornography? Do you truly love it? Or do you carry a certain philosophy with which you rationalize such a profession. Obviously, I don't look down upon it. In fact, I've never been so excited by a still image as some of the ones I've seen you in. Thanks for your time.

I never thought that I could feel any guilt enjoying my life and sharing it with others. If so I never needed any rationalization of my behavior.

Ftkl_haha Asks... You are so . so ADORABLE (in a vixen sort of way)! And your feet are very lovely. I would just love to tie you up and tickle your feet. Are you ticklish?

Yes, I'm very ticklish and it's sometimes a problem for my modeling. Especially in clips when I simply can't resist bursting into laugh! Please check my site thoroughly and you'll find lots of tickling: clips and pictures.

Circumcised Guy Asks... Love your feet, have you ever given a foot job to a circumcised guy? and where are you from?

Not yet. I'm from Poland.

Frank Asks... How often do you make a footjob?

2-3 times a week. It depends on how convincingly I'm asked to.

Paul Asks... Do you like sucking the cum off your toes after a footjob?

That's the best finish!

Footman Asks... I love your feet. They are so sexy! How ticklish are your feet and do you like a guy to fuck your feet? Thanks for your time!

My feet are very ticklish, especially arches. Yes, I like a guy to fuck my feet - almost as much as to give actively a foot job.

Dan Asks... I've been a huge admirer of you and your gorgeously provocative feet; for quite some time, I’m especially fond of your awesome voluptuous wide soles, of which I could kiss for hours. Do you have a foot fetish. If so what is you favorite type; worship, footjobs, crush etc., or do you just enjoy all different aspects of eroticism and intimacy? I dare say, you know how much attraction you must generate. Suffices to say, but when did you first have the realization that your peds were more then just ‘balance support’ as it were, and that guys/girls were inexorably drawn to them? I enjoyed the food/bug crush clips/videos you have made, amazing to watch for the latter, you dispatching and irradiating them under your powerfully weight and omnipotent’ soles. Again was that something you enjoy doing now and then, or were you just happy to explore and mediate; acting out others fantasies? Undoubtedly, you will get dozens and dozens of questions, hope you have time to quickly read and reply to my curiosity.

Your questions touched an important point. I love giving foot jobs and enjoy my feet licked and sucked as other foot fetish activities but what turns me on deep inside is the reaction I receive from a partner or my fans. I would say that I'm excited by the partner's excitement. That's why I like exploring more and more erotic areas. I realized that my feet are a little more than just "balance support" when I was sixteen.

Doug Asks... You have the prettiest, most softest feet I have ever seen in all my 23 years. Does it turn you on when guys get off on female feet?

Yes, it turns me on. I love to feel hot cum on my feet but it turns me on to even look at this!

LuvSaber Asks... Hi Monique, your feet are beautiful, I could lick and sniff your feet, soles and toes forever. My question is what is your favorite way of having your feet worshiped? Also, do you like when someone licks in between your toes?

I like when I still have a sandal on (though a little loosely) and a guy tries to lick my soles using the tiny space between my soles and the shoes. After that when I remove the sandals I love to have my feet licked between the toes. But I don't spread the toes at first. The tongue has to fight it's way through!

Vasduten Asks... How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll tootsie-pop?

Depends on the skill and strength of the tongue!

Adrian Asks... I was just wondering what is your favorite pose to show off your feet?

This one!

Marco Asks... Do you ever fuck a young guy (19 years old)?

It happened a few times. Let me count... 1, 10, 20. Surely joking, but I had a young boyfriend.

Footman Asks... Would you be kind enough to give me a footjob?

You're more than welcomed to visit me!

Harris Asks... You are very pretty in anklets. Do you have an anklet fetish?

I wouldn't call myself an anklet fetishist but I think they enhance the sex appeal!

Belfour Asks... Monique, First of all you're incredible and you have the perfect feet for giving footjobs. My first question is are you a practicing martial artist? I saw a preview on your page that showed you doing some kicks. Second question, would you or do you have any pics of you giving a footjob in a karate scenario?

I learned krav maga a bit. Foot job in karate scenario would be great but I don't have the appropriate outfit. I have a kimono similar to karate one but not exactly the same.

Mr Squirrel Asks... Monique, you have a very lovely smile, and are quite attractive when laughing. In several photos on your site, as well as here at Wu's there are photos of your feet being tickled. How ticklish are your feet (on a scale of 1-10), and do you enjoy having them tickled?

10! I like my feet tickled but only a little bit. After a certain point it's unbearable for me!

Foot Lover Asks... Love your feet! Do you get a lot of men who are into your wrinkles? do you have a lot of wrinkles on the outer part of your heels?

Yes, there are many men who like my wrinkles. I guess that I have "average wrinkle saturation". It depends also on the way I flex my feet.

Vertex Asks... Are your feet by any chance ticklish? And if so, have you ever been tickled to the extreme?

Yes, I was really tickled to the extreme while shooting a custom film.

Chance Asks... What is the most ticklish and sensitive part of your foot? Have you ever been tickled in the heat of sex? Thanks! Your feet are gorgeous!

My arches are most sensitive and sometimes during sex my partner licks my soles (when my feet are up in the air). I like it but after some time he must stop because I can't bare it anymore.

Dan B Asks... OK, so tell us exactly how often do you hear from people that you have a striking resemblance to the actress Cameron Diaz?

Not that often as I'd wish to. Maybe once a week.

Nico Asks... What is the size of your feet?


Splash Asks... You have the most beautiful feet that I saw in my life. Do you like to lick/watch/smell other girls feet? Are your feet stinky?

Sure thing I do! Stinky would be a bit too much but if I wear nylons for 2-3 days they start to smell really nicely!

Footfetish Asks... Hi Monique You have a pair of the sexiest feet I have ever seen. I have two questions. 1) Are they ticklish? 2) would you ever give a footjob to a member of your site?

Two times, yes!

Wrinkledsoleman Asks... Do you meet your fans also private for sessions? I´m a big fan of your sole- foot job pictures, incredible impression. Keep on the good work, your absolute sole freak.

Yes, I do. It's fun and if you agree it could be shared with others on my site!

Jebart Asks... Your feet are so pretty . I wish I could suck them . Do you ever get your pretty toes sucked?

Yes, I do! You can check it here

WVfootboy Asks... I have to say your feet are beautiful! I was just wondering if you would ever have the fantasy of having a young guy say, 20, mow your lawn and then you bring him inside for a cold drink. If he asked to massage your feet and it turned you on would you then start to rub your feet on his bulge?

I have a fantasy of having a house with a lawn. When it comes true - maybe even this year my next step will be the fantasy you described! BTW it looks like a scenario for a nice custom film.

Tim Asks... Great site! What are the top 3 most ticklish spots on your feet?

One is definitely arches, second between the toes, third.all the rest!

Footboy231 Asks... Monique your feet are so sexy I would suck your toes forever. How much would it take for you to kick someone in the balls? Thanks for your answer.

Well, I lately discovered that ball busting is real fun! You can check it on my other website:

James Asks... Your models on your site are almost as great as you, do any of them have ticklish feet?

Joy, Pat and Daisy do but Fanny not. Joy's the most sensitive, I think.

Helicopter Asks... You really have nice toes and soles! What do you tell people when they tell you that you have nice feet?

