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Alice's Interview (Soles of Silk)

"I enjoy teasing and denying. Having the control is something I like. My boyfriend and I do tease and denial play often. I think he enjoys it more than I do."

If you've been keeping up with the Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog, or with Soles of Silk, then you know Alice and her big size 11 feet. Alice began posing for me less than a year ago and has really taken to it and the fetish. Reading all of your comments over these last few months has opened her eyes to the true appeal of her long toes and soles - something she didn't always realize.

During one of Alice's 11 sets shot in 2015 she made a comment that inspired me to write last month's column, "Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better..." With such a great response to that piece, I thought people would love to read everything she had to say when I interviewed her for it. My original plan was to include her words in this month's column piece, "Big Female Feet Preference - The Interviews," but I then I had an idea. What if I expanded on that interview with even more questions and made it a full length interview here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog? Needless to say, when I asked Alice if she'd like to take part, she couldn't text back a "yes" fast enough.

I can't say enough kind words about Alice, all that she's done, and all that she continues to do for Soles of Silk, and now, Wu's Feet Links. Since this blog was established in July 2014, she's the only Soles of Silk original to take part in an interview. I didn't even hesitate to ask her to do something like this over other longtime models found on my site either. Her enthusiasm for everything she's done up to this point made her an obvious choice. I knew she'd give some fun, yet honest, answers. And yes, I made sure to sneak in a few questions that were a little more naughty than what you'll find on Soles of Silk. She sure didn't mind sharing some of those details either! 

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?

I wear size 11's. 

What are some of your favorite kind of shoes to wear, or what are some of your favorites that you own?
I love my Vans tennis shoes and sandals.

As you're well aware, one of the things I love about women's feet is when they're sweaty and even smelly. Do your feet get sweaty and are there any particular shoes that do the trick?
Honestly, my feet are pretty sweaty 80 percent of the time. Slip on shoes make them sweat the most though - you know, like the cute little dress flat shoes? Yeah, I try not to wear those too much because my feet sweat and smell pretty damn bad when I take them off!

Are those big feet ticklish? If so, what spots are the most ticklish?
The soles of my feet are pretty ticklish.

I know you've been looking to wear some foot jewelry in your sets. What kinds do you own? Do you like toe rings?
When I was younger I used to wear toe rings a lot. Unfortunately, I don't own any right now, but I'm hoping to buy a few for the summer.

We have done two sets, both still unpublished, with stockings. The first was in a black pair of Cuban Heel pantyhose and the second were in sheer nude thigh highs. Do you enjoy stockings? If so, what kinds are your favorite?
I absolutely love stockings, pantyhose, socks, and everything between! I love to wear my thigh high lace stockings with knee high socks, and boots. I don't have a particular style I like the most. I love lace, opaque tights, fishnets, fuzzy socks, and all. In the winter, almost every outfit consists of a pair of stockings.

What foot fetish activity do you enjoy the most? I know you've admitted to me that you started to venture out a little with your feet and see what the fetish is all about.
Ever since I began posing, I began to learn how to angle my feet certain ways, wiggle my toes, how to rub them together and make it look good, etc. I became so interested in foot fetishism. I ask you stuff all the time. Then my boyfriend and I both wanted to try new things so I gave my first footjob! And well, posing my feet pretty much made me a natural at using them. I had so much fun doing it too! My feet were bigger than you know what - which I know that can be a turn on to some. I just felt so in control over him, and he enjoyed it as well. 

If you could have any famous person at your feet for some foot fetish fun, who would you pick and what is going to be happening?
Hmm, that's an interesting question with me being so insecure about my feet. Umm, I guess it would be Jack Black. I heard he has a foot fetish and he's absolutely hilarious!

Discovering the Fetish

Do you know about how old you were when you first found out that there was a thing called a foot fetish?
I was probably 16, when I started my first job. One of the girls made a joke about my large feet and said, "Don't let Patrick see them." I, of course, asked why and they said you have a foot fetish. I just thought it was a joke, to be honest. 

Once you learned about foot fetishism, and perhaps some of what is associated with it, what were your feeling toward the whole idea that someone might adore, or be turned on by a woman's feet?
When I was first introduced to foot fetishism I thought it was a joke, honestly. I was a little judgmental and thought it was weird. I was always teased about my feet so I never thought they could be seen as beautiful until I started the photos. I always hated my feet - they were always just too darn big!

Has your feelings changed about the fetish at all since you began posing for Soles of Silk? If so, in what ways has it changed?
The older I got, and when I got to know you, Patrick, the more comfortable I got with the idea of a fetish in general. People like different things and I try to be very open minded. Meeting you has really opened my eyes to fetishes.

What would you say now, knowing all that you know about the fetish, to someone who might be ashamed, or embarrassed about having a foot fetish?
There is nothing to be ashamed of. We like what we like and everyone likes something different. Take pride in what sexually arouses you! Have fun with it! 

Modeling & the Internet

Before you ever modeled for Soles of Silk you used to tell me how much you loved modeling for your friends in school. Have you always enjoyed being in front of the camera?
I've always loved having my picture taken. I love being in front of the camera. It always makes me feel so pretty and in control, with the focus on me and all about me. 

