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Erotic Nikki's Interview

"When I began this business many years ago I was a stay home Mom who wanted some extra spending cash. Had no idea I would still be doing it today."

For the first time ever we have a two-time interviewee here on Wu's Feet Links. Erotic Nikki was kind enough to do a second interview 12 years after her original fan-based submission interview in 2003.  

When I set out to relaunch the interviews section of Wu's Feet Links last year I made a short list of people I wanted to talk to about taking part. Erotic Nikki was on that list. She's been one of the nicest, and most generous people I've met. Even back when I ran my free sites that predate Soles of Silk, she was always a sweetheart. Fast forward to today and she's doing the same - things like donating contributions and assisting me with entries on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog. She has also been someone I could just talk to, bounce ideas off of, and even express my darkest kinks to. Yeah, she's heard them all before and she would easily put me in my place, I'm sure of it. All those reasons and more are why I'm happy to have Erotic Nikki on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog. And the timing of her recent election into the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame couldn't have been any better.

If you want to check out her 2003 Interview, it's been archived here on the blog as well. Some things have changed for her, but one thing that hasn't is how great of a person she is. Yeah, even though she constantly denies me and my boy parts, I adore her like no other! That's part of what makes Erotic Nikki so erotic though...

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear? I'm a 6 - 6.5, depending on the shoe. 

Having followed you and your work so long, I've seen those flawless feet of yours in some wild looking shoes. What kinds of shoes are your favorites to wear? 
Flip flops are My favorite! In the colder months I love boots. I hate hiding My sweet little feet, but My toes get quite cold. Hmm... Maybe a warm mouth would help out with that? 

You've been known to do some workout and/or smelly feet content. How smelly can those feet of yours get? What makes them smell the worst - or in my case, the best? 
If I wear closed in shoes My feet can get pretty smelly. Add socks and it's a foot lovers dream! 

Are your feet ticklish? Is ticking something you enjoy? 
My feet can be pretty ticklish. Soft tickling seems to be worst for Me.

Your pedicures and manicures are something that people have loved for as long as I can remember. Do you do them yourself, or do you have someone tend to them for you? 
It depends. Most of the time I do them Myself. Being a nail technician many years ago, I know how to do acrylics and give Myself pedis. I prefer someone else to do them, but I can get pretty impatient sitting a salon for so long. 

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry? 
Yes, toe rings and anklets and any kind of foot jewelry. 

When it comes to stockings, what are some of your favorite styles to wear? 
I don't wear stockings too often. I love pantyhose and My favorite are Trasparenze. They're a thong like pantyhose. 

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most? Or what activities if you can't pick just one. 
Teasing foot lovers of course! 

Like to ask this fun one to everyone. If you could have any two famous people/celebrities at your feet, who you picking and what are they doing? 
Oh wow. Let's see. I'm a huge Luke Bryan fan, so him and Quentin because you just know that man knows how to worship some feet! 

Discovering the Fetish

Do you remember how old you were when you first found out that there are people who adore women's feet? What were those first feelings toward that notion? 
I was in My early 20's and it happened in a strip club. A friend of My hubby's joined us this particular night. While sitting at the table he asked Me to slip off My shoes so he could see My feet. I had no idea what to think, but I gave in showed him. 

With all these years of experience you now have, how have those thoughts changed over time, if they've changed at all? 
I love it just as much as I did when a started 14 years ago. I have learned so much over the years and have really expanded on the fetishes I love and do. 

Do you remember some of your earliest foot fetish experiences? Were they pre or post web site? Care to make mention of any? 
As stated above, that was My first experience - long before the Internet was even thought of. 

When it comes to others who reach out to you, maybe your fans, about exploring their foot fetish, but are unsure on how to do so - what do you tell them? 
I just tell them to take their time with their partner. Start off really casual and if their partner isn't negative about them rubbing their feet or anything, maybe comment about how you love how well they take of their feet, or mention the polish. I can't understand why anyone would not want a partner not into feet. They are very erotic and some Women can even orgasm from having their feet worshiped. 

Modeling & the Internet

When did you pose for your first foot fetish material? Was it for your own site, or did you begin elsewhere? 
In 2002 - 03 and it was at the very first FootNight event in Vegas. 

What were those earliest shoots like? 
Fun, fun fun! 