If I can see or know the person I try to complement him/her in reciprocity. If not I just say modestly: "Thank you". Sometimes I said "I know" but I think it was not very polite.

Jojo Asks... Do you like to dangle in public?

That's the best way to draw attention and find guys who admire female feet!

Joe Asks... Have you ever seen a guy get a boner while you were dangling your shoe?

Privately, yes!

Max Asks... What a lovely feet! I would really love to be shrunk down to 1 inch next your pretty big toe. What do you think about being in total control of a small man? Thanks and kisses on your toes.

Wow! You wrote about my fantasy!

Al Asks... Have you ever tried to see how long you can spread your toes? If so, how long did you manage?

I've just tried it to answer your question. I managed 4 minutes. Probably with some training much more.

Solider Asks... When was the first time you put your feet in someone's face and how old was he or she?

I guess it was about a year ago. The idea came to me from watching contributions on Wu's site. I did it for my site but must admit that I enjoyed it. My partner did too.

Johnny Asks... It's such an honor to be able to ask you a question, I've been following your photo shoots and have to say you have very sexy feet. My question: How does it feel when a guy licks your feet arches, is this the most sensitive part of your foot, if not where is the best part you would like a guy (or a girl) to lick your feet, and how does it feel to you? Thanks, love you lots.

It's the most sensitive and the most ticklish part. So I like it to be slow (if so I'm not tickled). I feel at first warmth and after the tongue is removed it's nice to feel the place getting actually cold. It can make me really excited!

Mike Asks... I have always found your feet to be exquisite! I have such an appreciation for female feet. My question is, why do some women feel that I am a freak when in the middle of a foot massage I throw an occasional kiss in there too? Thanks.

I can only speak for myself. I think that a really nice foot massage must include some kisses!

Dave Asks... What is the best thing that has ever been done to your feet?

It sounds like an erotic fiction. I was receiving a really skillful foot massage. As I was tired and the massage was very relaxing I dozed off. I had an erotic dream. At the moment of my dream climax I woke up and realized that the dream was not far from reality. The guy who massaged my feet took advantage of my sleep and just covered my soles with his cum!

Rahul Asks... Do you like to grip a cock between your first and second toe. It must be easy with your sexy long toes. I have heard that women feet with longer second toes are dominating women in all aspects of life. Are you dominating in bed and otherwise too?

I would say that my toes change their length depending on the situation. Yes, I like to grip a cock as you described. The trick always works - to make a cock cum!

Mr Toejam Asks... Hi Monique, I love your sexy feet. My question is would you ever attend a foot worship party, because as a fan I would love to worship your feet.

Yes, I would! It seems fun!

Les Asks... Hi Monique. You have nice feet. Would you ever own slaves? Are you really dominant? I love dominant women.

Please check my other site: and you will see that I really enjoy being dominant and the more slaves the more happy the Mistress!

Steven Asks... If you kick a guy in the balls very hard which part of your feet do you use?

The top of my foot! My toes are too delicate. BTW I'm shooting tomorrow a custom ball busting photo set!

Benny Asks... I'm from the U.K and I get really annoyed that women have they're feet covered up for all but 2 weeks of the year when there's a little bit of sunshine. Do many women not understand that they're feet are articles of desire to which they can get lots of attention? Oh and by the way your feet are the best I’d love to play with them!

I understand you! Where I live it's not much better! Maybe we should move to Hawaii? 

Bowa Asks... I love your feet. If a man paid you to kick him in the balls 20 times as hard as you can would you do it? What kind of shoes would you wear?

I don't need the money. It would be my pleasure! I would use my stilettos.

Tolodasilva Asks... Congratulations, your feet are so sweet! So I love pedal pumping and seeing women revving to the floor hard in bare feet! Do you like pp? Do you like to make your car scream smashing your feet on the gas? Do you do custom videos? Tell me more about your feet on the gas! What do you prefer in foot fetish? Big kisses!

Yes, I like pedal pumping. I feel much in control. You will find many pictures and clips with pp on my site. The latest photo set was Posted: 01/08/2005 Yes, I do custom videos!

Werx Asks... Hello Monique! I love your work. My question is: How did you come in to contact with foot fetishism, and what was your first reaction? Also what do you think about the idea of a man sucking your toes before you knew about foot fetishism?

Unfortunately I realized quite early about foot fetishism so I was not surprised when a man sucked my toes. Well, I was surprised how nice it was for me!

Sneaker Slave Asks... Suppose you catch your best boyfriend kissing and smelling your dirty hot sneaker after you take off and his tongue covered with dust. What is your response for that and what is your reaction if you know that your best boy friend loves your shoes more than anythings? Last, if he ask you to trample him with your dirty shoes in his face do you accept him?

If he loves my shoes more than my feet I would feel offended and trample him with pleasure!

Cage Asks... This is awesome! When I found out my favorite foot model was the next model in the interviews my heart skipped a beat! You and your feet are tops in my book. Have you ever been stuck in your car in mud or snow before? With the wheels spinning? Please share a short story with us!

I think that pictures speak better than words. So please check my photo set Posted: 04/15/2004

Perry Asks... Will you, in the future, be accepting positions for more foot fetish guys on your site?

Accepting, now! You're more than welcome to visit me and become my foot fetish model!

Footsie Asks... Your feet are hot. Did you ever walk with mules in the mud. How do muddy feet make you feel? Will you ever do a new muddy feet shot?

I promise to make another muddy feet shot as soon as it gets warmer. I like walking in mud. It's like being licked and caressed.

FFFFSlave Asks... Hello mam , first of all, you have got one of the sexiest feet in this planet. I shag almost everyday seeing your pics. I feel they are amazing. Keep the good work up. My question is - are you a domination female ? If yes would you be cruel enough to keep a foot slave in a Chastity Belt and not allow him to cum? And if at all you allow him to cum , how often would you do that? My last question is do you enjoy kicking balls ? If yes how would you do it?

It's a great idea - to use a Chastity Belt for my slave. But I would not be too cruel. I would let him cum each time he licked my feet clean (after a long day of walking barefoot). I will soon post a ball kicking set. I'm not sure how I will make it. I need feet-on experience.

Fai Asks... I wonder if you like to wear any foot jewelry How many you have in your collection and how often you wear it.

I like foot jewelry but my collection is really unimpressive - just a few anklets and a toe ring. I must do something about it, especially now when the Spring is coming. Now I don't wear foot jewelry but when it gets warmer I will every day!

Steve Asks... Hey Monique, how's it going? I'm a big fan of your site. You're like the first woman I saw to have the guts to put up with the ticklishness of the snails, slugs, and other bugs. It's really cool How does it feel though to have slugs all over your body? Did it feel like a suction cup when you tried to take them off?

Well, it's cold and tickling. And what I did not expect is that Roman Snails can somewhat bite - surely not strongly but I felt as if small mouths were trying to eat my flesh particle by particle. You're right - it felt like a suction cup!

Jman Asks... Did you freeze your feet off when you did that Snow issue?

Almost! I sacrificed my feet on the altar of art - sounds pompous, doesn't it?

Soler Asks... Halo! jak siê masz? Your feet are the sexiest on the net/world! My crazy question: How would you feel about giving a footjob to a guy with a small dick, would you humiliate him as well? BTW I hope I can come to Poland just to see you.

Wow! I'm impressed with your Polish! Would the size make a difference? I don't know. But I know that I would humiliate any guy only as a role play for our sexual satisfaction.