Who are some of your biggest aspirations when it comes to modeling - fetish or not? Whose work do you enjoy?
Bettie Page, is my favorite model ever. Her work is just so beautiful. She knew her body from head to toe. She knew how to stand, how to point her toes, tilt her chin - all of it. She had the best pout face too! Just everything about her is amazing and I am trying to learn some of her poses because they are just so artsy and great. Everything about her I adore! 

Did you ever think that in a million years that you'd be a foot fetish model?
No, I never believed my feet would be something people are attracted to at all.

I had told you before you even posed that there are people out there that adore bigger feet, even prefer them. Did you believe me when I told you those things, or did you just think I was trying to convince you to model for me?
I certainly did not believe you at first. Sometimes I thought it was just sarcastic comments about me having big feet, because I was so used to anytime someone talk about my feet they were making fun of them. But you weren't. You were serious and seeing everyone's comments made me feel really good about myself. 

How did all those sarcastic comments make you feel growing up?
When I was younger I grew to hate my feet, I even began wearing socks when I went swimming. I have endured a lifetime of "playful" jokes, and comments. I would pretend they didn't bother me, but eventually I became very self conscious about my large feet. I couldn't wear certain sneakers because the cut made my foot look huge in my size. Then as I got older I began to just care less. 

What's the hardest, or most annoying thing about having size 11 feet as a female?
Shopping for shoes! I find a shoe I really like, I ask, "Do you have these in size 11's?" And they reply, "No we don't have those shoes after size 9" or something like that. It gets so frustrating that I began to hate shopping for shoes - and I love shopping!

I want to be totally honest with you here. For many years I was in the small feet camp. I adored little feet, although I slowly began to appreciate all sizes once I began shooting more and more models. Even though you're not the first girl I've shot in the double digits shoe size range, something about your feet and/or you, has sparked an all new fondness for big feet. How does it feel to know that your size 11's have inspired that admiration in me?
That gave me like butterflies almost. That like makes me feel super happy, and good inside. Well thanks Pat - that's really awesome for you to say. Now you'll never be able to forget about me because I've made big feet grow on ya!

That day we shot your first two sets, what kind of thoughts were running through your head? Did it feel odd having a camera focused on your feet?
At first, I was super nervous, but after the first few pictures I was starting to love it. The Fast Food set was when I was definitely comfortable with being in front of the camera. I had so much fun, and you always makes me laugh and you're very easy to be around. 

When I first posted your first ever preview shots to the Soles of Silk Instagram (@SolesofSilk) and Twitter (@SolesofSilk) accounts, were you at all worried about what people might say?
I honestly just didn't think people would say anything at all. I didn't expect to get so my likes or retweets. Everything seems to be just so positive and it's so sweet.

Once all the likes and positive comments began pouring in for those previews, did it make you feel a little more at ease about your feet in any way? Did it confirm any of those things I had mentioned to you before you posed?
Oh definitely! I'm much more comfortable with not only my feet myself in general. But now when I paint my toes, I began flaunting them a little bit. I love showing off my pictures too! My friends love the chicken nugget set.

Now that you've had numerous sets published and lots of previews for your future sets, what would you like to say to all your fans? And believe me, you have them!
I would just like to say thank you like seriously! There are numerous comments from some of you that I remember. I have a mental list of "Alice's favorite comments from fans" in my head. I read every comment too, and I smile every single time! So thank you guys!

Of all the sets that have been published to the site thus far, which one is your favorite?
My favorite set is my Fast Food set. It was one of my first sets and one of the most fun for three reasons: 1) I got to eat McDonald's, which I love. 2) It was an ode to another great model, Whitney Morgan. 3) And did I say it was just fun?

Right now there are a handful of sets of yours waiting to be published. What one(s) are you most looking forward to seeing on the site?
My Bettie Page book set (see below). From the previews I've seen, I just feel so confident In them. I love the way I was dressed and looked. Plus, I got to hold a book full of photos of one of my role models! That definitely gave me encouragement. 

I can't lie, one of the sets of yours that I'm most looking forward to publishing is your Gummi Dicks set (see below). The whole size teasing and tease/denial theme is a popular request. You even made light of knowing that it turns people on when you mentioned giving your boyfriend a footjob above and your feet being bigger than he was. Do your size 11 feet make you the perfect candidate to perhaps do some more playful teasing of this nature in the future?
I enjoy teasing and denying. Having the control is really something I like. My boyfriend and I do tease and denial play often. I think he enjoys it more than I do. Footjobs are only special occasions though. I will only do them if I just had a pedicure, or if my toes are painted. I may be more confident about my feet, but I still get a little self conscious of them if they're not painted. 

Did you really have to cut off the balls of those gummi dicks? Talk about a loud and clear statement!
Uh, yes! Got to keep the boys in check! 

Still on this whole teasing subject, you and fellow Soles of Silk model, Jasey Rae, are going to do a two girl, denial themed set sometime this year. Like you, she "gets" the whole idea of the teasing and denying kink. How bad do you think you're going to get your fans worked up with that one and will it be your aim to torment them beyond belief?
I can not wait to do this set with Jasey Rae. We are actually great friends and we talk about our sexual experiences. It's a lot of fun! I would love to get my fans so worked up they won't know what to do with themselves. I want to hear all the feedback too! 

