Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Raven's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2004 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

This interview was with the beautiful Raven of She answered some of the questions. Send comments to the following email address:

Ank Asks... Hi you have very sexy feet, do you like to wear jewelry on them and what and how much do you wear on each ankle and toe?

I love to wear jewelry on them. to show them off. The warmer it is, the more I wear. I normally wear an anklet or two on each side, and a few toe rings, as well. In fact, I asked Santa for a few new gold anklets and toe rings. 

Nick Asks... Your feet are very beautiful, which part of your feet do you think is the best? I really like your toes!

You know, I would have to say that I like my toes and arches best. I do my best to keep my toes looking their best. Thanks for noticing them!

Mark_up Asks... Hi Raven. Do you ever have requests to do ballbusting? What are your thought on the subject?

I have had a few requests for that, and haven't gotten around to incorporating it into a session, yet. my attitude on it is that if you like it, I love it. I have just the shoes for someone like you!

Jimi Asks... Hi, the only thing I wanna know is if you've got really smelly feet, what kind of shoes makes them most smelly, cause I love to smell woman feet when they wear flip flops, so erotic!. Your feet looks so sexy, would you allow me to smell your feet?

I have the smelliest feet when I wear tights or nylons with no socks, and a pair of clogs that I love to walk in. In the summertime, sneakers with no socks does it every time!

Cleveland Burton Asks... Dear, Raven I was wondering when you are ever out do you dangle in your sandals? and if so did you or have you ever caught anyone staring? Also do you dangle the sandal midway off your foot or the edge of your toes?

I love to dangle in mules or shoes that are easy to slip on and off. I really enjoy foot play, like shaking my shoe to the edge of my toes and dangling it there. And I have caught people watching me. And not just men, either. I get my fair share of compliments on my feet from women, as well.

Tony Asks... Hi, I love your feet! They are so beautiful.. By the way do you like 3-6 inch people worshipping your feet?

Sure. I am sure they could get between my toes just the way I like it!

Footboy Asks... Raven, I think you have the sexiest feet I have ever seen! I love your soles and toes. I wish I could give you hours of foot attention until you told me to stop. I would suck your toes until you couldn't take it anymore. What do you like having done to your feet?

I like to have my feet and toes kissed and tickled. Talk about a turn on!

Young Coco Asks... What's up Raven. First off, may I say you are sexy all over, just not your feet. Your eyes are so seductive. Anyway, I was just wonder, have you ever dominated someone younger than yourself? If so, what the youngest male you've ever dominated? I would love to be under your feet. I think I would cum in my pants if you pushed your feet in my face. Just thinking about it makes me horny.

I have dominated younger men before. As young as 20 years old. I love to see the look on their faces when their lifelong fantasies are coming true when I put my feet right in their faces.

FT Asks... Are your soles ticklish?

My soles are very ticklish. My toes are even more sensitive than that!

Kareem Asks... Hi Raven, First off I'd like to say you are a very sexy sista. I have been a fan of your feet since opened. I also check out your pics on Sole of Chicago, and I was wondering if you ever do catering foot services? I live in California, but I'm wondering if you ever travel to have your fans worship your feet. I'd love to suck your toes, lick your arches and heels, and if you wouldn't mind giving a brotha a footjob. You have some sexy silky smooth soft soles. If there is an opportunity of me being able to worship your feet let me know.

I normally have my foot slaves come to me. I offer foot worship services here in Chicago, but due to other commitments with my time, I am unable to travel. Sorry!

Joe Asks... How do you keep your feet so sexy?

Regular pedicures and plenty of the right kind of attention.   

Skybob Asks... After a day on your feet, what do they smell like? P.S. Love your site!

My feet can have various smells, depending on what I am wearing. They normally have a nice tangy aroma to them after a long day walking around.

Michael P Asks... Hi Raven! You've always been my favorite foot model, and I consider it a real honor to finally have the opportunity to talk with you. I've noticed that you've attended several foot worship parties within the last year or so. From the photos I've seen, these look like a lot of fun. for both the models and the lucky participants. I'm extremely tempted to attend one myself ( especially if I have the chance to meet you! ), but my friends think I'm crazy. Can you give me an idea of what to expect at one of these parties?

The foot parties that I participate in are held by the Sole of Chicago group. We always have a lot of fun at our parties, which consist of socializing and foot worship. Models are willing to consider other activities, as well. Depending on whether it would be worth their while, or not. You should come to one. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed!

