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Foot Goddess Natalie's Interview

"Own your fetish! When it comes to someone you want to, or plan to be intimate with, don't be afraid to talk about it."

I've been a member of the Wu's Feet Links Forum community since 2003. I'm pretty sure that I lurked on there before joining even prior to that year, but I'm getting old now, so the memory isn't as good. Anyhow, over the last 13 years I've seen people come and I've seen people go. I don't mean the male majority with foot fetishes either. I mean the female foot models and/or site owners. So many have come and gone, making only a post or two, looking for immediate results and admiration, only to be gone days later. Then someone like Natalie comes along... sorry, Foot Goddess Natalie!

Ever since Foot Goddess Natalie joined the forums back in January of 2015, she has been a regular. Whether you enjoy toes, soles, or any of the fine parts of a woman's foot in between, or around those two popular parts, Natalie has shared it with all of us plenty of times. She was a Wu's Feet Links feature model that same year as well. Needless to say, people sure took notice - as did I.

When looking at potential people who might be interested in taking part in a Wu's Feet Links interview, I thought Natalie would be a great choice. Luckily for me, she was more than happy to participate. She was a little worried that her newness, if you will, to our community would mean she wouldn't have a lot to say, however. That ended up not being the case. Natalie gave some very detailed looks into her routine and what the journey has been like thus far with her site and on social media. I'd like to thank her for doing this and I hope all of you drop her a note to let her know you gave this a read. And of course, stop by her site and all of her social media accounts as well!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
Typically, a 9 or European size 40. An 8.5 is a better fit for some shoes though.

A lot of your sets showcase some really cute shoes. What kinds, or styles, of shoes are your favorites? 
Thank you! I do love shoes - stilettos especially. I get to "dress up" for work and I take full advantage of the opportunity to wear heels. I love my feet being as close to bare as possible so it's sandals in the warmer weather and flip flops are my go to outside of the office or gym. In the winter I'm often in boots. Docs [Martin's] or other combat style boots are my fave.

Do you feet get smelly at all? If so, what kind of footwear makes them smell the strongest?
Not really. I think My feet smell pretty delicious most of the time. They definitely get sweaty in running shoes or shoes made of synthetic materials and then I guess my feet have an odor specific to me - my sweat mixed with my cocoa butter moisturizer. However, I have definitely had boots and shoes get very smelly after getting sweaty and then, repeatedly wet in the Vancouver rain.

What are some of your favorite colors of nail polish? It seems like you're always changing the color.
Yeah I like to change it up a lot for sure! My favorite colors are deep reds and purples. I love black too. I also like lighter pinks with an iridescence in them, but I've gotten away from that as Dave, my boyfriend, likes the darker shades. I'm a big fan of light, but bright colors that pop when my skin is tanned. I'm looking forward to that this summer.

Are your feet ticklish? Do you enjoy being tickled?
My feet and the rest of me can be very ticklish! A light touch on my soles will definitely get me smiling and giggling. I love to laugh and a good tickling can be fun once in a while, but I've never experienced it as a turn on or part of foot worship or foreplay.

Do you wear toe rings? What are your feelings on them?
I've worn a toe ring in the summer for as long as I can remember. If I am wearing open toed shoes, a toe ring has been part of my every day jewelry just like the rings on my fingers. I've always loved them. 

Now that I am photographing my feet so much I am conscious about switching them up and not always having one on. I see some foot models that have numerous toe rings on in all of their photos. I think that can be sexy sometimes, but I also think it covers up toes that you foot fetishists want to get a better look at!

Stockings can be quite sexy. What are some of your favorite types of stockings to wear?
I definitely feel very sexy in stockings! When I was a little girl, my great Aunt would give my sister and I each a package of pantyhose for an Easter gift. Such a strange gift, but I loved it! They made me feel so feminine and grown up. 

Over the years I've sometimes gone with fashion trends, but for the most part, I don't like my booty constricted by full pantyhose or nylons, so I've traded those in for the traditional garter belt and stockings, and if the dress won't permit, a garter belt - stay-up stockings. I love to dress up in anything for my partner, but what I actually wear for me is black, sheer or fishnet thigh-high stockings. I love knee-high stockings and thigh-high or knee-high socks with the right outfit too.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
There are a number of things I enjoy. My feet are such an erogenous zone for me, so I loved them generally touched and played with, or massaged, and I love my toes sucked and my soles licked - especially near the base of my toes. I think bringing my partner to orgasm with my feet and toes definitely tops the list though. Seeing and/or feeling him exploding over my soles or toes is such a huge turn on for me.

If you could have any two famous people give you a foot massage, or be at your feet pampering them, who would they be?
Ha! I've never thought about that before. It should be someone who actually has a foot fetish, so a young Elvis and maybe Jack Black? I read he has a foot fetish too. Foot worship and laughing; two of my favorite things.

