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John's Interview (Feet of Philly)

"Wu's is personal for me. It's where a lot of this started - from NYC parties, to parties in Philly, to my websites. I will always support Wu's Feet Links and be an active, contributing member. I will do whatever it takes to keep this alive and running."

A little over a year ago I began doing monthly interviews here on the Wu's Feet Links Interview Blog featuring foot fetish personalities from around the web. One thing I stated from the start was that this blog would not focus just on foot models, as it had in the past. Instead, it would also feature all types of other people involved in our fetish - even male producers and talent.

This month's interview was conducted with John, who most of you will know from Feet of Philly and Feet of Philly Party scene. Someone like John is exactly who I had in mind when I decided that this blog need not only focus on the females. John has a lot of experience with the fetish, both personally and professionally. He's appeared in countless foot fetish scenes, produces/owns numerous sites and clips stores, and of course, has been running his infamous foot fetish parties for 15 years. John is someone many of you can relate to and someone who has some fun stories to share.

Personally, I have found John to be most helpful in the months following Wu's passing. He's stepped up and helped me each and every single time I asked. Whether it was needed someone's input for one of the columns on the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog, a feature model gallery, and now, a full length interview - John was always right there to help! Be sure to check out his sites and tell him what you think of the interview. He's a good person and someone who takes a lot of pride in seeing Wu's Feet Links continue on!

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

Obviously the phrase "size matters" was coined by a foot fetishist, right? When it comes to feet, do you have a size preference? 
I'm the kind of guy, if the girl is really hot and she has nice soft feet, it really doesn't matter. I will say, however, that I do have a thing for tall girls with long legs and big feet - size 8 and above. As long as the girl is hot though, foot size is not as important as it is for some people. I know I have a huge fan base that loves when I work with tall girls with big feet and I do love those kind of girls!

What's your favorite part of a woman's foot? Any particular reason why? 
The soles - bottoms of feet, especially wrinkled soles. High arches. I just love the softness and the texture of that area of the foot. I love licking wrinkled soles.

What are some of your favorite colors/styles to see a woman's toes painted? 
Toenail polish color is not as important to me as it it others, but I love light colors, so I'll say pink, light blue. I also happen to love silver on girls, especially ones who have a nice dark tan. It really looks good on tan girls.

What kinds of shoes do you like to see woman wear? Any reasons why?
I love closed-toe heels and sneakers without socks because I love sweaty feet. Sweaty feet, but clean. I am not a foot smelling, bad smell kind of person. Her feet have to be clean, but I like them sweaty right out of sneakers and no socks. That also means the sneakers must be new or clean. I also like wedges a lot - cork wedges on girls and also platform flip flops. Those clunky kind of platform looking flip flops.

What are your feelings on stockings? Seems like a lot of foot fetishists either love or hate them. Do you belong to one of those camps, or do they have a time and a place?
I don't either love them or hate them, but I definitely do not consider myself a stocking guy at all. I do realize many people are. I would say I'm more of a knee high sock kind of guy. I love it when I do a school girl theme at my Foot Worship Parties here in Philly and the girls wear those white knee highs. Those certainly get my attention!

You've mentioned that you've done some tickling scenes to me in the past when helping me out with a column on Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog. Care to indulge us again with your feelings on tickling and if it's something you're into at all? 
Being around and exposed to everything foot fetish, I understand tickling and I get it. I even have a tickling clips store - I am not into tickling, however, and I am very upfront about that. I'm more into foot worship and footjobs - the sensual side of foot fetish. I'm not dominant or submissive. I'm just a foot licker. 

When it comes to tickling, however, I have many ticklers that attend my Foot Worship Parties and I know what makes them tick. I am active on a tickle forum and I understand the ticklers for sure. I know what they like and what their needs are. For many years, I have had so many ticklers approach me online and tell me that they love the girls I shoot for my other sites, especially since they are not girls seen on most tickle sites. Most are newbie type porn girls, about 18-21 years old, and they really want to see me tickling them. They understand I am not a tickler, but I started getting so many requests for a clips store/site that would be just dedicated to tickling using the girls I am already working with. I figured, hey, why not? These are customers requesting this and I am able to do it. 

You worked with a lot of known adult film stars. If you were able to pull it off, which two every day/non-adult film star celebrities would you love to have a scene with? Can you already envision how it would go? 

Such a tough question! Wow! Off the top of my head, Kate Upton, any of the hot USA Women's World Cup winning team - such as Alex Morgan, Kelly O' Hara, Carli Lloyd, Sydney Leroux, or Kristen Press. I could go on and on. Jenny McCarthy, Elena Delle Donn, Jennie Finch... You can see where I'm going with this!

