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Renée Adams' Interview

"I enjoy cum very much, especially on my feet - mainly on my soles and in between my toes."

If you love women who love cum, especially on her feet, look no further than Renee Adams. I used that pull quote above for a reason - because it's true. From the first time I saw Renee online until present day, I've always found her footjob skills to be top notch and she always appears to be having tons of fun milking out gallons of cum. And I'm sure me saying "gallons" isn't an overstatement at all.

Other than being a master of her craft, Renee also bring years worth of knowledge to the production side of things as well. She has her hands, umm feet, in many projects all at once. It's hard not to log on to Twitter and not find her tweets and/or image teasers when looking for foot fetish related posts. It was through Twitter, however, that I got to know her a little bit more. She's been sweet enough to assist with a few projects I've worked on here at Wu's Feet Links as I try to keep things going after Wu's passing. I thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule and hope to be seeing a lot more of her in the years to come... or us that cum?

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size are those adorable feet of yours? 
Size 6.

When off camera, what are your favorite kinds of shoes to wear? 
Heels, flats, and boots.

As you're well aware, there are many guys out there who love smelling a woman's feet. Are your feet capable of getting smelly and if so, just how smelly would you describe them to be? Any particular footwear that helps get them to that point? 
My feet don't smell. I've tried many things, per the requests of FootNight party guests, to make them smell. They are incapable of retaining odor. 

Are your feet ticklish? If so, just how ticklish? Is tickling something you enjoy? 
I'm not ticklish, although one time a certain lady got me good at a tickle-fetish party that I attended as a live-action model. 

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry? 
I'm not big on foot jewelry.

Do you find yourself in stockings much? What kind/styles do you enjoy, if any? 
I am mostly in socks, but do enjoy nylons and fishnets. 

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most? 
First: Footworship at FootNight International events. Second: FootJobs on and off camera and also at Footjob-Friday events. 

A playful question... If you could have a foot fetish threesome with two famous people, who would they be? How would you see that scenario going? 
Males: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Females: Porn Star Bella Donna and Selma Hayek.

Discovering the Fetish

How old were you when you first learned of people who are attracted to feet - even turned on by them? 
I was 19 years old in college. A boyfriend at the time stuck my toes in his mouth. Many years went by before I had another foot fetish experience while trying on shoes at a mall in Florida. My first foot fetish party experience was FootNight-Orange County, Ca. hosted by Jacqueline Dumonde. 

What were some of those initial feelings toward what you'd come to know as a foot fetish upon learning of it? 
Curiosity, intrigue, and excitement. 

When was your first foot fetish experience, if you will? How did it come about? Was it something in private or did it happen after you began doing foot fetish material online?
I was 19 yrs old. My boyfriend at the time, during foreplay, stuck my toes in his mouth. This was approximately eight years before I ever did anything in movies and almost 15 years before I ever did a live event. 

Have your experiences over the years changed how you feel about foot fetishism in any way? If so, how? 
Nothing has changed. 

For many, discovering their fetish can be a hard thing. Have you ever had anyone come to you for advice on approaching a significant other about their fetish? If so, what kind of things do you tell someone unsure of their fetish? 
No one has asked me for quasi-fetish romance advice.

Modeling, Producing & the Internet

How did you begin foot fetish modeling? 
FootNight-Orange County for live events and with my adult industry business partner, Russell Peter, in movies and websites. 

How about the production side? Was that something you were into right away, or did you learn it as you modeled? 
I was into it right away. Regarding model experience, I have done parts modeling for store catalogs for 14 years before I got into porn fetish modeling and acting. 

Before we go on, I know you operate and/or appear on a few different sites. Can you mention them all and what in what capacity you're involved with each?,,,,, and My capacity is either I wholly own them or am an equal partner. 

Do you have a preference when it comes to being in front of or behind the camera? What do you enjoy about each? 
I enjoy both equally. I enjoy being on camera as I love to perform. I also like to taking charge behind the camera. 

What were some of your early shoots like? Was it something you enjoyed right away? Were they hard? Were you nervous? 
My early shoots were no different then my current shoots. The only difference was modern HD and High resolution equipment, and lighting. I did enjoy it right away. Of course they, the male talent, were hard. I was only nervous on my very first XXX scene for 1st Encounters, who I shot for and co-starred with my current and long time business partner, Russell Peter. I have not been nervous since my first XXX scene, but had done many fetish scenes prior with zero nervousness. 

