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Bailey Paige's Interview

"...I did a footjob clip for someone and it was one of my first ones. So after the scene was over and he came all over my feet, I just got up to go clean my feet off and I kinda slipped and almost fell. I didn't realize cum was as slippery as it actually is."

If you asked me to describe Bailey Paige with one word, I'd be torn between using "kinky" and "fun." And that is such a great thing. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who seems more into having her naughty adventures out there for the world to see.

When I first discovered Bailey I didn't see much in the way of foot fetish material. Over time, however, I got my first glimpse of her little bare soles and I was in love from that moment forward. I even downloaded her jerk off instruction video from RoxieRaeFetish.com (photo above).

Bailey is another model I named in a "Would Love to Shoot" blog series entry (Part 9) on the Soles of Silk Blog. I hope to one day meet up with this funky, fun loving chick and see those feet for myself.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick (solesofsilk.com) 

Some of the Basics

What size shoes do you wear?
I wear a size 5 shoe. 

What are your favorite kind/style of shoes?
My favorite shoes of all time are my old, stinky Converse low tops. I also really like flats and Vans. 

Are those little feet of yours ticklish? If so, what spots are the most ticklish?
I am extremely ticklish on my feet - specifically between the toes.  

Pedicures: What colors and/or styles are your favorites?
All black with one white nail is my signature move. 

What kind of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly too?
My Converse get my feet so stinky and sweaty.  

Do you wear toe rings or any other types of foot jewelry on those tiny feet?
I prefer to not wear jewelry on my feet. I like to let those little piggies run free. 

What are your thoughts on stockings and/or pantyhose? Any particular favorites when it comes to hoisery?
I love stockings and thigh highs. Thigh high fishnets are my absolute favorite though. 

What is your favorite foot fetish "activity," if you will?
I absolutely love having my feet worshiped. 

If you could pick two different celebrities, one to massage each foot while you laid back and relaxed, who would they be? Any particular reasons why?
If I could pick two celebrities, on on each foot, I'd choose Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. I love the way Christoph Waltz speaks and Michael Fassbender... Well, I'd just kinda sit there and stare at him. Ha! He's fucking gorgeous.

Discovering the Fetish

When did you first become aware that some people were turned on by your feet, or feet in general? What were you initial thoughts when first learning of the fetish?
I first learned about it when I started camming. I'd have guys come in and shout "feet bb," so I kinda hated the fetish until I got into the fetish industry myself. I then quickly found that I loved having my feet worshiped and using them to control men.  

Did you realize right away just how common the fetish is?
I realized that it was more common than most fetishes. In the fetish world, feet are like BJ's or HJ's to the "vanilla" world. 

As time has progressed, have your views toward the fetish changed at all? If so, how?
Yes, I absolutely love the fetish. Some guys buy you stockings, shoes, and even custom videos of you using your feet in various ways. What's not to love? 

Even though the fetish is common, there are still many people embarrassed by it and ashamed to admit it - even to a loved one. What would you say to someone in this situation?
Do what makes you happy and if people don't like it - fuck 'em.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Non-nude 10-plus years. Nude/fetish/porn about four years. 

Did you start out as a fetish model, or is it something you got into later?
I started out camming from home and after a few years of that I moved into actual video productions. 

Were there any other models/producers out there who helped get you started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
I have met some great models/friends in the industry that have helped me further my career - Roxie Rae, Taylor Raz, Mark Rockwell, Big Daddy J, and so many more! Thank you guys so so so much!  

When did you open your site? How did it come about?
My site has been around for about 2 years now. I actually met a local camgirl who was acquainted with a local video/photographer/webmaster. I scheduled a coffee date and the rest is history!  

How has the fan reaction been?
Amazing! I am so blessed to have as many loyal fans as I do. I wouldn't be here without them.  

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
I can't tell you how happy it makes me to read fan mail from all over the world. I really feel like some of these people actually like me for me and I'm not entirely just a sex object to them.  

If you can say just one thing to each and every one of those fans, what would it be?
If I could thank each and every one of my fans I'd say, "Seriously, thank you." 

It looks like you cover countless different fetishes on your site - just not foot fetishism. What other fetishes can be found on your site?
I'm down for almost any fetish you throw at me. I like a lot of ass worship, smoking, foot domination, and my favorite - jerk off instruction. 

Before getting into some of the foot fetish focused questions, while on the topic of other fetishes, what else turns on Bailey Paige?
Wow, that'd be a long list if I named them all. Just a few - buttholes, spit, breath play, pegging, footjobs, spanking, bondage, and so many more.  

I have seen those little feet of your wrapped around a dick, flexing during some jerk off instructions, being worshiped by another female (as well as you worshiping hers), and even kicking a few different sets of balls. When it comes to some of the different sub-genres of foot fetishism, what are some of your favorites?
I like foot smothering and trampling a lot. I also like the dirty feet guys a ton. 

One thing I adore about you is your fun loving attitude - even when in a moment of pure ecstasy, or smashing a guy's balls flat. Is it safe to say you love what you do?
I literally can't say it enough - I fucking love my job and everything about it. If you've seen my clips, you can tell I'm having fun by that huge smile on my face. Ha! 

Were you even surprised when you first learned that things such as ballbusting or tease/denial games were a massive turn on to some?
Yes, and it actually kind of scared me. But then I worked with Lance Hart and learned how much fun it can be to tear a man down. I'm naturally submissive, so it definitely feels good to let that dom side of me out every now and then. 

How about to you? Do you enjoy busting up a guys balls or putting him to the edge of orgasm over and over and leaving him with blueballs?
Is that even a question? Of course I do.

No matter how unrealistic, what would your ultimate fantasy scene involve?
Two insanely hot brothers. Or a pizza boy. 

Other than your own site, what other sites/producers have you modeled for?
Oh dear lord. I'm not sure I can name all the sites I've worked for, but I can tell you that most of them have been for Clips4Sale.com producers, so that's the best place to look to find my stuff. 

You have quite a few guest models on your site? Who are some of the models people can find Bailey Paige teasing and pleasing in your members section?
You can find all my friends on my site! Roxie Rae, Dakota Charms, Ms. Quin, and so many more.  

Are there any models you hope to one day shoot with or feature on your stores? If so, who?
I just wanna eat all the butts. So if any models would like to let me eat their butt and want to be featured on my site, hit me up!  

Are there any other producers out there who you're looking to work with sometime in the future? If so, who?
I'd love to work with Dogfart.com, StillsByAlan.com, and Kink.com someday! 

What are some of your favorite shoots/videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
Pegging Lance Hart for the first time has to be the most memorable shoot ever. I had so much fucking fun making sweet, sweet love to his asshole while jerking him off. He had this amazingly adorable smile on his face the whole time like he was actually enjoying it and it turned me on so hard. I fucked his butt so good. Ha! 

Has the Internet has helped the fetish in becoming more "acceptable?"
Yes, especially Twitter. Ha! 

Do you do customs? If so, what's the best way for fans to contact you if they're interested?
I do offer custom videos! You can email me at baileyxpaige@gmail.com if you're interested. 

What kind of things can people expect to see from your stores in the future?
I can't tell you all of my secrets, can I? 

Do you happen to have any funny stories that happen to do with your feet, the fetish, or modeling in general?
One time I did a footjob clip for someone, and it was one of my first ones. So after the scene was over and he came all over my feet, I just got up to go clean my feet off and I kinda slipped and almost fell. I didn't realize cum was as slippery as it actually is. Ladies - be careful. Ha!

How to Find Bailey Paige

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