Thomas Asks... You’re a real beautiful woman and your soles are lovely- you are a REAL foot man's dream! My question to you is about my fetish. I’m a big GTS-fan and if I were a little man to your feet, only 2 inches tall, would you step on me while I lick your enormous sole? And what would you feel when you crush me out of life? I would be very glad when you answer my question.

I would step on you while you licked my sole. I would also squeeze you as you licked between my toes, and I wiggled them. I would love it!

RuffRyder Asks... I must say you are beautiful from head to toe and the guy that is sucking your toes must be the luckiest guy in the world. My question is do you enjoy giving footjobs, and if so do you like using baby oil or just dry?

I enjoy giving footjobs with plenty of baby oil to keep things moving smoothly.

Fslave Asks... Hi Raven, 1st of all , your soles is one of the sexiest I have ever seen, just one look at them fills my balls. My question is Where are you from ? Are you a dominant lady? Would you like to have a foot slave for your self? What would you do with him? How will you humiliate him?

I am from the Chicago area. Of course I am dominant. I have a number of foot slaves that serve me. Very well, in fact. They do many things for me - everything you can imagine. I am always looking for more slaves, in case mine misbehave!

Fidel Asks... Hi, Raven! I totally love your toes and toenails! They're so shapely and pretty. Do you like having your toes sucked? What do you like most about your feet? I just want you to know that I sometimes imagine you being 700 foot tall. Being that gigantic, you would have so much power just with your beautiful feet. What do you think about that? Keep up your good work!

I love to have my toes sucked. when done the right way, it is heavenly! I like my arches and toes most on my feet. and you know I love having power over little and big men with my feet!

Mark Asks... What's your ethnic background? You have a great exotic look.

I am an American born product of a multiracial union between my Italian-American mother and my Haitian father. Thanks for the compliment!

Alfa Asks... Hi Raven, do you like giving footjobs and have you ever kicked a man in the groin?

I have kicked a man in the groin before, sure. Giving footjobs is a pleasure when a man has a nice sized tool that grows when my soles are stroking it!

Matt O Asks... I am big Feetishes fan and have joined several times, so I remember when you first showed up on the site - I fell in love with you! I absolutely love everything about you - your feet are P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And I love your sexy body, face, and seductive smile that makes me melt. I was wondering if I came by the Chicago area if I could worship your feet for you--whatever you like. I have thought about going to the parties several times but have never actually done it. Also, do you like having your feet sniffed?

I do enjoy having my feet sniffed. I do offer private foot worship sessions here in Chicago. If you want to be my foot slave for a day, or even an hour. just let me know. Maybe we can make it happen.

Alex Asks... How do you prefer your feet to smell?

I prefer to have them nice and tangy. Right before I shove them in the face of one of my foot slaves. Isn't that the way you like it?

Tim Asks... Would you like to force a guy to worship your feet by tying him up, putting a piece of tape over his mouth and making him smell your feet?

I haven't ever done it like that before, but thanks for the idea!

LDG Asks... Raven, You have lovely did you first discover that men could be attracted to them and what were your first thoughts of this fetish?

That is a long story better told in my bio, which is found at the following link:

Stefan Asks... What do you feel when your feet are getting worshiped as in the picture above?

I feel like the queen I am - very powerful.

Rafael Asks... Hi Raven, you have such a nice feet. I wonder how your feet smell and, do you wear sneakers without socks? I love that. Have you smelled other people's feet?

They have a nice tangy aroma to them after a long day of walking around. I do wear sneakers without socks on occasion, sure. I don't usually smell other people's feet. I leave that for my foot slaves!

Foofran Asks... Let me compliment you on your sexy soles. Just mouthwatering. My question is as follows: How smelly do your feet get after walking around a whole day in closed shoes with no socks? As you can guess I am a great aficionado of stinky sweaty feet. My rule of thumb usually is that if you can smell the feet distinctly from ten feet away, then we are starting to get there!

They can get pretty smelly after a long day of wearing nylons and closed shoes. You would love the smell.

CaramonX Asks... First, you are a very beautiful and sexy woman, with sexy feet. My question is: Have you ever given a foot job to two guys at the same time? And how do you feel knowing men are attracted sexually to your feet? Thanks for answering!

I have not had the pleasure of giving a footjob to two people at a time. since I only have two feet. I am not quite sure how this could be accomplished, but I am sure that if there is a will, there is a way!

Andrea Asks... How do you rate the smell of your feet? Stinky, somewhat stinky, or very stinky?

The smell of my feet can vary in intensity. Right now, they are stinky, because I just came from working out at the gym.