Discovering Foot Fetishism

Can you go into some of your earliest memories from when you first began to realize that you admired female feet? About how old were you? 
I was about 19 years old or so - maybe 20. Unlike most, where it goes way back to the earliest childhood years with babysitters and school teachers, it didn't happen that way with me. That's also what makes this fetish so great, everyone is different. 

When I was old enough to look at and buy porn, all I had were magazines at the time - this was pre-internet. Well, one time I saw this layout with two girls and both of their entire bodies were oiled up, including their feet. That's why I love oiled soles so much. They both had tan bodies and their oiled soles definitely triggered something that stayed with me. It still influences my work to this day with the oiled soles clips.

Were those early feelings unsettling at first? Did you wonder why you were finding female feet desirable?
I wouldn't say unsettling at all, but that's a great question though. I had no idea why I liked it, but I found it very arousing, sexy and very much, a turn on for me. It was a turn on without me really having to think about it or overthink it. 

Can you recall the first time you actually told a female you liked her feet? What was it like for you sharing that and how did she react? 
I have been pretty open about it in my personal relationships. The way I go about it is pretty much foreplay, which girls and I both love. 

Sometimes girls can be surprised when you admit it for the first time, but it's also in how you go about it and handle it. Bottom line: Don't be creepy!

What are some of your earliest success stories, if you will, when it comes to scoring a pair of female feet? 
With a girlfriend years ago - nothing too crazy. I knew she had nice feet and I asked to massage them, which just about any girl will say yes to. She loved it. Then, the next time, I incorporated the licking aspect of it. I just did it in steps. I found out very quickly, if you are open and upfront about it and just act normal, many girls will try it and most, even like it.

Filming & the Internet

When it comes to the internet, did it play a role in helping you further explore your foot fetish? I'm talking about in the days prior to you producing or staring in foot fetish scenes. 
I'm old enough to come from the magazine days, before the internet. Nevertheless, the internet played an an important role if not the most important. Before the internet, there wasn't much of an outlet to meet others like us outside of our own personal experiences. 

Back in January of 2000, my sales manager at my first job felt that all of the reps should have either desk top PC's or laptops. I chose the desktop PC and of course, as soon as I fired it up, what was the first thing you think I started searching for? The rest is history! 

Before starting your own sites, were there any sites on the web that impressed you, or ones your might have used for inspiration in your later work? 
Man there are so many not around anymore. I'd say sites like Lexi's Foot Fetish, who I got to shoot with years ago, the Phil Flash sites, Extreme Feet, Feet Heat, FM Concepts, and I think there was one which was all about what I was into. I believe it was something like Foot-Fantasies. All I remember was there was a guy with a ponytail who was licking the feet of super hot girls. 

Hang Ten Productions was another one. And oh man, let's not forget Feet Fair. I've know Adam personally for many years - a great guy!. I know I am leaving so many others out, but remember I have been doing this for quite some time now. 

Foot-Fantasies was great because I was into the same genre. Hot girls getting their feet licked. I always modeled my stuff after that site, especially since it was something I was into so much and am so passionate about. 

Oh wow, how can I also forget the old Leg Studio site? That was Gotham Video who put out the Toe Tales series. I was in a ton of those as male talent working with the girls. That's really where I got my start. They had a posting at the top of their website saying, "Always searching for new guys and girls," and always seeking fresh faces to be in their videos and DVD's.

When did you first begin to think about running a foot fetish site? How did that come about
After being male talent for so many other companies and studios, I knew what I liked. I figured why not do this myself and do those things I like? Knowing lots of fans and customers also like what I like, it just made sense.

You currently run more than one site. Can you take us on a little journey about how all of your sites came to be and what each one's specialty is? 
I'll be here forever going through each and every site and the journey to get where I am. It has taken me many places and has had a million twists and turns. Here are my sites and some feature more than feet/foot fetish content: 

I have five Clips4Sale stores:,,,, and AnalCuckold.comI feel that Clips4Sale is awesome and many people like paying just for what they want to see. To be truly successful, however, you have to offer more.

My member sites are:,,, and FeetOfPhillyParties.comWith my member sites there are videos as well as huge full photo sets available.

I also have many VOD titles under my studio name, Fresh Girls Media on sites such as and (see studios below).

I remember when I had just my clips stores, because let's face it, those are the easiest to get started on. You don't have to know web design or HTML. All you have to do is have an editing program, know how to edit, and of course, have access to hot girls and a good location or locations. 

In my case, I always need a camera person as I am in all of my own scenes - for the most part. I can't also be the camera guy. My sites have evolved to the point where I'd fly girls in from out of town and shoot them in my Philly studio. I also have worked with good and some excellent camera people. I have always needed someone proficient in video and stills. I could not have one without the other and both have to be quality. 

