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Dee's & Darrin's Interview

"Darrin loves to rub my feet, but he's a man, so sometimes I have to stick them in his face like, 'Ahem, I need a foot massage.'"

Since Wu passed away I have been helping with several things when it comes to running Wu's Feet Links. One of those things is the Wu's Feet Links Feature Models section. Well, a few months ago I began chatting with a couple into the fetish by the name of Dee and Darrin. Dee was interested in beingone of the monthly features. We talked about some things and I said I'm very much interested in having her as a feature model. With a number of other sites/models already slotted to be featured, however, I told them to pop onto the Wu's Feet Links Forums and make use of the Contributions section in the meantime. Toward the end of the year, if they're still interested, we're going to go ahead and make that happen.

During our talks I've gotten to know this couple just a little bit better as well. We've talked about the fetish, photography, and even things totally unrelated to either. They're really good people. Because of this I thought it might be a great idea to have them featured in one of these interviews here on the Wu's Feet Links Interviews Blog, and to do so as a couple.

When I pitched my idea to both Darrin and Dee, they were overly excited at the prospect. Having a handful of interviews already conducted and having a super busy schedule on my end, it took a few months, but we finally made it happen! I thank Darrin and Dee for making the time to do this interview and helping me keep a deadline. I hope her fans love this little feature and hope those of you who are not become fans of those size 9.5 feet. They really are adorable.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

We start out with Dee - what size shoes do you wear?
Dee - 9.5.

When it comes to the different parts of the feet, Dee, what is your favorite part of your own feet and why? For Darrin, what is your favorite part of her feet and why?
Dee - My arches, because they are high and my toes. 
Darrin - The bottoms definitely, love the wrinkles.

I've noticed some sexy footwear in your photos. What kind of shoes do you love to wear the most, Dee? And for Darrin, what kind of shoes do you like to see her in when she's not barefoot?
Dee - Heels - the higher the better. I like to tower over men!
Darrin - I'm choosy when it comes to her shoes, and usually pick them out. I like all kinds, heels, boots, and flats. Surprisingly, I'm not a big fan of flip flops. Even though you can see her feet, I just don't like her in them.

Within the foot fetish community you have people who are into smelly/sweaty feet and those who are not. Which camp are you two in? Is there a certain type of footwear that make Dee's feet smell? If so, please share.
Darrin - The whole sweaty smelly thing is not our thing. We recognize that some guys are into that, but we prefer clean feet. Dee's feet have a unique smell, that is very pleasing, but not what I would call smelly. There is a pair of work boots that she has, that make her feet really sweaty, but they still smell great!

A lot of foot fetishists are also into tickling. Do you have ticklish feet, Dee? And is tickling something the both of you partake in at all? 
Dee - No. I grew up with four brothers and got tickled all the time. So I'm not ticklish anywhere now, including my feet!

What are your feelings on foot jewelry - namely things like anklets and toe rings? Yay or nay?
Dee - I love toe rings! Had the same one for over 10 years, and unfortunately lost it in a swimming pool after my husband oiled up my feet! I got another one though that I love equally as much. So yes, I love foot jewelry!

How about stockings? Are they something you two are into along with feet? What kinds are your favorites to wear either for photos or just in every day life?
Dee - I prefer natural, but I will wear them at Darrin's request. He really hates nude pantyhose, so It's never really been our thing. I did a good hose shoot a while back though.

There are so many sub-genres to foot fetishism. Other than photography, what other foot fetish activities do you two enjoy as a couple? 
Darrin - We do foot play in our private lives. Footjobs, foot worship, etc.

How often do you find yourself rubbing Dee's feet, Darrin? Does she even have to ask? Or are you more of the tell him what to do type, Dee?
Dee - Honestly, anytime I want! Darrin loves to rub my feet, but, he is a man, so sometimes I have to stick them in his face like, "Ahem, I need a foot massage!"

Now, don't be jealous, Darrin. Dee, if you could have any famous person/celebrity give you a foot rub, who would it be?
Dee - Matt Boomer who stars in White Collar, and the actor Terry Crews - both are amazingly hot!