Rock Asks... Hi Monique. I think you are beautiful and your feet are probably the best on the web. I have spent quite a bit of spare drunken time staring at them. I assume your boyfriend is not jealous because there are pictures on your site of you and joy with her boyfriend, so my question is if someone approached you in public about your feet would you let him at least give you a foot massage? Also have you ever considered letting some of your fans experience those beautiful feet? If you decide to do this I’ll be the first to apply! Thanks for sharing your feet and keep it up, you know I will.

So please apply now! I welcome all my Internet fans to visit me. Would I let a stranger give me a foot massage? Probably yes. Maybe even more but I'd definitely want to make pics to post them on my site!

Manny Asks... Monique, I absolutely love your pictures. I feel that you have the art of foot modeling down to an art. I love your facial expressions as you pose. I had an interesting argument regarding whether you are directed by the photographer or are simply photographed as you do what's natural. I love your pictures because it appears that you are simply having a blast. Just thought you wanted to know. Thank you!

Thank you! Before a photo set we both discuss what will be the "theme" of the set. He tells me what position he will make the photos from, gives me some ideas about particular poses. Once we start shooting he doesn't interfere. I'm free to improvise, experiment and quite often I'm carried away by my emotions!

Akoke500 Asks... Hey Monique, I have three questions for you. First, are your feet ticklish with socks on? Second, what is more ticklish for you, socks on or your bare feet? Third, what tickles more fingers or feathers? You have such pretty feet and so are you.

With delicate socks on my feet are ticklish. I'm more ticklish barefoot. Definitely feathers. But the most pleasurable for me is being tickled by a skillful tongue!

Turbo Asks... Hi Monique! I think you have one of the sexiest pair of feet of the world. I would love to know if you feel something special when drive your car wearing a pair of sexy shoes or just barefoot. If yes, could you tell me which will be the car of your dreams to drive? and which you describe which will be a hot adventure inside it? Thanks in advance and congratulations for your awesome feet.

Red, convertible Chevrolet Corvette! I'd love to be next to a handsome driver. I would tease him with my feet at first, massage his balls and cock through his panties. After that I would unzip him and finish off with my lips. Surely he would need to drive all the time!

Castboy Asks... Every time I need to see some foot pictures, only yours turn me on! I feel my best when I saw your pictures. I can say that you are the most professional foot mistress on the web. You gave us a great desire. My question is that whats your feeling when you see that millions of people all over the world are feeding with your feet? I love you and your beautiful skillful feet, I lick them all and worship them all the time honey, I like to live under your feet.

It's a great feeling! It makes me feel attractive! I often - before going to bed - envision my Internet friends enjoying my pics and clips or custom films I did for them. Some of my Internet friends purchase some of my worn clothing: stockings, panties, shoes, etc. After they receive them some of them send me back pictures or short clips showing what they did with them. How they enjoyed the lingerie or shoes that once had a very intimate contact with my body. It can really turn me on! And it's exciting to have a secret in your life. Some of my friends know about my website but many don't.

Toeboy Asks... Hello Mistress Monique. I like your feet. One of my fantasies is to lick your feet clean after you have given a footjob to another man. Would you let a slave lick your feet clean after a footjob?

I would enjoy it very much! I can't wait when it happens!

Diggs Asks... When out in public do you like to tease guys with your toes kinda like give them a toes show and for the record you have lovely feet and toes?

I like it very much! That's why I can't wait until warmer weather comes.

Stef Asks... Hi Monique. I've got two questions: When you did the barefoot in catsuit outdoor shooting wasn't that hard for you to walk on all that gravel with your soft bare feet? And: Do you sometimes walk barefoot in public?

Yes, It was rather difficult. I had to make each step carefully and slowly. But it was a nice foot massage all the same. I like walking barefoot and sometimes I do it in public - I feel people staring at me then.

Dio Asks... Have you ever practiced martial arts? I would find it very sexy if you gave a footjob wearing a white or black martial arts suit. I also suggest you should try to give a twist-footjob, using your foot as a screwdriver.

I promise to try your footjob technique! I don't have the exact martial arts suit but I have a nice navy blue kimono. I've already shot a photo set in it posted: 09/22/2003 and a clip posted: 10/02/2003 

Jake Asks... What do you look for in a man? What turns you off in a man? What celebrities would you like to do foot play with?

I look for a good sense of humor. Talk about his job would definitely turn me off. If I can choose from men and women: Nicolas Cage, Jessica Lange.

Pierre Asks... What do you think about giantess fetish? Do you like it?

I think it's the best perspective to look at a lady!

Blackmore Asks... Hello Monique, I would like to know what do you think about my fantasy of a girl making me cum inside my pants. that thing really turns me on. Why is near impossible to find a girl who likes the sensuality her feet?!

I like myself to rub a guy with my feet when he is hard in his pants. But so far didn't manage to make him cum before I undressed him. I guess that most girls are just shy about their feet. Maybe with a very sensitive and trustworthy foot guy they would open themselves and discover the sensuality of their feet? Maybe you can find a nice girl and be her teacher?

Angus Asks... Wow! I think you're really the queen of footjobs. Have you got a record in making a men cum with you wonderful feet?

I was asked about it a few times. So I will try to make a record next time I give a footjob. I hope my stop-watch will show nothing above 1 minute!

LongHitter Asks... I've always had a fantasy about a women putting her foot in my crotch while sitting at a table. Have you ever played footsie with a guy under the table? How far did you go? Did you make him explode?

I played footsie under the table but did not go that far, but I will! I will shoot your idea tomorrow and post on my website within a few days!

Johnny18 Asks... Hey Monique, your feet are so damn hot. I wanted to ask what music do you listen to? I must say thank you for making my life a whole lot better keep up the good work.

Mostly jazz but to be honest quite a wide range: from house to French baroque.

Gus Asks... Would you ever let a guy smell your feet and masturbate? It's my fantasy.

I already did it with a member who visited me. It's posted on my site!

Mircale Man Asks... What are your thoughts on interracial footjobs and would you like someone to clean your feet off after a black guy busted his love mayonnaise all over them.

So far I can only hope that one of my black members will visit me for both of us to enjoy footjob. With your scenario it would be really hot (I guess I would have two guys to keep my company!)

Jason Asks... After a hot footjob, do you like the cum jizzed on your soles to be rubbed slowly until it dries off or otherwise licking it dry?

I like to lick the cum dry myself. Well, maybe for the benefit of my skin I should let it become a skin lotion instead of a yummy cream?

Lorenzo Asks... Just wanted to advise that I truly believe that if you wish to maintain the title of footjob queen you must engage a African American male with a footjob. I truly believe that I can give your feet a work out like you have never seen before. Please let me know if you are up to the challenge. PS-Your techniques are excellent lets put them to a real test.

I like your challenge and would love to put my feet to your test! There is only a small problem that I live in Europe. But if you ever decide to visit me you will find me feet hot and willing!

Swiss Asks... Hi Monique, I love your feet as everyone but what I love the most are your eyes when you are doing a footjob or when your feet are worshiped May I ask few questions how many men received from you footjob? You mentioned that your member are welcome to receive a footjob is it a free service to your site members?

You might be surprised but I think that only about 10 guys had the pleasure. The only tribute from a member who visits me would be his consent to be photographed or filmed while enjoying my foot job (but don't worry, we would be alone, I would use a tripod and a remote control).

