Monday, August 31, 2015

Red-X's Interview

"I get much more excited when I have sex outdoors, especially with the thrill of being observed by voyeurs, that turns me on!"

If you asked me to tell you when the first time I saw Red-X's work was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I honestly can't recall when it was, but one thing I do remember was being in total awe! Her bright red hair... Her daring outdoor poses... Her owning life attitude... And those adorable little dirty feet... That's what I remember from the first time I saw Red-X!

In the time that has come after seeing Red-X for the first time, I have enjoyed getting to see each and every preview of her sets from The Feetosopher on the Wu's Feet Links Forum. Whether it be her work for Barefoot Urban Girls, or the more revealing, and often naughty, Barefoot Nudity, her images are must see for me. I know I'm not the only one either by the comments on the forum.

Since I am responsible for coming up with the feature models calendar for Wu's Feet Links, I reached out to The Feetosopher about having Red-X as the feature model for April 2015. I was so happy when he said they both loved the idea. If you haven't had a chance to check out her set, "The Year-Round Barefooter," do yourself a favor and do so after reading this interview.

Needless to say I was very happy to have Red-X agree to do this interview for Wu's Feet Links. It's been something that has been in the works for a few months now. They say good things come to those who wait. Well, the wait is over and now you can get glimpse into the barefoot lifestyle of this red haired vixen, Red-X! 

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
US size 6.5/European size 37.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen you wearing shoes, but when you do, what are you favorite kinds to wear?
I wear shoes very rarely - usually in winter when temperatures get below the freezing point. In those occasions, I like to wear UGGs, but only for short walks as my feet aren't used to shoes. They quickly get very hot and I feel uncomfortable. Besides that, my soles cannot feel the ground, so I tend to lose balance. I also hate wearing shoes for special occasions, when women are usually required to wear shoes such as weddings, funerals etc. I tend to avoid those kind of occasions. If I went to those kind of events barefoot, someone would surely ask me why I am not wearing shoes, and that would annoy me.

On those rare times when you're wearing shoes, which ones make your feet smell the strongest? And just how smelly do they get?
My feet sweat a lot when I am wearing shoes, so they get awfully smelly with any type of shoes! I am barefooted most of the time, though, so my feet usually do not smell at all.

Are those cute feet of your ticklish? If so, what spots are the worst when it comes to someone tickling them?
I am sorry, but my feet aren't ticklish at all!

Do you like to wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry?
To me my feet are as important as my hands, so I love to wear foot jewelry in all seasons - including winter, as I am usually barefoot when it's cold as well. Foot jewelry makes my feet even sexier, and I love to pump up this body part, which sadly too many women tend to hide in shoes.

What are your feelings toward stockings? Do you wear them and if so, what kinds/styles are your favorite?
I am sorry but I have never worn stockings, and I never will!

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most?
There are a few.
  • Giving rough footjobs with dirty soles. I love the feel of hot cum on my dirty soles! 
  • Having my toes sucked, especially when they are clean. 
  • Having guys or girls apply polish on my toenails.
  • Receiving massages on the soles of my feet by guys or girls.

If you could seduce any celebrities with your feet, who would some of your top picks be? What kinds of things would you like to do to them, or have them do to you? And, would you do it outdoors?
If I really have to mention some, as I am not that much into celebrities, these would be the ones: Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, as I am bisexual. I have lots of foot-related sexual fantasies, and now that you have made me think about celebs, it'd be hot to have these four turn my fantasies into reality! OK, let's start!
  • I'd like to have my naked body massaged with lotion by Angelina and Nicole's bare feet. They would also have to be stark naked like me, of course!
  • I'd like to rub Angelina and Nicole's gaping, wet pussies with my dirty bare soles, until they come hard!
  • I would like to have Lenny and Johnny grab my ankles while I am lying on my back, forcing me to assume a "V" shaped angle with my legs. Each of them would then have to lick my dirty soles, and while they do this, I'd rub my clit to countless squirting orgasms!
  • I would like to give rough dirty-soled footjobs to Lenny and Johnny until their hot cum floods my soles!
I would love to have all these fantasies fulfilled outdoors too. I get much more excited when I have sex outdoors, and especially with the thrill of being observed by voyeurs, that turns me on!

Discovering the Fetish

At what age were some of your first foot fetish experiences? When did you learn that there are people into feet?
At the age of 16. I realized that my physiatrist was excited to see me walking barefoot, a therapy that he had suggested to help with scoliosis.

Once you learned about foot fetishism, what were your initial feelings?
It was extremely pleasant to see people getting excited by my bare feet and at my barefooting. My feet are a part of my body which I personally like a lot. I find that they are really beautiful and sexy.