Turn about is fair play. Darrin, if you could rub the feet of any famous person/celebrity, who would your choice be?
Darrin - As embracing as it is, Khloe Kardashian! She has really big feet and seems to take great care of them. Also, the UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey. She never wears polish, which I hate, but her feet look like they are baby soft!

Discovering the Fetish

Darrin, when did you first realize that you had a foot fetish? How old were you and how did it come about?
Darrin - I would say I didn't pick up on it until I was in my late teens, or early 20's. I noticed that I was more interested getting a girls shoes and socks off, than her bra and panties! So I was like, "What the hell is going on?"

Dee, when did you first learn that there was people into feet? Was it through Darrin, or prior?
Dee - It was totally through Darrin. None of the guys I dated prior to him had any fetishes to my knowledge. If they did, they kept them to themselves I've always been very particular about hygiene, especially my feet, but I had no idea guys were into them.

Explain some of your initial feelings toward the fetish early on. Darrin, how did it make you feel having one. Dee, what did you think about the idea of your feet being the object of someone's desire?
Darrin - To be honest, I was very embarrassed and never told anyone! Dee was the first girl I dated that called me out on it, and I confessed. She was totally cool about it, which turned me on even more. 
Dee - I didn't think it was weird at all. It's an extension of the body, like boobs, butts, hair, pretty eyes, etc. Guys are attracted to all kinds of things on women.

Have those thoughts changed at all over the years? If so, how?
Darrin - The only change was our decision to post content online. Most of Dee's fans are very respectful and complimentary. There are some, however, who think that we swing, or are very persistent in wanting to meet her for a worship session. We're just not into that. 

When did the two of you meet and how?
Dee & Darrin - Work.

Without going into details, unless you feel like it, did either of you have any prior foot fetish experiences before meeting each other?
Darrin - Prior to dating Dee, my experiences were few and far between. Anytime I tried to go there with a woman, she'd flip out like, "What are you doing?" That further recessed my fetish. 
Dee - Nope, not at all. Prior to dating Darrin, no man in my life every acknowledged my feet at all.

Darrin, describe what it was like to share your fetish with Dee. Were you nervous at all? Did you hide it for some time?
Darrin - Hell yes I was nervous! And yes I did hide it! You know what it's like when you first start to date someone, you don't want to seem weird. So yeah, although she knew, unfortunately I did hide it for quite some time. As we began to grow as a couple, I opened up and told her everything.

Dee, do you remember learning about Darrin's foot fetish and what you thought about him sharing that with you?
Dee - I don't have a specific memory or occasion when it came up. I just remember not being flipped out about it, or thinking he was weird. As our relationship grew, it just became part of our lives.

Sadly there are some couples that don't embrace their fetishes/kinks. What would you say to those guys out there who might be scared to admit their foot fetish to their significant other?
Darrin - Tell it! You have to be honest. Whatever is in the darkness will come to the light! You're going to want to fulfill you're fantasy, and the only option is the Internet. And who, in a relationship wants to get caught looking at Internet porn? Dee has always said that of all the fetishes, she considers foot fetishism to be the most common. 

How about when it comes to the ladies who might be unsure of what foot fetishism entails, or just might fear the word "fetish," as some people do? What kind of advice would you give them about perhaps opening up and experiencing it?
Dee - Set comfort boundaries, but don't be afraid to try something once. If you ask me, it's a normal part of human sexuality. If things progress, or you get uncomfortable, you can always change it. It's sex. It's supposed to be fun.

Modeling, Producing & the Internet

So how long have you two been sharing your fetish with the online community?
Darrin - Just shy of three years.

You've told me that you've tried some other sites prior to checking out the Wu's Feet Links Forum. What other sites were those and what kind of experiences did you have there? 
Dee - We tried The Mouse Pad for a long time, and recently moved to FetLife. We've had both positive and negative experiences. On the positive side, we've met some wonderful people from California, Germany, Canada, and even Lebanon! It can be a little shaky though, as some guys are complimentary, as long as they are getting free stuff! In addition, it can be hard to appeal to all foot fetish guys. Some want certain toenail polish colors, shoes, my soles while I'm sleeping - you wouldn't believe some of the requests we get. 