Now that you've done more foot fetish shoots that I'm sure you can remember, what has the fan reception been like? 
It's been very positive. My fans always ask me what I'll be doing next or what are my newest scenes so they can watch them. 

If you could say anything to all of your fans here, what would you tell them? 
Thank you for everything. I would not be who i am in the porn-fetish industry without each & everyone of you! 

Aside from obviously having very cute feet, one thing that always comes to mind when I think of Renée Adams is amazing footjobs! When did you give your first footjob? Was it on camera, or in your pre-modeling days? 
It was on camera again with my current business partner. I remember being fully clothed. He took my shoes and socks off and began to worship my feet and suck on my toes. Then one thing lead to another and my feet ended up on his lap. I whipped out his cock, sucked on it, handjobbed it a bit, and then foot fucked his cock until he exploded all over my feet. I then licked his cum right off my own feet and toes for a footjob well fucking done! A few days later we were having dinner in Sunset Beach and decided to partner up. I spent the night at his place in Huntington Beach since I was living in West Hollywood full time back then. The following morning we were talking about how awesome it was to lose my FootJob "Virginity" and "FootJob Virgins" became the name of our first movie series. That first footjob scene I did became one of the first official "FootJob Virgins" films to be released along with Tina Cruz, and a few other O.G. "FootJob Virgins." 

Were you always so skilled at the art of making a man cum with your feet or did it take lots of practice? 
Apparently I wasn't aware of this skill until I did a few more footjobs amd one of the co-stars I worked with said it was the most perfect, rhythmic, footjob with the softest feet and toes ever to glide up and down his shaft. He came very quickly and it was alot. It looked like a glass of milk was spilled all over my feet by the time he was done gushing. 

Having worked with so many other models at this point, do any of them ever come to you for tips or pointers about how to give a good footjob? 
Yes, in fact, one of the girls that I trained is Russell Peter's ex-girlfriend, current European porn fetish business partner, Tina Cruz. She currently holds the world record for doing the most footjobs on earth! Sadly her and I have yet to work together on camera, but have been working behind the scenes in various projects for over a decade. 

I've seen you have done some footjob threesomes along with another model and one lucky guy. Have you ever done the reverse where your feet tamed more than one cock? If you have, how are those experiences and is it something you've done more than once? 
Yes, I have done many of them and as a result a new movie series is in the works. 

Do you like how cum feels on your feet? 
Very much so. I like that it's warm, soft, and gooey. It's my absolute favorite part of my body to have cum squirted on! 

It seems like you actually enjoy cum quite a bit from some of the things I've read on your site and those you appear on. Is that assessment correct? 
Yes, I enjoy cum very much, especially on my feet - mainly on my soles and in between my toes. For your information, I have a cumplay fetish with my feet. This may explain why my feet are uber soft - they get cummed on several times a week. Nothing like natural lotion! 

Explain a little bit about the Footjob Friday events. I imagine winning a chance to get a footjob from the models of would be quite popular. 
FootJob-Friday, "anything goes with feet" parties were an idea Russell Peter came up with. He approached me about the concept and asked me to partner with him. Together we needed to start a brand new business (an event business - Le RendezVous life style events) to properly handle the legalities and more importantly, privacy as Russell used to work for a few naughty politicians. He knew that in order to cater to a secretive clientele, we had to build the business under a vast legally binding privacy umbrella with a super secure membership database for obvious reasons. The fastest way we could build up this new business was to only feature the girls who have performed on the FootJob Virgins website and film series. Those actresses who agreed to participate as the live action models in these events can potentially earn vast sums of money as a result because they earn a referral fee if a guest picks them to be at an event - plus tipping is allowed. The FootJob 3some/6 Feet Deep raffles were initially an incentive to those who purchased tickets early as opposed to last minute to help us have a more accurate head count weeks in advance of an event. The raffles as a result became quite popular. 

Can the winners of the Footjob Friday contests pick you? If so, do you find yourself rewarding many winners? 
I have been picked many times over, so yes, my silky soft size 6 feet do alot of rewarding as a result. 