Now that your featured heavily on Barefoot Urban Girls and Barefoot Nudity, has your feelings toward the fetish changed at all in recent years?
Being featured on Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls has greatly contributed to my attitude towards foot fetishism becoming even more positive!

What would you tell anyone who might have a foot fetish, but is ashamed of it? Do you think it is something they should embrace?
I would warmly encourage him/her to free their mind from external conditioning, and to indulge in foot fetishism with enthusiasm. The fact that usually people in such a situation force themselves not to indulge in foot fetishism just makes them frustrated. Their desire for feet, rather than getting under control, becomes even more intense!

Modeling & the Internet

When did you being modeling on the Internet?
At 20.

Did you start out doing foot fetish material, or did you start with someone else and then give foot content a try? If you began with something else, what other kinds of modeling have you done - if you don't mind me asking?
I started with glamour and erotic nude. The material was not foot fetish-oriented, but I usually posed barefoot.

How does it feel getting to read praise from fans of your work?
Being barefooted basically 24/7/365 is not "my work," it's my life! Of course I appreciate praise from fans a lot, but I am always a bit puzzled at their ecstatic admiration for my barefoot lifestyle, because to me, it is absolutely natural.

Here is a chance to reach out to all your fans. What would you like to tell all the people who are fans of your work?
First of all, a big thank you! If they follow me, this means that I am able to convey something positive through my pictures and my videos. This being said, I also think that a true fan should aim at meeting his/her heroine in person, not just through internet. A warm compliment which comes from the heart has a different flavor when you can look the person who makes it, into their eyes.

A major sub-genre of foot fetishism you do involves barefooting in public places. Do you enjoy getting your feet dirty yourself?
Absolutely, yes!

Being a web master and foot fetish photographer myself, I know there are guys out there into licking dirty feet clean. What are your thoughts on that and have you ever had anyone do it? I'm talking really dirty feet here like in your public barefooting sets. If so, did you do it outdoors in public too?
I love having my dirty soles licked, and the filthier they are, the more exciting it is for me! I have had my dirty soles licked countless times. The lickers have always paid me for such privilege, which is a thing which arouses me even more! I have also had my dirty feet licked in front of many people at fetish events and at private parties. The only person who dares to kiss my feet, on their tops, since he is not into licking or kissing dirty soles, in public places like bars, parks, trains,etc is The Feetosopher. And of course, he can have such privilege for free.

I've managed to find some photos of you here and there where your feet aren't dirty. Do you enjoy the fetish without getting your feet all dirty too?
Yes, I do, but the necessary pre-condition is that the worshipper starts their foot fetish activities by washing my dirty feet.

In addition to your public barefooting, you're also known for flashing your tits, ass, and that very pretty pussy of yours that I've fallen in love with - as you know. Do you enjoy the thrill of getting naked outdoors?
Absolutely, yes! And I get way more excited than when I am getting naked indoors.

I'm thinking most people would be too scared to do such public displays with both your foot fetish work and your public flashing. What do you think is the appeal of both to so many fans of both genres?
The fact that I break conventions and rules by doing all this. I have realized that there are many people I've met that would really like to do what I do, but they lack the courage to do it.

Do you get turned on yourself posing in public like you do? Is there a thrill of getting caught that gives you a rush?
Absolutely, yes. It is that thrill of getting caught that increases my excitement!

What is the kinkiest thing you've done in one of your public shoots? I've seen some masturbation, pissing, and object insertions - like vegetables.
There are a few to mention:
  • Insertion of a baseball bat in my pussy and asshole.
  • Insertion of a liquid soap dispenser in my pussy.
  • Driving my car while masturbating myself with various objects, such as a mobile phone battery charger and a carrot, and having squirting orgasms while keeping control of the car. Mostly because I did not want to kill the poor Feetosopher by having an accident!

In some of those videos I just mentioned you had multiple orgasms. Does the thrill of being outside doing all these kinky things make you cum even harder?
Absolutely! I cum very quickly when I masturbate myself in public places. I usually also squirt much more abundantly and intensely!

With as many photos as you've done in public, I am sure there has got to be a few times where you've either gotten caught or almost got caught. Has that ever happened? If so, would you mind sharing some stories of when it has?
I have gotten close to being caught on just two occasions. The first was in the parking lot of a shopping mall. It was during the very first shoot with The Feetosopher. The security of the shopping mall came toward us and I was spread-eagled in my car. The Feetosopher was shooting me, but I managed to re-dress just in time. 