Were you two sharing photos from the start? If so, how has the general feedback been across all the sites?
Darrin - Yeah, we started out sharing photos on The Mouse Pad under enthusiast content. We always had good feedback.

How often do you two pull out the camera to do foot fetish photos? Is it something you plan out and do, or do you find yourself doing it on a whim?
Dee - Never on a whim, always planned. I'm very particular about my makeup, clothes and how I look. I think it comes across in our photos, so it's always planed. We talk about different shoot locations, colors for my toes, shoes I've never worn, etc. 

Dee, where you into the idea of posing for foot fetish photos from the start, or was it something you had to warm up to first?
Dee - Darrin really had to work on me a long time to talk me into it. 

Darrin, how do you two come up with your shoot themes? Do you focus on things you like, or do you try to incorporate what Dee's fans want to see as well?
Darrin - Honestly, a little bit of both. She is actually the brains behind most of the shoots, and thus far, we've seemed to do well. Some fans love her arches, some love her toes, some love the wrinkles of her soles - the one constant is that they prefer the whole package. What I mean is, they prefer to see all of her in a photo - not just her feet.

How does it feel to read all the positive feedback you get from the photos you share?
Darrin - I love it. When we started, we had a crappy point and shoot digital camera. We upgraded, got a better lens and flash, but didn't know how to use it! So it makes me happy when we get complimented because I see it as getting better with my photography. I also think a lot of foot fetish sites lost sight of pleasing fans. That's something we're trying to bring back.

Did you always have the idea of starting a site from the beginning, or did that come with time and experiences you've had up to this point?
Darrin - It came about in time. Obviously, there is no money to be made doing this. We both work, so setting aside time to indulge in this can be pretty tricky. Running a site is practically a full time job, so you have to have some love for the fans.

I see the site is still listed as under construction, although it does contain some content. What are your goals for the site in the future?
Darrin - We have a great friend named Chris in California. He also has a foot fetish and works with a lot of different models. We've been talking lately about shelving Dee Dee's Pretty Feet, in favor of starting a collaborative website. Much like you do with Soles of Silk, Patrick. Dee will be a recurring model instead of the main focal point of the site. 

When it comes to foot fetish sites, are there any out there that you enjoy, or have enjoyed over the years? Any inspiration come from those sites and/or models in what you do?
Dee - Of course Soles of Silk, as you have achieved a status that we are trying to achieve - a site dedicated to beautiful feet, as opposed to going straight porn. We also admire Space City Soles. Top notch models, and great shoots.

Darrin, are there any foot models from the web who you'd love to see posing their feet beside Dee's?
Darrin - We have talked about working with other girls, but it has not come to fruition. We are in the Midwest, and most of the foot models out there are not. 

Dee, you know I'd love to photograph you for Soles of Silk. If that chance would to ever present itself, is it something you'd love to do?
Dee - I've noticed that you don't feature a lot of sexy shoes. I've got some killer heels that I would love to wear in a shoot for you! We're both in the Midwest, you call me anytime!

Now that the weather is getting warm, should we be expecting to see more photos of Dee's feet popping up on Wu's Feet Links?
Dee - Oh, you betcha! Now that we have tackled the railroad tracks, the sky is the limit. We are constantly driving looking for places to do a good outside shoot. Plus, I have so many hot new pairs of shoes to show off!

What's the best way for Dee's fans to contact you two when it comes to sending fan mail and/or shoot theme requests? Are requests something you enjoy getting?
Dee - for now. And yes, requests are something we enjoy, and are always welcome!

Anything you'd like to add about foot fetishism, your site, or foot fetish photography before we wrap things up?
Dee - To all my foot fetish friends out there, rejoice and have fun! Enjoy beautiful female feet everyday, if you can. Summer is almost here and there will be several pretty ladies showing off there peds, myself included! 

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