Is it safe to say that sometimes the winners of a Footjob Friday contest have never had a footjob in their life? How is it seeing someone get their dream come true, either on camera, or from behind it? 
Actually most of the contest winners have had footjobs before - they just haven't had two or more pairs of feet at the same time. I would say that about one-third of FootJob-Friday guests are FootJob Virgins, so getting an footjob from me, or another girl, is a dream cum true. 

So what other kinks and fetish are you into besides feet and footjobs? I see you're available for a number of others on your booking page. Anything you really enjoy doing? 
Well, I do enjoy being in control and I do often participate in tickling sessions - tickling others. Many males and females assume that because I enjoy giving footjobs, getting my feet cummed on, and performing in porn movies, that I am a submissive. The truth is I'm not a sub at all. If you really take a good look at what I do, I'm always in charge no matter what it is. 

If someone is interested in booking you for fetish work, where can they find the form? They can also email me directly at or DM me on Twitter at @ReneeAdamsXXX

You were kind enough to help me out with one of my past blogs on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog titled, "One for the Ages: MILFs & Cougars." Do you find a lot of fans love the MILF/Cougar aspects of your work? I would imagine you have quite a few fans younger than yourself who are just in awe of the experience and sex appeal you bring to the table. 
Actually, the age range of my fan base is about the same across the board as they are all a nice mix of young, old, and many around the same age. Can't say I have more or less of a specific age group. 

While on that topic, have you ever given a younger guy a foot fetish experience he'll never forget? That actually happened for me when I was 20 getting to meet Janet Mason who was more than 12 years my elder at the time and needless to say, it was quite memorable. 
Funny you mentioned Janet Mason. Both Russell Peter and i met her at a Las Vegas FootNight a few years ago and guess who was the very first person to session with her that night? Russell of course! Janet Mason was the very first porn fetish actress that he admired and jerked off to a few months before him and I actually met and started working together. According to both Russell and Steve Savage, the President of FootNight International, I have not only been sought out by newcomers to foot fetishism, but have popped many "foot cherries." Age has not really been a factor, although many were younger men. I also get older men who are late bloomers. 

Are there any fetishes out there you haven't done that you've been wanting incorporate into your work or try? 
Not really, I've pretty much tried it all. 

Over the years you've teamed up with and worked with a bunch of different models. Do you always like to incorporate new faces and feet onto your sites? 
Yes, because content is king. Without content nobody will cum. Incorporating fresh faces is an integral part of my business, but it also allows girls with little to no experience to gain vast experience they might not get at a competitors studio. Russell and I combined, bring two plus decades of experience.  I also enjoy collaborating and content trading with other porn fetish industry girls. Two of my favorites to trade with is Cheyenne Jewel from Las Vegas and most recently, European porn super star, Silvia Rubi, from Barcelona Spain. You may have noticed that I have done many content trades and collaborations. Somebody last year described me as the 2Pac of porn fetish with respect to all of the collaborations and content trades because I have indeed traded with many. The 2Pac reference has to do with him appearing on many other artists' albums, in addition to his own. In exchange, those artists would appear in his music. 

When finding new models, do you recruit them? If so, does it bring back memories of when you first got into shooting foot fetish content? 
The last couple of years girls have come to us. Both Russell and I have not actively recruited anyone in a few years. Not only do girls stumble across us when researching the industry, but we also get many talent referrals from other established models and studios who don't really have the time or patience to babysit new talent - which we don't mind doing, especially if they are fast learners and willing to work hard. Also the girls that you have seen repeatedly work in my movies and sites for a few years are those who became some of our most trusted and loyal friends. 

In many of your scenes you look like you're having a ton of fun. Many of the other models who shoot for you also seem to be having a blast. Is that because you try to keep things loose, or is it just because footjobs are so much damn fun? 
People function best in a fun and exciting work environment. Regardless of what we do for a living, if its not fun and enjoyable, what's the point? 

Does it bring back any memories from the first time you gave a footjob to watch a girl give her first one ever? Is it neat to be there to see a girl make a guy cum with her feet for the first time? 
It depends on the girl. Some are obviously better then others their first time out. Because I was there at one time, I have a unique perspective when directing first time porn fetish talent, so yeah, it does bring back memories. It's neat to see how excited the male co-star gets with me directing him and a hot young newbie. 

If someone has never visited your site before and hasn't gotten a good feel of what they might find on it thus far, give some insight as to what they will find. 
They will find my industry history starting with my humble beginnings and my accomplishments over the years. They will see me in porn fetish movies including my own Clips4Sale store, which is embedded into one my website pages. It's like visiting two of my sites in one. 