The second time was during a EuroCity train in Germany while shooting the Barefoot Nudity European Tour 2015. The conductor, a woman, nearly caught me while I was masturbating myself for a video. This got me super-excited, so I started masturbating myself again when she went away. I came, squirting really hard too!

A lot of your shoots are done in some very scenic locations. Do you enjoy doing your sets in such beautiful locations? Do you think that adds to the sets even more?
Locations are important, especially in public flashing sets/videos. It is the photographer's task to select them, however. It is always the model who makes the difference, in the end though.

No limits here. What are some fantasy clips/sets you'd love to do one day?
I would like to star in hardcore movies - both boy/girl and girl/girl - totally focused on dirty feet fetishism.

In your sets I've seen you go from a fun loving attitude, to a naughty one. From a teasing look, to a dominate one. That's really awesome that you're able to pull off so many personalities in your sets. How would you describe yourself naturally when not on camera?
There is no difference between Red-X in front of the camera and Red-X in everyday life. I am always myself. So the Red-X you see in the pictures and the videos is the Red-X you would see in person, if you had the chance to meet me! I love barefooting, dirty bare feet, exhibitionism, and sex in all its forms in everyday life.

In addition to your beautiful feet, and that yummy looking pussy - sorry, totally unprofessional of me, I know - I just can't stop thinking about it - another thing I love about you is your hair. Is the red color your trademark, or are you known to change it from time to time?
No, I haven't changed it in years. It's my trademark.

Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to tattoos, but certain girls just pull them off and look so hot with them. I count you among that group. You have some really good ink on you. I take it you're a huge fan of tattoos? What are your own personal favorite tattoos you have and do you have plans to get any other ones soon?
I have three tattoos. The geisha, on my shoulder, and the two butterflies on the back of my thighs - for when I am on all fours. The geisha is my favorite one though. It has my face, and the motto, "live free." It is still work in progress, but I plan to have it finished soon, with a heron whose beak will extend to my wrist. I must also add that I love piercings. I have one for each nipple, one in my clit, nose, cheek, and tongue.

Barefoot Urban Girls and Barefoot Nudity were the two sites where I first found you and fell in love with your work. Have you appeared on any other sites, foot fetish and non-foot fetish in the past? Or are you exclusive to these two sites?
I started my modeling career shooting for Italian freelance photographers and/or studios that showcased their work on websites. A few of them include: Project Studio in Ferrara, Sandro Goldoni, and Marco Maria D'Ottavi. I have also posed for the talented German photographer GB62DA, and still love to do so. He has a fantastic barefoot-themed gallery on DeviantART. I have also had pictures taken by Paolo Hack Schoneweiss during a bondage performance at Bergamo Sex Festival. Those pirctures were for the Italian king of foot tickling torture, Andreas Kalamos.

When it comes to commercial foot fetish websites, the only commercial foot fetish websites where I appear on currently, are Barefoot Nudity and Barefoot Urban Girls.

If you're not an exclusive model, are there any sites you'd love to pose for one day? Please say Soles of Silk, please say Soles of Silk... Oops, thinking out loud again! But really, shooting you would be amazing!
Patrick, if you invite me and The Feetosopher to the States, I'll be more than glad to model for you for Soles of Silk.

With so many foot fetish and public flashing sites out there now, do you think the Internet has been a huge factor in helping more people with kinks for either realize they're not alone and maybe find some acceptance?
Definitely, yes. But people should learn to tell shit from chocolate! There are some high-quality foot fetish websites around, with beautiful models and professional, inspired material. There are also too many crappy ones, with ugly models, and boring, amateurish material.

So what can people expect to see from Red-X in 2015 and into the future?
I will keep on just being myself, both before the camera and in everyday life. I will keep on modelling for The Feetosopher and GB62DA with great pleasure. I will have my geisha tattoo finished. I will quietly wait in my home in Switzerland for an adult movie director, or producer, to come up with serious plans for dirty-feet themed hardcore movies. And I will model in the States for Soles of Silk.

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  1. Many thanks to PATRICK of SOLES OF SILK for giving me the chance to make the interview to my gorgeous model and beloved friend RED-X on his behalf during the BAREFOOT NUDITY EUROPEAN TOUR 2015.. and many thanks to RED-X for her patience and enthusiasm in replying all the questions!!! :-) RED-X, YOU KICK ASS!!! ;-)

  2. Thank you Red X for this beautiful interview! It is 9 a.m. now and it is a wonderful Buongiorno to me!
    Steven Nosox from Turin

  3. Congratulations for the sincerity of the interview !!!!!