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Real Bare Soles Interview

"I've been selling content via the internet for about 22 years. I used to sell VHS tapes and I'm laughing as I think about what pain that was!"

When I set out to do the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog almost two years ago, I did so with the idea of interviewing not only foot models, but content providers, artists, and others within the foot fetish community. My reason for doing so was because I felt that everyone has their own story - their own unique perspective on the fetish.

In this month's interview I bring you the man behind Real Bare Soles - a candid, on the streets of New York foot fetish clips store. This is the first time I've been able to interview someone whose work focuses on the candid aspect of the fetish, but it's been something I've been wanting to cover from the start. I always wanted to know about the behind the scenes aspects of filming such content and luckily for me, the videographer/webmaster of Real Bare Soles was willing to let us in on some of those things.

I can honestly say that I've always been quick to check out Real Bare Soles' posts on the Wu's Feet Links Forums. He sure has a knack for finding some pretty feet on some cute, everyday women. I'm happy that he took the time to tell us a little about his background with the online foot fetish community, and how he finds some of the adorable women and feet, like the ones above. Be sure to check out his Clips4Sale store, Real Bare Soles, especially if you're a sole guy, like myself.

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Some of the Basics

Your videos have a wide variety of women with different shoe sizes. Do you have any preference for big or small feet at all?
I like seeing the soles of a woman's feet no matter what the size, but there's something about large feet that I prefer. I like toes that taper down the side of the foot rather than go straight across, and it's more likely that a long foot will have that kind of taper.

Do you prefer toenails to be painted? If so, what colors, or designs do you prefer?
As I'm pretty much exclusively a sole man, polish isn't really part of the attraction for me.

When it comes to shoes, stockings, socks, and any other types of footwear, are there any things you also like along with the feet that go inside them?
I like high heeled pumps with narrow heels and pointed toes - not fetish stuff, just the sort of thing you see (or used to see) in a professional environment. I hate what they actually do to a woman's feet though!

It's been well established that I'm a sole guy. Do you have any parts of a woman's feet that you find yourself drawn to over the others?
I'm the same. If a woman's feet look pretty from the top, that's great, but it's not a turn on for me.

If you could wander upon any two female celebrities, with their feet kicked up, and film them for 30 minutes or so, who would your dream duo be?
It's very difficult to limit it to two!

Discovering the Fetish

At what age did you first begin to realize women's feet were something that attracted you?
I guess it was about 12, but I can't pin it down exactly.

How did you feel, initially, about women's feet? How did those feelings make you feel about yourself?
If you're asking if I was ashamed of my fetish, well of course I was! This was way pre-internet and there wasn't really any way to gauge whether other people had the same interests you did. Everybody liked T&A and I did too, but what got me really excited was a girl's feet, which nobody was talking about. I really had a sense that something was wrong with me and I might be the only person in the world with this interest.

Do you remember your first foot fetish "score," if you will? When was the first time you can remember getting to touch, or have your way with a pair of female feet?
I'm into tickling the soles of a girls feet, that's my particular kink. I got to do that periodically as a kid, so it was in my life before I even knew what sexuality was!

I've fooled around with the feet of all the girls/women I've been with in my life. This might sound strange coming from a guy who is so active in providing foot fetish content, but while feet are a huge turn on for me when I'm sexually active with a woman, they don't really feature that much into sex. I know lots of guys like footjobs or sniffing smelling feet while they are fucking, but none of that does anything for me. In fact, I don't even care if the woman I'm with has nice feet or not. Well, I care, but it is not a deal breaker if she doesn't. I am even more into a pretty face and nice long hair than I am feet, strange as that may sound.

As you grew older, did your feelings toward the fetish change? If so, what kind of things contributed to that change?
The internet changed everything because it let you know this was a common kink with all different flavors to it. It was a mixed blessing because there was a fair amount of community, and examples of acceptance from some women, but there was also more examples of scorn and mockery by others. There was also, of course, suddenly tons of material available! The old collections of pictures from magazines went right into the garbage.