Discovering the Fetish

You mention your boyfriend's involvement with your feet and the fetish on your site. Was he the person who introduced you to the fetish? If not, when did you first figure out that there were people out there who have a fondness for women's feet? 
I guess I've always known that foot fetishism existed, but I never really thought much about what that involved because, yes, Dave is the first person that I've known that actually has a foot fetish. Well, that I was aware of anyway. I've certainly known men that appreciate and enjoy all of a woman, feet included.

When you first learned of foot fetishism, what kind of thoughts ran through your mind? How did you view the fetish? 
I'm a pretty sexually open person, so I didn't really think too much of it. Originally, I hadn't considered the depth an actual fetish can have. I guess I saw the love of feet like any other preference. You know, like how there are leg men and breast men. I've also always been an adventurous and curious lover, so experiencing different things has just been a natural part of my sexual relationships. For me, in the right intimate relationship, one will try all kinds of things and eventually experience and enjoy every part of their lover. When something really turns one person on, that usually turns the other person on and it can become a regular part of their sexual experience. It's only been over the past year that I'm beginning to understand the various facets and levels of foot fetishism and how it differs for each individual. It's all very interesting to me.

For the most part I think any fetish is a part of an individuals sexuality that should be embraced, explored and enjoyed. Being partial to feet, specific parts of them, and/or things surrounding them, is great. However, to have feet, or any fetish, be the only thing that can arouse someone, or bring them to orgasm, I would think could be quite troublesome and something one would want to work through. If it fit for two people in a relationship, well good for them, but for me personally, I think that would be very limiting. I hate to think about people missing out on the pleasures and passions of sexual exploration, adventure, variety, etc.

In relation to me personally; in the beginning with Dave, I honestly didn't even clue in to him having a foot fetish. I laugh looking back at that now because it's pretty obvious. I find it very sexy that he does have this fetish and I certainly benefit from, and enjoy his adoration of my feet and how that plays out in our intimate life. We both love sharing my feet visually with the foot fetish community too. The whole thing isn't always easy for me though. The being attracted to and/or aroused by this "non-sexual" body part that everyone has, exposes, and talks about without a second thought, can allow fetishists certain liberties.The rest of us don't usually see feet sexually, so you fetishists can have bit of a free-for-all. Then Dave and I are immersing ourselves into the foot fetish world. I have my insecure moments with that.

Do you remember some of your earliest foot fetish experiences? Do you care to share them with everyone?
I have always had people look, at and compliment my feet. I'd thought that was because they're at the bottom of my long legs, or because of my shoes, or just because I take care of my feet. I always have my nails polished and as I mentioned, I've always worn foot jewelry. Looking back now, however, I'm sure there has been some foot fetishist admiration in there. I'm guessing you're looking for the more naughty stuff though. I don't mind sharing a little... 

Previous to Dave, I had a boyfriend that occasionally sucked my toes, but really any physical attention to my feet, or use of my feet, was just part of intimate exploration - not because my partner had a foot fetish. But through that, I experienced the sensuality of my feet and knew that they are an erogenous zone for me. 

When Dave and I met I was more than happy to receive his foot massages. That was a super sensual, and intimate introduction, to his love of my feet. I also mentioned, however, I didn't really know he had a foot fetish. During our first weekend together, because he included my feet in sexual play, it led me to giving him an orgasm with my foot. It was so incredibly sexy to me and quite empowering.

For all those guys out there who adore female feet, but don't have an understanding partner like yourself, what kind of advice would you give them about broaching that subject to a woman and/or how to do it? 
This is something I could discuss at great length, but bottom line; honesty and confidence are sexy! Own your fetish! When it comes to someone you want to, or plan to be intimate with, don't be afraid to talk about it. No one should ever hide their preferences or turn-ons. The risk of later complications is too great. I get that it can be a bit tricky with feet because there are people who just find them unappealing. They don't like their own feet or anyone else's. Sometimes one just has to accept incompatibility and move on. There are always going to be plenty of other people out there that are open to foot love.

How specifically to broach the subject? Well, complimenting someone's feet can definitely be a way to open things up, but if someone is not completely comfortable with their fetish, say a teenager, and the response they get isn't positive, it could be off putting or seen as rejection. I'd hate anyone to have their confidence squashed. 

 At any age there may not be any better way to approach the topic than with a foot massage. Offer one or if the situation is right just take their foot and start giving it a rub. Know what you're doing! As a foot guy I'd think you should already have read up about foot massage and reflexology and feet as an erogenous zone. Have firm hands because tickling is probably not going to have the desired effect. Then you just have to pay attention to a persons queues, if it feels right simply mention that you find women's feet sexy and carry on making them feel good with your massage. Maybe mention something you know about the connection between the part of the foot your touching and the rest of their body and again if it feels right; finish with a kiss to their toes or soles. Over time you can let your partner know more about your fetish and what you like specifically about their feet.