Gorky Asks... Hi Monique! You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. I saw your pics while you are kicking a man in the balls. I want to know that have you ever kicked a man in the balls in real life? How was it happened? What were you wearing and what happened to that guy? Big kisses!

I kicked quite a number of guys in the balls and nothing happened. It was during my training krav maga and they had guards to protect their testicles. BTW I've just shot a new set where I use my shin-guards while doing ball busting. I will post it tomorrow.

Nycfetish Asks... You have the most elegant gorgeous feet ever! I must ask you this question, would you ever step on a guys balls hard and squish them if he begged you to?

If I had his request on paper - why not! Just a protection not to be forced to run my both websites from a prison. I guess the background for my photo sets could be too monotonous

Tim Asks... Great site, ever consider running a foot tickling site? I feel you would appeal to a huge audience.

I will (and I already did) include a lot of tickling on my site. But if I were to run a foot-tickling site I would end up tickled to death! I'm really very ticklish!

Jan B Asks... Hi Monique. My parents are from Poland. (I live in the U.S.) I go to Warsaw and Kielce each year. Oh, and by the way, happy upcoming birthday. I was wondering if you drive without shoes. If you do, do you drive barefoot or in nylons? What kind of car do you drive. Do you like running things over while driving? What is the coolest thing that you've ever run over? I know these are a lot of questions, but I like to look on your website and know for sure that I'm looking at a Polish girl from my homeland.

Sometimes I drive without shoes but only on dirt roads in the fields or forest. I do it barefoot. I drove Lanos - I think it's the smallest car one can rent in USA. I hope I did not run over much more than a couple of mosquitoes.

Foot Slave Asks... First off, you have beautiful feet. I was just wondering what you would do to a person if he wanted to be your foot slave? What would be involved? How would you treat him?

First I would teach him a ball-busting lesson. Just to make sure that he stays very obedient all the time! After that I would order him to lick my soles with my sandals still on. If he failed I would enjoy smothering him with my butt. It's just a small number of general ideas. To enjoy more stories (photo ones!) please visit my site!

Orchestra from Canada Asks... Hey Monique I am a 22 yr old man from Canada and I must say that you are very pretty and I admire those feet of yours very much, and I just wanted to ask two questions 1) How does a guy like me get into doing foot fetish videos and lastly question 2) do you like it when a man rips our pantyhose off.

If you visit me we can make foot fetish videos together! Yes, I like when a man rips my pantyhose off. Especially on my feet or in my crotch. Both places promise great pleasures!

Femalefeetluvr2002 Asks... Hiya! I must say you make the sexiest foot-fetish pictorials that I've seen in awhile. Wonderful! I was wondering though, do you get off on having your feet tickled? I'd love to see those lovely soles of yours tickled mercilessly then covered in cum. What do you think about that?

You described a nice scenario for one of my upcoming photo sets! I like being tickled but only to some limits. If it's too much I can't bear it. Generally tickling can be a nice foreplay for me.

Johnny Asks... Monique, you are very beautiful and I love your pics, especially the Mistress Monika domination pics. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive? Have you ever stuck your heel in a guy's ass?

I prefer to be dominant! I like almost all erotic experiments so I enjoy taking submissive part from time to time but being a mistress gives me more thrill than being a slave. Once I stuck my stiletto heel in a guy's ass but it seems I have to repeat the action since it was not filmed at that time. I think it's a great idea for one of my new photo sets or clips!

Footconisur Asks... Hi there Monique, wanted to say congrats on your success with the website. For my question, I'm curious about your footjob technique. Is there a preference on how you go about doing it? Using your soles, toes, combo of both? And just a follow up question, after your ever so luscious silky soles have made a guy erupt, how long do you continue to do that thing you do so well? Would you keep on going at the same pace, faster, slower then stop or would you keep going until he cums another 3 separate times?

I think that using my soles and toes is the most pleasurable way. What I like is to pat the cock's head with my sole as if saying "good boy". It allows me to cool down a guy a bit and play a little longer. After he erupts I slow down to let his cock fall asleep. A few times I managed to make a guy cum twice but it's not that often.

Ballbustee Asks... How did that ballbusting shoot go? What was your first ballbusting shoot like?

You can judge yourself here I think it was successful. I brought him to his knees twice! My first ball-busting was posted 02/09/2005 so it's quite a fresh and thrilling adventure for me!

Peter Asks... Hi,did you ever get your soles spanked?

Yes, I did! It was some time ago but I still remember the experience. Check the double set posted: 04/06/2004

Skye Asks... Do you enjoy smothering men (and/or women) with you soles? Do you like how a face feels under your feet when your soles are completely covering it? By the way, you have the sexiest soles and most beautiful soles! Can you tell I like soles?

Yes, I enjoy smothering! With my feet as well as my pussy and ass cheeks! So far I felt only a man's face under my feet but I never stop exploring.

Foot Man Asks... Hey Monique, love those toes. I was wondering. Do you get orgasms giving footjobs or when some one is sucking your toes?

Usually it's foreplay for me but when I'm really horny I get orgasms while giving a mind blowing foot job or while my toes are sucked long and with passion!

Peter Asks... First I want to say I really like your web site and I join in from time to time. You are a dream girl for all foot fetishists out there and I hope you will keep doing that for many years. A part of my interest in female feet apart that I love socks, stockings and nylons like you often wear in your pictures and videos is that I like to see a woman walking with crutches with a cast on her leg. I just find so sexy the sight of women toes sticking out of a cast. Maybe you don't know but we are many to find some interest in that kind of things. There is many sites on that subject on the net. I would like to know if you ever had to wear a cast or even just had to walk with crutches in the past? Be assured I do not wish you to be in pain or something, for me it's all foot fetish related and not sadistic at all. anyway I want to thank you again for your good work.

So far I was lucky enough not to wear cast or walk with crutches. But I love skiing so maybe it will happen to me. If so I will try to remember about your fetish and take some pictures. By the way, I've just shot a ball-busting set where I wear shin-guards. Somehow it looks as if I wore cast. You can check it here

Omar Asks... What do you think about the whole concept of shrinking a man down to the size of a bug, or you turning into a 200-ft. giantess? What would you do to those little people at your enormous feet? What you you say to them and command them to do?

The concept is great. I would feel like a real, great Mistress. I would command those little people to wash my feet carefully using the small sponges. They would need to clean all the tiny parts between my toes. If I were not fully satisfied I would threaten to crush them!

Jim Bro Asks... What do you look at when a guy is ready to shoot his stream of cum, because for the guy it is such a helpless time. Also when you give a hand job twist your hand after you grab the dick so the skin twists with your hand, at the moment of the cum shot you will notice the cum shoots twice as far, you can't let go of that grip though.

I have a difficult choice. Usually I look him straight in the eyes and when I feel that the very moment comes I turn my eyes to his shot! But sometimes I look into his eyes all the time.

Leonzio Asks... Hello Monique, thanks for reading my question and I hope you will answer too. I have a fetish for women s feet for when I was a child and I'm honest when I say that yours are two of the most amazing, beautiful, sexy feet I have ever seen and I'm 30 years old, so I had the luck to touch, lick and worship a nice number of feet and I know what I say, saying that yours are perfect! But this is my question: since you understand the "sexual power" of women's feet, what are the different feelings between giving a footjob or a handjob, if these differences exist, of course. Thanks in advance for having paid attention to me and congratulations again for your wonderful soles, toes, and for the beauty of all your person! Forever slave at your feet. See you soon!