Also I've noticed that I've collected so much of my own content, and there is so much other content out there on the net, that the furnace-hot desire to see female soles has sort of cooled off in me. Let's face it, these days, we are drowning in a sea of feet. When I watch porn, increasingly it's not foot porn at all, it's just straight porn. Who knows, maybe after staring at a billion sets of soles, I'm gradually working out my foot issues as the decades go on?

Filming & the Internet

When did you first begin publishing foot fetish content online?
Back on the newsgroups in the early to mid-90's.

How did that all come about? Was it something your were already doing and you just decided to put it online?
I starting taking pictures of girls' soles in parks in the early 90's, but very quickly decided to buy a camcorder. I did so in 1993 and almost immediately began posting the images online, first on the newsgroups. I had no idea how to post online at first. I had a guy making vid-caps for me, then I asked Drech, a guy who was prominent in the very early foot fetish scene online, to make vid-caps. He decided to scale back his involvement after a while so I learned how to cap and post myself.

Was there any early inspiration for you as far as the online foot fetish landscape is concerned? Are there any sites, models, or producers whose work you enjoyed, or maybe even helped you get started?
Not really, although I liked the FM Concepts stuff before there was even an internet. The first site I found online was just a big album of scanned photos from a guy who called himself The Recycler. It was a revelation having online stuff like that for many guys who grew up before the internet.

How long has your store been online now?
I've had various incarnations. I've been selling content via the internet for about 22 years. I used to sell VHS tapes and I'm laughing as I think about what a pain that was! My most recent one is a Clips4Sale site that has been around almost six years.

How have things changed from the time you started until now?
Digital content makes it so easy to provide your content to others. However, by the same token, it's much easier for people to infringe on your work. The internet attitude is basically that everything should be for free, which of course is the attitude of the person consuming the content, not the person making it! So it takes a lot of time and effort to hunt the content down and flag it. There's also been such an explosion of foot fetish content that I think the things that used to wow foot guys now just bore them.

What has the fan reaction been like to your work? Do they send you requests, or do you just film what you can?
People have generally been happy with the content, I think, but after a while anyone who does the same thing for 20-plus years gets taken for granted. We all know how it is - you post your first content and it gets a lot of attention. Twenty years later, not so much. People just get sick of responding after a while. They just sort of skim what you post, maybe save a few images. If they really super-dig something you previewed they might go to the store and actually buy it. 

In terms of requests, at the end of the day I shoot this stuff for my own amusement. I enjoy it. It's a strange and, for me, oddly-fulfilling hobby. I sell it mostly for people who have the same interests. At first I gave it away but that really creates a sense of entitlement in people so I decided to share it only with people who value it enough to open their wallets.

Going through your site, and reading the numerous clip descriptions, it looks like many of these women are ones you just so happened to capture while out in public. There are other girls, however, who you say you've approached, and some are even featured in indoor sets. Can you describe a little about how you go about shooting the different clips?

The vast majority of clips result from me just sitting down and shooting. I don't talk to the girls and the girls don't talk to me. But strangely, lately as I've gotten older, the girls will be so curious and amused about what just happened they might talk to me about it. I then check to see if they'd like to pose for me and if so, I shoot with them. Since I like tickling the most, this gives me new opportunities to actually tickle their feet instead of just looking at their soles and fantasizing about it.

It seems like a good number of women notice your filming them. Do you try to hide your camera, or do you leave it right out in the open?
I don't really hide it, except from nosey interlopers. It's out there in my lap so the girl can see the lens, but the camera can't be seen by those passing by.

I can remember secretly filming some women's feet early on in my photography days. Is there any thrill of possibly getting caught for you?
Being noticed, yes. The girls invariably notice because it's not really secret, not really being hidden. I actually like that interaction. I sit down and am pretty mellow about it. I shoot her soles and she sees me doing it, but it's not some drama - it's all so nonchalant. She can just react as she wants to the interest I obviously have in her feet. Since I am laid back and don't intrude on her proximal space, she doesn't have to worry about my hitting on her or following her or anything, so she can just appraise how she feels. More often than not, they seem to find it funny, dare I say, even a little cute?