Another thing I can't stress enough is; don't neglect the rest of the woman! Feet may be your preference, but you have to worship and enjoy a woman's entire body, mind, heart, etc.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been posting photos of your feet online? How did that all come about? 
We started the Foot Goddess Natalie Instagram page (
@FootGoddessNatalie) just about a year and a half ago. Actually, right on Christmas Day in 2014. Dave had previous involvement in the foot fetish community and shared pictures before being with me. He loves my feet and I had some foot and shoe shots on my personal Instagram account. I had some foot fans like and comment on those pics and it just sort of went from there.

Do you remember doing some of those early shoots? What was it like when you first began posing your feet?
Yes. In the first months of sharing my feet on social media I was taking most of the pics myself and sending them to Dave to post. I loved his reaction to my shots, the love and compliments, and all the followers I was getting on Instagram was certainly encouraging. I found that what was sexy to foot guys, Dave included, was not necessarily sexy to me. I've had to figure all that out.

When did you decide to open the Foot Goddess Natalie site? 
Within a couple of months of opening the social media accounts we talked about taking that next step and doing the website. Dave is a photographer and was always wanting to do more high quality photo shoots with me. We were seeing such love for my feet, it seemed like the natural thing to offer that option to the foot fetish world.

It seems like you're constantly posting updates on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. How often do you find yourself in front of a camera?
The pics posted to Wu's Feet Links are for the most part, pics we have taken for our InstagramTumblrTwitter, etc. We average four pics a day to those places, so I'm always snapping pictures, as is Dave. Sometimes that's posing with purpose and sometimes that's just capturing a natural moment. Once a week we share the free shot from the weekly photo set we put up to the website. We would love to get to the place of having a bit of a stockpile of photo sets for the website, but over this past year, we've been doing a photo shoot a week.

How do you come up with your shoot ideas, themes, location, etc.?
We live in an amazing area of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, where there are a lot of options for outdoor locations right in our own neighborhood. When the weather is warmer, we take advantage of that. Sometimes we plan the look of the shoot and the outfit from the location and sometimes we find a location based on something I want to wear. We had to be a lot more creative figuring out locations through the winter months though. But it was the opportunity to do shoots I'd always wanted to do; knee socks and panties; in bed with just a sheet.

Speaking of those items, it looks like you have some photos that lean a little more on the artsy side as far as foot fetish content goes. Is that intentional?
We are definitely doing something different, something classy and sexy that showcases my feet, but Dave also like the opportunity to be creative photographically and have sets that are arty and more like high fashion shoots.

You were the November 2015 Wu's Feet Links feature model. How did it feel seeing your set, "Bare Feet Lounging," published? How was the reaction? 
I was really honored to be the feature model, especially being so new to the foot fetish scene. We are really proud of the set and it was great to see it up there. It was definitely well received by my social media fans and followers and sent lots of traffic to the site.

You told me, when I contacted you initially about doing this interview, that you weren't sure how much input you'd have being so new to the online foot fetish community. In your time online, what are some of the things that you really enjoy about what you've done thus far? 
I'm someone who loves to learn and grow as a person and this whole thing gives me a lot of opportunities for that. Seeing challenges as a place to learn something new or about myself allows me to ultimately enjoy everything. But specifically, I enjoy connecting with my followers and fans, especially those loyal ones that I've begun to feel that I know. I enjoy their comments and learning about the fetish through them. I love doing this with Dave. It's wonderful being able to collaborate with my partner on something that he loves and something that can be so sexy. I love seeing how he enjoys people loving me and my feet. I enjoy the building of the website as a whole and I'm proud of what we are putting out there. As you know, it can be a lot work, but there is a great sense of accomplishment and a lot of enjoyment in our whole process - from picking location and look, doing the shoot, choosing and editing the photos and finally drinking wine and putting the set up to the site together... complete with high fives and kisses.

What is the hardest part about doing your site, Foot Goddess Natalie
There are a lot of challenges. It takes a lot of time and thought to do what we're doing, so it's become a big part of our lives. It is not always easy to find balance. Then there are just the challenges of trying to give variety, the maintenance of my pedi, the consideration of what I'm going to wear and do so as not to mark up and dirty my feet and legs before a shoot. Funny though, probably the hardest thing for me also involves the best part of collaborating with Dave and that is; the creative differences. And basically all of that is just my ego. We don't always have the same ideas about how I look or what's sexy. There can be great shots of my feet, but I don't feel that the rest of me is best or accurately captured. That's a great example of the opportunity for me to grow, get over my ego, see a different perspective, let things go, etc.