I know that feet are among the sexiest parts of my body while hands, I'm not so sure. So when I do a footjob I know I can tease a man with my toes, soles and arches. When I oil my feet I feel as if I were performing a strip-tease. With handjob it's different because I'd have to tease with my smile, tits or the whole naked body. There's also another difference. My feet are very sensitive and giving footjob gives me a real sensual pleasure.

Footcritic Asks... Why don't you interact with black men? would you ever do a scene where you interrogate the suspect with a footjob that makes him confess.

I think that your idea of a footjob interrogation is great! I will try to shoot it for my When there are black guys around me I will definitely interact with them!

Vince Asks... Do you think that foot fetish activity requires the receiving end, whatever the activity may be, to be submissive in nature? Do you feel comfortable in knowing that your admirers would do anything you ask with your feet if the opportunity presented itself?

I guess you're right. I find that majority of my Internet friends from are rather submissive. That's why I created my other site There's also another reason: I'm rather dominant myself. I feel perfectly comfortable in knowing that my admirers or admirers of my feet would do a lot if I asked them teasing skillfully.

Jimmy Asks... You are so unbelievably cute! I was wondering if you do any shows or guest appearances anywhere? If yes, I was wondering if you do requests for fans? Like if I showed up and asked if at all possible for you to kick me in the nuts would you? I love your site.

You are warmly welcomed to visit me at my home! I would make a show for you and fulfill all your requests! You would also become a world famous foot fetish actor as I'd love to post pics from our fun on my website!

Amit Asks... Bow to your great beauty and wonderful toes. Do you like a man to lick your shoes clean? I wish to volunteer, will you allow me?

When I feel like being dominant one of my favorite games is to command my slave to lick my shoes clean. I would allow you with pleasure!

Andrew Asks... Hey Monique. First of all you are beautiful and so perfect. My question is: do you ever walk around barefoot in public or dance barefoot at parties and dance clubs. And do your feet ever turn black from being so dirty. Id love to lick those clean. Anyways keep up the good work. Bye.

Once I was invited to a sex party and all the guests had to change immediately to sexy gowns. The place had a sauna, bar, dancing floor and dark rooms. As it was not convenient to wear my shoes I danced there barefoot and after the whole night of fun my feet were really dirty. I had to clean them with pumice stone!

Amigo Asks... First, I would like to tell you that you have one of the most beautiful feet in the net. I wonder if they taste as good as they look. I just want to know if yours taste better than the feet of my ex-girlfriend (she was also from Poland) who I used to suck her toes while having sex, and my question is: Do I have any chance to have the same with you? at least a date with those sexy feet? By the way I am from Germany and not so far from Poland, kissing your feet.

My feet feel like having a date with you. If you ever come to Warsaw just let me know!

Niagara ToeGuy Asks... You are one beautiful woman. I absolutely adore all your pics. I love your sexuality. I was wondering if you could give a footjob and suck it at the same time? And do you like to have your toes sucked while getting anal?

One of my Internet friends encouraged me to make a footjob and blowjob combo. I did it as a custom work for him and later on also for my site. I had to exercise a lot before I was able to do it. Yes, I like to have my toes sucked while getting anal. I enjoyed it in my private life but I remember that I once shot it as a custom work as well.

Foothungry Asks... Hi Monique, you're unique! My questions is, would you verbal abuse a foot slave? Have you done it?

Yes, I did it but not for my website. I was asked to do it by my friend. He wanted to be verbally abused while giving me pedicure. At first I was shy but after some time I really enjoyed it!

Les Asks... Since you seem to love giving footjobs. Would you ever give a foot bukkake? That is where 4 or more big dicked men cum on your feet at one time.

I can promise you that I will work on it. I will try to get some foot fetish guys together for this kind of fun. But I can't tell you when it would happen.

Tom Asks... If you are in a public place and you see a man, who is watching your feet every few minutes. Which actions you will do? 1) you don't care 2) you feel more excited 3)y ou invite him for a footjob?

2) or 3) depending on the guy!

ILEP Asks... Your feet are very beautiful Monique, I actually find you to be completely beautiful. I have a fantasy different from most foot fans- it involves the usual feet things, but I would love to be kicked in the balls by you too. Have you ever been exposed or do you know about the ballbusting fetish? What do you think of this?

Thanks to my Internet fans I've learned quite a lot about ballbusting and started to enjoy it. The last photo set can prove it!

Medo Asks... Do you sell your worn shoes?

Yes, I do! Whenever I buy a new pair I think: I shouldn't buy any more shoes because there's no space in my closet but then my Internet friends come in rescue and buy my worn shoes!

FeetLove Asks... Hi Monique! Thanks for answering my question. I can see that you have tons of fans like me, just horny guys who love you and your feet  I happen to be the one who also loves your friend Joy, that looks like a middle eastern girl. When you guys are together, it's like a perfect package! She is very beautiful as well. I think it's very cool that you meet your fans, I think it tells a lot about your personality. I think it's even better that you give them footjobs!  Do you think Joy would wanna participate in something like that with a fan and you? Is there any way to contact Joy, like an e-mail address or something? Thanks, Monique and we love you!

I think Joy would agree to participate. You can e-mail her - you will find her e-mail address on models page on my website.

Larry Asks... I am a member of your site and your videos of you giving footjobs are just so awesome. Have you ever thought about doing a video on how to give a footjob? I bet it would sell really good, due to there are many guys who would love for there significant other to be good at a footjob, but, there are no "How-To" videos.

Your idea would be a challenge to me but I may try. I'm not sure if it would sell well though. Women are so jealous!

Tony Asks... Monique, I am an old member of your site. I think you are beautiful and love to see you wear stockings and pantyhose in your pics. I was wondering if you have a favorite brand you wear most often? Also, do you prefer to give a footjob with or without stockings on? What is your favorite technique for getting a guy off with a stocking?

My favorite brand is Wolford but I can't afford to wear it most often. I look for quality stockings from less famous brands. Your second question is difficult. I like to give footjob with and without stockings. Surely barefoot I can feel the cock better but with stockings there is a very sensual feeling of nylon sliding under my soles (I usually oil me feet before putting the stockings on - this enhances that sliding feeling). I prefer to make the guy cum while holding his cock between my soles. I like to press his cock to his belly and slide my feet up and down but to make him explode I definitely prefer to hold him firmly with my soles and feel the waves of cum running from his balls.

Alex Asks... What feels better, rubbing a cock or feeling the cock explode with cum between your toes or soles?

Feeling a cock explode with cum between my toes and soles is the best reward for me! Surely I love to rub a hard cock with my soles and hug it with my toes but the best moment is definitely the Grand Finale!

Toeboy Asks... I have enjoyed the interview so far. Do you think that slaves are weird for wanting to cleanup your feet after you give a footjob to another man?

I don't think so. It's a wonderful homage to a lady and her feet!

Ken Asks... Monique, I must say that you are one of the most beautiful women I have seen on the net. Your feet are also breathtaking. Have you ever considered doing a foot bukakke, where 4 or more guys end up cumming all over your feet?

Your idea would definitely invigorate the bukkake genre. When I manage to get 4 or more willing guys together I will do it!

Felipe Asks... Hi Monique, I really love your feet they are very beautiful! My question is, do you like to get your feet worshiped and do you like to tease a guy looking at your feet?