Where do you see your sites and work going in the future? 
I will definitely be performing in and directing content for my websites so long as my content keeps selling. Retirement is still a decade or more away, so hopefully the haters - if any, I haven't heard of any yet - will age faster than I do.

When it comes to your work, do you accept custom requests from your fans? If you do, how can they best reach you for custom orders? 
Yes. I only take custom order requests via email at:

Do you think that the internet has helped people experience more fetishes, such as foot fetishism, and become more comfortable with their own kinks? If so, how does it feel to be someone who helps those people understand their own turn ons? 
Yes, my partner Russell and I forged our partnership during the infancy of the internet, so we have a clear understanding of how it has aided people with exploration of their kinks. It's very rewarding to know that I have been a contributor to the enjoyment of other people's kinks, wants, and desires online, in addition to movies and live events. 

Before we end this up you were recently crowned Miss Foot Night 2015 by How honored were you to accept that title? 
Now that its sunk in, I'm very happy that I was even nominated. It was surreal for the first month after I was awarded the title. I was not expecting to win, mostly because of my age. Some of my fellow Miss FootNight FNI award nominees could very well be the age of a daughter. Thank goodness I didn't have children while in high school or collage because that could very well have been the case. Since younger, hotter girls, are naturally more desirable, I thought I had zero chance of being the award recipient. When the name of the new Miss Footnight was about to be called I was preparing my cellphone video function to record it. I was in shock when I heard my name and didn't think it was real until I realized Felina Rae ran from other side to hug me and congratulate me. Then my girl Sin Fisted volunteered to crown me with the Miss FootNight Tiara. My business partner Russell, who also won a FootNight staffer award that night for his volunteer work at FootNight International, was holding back tears of joy as he was super happy for me. It's a special award too because FootNight is where I got my foot fetish start at FootNight-OC. World renowned dominatrix, Jacqueline Dumonde, who many years ago gave my my first chance to attend a foot party, is to thank. Words really can't describe how awesome it felt to be the new Miss FootNight. I could go on and on with how much of an honor it is to me. Thank you to the FootNight Regional hosts who endorsed me, which lead to my nominations and a big thank you to the fans who voted for me. 

How can fans find more information about attending a party or any other foot party you might attend in the future? 
I only exclusively attend FootNight International for foot fetish parties. Go to for more info. The other parties I do are those that do not directly compete with FootNight Intetnational, simply out of respect to FNI because they gave me my start as a live action model at live events. 

Other than your sites and the parties you attend, are you involved in any other fetish based events?
I'm also a live action model at Ticklers Revenge parties, FootJob-Fridays!, and Le RendezVous lifestyle events at

Anything you'd like to add about foot fetishism, other fetishes, your site, or just the business in general before we wrap up? 
Just business in general. Nothing to add other than in the last two years I have experienced some plagiarism, to put it lightly - especially with my porn fetish movie series, FootJob Virgins. Apparently some very established industry folks, who will remain unnamed due to potential litigation, couldn't come up with a different name for their new movie release and used the name, "FootJob Virgins." When I asked the person most responsible for this to cease & desist, this person played dumb and gave me the run-around and even had the audacity to place blame on the distributor. The fact of the matter is that it's all fun and games when you ask a person to cease & desist, but then they ignore you by bringing up things that have nothing to do with the matter. Then the next step is an injunction and only then will they stop to pay attention because that is what it takes to finally wake up to see that a person means business. I just wish people would come up with their own ideas and respect intellectual property as our porn fetish industry has plenty of room for new creativity. So in my opinion, there is no need to rip off other ideas. Thanks to my fans their marginal attempt at "FootJob Virgins" has not been very well received. My advice to them, and any others who feel the need to rip off other ideas, is simply to come up with your own content. The best feeling in the world is creating something that that you can call your own from top to bottom to earn vast sums of money in the process - all while having fun working it. 

How to Find Renee Adams:

Web Sites:,,,, & 
Clips4Sale Stores:,, & 
Twitter: @ReneeAdamsXXX, @FootJobVirgins, @ViolatedFeet, @LezLolliToes, @PornFetishFilms, @FootJobFridays, @FootJobFriday, & @LeRendezVousXXX 
Instagram: @ReneeAdamsXXX 


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