Where do you see your site going in the future? Any plans you'd like to share?
In the big picture, I really don't know how things will evolve, but I'm sure they will. In the immediate future we definitely plan to get some video clips up there! ASAP!

I'm sure you get your fair share of fan letters and feedback. What has that feedback been like so far?
I definitely do! I'd say 95 percent of the feedback is just plain love and compliments. There are a lot of requests for footjob pics and videos, cum on my soles, and questions about whether that kind of stuff and nudity are on the website. I appreciate that people want to see that stuff and I hate to disappoint, but sharing that is just not who I am. My intimate life is sacred to me. 

I am always really grateful for the messages that compliment the classiness of what we are doing. I get plenty of requests to "spoil" me or for Skyping, or in person sessions as well, but I also don't do that. And then I get the cock shot messages. Some people don't pay attention to the fact the my boyfriend and I run all of these pages together. They're basically sending another dude a pic of their penis and neither of us wants to see it.

I also get a lot of people messaging for special pics, just for them. I can understand asking, but when I say no, I expect that answer to be respected immediately and it isn't always. I have fans from all over the world, so sometimes there is a language barrier, and I guess, cultural differences too. I try to keep that in mind because I can get pretty fired up when people are disrespectful, or I feel they are seeing me as an object here just for their pleasure rather. I am a woman and a fellow human being with a life outside of this.

Recently, I had my first negative experience, and that was through Reddit. It's different than social media and more like Wu's in that foot fans have access to posts by anyone as opposed to just following their favorites. The basic issue was a small number of people were feeling I was just promoting the website and were saying I was breaking some kind of Reddit "rules." We mention and somewhat market the website on all forums and use the web address as sort of signature everywhere. Why wouldn't we? 

But really, the social media sites and Reddit are their own thing, separate from the website. Dave and I are taking iPhone pics all day and sharing them simply for the enjoyment of people who like my feet. It was a bit mind blowing to see people so worked up over a fun forum, and even more mind blowing, that they could be so harsh, like my feet or not, when I'm sharing free photos. I listened to, and respected the relevant comments and typically there, and in every other foot fetish community, I'm shown nothing but appreciation, so I took the rest with a grain of salt. Ultimately, because of all the love I feel, I have a certain loyalty to my foot fans and knowing that they love and have come to look forward to my posts, I will continue to make them with as much variety as possible, even on Reddit.

What would you like to say to all those fans of yours out there who are reading this?
Firstly, thank you! The love you all show my feet and I is amazing! I've said it before, but I want to let everyone know that I see and love your comments and messages, even if I don't get a chance to respond, or if it takes me a while. They make me feel good. They make me feel sexy. They flatter me. They make me smile. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me blush, in the best of ways.

I appreciate all of you that recognize that I'm a woman with a life outside of being a foot model. I ask anyone that doesn't think about that to try to keep it in mind. I think it would be great to have a chance meeting with a fan in person, so if you ever see me don't hesitate to introduce yourself! And my soles are even softer than they look!

I always like taking a peek at your forum posts and photos. I think it would be awesome to shoot photos of you, myself. To end this up on a fun note, how much do you think I'd be loving life getting to gaze upon your soles in person?
Patrick, my soles and I are even better in person. Shooting me would be one of your most loved experiences ever... if you could even stay focused.

Is there anything we didn't cover about modeling, the fetish, or your site you'd like to get into before we wrap up? 
Well, I don't want to get too heavy at the end of this, but I'd like to say a couple more things. I'm a foot model with a fetish site, but I am also a woman quite passionate about the issues of objectification and sexualization of girls and young women. The internet, marketing, media, and social media in today's world makes it a tricky time to grow up. For girls without the deserved guidance, love, attention, and esteem building from their adult influences, it's easy to fall into being objectified and finding false comforts, delaying or completely stunting their growing into a healthy, truly secure, self confident woman. I am a loved, confident 41 year old women making a mature choice to share myself, and specifically my feet, on the internet. There are girls you're seeing out there, however, who are not coming from a mature or confident place at all. In some cases, they are not even knowingly there. I can't protect or help all of those young ladies, but I ask that people consider the people they are viewing, subscribing to and promoting. With so much content out there from women making a conscious, confident decision to be there, please do your best to enjoy them and not perpetuate and contribute to the objectification of our youth.

I'll also take the opportunity to encourage all you foot fetishists to keep embracing and exploring what you love! The internet is an amazing place to connect with like minded people and find all kinds of things to feed your desires. I'd love all of you to get a membership to my website and I'd also love to remind all of you to keep a balance between your online life and real life. Keep worshiping every part of your Goddesses, wives, or girlfriends, and if you don't have one, but want one start with knowing who you are. Be confident, honest, and look a woman in the eyes and smile everyday. Finally, thank you for inviting me to do this interview, Patrick! It's been a lot of fun!

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