Have you gotten approached, or called out for filming someone out in public who was angry?
Hey, you never know how people are going to react to being photographed in public. There's all kinds of reactions. Every once in a while someone gets really steamed and it can be awkward, or even potentially difficult. But if that was the predominant reaction I wouldn't be doing this in the first place.

It also seems like some of the women you film find you filming their feet to be amusing. Have any of them approached, or called you out and not been angry?
It used to be "no," but as I've gotten older, and perhaps less threatening or more fatherly looking, it's increasingly becoming yes. But even still, it's less than five percent of the time.

I always let them initiate if they want to. Why? I've noticed that, even if a girl smiles and giggles when she sees you shooting, and may even wiggle her feet around for you, she may become disoriented, defensive even, if you actually go over to her and ask her even an innocuous question like, "What time is it?" I think she's cool with it as long as you are this anonymous guy "over there."  If you're 10 feet away and filming her, she may assume you're going to just walk off when you're done. I mean, it makes a reasonable amount of sense. What's this guy who just filmed your bare soles going to do, ask for a date? Ask if he can suck your toes? That's why when people say to me, "You should have hit on her, dude!" I think, "No, she let me have what I really wanted," so it would be shitty of me in my opinion, to then go over and get in her face. Most often I just walk off when I'm done.

One thing I abosultely love with your clips is the diversity of women featured. One clip will have some European tourist types, the next will feature a big footed Ebony woman, then an Asian college student follows, etc. Do you purposely seek out that diversity, or does it just happen?
I wish it were even more diverse, but by and large it's white girls and the occasional East Asian that put their feet up in the places where I shoot. I'm always so happy to see a black girl though! I love their big feet and their sassiness. Latinas are great too. Indian girls are the holy grail - so rare! Sadly, people who buy clips seem to have definite racial preferences and blonde white girls are far and away the best sellers.

Without going into any secrets, describe what going out to shoot content is like.
It's boring. Sometimes desperately so. I wait around for just the right opportunity to arise. It's not just a girl putting her feet up. She also has to be attractive to me. She also has to have nice feet without calluses, corns, or bunions. She also has to have them up in a way that I can shoot them clearly. And unless she's killer, killer sexy to me, I'm not going to shoot her if she has a short skirt on. There's too much risk with that if she takes it the wrong way, and it's also illegal where I shoot. The shorter version is, I can spend hours and hours waiting for just the right thing to happen. Then, when it finally happens, I can sit down to shoot, have the girl can see the camcorder, and get miffed and put her feet down. Yeah, it's boring. Until I get a great segment, then I remember why I do it!

In your opinion, why do you think there is such a huge market for candid foot fetish material?
I don't think there is one! I think that it's different from the normal posed content because it seems more natural and there's also an air of danger and spontaneity. The girls also look more like the ones we see at the office, school, or whatever and secretly crave.

Where do you see your content and store going in the future?
I see it stopping when I keel over. Actually, as I get older I'll probably wind it down. To be honest, sometimes I say to myself, my God you're still doing this, you idiot? I was no spring chicken when I started. And that was over 20 years ago. If I did decide to stop making new content, I actually still have a ton of older stuff that's either not presently available or has never been posted at all. I could stop shooting and still have several years of vintage content to post.

Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans of your work before we wrap up the interview?
Can I make a plea? Please don't get in my way when I'm trying to shoot a girl! Lots more people come to the places I shoot now that my content has been out there for a while. Often people come and sit extremely close to women's feet, not only creeping the women out but also blocking the shot so I can't get it. I may have been waiting several days for just this opportunity to arise. So please just let me shoot - just sit a little further away so I can get the shot, and eventually you'll get images online that you can enjoy for years. Thank you!

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