I eventually started to travel to places like LA and South Florida too because that's where the top camera people are and that's where many of the girls are too. So, pretty much now, I only occasionally shoot in Philly, but I'm based out of here. I host my Foot Worship Parties here and it will always be home. 

I must say though, I am really excited about as I finally found the right fit and finally offer an actual member site that is not strictly Clips4Sale. I will always have my Clips Stores because that's where it started for me. It enabled me to build my brand. VOD is is important because that's a great market to be in and the biggest players are there. One thing I have learned in today's adult online market is that you never put all of your eggs into one basket. The climate can always change at any given time. You have to do a little bit of everything.

Without revealing any your "trade secrets," how did you first go about finding models to be involved with your projects? Does that differ from today? If so, how do you find talent to work with you currently? 
It's all about who you know and timing. I started out with ads, girls working my foot parties, or fetish models from Model Mayhem and glamour models from sites like the old One Model Place. Now with Twitter and social media, there are more girls than ever available, so there are tons of girls who want to shoot. I also deal with a lot of licensed and bonded legitimate talent agencies. I'm definitely more focused on foot porn now, specializing in the barely legal 18-23 year olds. Basically, brand new girls to the adult biz. I have shot tons of first footjobs and first foot worship scenes with many girls new to the industry.

It seems like you work with both well-known talent as well as up and comers. Do you enjoying working with one over the other, or are there things you enjoy about doing each? Explain. 
I do enjoy both pretty much equally. Most of my work is about up and comers, but you will see on all of my sites, there are times and opportunities to work with some big names. I always try to take advantage of that. Oftentimes, I have shot up and comers and they end up becoming well known such as a Carter Cruise and Dakota Skye.

When it comes to the scenes you produce and/or star in, how do you come up with all of the "exacts," if you will? For example, in your recent scene with Alex Mae, she gives you a footjob while wearing a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor's. Was that something you came up with, a fan request, etc.? How about other scenes? 
Every situation is different. In Alex Mae's Case, she had a ton of outfits, like most girls when they come to a set. Alex, however, showed up wearing those Chuck Taylor's and I was like, "Leave those on!" 

Now that I mentioned that scene with the Converse footjob with Alex Mae, I have to ask, how did it feel? I've had ones from a girls wearing Nikes, boots, flip flops, and high heels, but Chuck Taylor's have eluded me - so far. 
It felt amazing! The feel of the soft rubber and her technique made it incredible. I highly suggest everyone try it!

Do you remember the first time you had a footjob? What was that like? 
It was actually on camera during my very first scene for the old Gotham Video - one of the Toe Tales series of videos. I remember how nervous I was. The anticipation of getting one and being on camera at the same time was fascinating! 

They always hired about five or six girls and about three or four male talents. I saw the girl I was hoping to work with because they did things a lot differently there. You just never knew who you'd be paired with. They were so old school. I think they knew we'd look good together though because we had already been talking a lot off set. And bingo! I got to perform with her in the scene. 

I remember very vividly when the bright lights went on and I was like, "Wow, I'm now on the internet." I remembered that more than anything. I also remember she had on sneakers and with no socks. I think that is why, 15 years later, I still shoot a lot of girls that way. I loved licking her sweaty soles and then her giving me a footjob with her legs pulled back over her head. I was behind the armrest of the couch. I'm going to have to shoot more footjob scenes like that, come to think of it. It was a very unique position.

Other than finishing off on a nice soft pair of feet, what are some of your other favorite places to cum? I'm guessing anal creampies are high on the list since you also run Philly Butt Sluts? 
Yep, you nailed it! Either on her feet or inside her ass! I still haven't done on shoes, sneakers or heels yet. That's probably because they belong to the girls.

In addition to all the work you do with your sites, you're also involved with the foot fetish party scene. How long have you been doing that and how did that come about? 
Over 15 years now. My site is Long story short, I was on Wu's Feet Links in the Foot Fetish Talk Forum section one day and a guy from New York named Jason had an idea. He was looking to share his idea and vision with anyone interested. I found out we had the same exact preferences in girls and style. I drove up to NYC and met him in Central Park. From there met in a coffee shop and he outlined his plans. 

It turned out, we had the exact same visions and we decided to carry it out. The rest is history. All these years later I helped him grow the NYC Foot Parties, known as FWP or Foot Worship Palace. Jason was also coming down to Philly to help me do parties here, but then it became difficult for him to come on a regular basis with everything taking off in New York. At that point he felt that I should do the Philly parties on my own because I was "one of the guys," shared the fetish, and related well to all the people. 