I love it! Probably you noticed that on many photo sets or clips I start by teasing with my legs and feet and then enjoy foot worship. I suppose I love my feet being worshiped because I'm rather dominant. Now as I created my second site I can experiment with domination and worship even more freely.

Eric Asks... I love watching women crush model cars. Would you crush some of mine?Do you think it is weird that men like to watch women crush?

I don't think it's weird! I did quite a lot of custom crushing: toys, cans, china. Once I was asked to destroy with my feet and then burn some valuable first day issue envelopes. I will be more than happy to crush your model cars!

Footmike Asks... Hey Monique! You have incredibly sexy feet! Everything about you is gorgeous. I have a few questions. What is your favorite nail polish? Also, are you flexible enough to give a blowjob while using your feet at the same time? Do you like it when men smell your feet?

My favorite nail polish is red. Yes, I'm flexible enough to give a blowjob and footjob combo. If you search my website you will find a few photo sets and clips documenting my achievements. I like men smelling my feet but I'd like them to lick my feet and suck my toes afterward!

Aceofspades Asks... I've just seen your BB pics on your site. You're killer baby. How many kicks do you think I can take before falling down?

I'm not sure how strong you are. But with 1 good kick I cam make my partner crumble!

Keithb Asks... I notice in some of your photos you do anal action, how does it feel to do anal and do you enjoy it more than having your feet worshiped?

It's a very strong and deep emotion to do anal! It gives great pleasure but I have to be highly aroused before I venture to open my backdoor entrance. I can't say what I enjoy more: anal or foot worship. I can say that I simply love to be pumped hardly in my ass and have my feet licked and toes sucked at the same time!

Keithb Asks... Hi Monique, I think your feet are Super Sexy, and you always do some really hot poses. I would like to know if you own any high heeled thong sandals? I think those would look very sexy on you. Also what's your favorite nail color, I'm betting that its red? Also when did you first get involved doing foot fetish acts. What was your first experience?

The spring is coming so I will buy high-heeled thong sandals for sure! I promise to shoot quite a number of photo sets in them! You're bet is right - I prefer red nail polish. Firstly I started to draw men's attention with my feet. It was a few years ago. I remember that once during a very exciting session between the sheets my partner gave me a delicate foot massage then he started to kiss and lick my soles gently. He was not sure about my reaction. I was a little surprised but it felt so nice that I even asked him in whisper to put his tongue between my toes!

David Asks... Can I ask if you would enjoy first having a man sniff deep between your toes,and then afterward for you to kick him right in the balls with your beautiful bare feet? Would this be something you would consider doing for one of your photo shoots.

Great scenario! Be sure that I will shoot it and post on my site at: quite soon!

Quebec footfan Asks... Hi Monique, there's no word to say how you're my kind of woman. In my life I love two things: jazz and footjobs. Last year I was in Warsaw for shows and my only regrets: met you. Next time are you available? You're amazing!

Just e-mail me before coming to Warsaw and we'll meet for sure!

Harry Asks... Monique, you have amazingly talented feet! Your toes seem exceptionally strong, flexible and dextrous; they sometimes seem more like fingers. How did your toes become so skilled? Do you have practice sessions or work outs for your toes? Do you often think of and use your feet as another pair of hands? I think it would be spectacular to see you write or type with your toes.

I already wrote and tried to type with me feet! And it was quite some time ago. Please check these sets: Posted: 01/29/2004 and 01/04/2004. Now as my feet are more dexterous it's time to put my foot typing skills at test again!

Johnny tnt Asks... Hey Monique, first of all, you have great feet and I love your web content! My question is. have you ever let a complete stranger touch your feet? If not, how likely would you be to allow someone you just met to touch your feet? would you think that would be weird? thanks for your time!

Probably I would prefer the person to do a bit of talking before. "You have great feet" would do!

Foot guy Asks... First, let me say your feet are cute. Would you make a pedal pumping magazine and sell it in shops?

With a little editorial help from nice guys who visit Wu's website and beautiful BHE girls as stars of the month it would be wonderful!

Sohail Asks... hi lovely Monique, I love your feet, especially the way they wrap around a cock. Monique, I want to ask do you wear anklets with sound to make a cock more and more hard with jingling of bells of anklet when you give footjob? Do you ever tap your feet or dance with anklets to attract men and make them shoot inside their pants?

I must admit I never used jingling anklets. But it seems a great way to attract and excite guys. After I'm done with some shopping you will hear my anklets on my video clips. I hope they will do the trick!

Jenny Asks... Hi Monique, i´m really happy for you decide to make this interview. How do you get your friends involve into foot fetish scene, how did they get it? Do you really made some of them get a strong foot fetish?

First I talked my friends into being erotic models. Then I showed them my website, shared my foot fetish experience so they realized how sexy female feet can be. No woman can resist a temptation to be sexy - so they started to value their feet like their other erotic parts (I guess now even higher than their breasts or buns!)

Alexmil Asks... What part of your foot do you prefer to use to make a guy cum?

My whole feet are very sensitive and it's a wonderful sensation to feel cum both on my soles and toes. But I prefer to make footjob with my toes because my soles are very ticklish and even in footjob may make me laugh!

Kevin Asks... Would you put me in a body bag and rub your feet softly against my face and then unzip me and give me a sexy footjob.

If you supplied me with a bag, why not? Once I did a very interesting custom video where I was packed in a suitcase. When I was zipped inside it was scary! Wouldn't you be afraid to be zipped in a body bag?

Len Asks... Do you ever let your feet be sniffed and find it turns you on as well as the sniffer? Is it a man or woman that you prefer? 

Yes, I do. At first I was a bit embarrassed but now it really turns me on. I guess that I'm easily turned on by my partner's excitement. I had more experience with men sniffing my feet than women. But I like both!

Stef Asks... Hi Monique, I was wondering who is inspiring you most for the themes of your shootings. Is it your you yourself, your fans, your boyfriend or the guy running the website for you?

Mostly my Internet friends. I receive many requests and try to fulfill the fantasies. Sometimes I receive detailed scenarios for custom work. They inspire me a lot. I check also websites of other BHE girls and of course Wu's site. Some sets get their inspiration from everyday life. Once I noticed a girl on her bike waiting at the street lights. She was wearing mules and her feet looked very sexy. So I made my cycling set (but I chose to be barefoot).

Jake Asks... I give really good foot massages. I'm from the US, but I'm going to visit Poland in June. Are you up for a foot massage?

Surely I'm up for a foot massage! I hope not only.

Footluver Asks... Hey you beautiful thing, you. Adore your site. Just wondering what you think of my fantasy to be forced to smell and worship a woman's smelly socked feet and then getting a sockjob from her, and if you'd ever like to do that in a shoot. I'd love to see that.

I like your juicy fantasy! So far I did not make a smelling and sockjob combo. I think it's high time. Do you think the socks from the set posted: 03/29/2005 are OK?

Ripscola Asks... Hello Ms. lady. I wanted to know if you have ever sucked another females toes? If so, what technique do you use?