Speaking of torment, do you think the photographer is going to be able to handle such a display? How much worse is he going to have it being in front of all four of your feet in person?
That's my favorite part. Knowing your job is to only take pictures, but also knowing you're going to be enjoying it just as much as the viewers - it takes me back to the tease and denial thing. You're there for the photos, Patrick. You may only rub my feet when I allow it. It's a lot of fun that way. 

Seeing your long toes and tall, slender soles next to Jasey Rae's small, chubby toes and pillow like soles, is probably going to be the biggest contrasts between two sets of feet that I've ever shot. How neat do you think that contrast is going to look once captured on the camera?
I'm sure is going to be a big contrast. Two different size and shaped feet next to each other should be interesting. When did the sets with Camille, I was worried that my feet would look too big next to hers, but it actually turned out really good in the photos. I know everyone will enjoy those and these ones with Jasey. 

The side by side size difference theme really is a popular one. Give us some more details on what it was like posing with Camille for those two sets.
At first I was almost embarrassed because Camille has the cutest feet honestly, and I was like mine compared to hers look bad. But then after I got my toes done I was like, "Hey, my piggies look cute." Then we began shooting together it was just fun, actually became really funny to me seeing my feet next to hers. 

Camille wears a size 7 shoe and Jasey Rae wears a size 7.5. Would you be up for me finding yet another model with even smaller feet to pose next to yours? You could corner the market on this theme.
I would love too! It was a lot of fun pairing up with another model and shooting together. I'm sure I would tower over most of these girls piggies on the site.

During one of our more recent sets you mentioned that posing for Soles of Silk has made you feel more comfortable about your feet. That made me smile. Would you care to elaborate on how your feelings have changed since you began to pose and what things have led to that change in feeling?
My feet are long, skinny, with toes the length of fingers. I was always made fun of for having long toes, and big feet in general. Now I look at my feet and I realize hey they're not so bad - kind of cute actually. And I know how to use them, if you get what I'm saying. I just am more thoughtful towards my feet now, I make sure to lotion them everyday, try and keep my toe nails painted, and not walk on the tough ground barefoot. I'm starting to take pride in my big feet.

That one comment you made connected with me so much. It ultimately inspired me to write the December 2015 Wu's Feet Links Columns Blog entry, "Bigger Feet = More! And More is Better..." When I approached you about that topic and asked to interview you for it, how did that make you feel?
I was flattered that I was asked to take part in that. Just knowing people may want to hear from me and get to know my opinion is so sweet. I'm glad you let me do that, even though I procrastinated somewhat. I got it done though!

That column really increased your popularity on the site, as I am sure this interview will just add to it. I really appreciate you helping out with these items, especially because of how I view Wu's Feet Links, and especially the late, Wu, himself. Have you enjoyed getting to take part in these little side projects as a representative of Soles of Silk?
Honestly, I absolutely loved it. You're asking me questions no one has asked before and I have to think about them. I get to know myself some more. I like being asked questions. I like to think and I like for people to listen. 

I've already told you that I want to shoot you as often as possible here in 2016. Are there any ideas, locations, or themes you have in mind that you'd like to do? Other than that one with Jasey Rae that I'm not going to be able to stand up after, obviously...
Well, I still want to do some more pin up themes, where I dress just like a pin up girl would. Maybe copy a Bettie Page outfit and set idea? I would also love to do a beach set out in the water - digging my toes into the sand. But in all honestly, I'll do any set you ask me to do. I have fun with them all.

Another thing I'm really looking forward to in 2016 is getting to rub those big feet of yours again. Instead of me telling you how much I loved grabbing those size 11 feet, how about you tell everyone how lucky I was to be able to do that? I mean, I really was lucky each and every time.
You can say you're lucky because I don't let just anyone touch my feet. Mostly because I'm embarrassed. But with you, you make me feel so confident with it, so I don't mind. It's actually feels great too! So consider yourself lucky! All the boys out there should be jealous!

Now that I think about it, I think you told me numerous times I could rub them before our shoots, but you made me wait until we did several before I really got to do it. Was that part of your tease game?
Just a little. It was mostly because at the beginning I was a little nervous and just had to get warmed up a bit. 

Oh yeah, can you be sure to wear some smelly shoes again when I rub them? That was the best when I got to rub them when they were all moist. Luckily for me, your feet sweat pretty good!
My feet are always sweaty, even when they're cold! I can't sleep with socks on anymore because they get so hot in them. 

Lastly, be sure to treat your boyfriend to another one of those footjobs, will ya? Someone has to be lucky enough to experience that. Feel free to give me the details over one of the foot rubs, perhaps when I ask you what kind of cream you use to keep them so soft. Yeah, I'm a perv!
I'll be sure to update you when he was lucky enough to experience another footjob. He does keep asking me do one too. Maybe I will tonight during this blizzard since we'll be stuck inside anyway! But who knows if he'll be lucky enough?

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