I owe a lot to Jason and the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time to meet him. Such a normal, down to earth guy and a great friend to this day. We still talk all the time.

For someone who has never attended a foot fetish party before, how does that work? What should someone expect if they were to attend one? 
Anyone who has a foot fetish will think they died and went to heaven. It is an extremely well-run, well-managed event with over 15 years in the books. It's run and organized by a foot guy, for foot guys. 

What people tell me most often is yeah, sure there are tons of really hot girls there for foot sessions, but what sets us apart from other parties is the atmosphere. That means everything for us foot fetishists. A no rush, no pressure, no hustle environment and with girls who are not pros. You'll find college girls, promo models, every day hot girls you'd see in places like a tanning salon or working at an Abercombie & Fitch store in a mall. It's like everyone's favorite man cave, with a sporting event on the big screen, food, and tons of hot girls for incredible foot sessions. The best way to describe is to check out the Foot Party website at

I'm guessing some of the guys who go to your parties might be on the shy side with their fetish. Do you think that it's a great outlet for someone to be able to explore something they like without the fear of ridicule? 
Without a doubt! All the guess work is taken out for them as we cater to guys who feel that way. Many guys who are shy and finally attend actually get mad at themselves for not attending sooner. I see that at every party with new customers.

Speaking of this topic, do you often get emails asking you for advice on how to share their foot fetish with a significant other, or women in general? It seems like many content producers, web masters, models, photographers, etc. have had some experience with this sort of thing in past interviews. 
No doubt! There is no blueprint or script on how to go about this. Every situation is unique and different. Best advice is: Don't be creepy. Be yourself and be normal. You'll be surprised on how much you'll get out of it. Girls love honesty and confidence. This is foreplay and girls love foreplay. If the girls feels good, we feel good. It's really that simple. Trust me, it works!

When it comes to the ladies attending your parties, how do you find them? Or do they find you? 
So many different ways. Meeting girls randomly, depending on the situation, ads I place, and most of all, referrals from existing girls who refer a ton of their hot friends. I get so many random girls who hit me up weekly who find out about us through many different ways. It can get overwhelming with the sheer volume.

If there is a female reading this who is interested in be a part of your foot parties, or even performing for your sites, how can she reach you? 
She can email me at She should mention she found me here at Wu's Feet Links. Include a full body with face pictures - no head shots. Once everything checks out, an interview will be set up at the party venue, in person. Girls must be between the ages of 18-35.

When it comes to your fans, are requests something you take? Do you do custom clips/scenes? How would a fan go about contacting you for either? 
I don't do customs. I know many people who are very successful at providing customs, both producers and talent. It's just not my game and there are many reasons why. I am way too busy with organizing my foot parties and I am running about eight different websites, including VOD outlets. It's just not something I have time for. I wish I could, but most companies who shoot customs are around the girls a lot more than I am. I shoot girls once or twice and that's it. Shooting customs is very demanding and I would want to do it right. If I can't commit to it 100 percent. like my other endeavors, I won't do it. I won't half-ass something just to make money. I have to have an absolute passion for it. 

If you could say anything to all those fans who enjoy your work and who have supported you, what would you say? 
I would say thank you so much for all the years of support and kindness. Without fans and customers, I don't have a business. I love my customers and they drive me to be the best I can be and to produce a top notch, top quality product. They motivate me and challenge me daily. I love every bit of it! It's all about you!

Where do you see your sites and work going in the future? 
I see me never giving up and always striving to put out a better product each shoot. I fight for high standards and aim for perfection every time I shoot. I see more sites and more hot girls! I see more expansion and more innovation and to always improve.

In closing I just want to say thank you for all the help you've been with helping keep Wu's Feet Links going. Whether it was this interview, help with my columns, or your May 2015 feature set, A Public Display of Affection, featuring Carter Cruise, you've been there each and every time. Do you have any final things you'd like to say about Wu's Feet Links, the fetish, or your sites before we wrap this up? The floor is yours. 
First of all, I want to thank you to you, Phil and of course, Wu's! Wu's is a humongous reason why I do what I do. Being active on here is a huge part of marketing my product, but it's also a place where I have connected with like minded people. Every person on here is a part of me. Wu's is personal for me. It's where a lot of this started - from NYC foot parties to foot parties in Philly, to my websites. I will always support Wu's Feet Links and always be and active, contributing member. I will do whatever it takes to keep this alive and running. 

This is such a unique place for us all to congregate, exchange ideas, mingle, and merely to talk and feel accepted. There's nothing else like this now, not even with social media as big as it is. I look at this as giving back to your alma mater. This is important to us all I am extremely humbled and thankful for this incredible opportunity! Thank you so much!

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