Were you nervous, or was this something you were very much into from the start? 
I was only nervous at first. Then when I had My first foot worship session I was raring to go!

All these years later you obviously have explored pretty much every aspect of foot fetishism and done more clips/sets than you can probably count. Is it just as fun to do today as it was back when you began? 
Absof'n lutely!

In addition to foot fetishism, it seems like you've really taken off into a lot of other kinks as well. Was that the plan from the start, or was that something that came about over time? 
A lot of it was just something that came over time. 

What are some of the other non-foot fetish kinks someone can find on your sites? Are there any you haven't tried that you want to, or ones you wish to explore even more? 
I do smoking, MILF, virtual sex, blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, FemDom POV, cuckolding, strapon, futanari, giantess, ass fetish, ass worship, teacher fetish, and so much more! 

I must admit, I'm a huge fan of your tease and denial (T&D) and small penis humiliation (SPH) content. Would you ever have imagined that there would be men into either kink? Are these ones you enjoy doing? 
I love doing both of them. Obviously when I began doing this type of content back in 2007 I had no idea so many were into it. So here I am eight years later still doing it and loving it! 

You're also known for giving amazing footjobs. For all those guys out there who wish they were the ones in the clips with you, just how much do you enjoy the power from milking a load from a cock? 
I love it!

Were you always great at giving footjobs? Do you remember the first time you gave one? 
Thank you! Yes I do remember and it was for My site. 

You were kind enough to help me out with a column on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog series that focused on a kink I'm certain many people come to you for - Cougar/MILF fantasies. How does it feel knowing that there are many barely legal fans out there who fantasize about you and your feet? 
Sometimes I find it kind of crazy there are so many. What I love is that I can make a clip focusing on MILF fantasies and they eat it up! 

For all those 18-20 year old male fans of yours who dream about getting a footjob from you, do you think any of them could last more than five minutes? 
Hardly, but I think some edging would definitely be in order so it lasts and drives them over the top! 

With so many kinks in addition to foot fetish found in your work, you own/operate numerous sites. Can you tell people what they'll find on each one? is all My foot related content. is where you will find My MILF, pantyhose,smoking type content. is where you go if you're into some FemDom POV, strapon, SPH, tease and denial, etc. 

Having done this for as long as you have, you obviously have a massive fan base. How has it been interacting with them over the years? 
It's been great! Now with social media it has really made a difference in being more interactive with them. It's very cool! 

What would you like to say to your fans here about their love and support over the years? 
I would like to say that My fans absolutely rock! I appreciate those that pay for their porn - those who support everything I do! It has been awesome and I have the best fans ever! I hope to continue entertaining you for many years to come! Thank you!

Speaking of the fans, in 2003 you were featured in one of the original fan submission style interviews here on Wu's Feet Links. How does it feel to still be going strong 12 years later? 
It feels awesome! When I began this business many years ago I was a stay at home Mom who wanted some extra spending cash. Had no idea I would still be doing it today. 

Not all, but many of the foot models who took part in those original fan submission interviews are no longer online. What do you think has been the reason for your continued success? 
Hard work and trying new things. You know, sometimes I'll do something just to see if sticks to the wall or not. 

Just this month you were elected into the Wu's Feet Links Hall of Fame by the users of the forum. How did it feel to be nominated and how does it feel now that you've been voted in?
Oh My gosh! It was so exciting and I can't thank My fans enough. I truly do love the fans who support Me and have been fans for so many years. I hope to continue having your support for many years to come! It truly is an honor to be voted in with all the other beautiful Ladies. I appreciate all those who voted for me. Thank you all so much!

What do you think the future holds as far as Erotic Nikki and her sites are concerned? 
I hope many more years of doing what I love. 

Obviously I've always been a massive fan of you, your work, and the way you respect others in the foot fetish community. Although you're exclusive to your sites, entertain this for a moment. How lucky would I be to have you in front of my camera, posing for me? Do you think I'd be able to handle it or the sure-fire teasing that would be coming my way? 
I've known you since we began many years ago. Do you honestly think you could even get that close to My feet without Me distracting you? I'm pretty sure it would turn into a foot play session!

In all seriousness, is there anything else that we didn't mention or get into as far as foot fetishism, you, or your sites that you'd like to talk about before we wrap up? 
I think you covered pretty much everything. I want to thank you for asking Me to do this interview. Sorry it took so long, but it's much appreciated and I love ya!

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