Yes, I did! I'd like to describe my technique but I think that pictures speak better than words. So please check my following updates: 01/25/2005 12/24/2004 and 12/15/2004

Mr Cool Asks... Hello Ma'am, I just want to say that I love your site. I like the way you do things on your website. I love the way you feet look as well. I bet are soft to touch. But anyway enough. I want to introduce myself. I current go to school to study engineering( its tough but fun!), PC gamer, work, and into the foot fetish like no tomorrow I think feet are just a sensual as a woman's curves, hips, bottom and breasts. The foot has a curve to it, just like a woman's curves. Your feet are beautiful themselves, and look great bare or in stockings. I got a stocking fetish as well. It all started 1st grade when I would look at my teachers feet all day( I did my school work still) and wonder. they were so nice, but when I hit 10. Things started to change. I found myself looking at girls feet all the time. I had my first experience 10th grade, and I loved it. I often dream about yours. On a scale on 1 to 10, you get a 12!

Wow! I simply love your question! That's my favorite type! I can enjoy being flattered and don't need to use my little brain writing an answer.

Ikki Asks... So far I've been to literally thousands of foot sites, but I must say that there is only a few of them with the "real thing". Yours is one of them, if not one of the best! Coming from 35 years experience footman as I am. However, my question involves something else, as I'm certain that there is a lot of people wondering have you ever crushed some kind of an insect on purpose so far. How did it happened, and what type of shoes did you have on? I also want to thank you for the greatest foot action so far! You're so beautiful!

I did it barefoot! It was in my mother's garden. I was ordered to wage war against the snails so why not with my feet if the small creatures had to be extinguished anyhow? I have nice films and picture sets with snails crushing.

Todd Asks... Hi Mistress Monique, Would you let me lick the cum off your feet after you give a foot bukkake to five other big dicked men? What would you enjoy most about a foot bukkake? There would be a lot of cum on your feet.

Yes, after a foot bukkake someone would need to lick my feet clean. Why not you? Five times more cocks to enjoy, five times more cum. And the feeling that five guys are paying tribute to my feet. Wonderful!

Stephen Asks... Hi Monique. I think your wrinkles are incredible. Have you ever considering a Pajama Party photo shoot with some other ladies? I think your soles are your strongest point. It would be really great to see a lot more feet and face sole shows. Your beautiful face looks so perfect between your very wrinkled soles. When you do sole crunches you look fantastic! Your website is packed full of brilliant photographs.

Sounds like another great idea for a photo set for my website! I can't promise you exact date but I promise I will do my best to shoot your request soon.

Slave Asks... Your feet are great do you ever dominate men with them and how?

My latest discovery and joyful activity is ball-busting! Just visit my site, and you will see how I dominate men!

Infinity Asks... Hey whats up Monique. You have some of the sexiest feet ever. My question is when giving a foot job, do you talk dirty. And also when your getting your toes sucked do you talk dirty?

Depends on my mood. Usually I'm so focused on the sensation of grabbing a cock with my soles and toes or the feeling that a good sucking gives my toe tips that I can only sigh or moan. But sometimes I do talk dirty.

MooSaiko Asks... Hi wonderful Monique! I'm an Italian musician and I have written a song for your feet. Tell me: how do you feel when you do footjob? I mean, you have total control of a man with your it exciting see him cum?

I'm always excited with the excitement of my partner so it's great to do footjob. I can feel the cock, I can see it and I can see a guy's face. And at the end to feel that yummy and hot reward on my toes and soles. Great! The feeling of being in control is also a nice thing as I'm rather dominant!

Adam Asks... I love your great feet! I was wondering what your favorite type of sandals are and if a guy as ever shot his hot load on your feet while you have sandals on?

I love all kinds of sandals but my favorite are ones in which my toe-prints become quickly visible. It happened many times that a guy shot his load on my feet while I was wearing sandals. I think the first set I posted 10/09/2003.

DW Asks... Do you like having your feet played with? If so, how?

I just love it! I prefer to have stockings or pantyhose at first. A guy (or a girl as you can see on my today's update) should slide the nylons slowly off my feet. This already turns me on. After that I'd like my soles to be stroked a little and fondled. Then I would spread my toes wide and ask you first to lick between my toes and then suck on each of my toes (starting from the smallest one). To make me totally hot you'd need to lick my soles and maybe even bite my heels a bit!

Luke Asks... Do you think it is sexy when woman wear shoes without socks? Why do you think more and more girls have started doing this lately? How do you feel when you wear tennis shoes with no socks and how do your feet smell after?

Maybe because of global warming? But seriously I think that there are 2 motivations. Wearing shoes without socks gives me feeling of being barefoot, close to nature. Of course the second reason is the impression female feet make on men. Ladies know that and use their sex appeal. After wearing tennis shoes my feet smell like a hot, sweaty body, after an excessive workout. I think it's sexy, as men at the gym, especially sweaty after a good training seem to me extremely appealing!

Tim Asks... Will you let me sniff your shoes?

You have 2 options. Visit me or visit my website's store. I guess the first option is more enjoyable but the second is much faster!

Barefootfan Asks... Can you imagine to leave your shoes at home and going barefoot for dinner, in the pub or shopping in the city?

I imagine it quite often. Gives me a nice thrill. Maybe it wouldn't be so difficult as people usually stare at me even if I'm not barefooted!

Diego Asks... I serious when I say can you give me a foot job, please! I would to suck your beautiful red toe nails. I wish I could lick your soft wrinkled sole. Monique your are amazing. Do you have any DVDs or custom videos?

I did many custom films. That's what I really like because my Internet friends often come up with amazingly sexy ideas in their scripts. At the moment my films are available on CDs (to be viewed on computers) or VHS tapes. But within a month I plan to have DVDs (both in NTSC and PAL systems). So visit my store in a month's time.

Karmine Asks... Do you like to force someone to sniff your feet when you have them smelly?

So far I never needed to force anyone. Maybe when they get really stinky I will try.

Kin Asks... Would you mind if an Arabic man wanted to be your slave?

I'm just flying to Turkey for a week. Maybe I will meet a nice Arabic guy and manage to turn him into my foot slave?

Aaron Asks... Hi, Monique. I am a huge fan of your feet and I jerk off to them everyday. I was wondering if we could get together some time so you could give me a foot job and have me worship your feet. Maybe you could give me a blowjob too if you are into that stuff.

I think that you know that I warmly welcome all my members to visit me for foot (and maybe not only foot) fun. The thing is that you'd need to visit me in Poland.

Shyguy Asks... Have you ever covered your feet in anything gooey like pudding or slime? If so, how did it feel?

I did! In a kind of red jelly. You can check it in my older updates (I think I posted a photo set and a clip). The jelly was still warm so I could imagine that me feet were licked by an enormous tongue.

Paul Asks... You have perfect 10 feet by the way. Have you given another woman a toejob and visa versa and then licked either hers or your own pussy juice?

We played with Joy a few times and it felt good but I guess I didn't make her cum. And we didn't go as far as eating our pussies.It means that this experience awaits for me in the future!

John Asks... Hey Monique You are such a beautiful girl. With equally beautiful feet. I've read that you love your feet worshiped.and love to barefoot. So I was wondering if you like to get your feet cleaned by a slave's tongue? Also if you ever done any facesitting?

You guessed right. I love to have my dirty feet licked clean. Check out my today's update! And again you guessed right! I did facesitting. You can see how I enjoyed the experience on my

Johnny Asks... Have you ever had an orgasm while sucking your own toes.

I guess you'd prefer me to say: yes. But I must admit I didn't have an orgasm while sucking my own toes. For me it's a wonderful foreplay but I need a bit more to cum.

Stevie Asks... Have you ever let a guy smell your high heel's ? Plus would you be happy or mad if you caught me jerking off into one of your pump's? I love your open-toed lime green pump's and would love to sniff them good!

I wouldn't get mad if I caught you jerking off into one of my pumps. On the contrary - I would get very happy! I would simply ask you to lick the pump clean. If I wouldn't be fully satisfied - what is quite probable - I would train my groin kicks on you!

Sohail Asks... Loveliest Mistress Monique. I am coming to Europe next month for a business trip and I have just included Poland for you in my trip. Please can you tell me if you can meet me and give me footjob and also make me lucky enough to worship your feet? Please if you can tell me how to meet you and how to get appointment from you?

Just tell me your tentative date of arrival and I'll make sure that I'm in the town.

Sohail Asks... UNLIMITED THANKS to LOVLIEST Monique for answering my previous question. My Life long Mistress! I request you to please make a video with jingling anklets and also please if you can, name it "Jingling Anklets Video" so that fans like me of anklets get it at recognized at at once and buy it and get under your heavenly feet. Please if you cant name it the way , just then at least announce that the video has jingling bells in it, and I have one more idea for you, if you can, buy the big heavy anklets which are used for dance by girls of India (in Kathak and Bharatnatyam) and give footjob to a guy wearing them, they have 100 bells in each, I am sure the guy will shoot so much that his shoot will reach the moon. U R QUEEN.

I will be happy to talk the details of your Jingling Anklets custom film but let's make it outside the Interview section. Just e-mail me!

MoniqueLover Asks... Monique, you are very skilled and unbelievably beautiful, your feet are the sexiest ever, and you fulfill everything a foot fetish person can desire, my question is, how many time is your record to make a man cum using only your feet?

I think it was three times. I must admit though that it doesn't depend that much on me as on the length of sexual fasting of a guy. At least that's what I think.

Tucci Asks... Your feet are beautiful and talented. Would you ever schedule a session with my girlfriend and I to teach her a lesson on how to use her feet like you do?

It would be my pleasure if you'd like to visit me for a footjob lesson and fun!

Shawnman Asks... OK to start off, you have the sexiest feet I have ever seen! Q: do you have any photos or videos of you doing, a footjob/blowjob at the same time? If so can you post some on Wu’s links? 

I have such clips. For example me & Joy posted: 12/20/2004 and me alone 10/07/2004 & 10/08/2004. I'd like to post some clips on Wu's website but I know I shouldn't put his patience to the test too often. He's so kind to accept my picture contributions every month.

KickMeHard Asks... If I ask you to stand on my throat until I beg for mercy would you do it?

With you I would do it with pleasure! I would even have done it with my male model but I'm afraid to loose my photographer as it is the same person.

Ar-v Asks... Hi Monique, First of all I want to say you have a pretty feet, I wish to kiss, suck and feel your feet on my cock and balls, and I also like to be kicked in the balls by you. My question: In Ballbusting have you try to press man's balls in your beautiful feet? Thanks for the answer.

Lately I combined ballbusting with CBT but I tortured poor balls with hands. Your idea is very nice. Next CBT photo set and clip will be with my feet instead of hands. I will be able to apply even more power!

Foot Lover Asks... First let me say your feet are beautiful. My question is if you were wearing high heels and you get in your car to go somewhere do you take your high heels off and drive bare foot or leave them on and drive?

Wow, a good question. It's really not comfortable to drive in high heels. When it's a very short distance I drive in high heels but when the distance is longer I take my high heels off and let my feet enjoy driving barefoot!

Yungfootluvr Asks... I love your feet. Have you ever walked around in sneakers with out socks all day so they could get that sweet smell. Then have another women smell, lick and suck on your toes?

I did! Even on my short holidays a few days ago. I've shot a set with Mandy where we decide to rest a bit after hiking in the mountains. We take off our sneakers, smell them a bit and then play with our feet. I will post the set soon.

Tinydude Asks... I love your feet! They are so sexy. I often fantasize about being a tiny man inside a woman’s high heels. How would you like a tiny man like me in your heels? I know I would get crushed, but what a way to go under your sexy feet. Also, if you could would you transform a man into a high heel shoe and wear him?

I fantasize about being a giantess. You probably realized already that I'm rather dominant so having men under my heel or just under my feet would suit me best! But I would need to be very careful I'd prefer them to serve me long not to be crushed too quickly!

PJ Asks... Hi Monique. First, I wanted to say I'm glad it's your turn for the interview You're the one who has made me cum the most! For the first time I ran out of cum while jacking to your feet. Do you like teasing people who are totally mad about your feet and can't control them selves? What would you do if I were a bad slave for you?

I have a wide range of treatments for bad slaves: trampling, licking my extremely dirty feet, ballbusting, CBT and the more sophisticated like me making striptease in front of a guy who is bound and cant touch me, or bringing him close to climax and than leaving for quite a long time alone and helpless!

PJ Asks... Dear Monique, Words can't express how I feel about your feet and how much I'd love to fall at your feet and worship them. I guess you hear that a lot What I wanted to ask is how do you feel when you realize thousands of men are jacking off to your feet at the same time in different places of the world? If I run into you someday and fall at your feet would you let me kiss them? What would you do with me if I was worth being at your feet?

I love to know that many men enjoy my pics and clips all over the world. Before a high school and even a bit later I was a very shy girl. I considered myself ugly and expected to be alone all my life - I guess many teenage girls have such thoughts at certain age. Now I feel great knowing that there are many Internet friends who enjoy the way I look and find me attractive. I would be flattered if you'd fall at my feet to kiss them. I would probably force you to play with my soles. If I had sandals I would loosen the straps a little bit and tell you to lick my soles. Your tongue would have to slip between my soles and the soles of my shoes. If you performed the task well I would lead you to some secret place to reward you with a mind blowing footjob!

Danny Asks... I would love to see you suck a mans willy on your knees.

I did it many times. You can find quite a number of such photos and clips on both of my sites, even though foot fun scenes are the majority.

Franks Asks... Hi Monique! I'm a big fan of yours. I'm in love with your beautiful feet! Have you ever made a guy cum just with one toe squeezing the head of his dick! I've never seen this technique and I would like to know if it works but I'm sure your toes are magic!

I must admit my feet are not magical enough to do it. I sometimes finished the footjob this way though. After making the guy red hot and bringing him to the very edge of explosion with my soles, arches and toes I just pressed the head of his dick with my toe to his belly or my other foot. This way I felt perfectly the ways of cum running through his shaft! Sometimes I squeezed the dick between two toes of just one foot before the climax.

Tim Asks... Have you ever stared at a girls feet in class and if you did in school did you ever play with your friends feet?

I watched girls feet in class quite often but I tried to hide it. But I had a very pleasant experience on a school trip. I was taking shower with other girls and somehow managed to start o kind of foot play. Each of us tried to step on other's feet. When we got tired it turned into a sensual foot rubbing. But I didn't dare to go further. I only thought about kissing other young and beautiful feet.

Mike Asks... Holy shit, you are the hottest girl I have ever seen! I would love for you to give me a foot job sometime. I would also love to shove my cock in your sexy pussy  My question is whats your longest foot job?

Well, it's not easy for a guy to resist my efforts long. I guess that the longest foot job was about 15 minutes and I deliberately made short pauses for the guy not to cum to early!