James F Asks... I think your feet are so sexy. I find bare female feet(esp. the soles) such a turn on. It's so hard to even bring up the subject about worshiping a woman's feet. What do you think would be the best way to bring something like that up? There are never any foot parties around Anderson or Greenville, South Carolina. I want to worship feet so badly.

Too bad you can't come to Chicago for one of our parties. We would break you in the right way! I know it is hard for some men to approach women about foot worship. I would suggest working the idea in slowly, and being honest about what you like. As the saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

Dragi Asks... What do you like most during the photo session?

I enjoy everything about photo sessions. They give me a chance to express myself in ways that people in the everyday world couldn't even begin to understand or appreciate.

Ijuvatar Asks... Your feet are so damn beautiful! I wanted to ask what's your favorite foot fetish activity? Have you ever had an orgasm when somebody licked your adorable toes and soles?

My favorite foot fetish activity would be to have my soles tickled very lightly. Talk about a turn on. And I have had an orgasm when foot attention was incorporated into an intimate experience, yes.

E-Dawg Asks... Your feet are beautiful! I would massage them if I had the chance! Are your feet ticklish? If so, here is a tickle for them: kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kooooo!!!!!

My soles and toes are exquisitely ticklish. I love to have them tickled!

Darren Asks... Raven I've been a member of your site since it first started and I love it! You are gorgeous from head to toe! Would it be possible to worship your feet one day? I'm a good toe licker!

Sure, it is possible to become one of my foot slaves. I am always looking for more to serve me. I love to have my toes licked!

Tom Asks... Plastic surgery for foot models? Collagen injections into the balls of feet?

I saw an article in the New York Times regarding collagen injections into the balls of feet, which looked as if it was very painful and expensive. I wouldn't dream of destroying my feet that way!

Benny Boom Asks... What's up Raven. First I must say that I love your soles girl. I love the pics in your web site as well as the ones in Feetishes. VERY NICE. One of my favorite things to do with women's sexy feet is ride them (this is also known as foot humping). Have you ever heard of foot riding? If your answer is yes, have you ever had anyone enjoy your feet by riding them?

I have never heard of the term "foot riding" per se, but I have had a footjob session where a man humped my silky soles from behind, almost like he was riding them.

Erick Asks... I have never had a footjob before, but would love to get my first footjob from you. Do you like giving footjobs and would you give a stranger one?

If the price is right, I would consider it!

Gimmie Feet Asks... Hello Raven, and hello to your feet. God I love the sight of female feet. I just can't get enough of them! Every time I see a woman, I just have to look down there. My question is: What advice would you recommend on approaching a total stranger and talking to them about their feet? I know that normally I would get a weird look from them, so what would I need to propose in order for them to recognize my interest, and perhaps them showing an interest too?

I wouldn't recommend bringing up the subject of feet to a total stranger. You might want to get better acquainted with someone before broaching the subject. Like the normal courtship process of dating. you want to establish mutual respect and comfort before you tell a woman of your interest in that regard.

Jess Asks... Have you ever licked another girls feet,and if yes did you like it?

I have licked another woman's feet before. I even made a video of it! You can check it out. It's called "Naughty Confessions" and is available for purchase.

That Boy Deshone Asks... Excuse me miss. I have to admit you have some really cute feet. And I also noticed your website name "Footmans Dream.” Well I ain’t no foot man but I do believe a woman should have pretty feet, and of course yours are. My question is have you ever given a footjob on all fours? 

I have given a footjob when I was on all fours, and he took my feet from the back. Is that what you dream about?

The Hero Asks... First I want to tell you that your feet are very sexy, and my question is that do you enjoy giving footjobs? I mean do you get wet while footjobing a guy?

Although I enjoy giving footjobs, they really excite me when a man is touching me while I do it!

Footlovin Hotbwoy Asks... Heya sexy brown babe. What is your background? I love your soles so much! I fantasize about putting my throbbing 8" cock between your feet and pumping until i squirt!

I am a biracial American born woman. I am sure you have probably pumped my soles plenty of times in your mind. 

Iceman Asks... Hi you have really nice feet... I'm a student at the moment and I was just wondering would you ever maybe give a footjob to a guy that was 18.and let him worship your feet?

If he could afford my worship rates, I have no problem with it at all.

Janinefeet Asks... Hi Raven , I think you have cute feet and I love the picture of your toes with french pedicured. I wanna ask you if you like worshiping female feet and have yours sucked by females. If yes , I'll be glad if you tell us one of your experiences that you had. Thank you!

I had a recent experience that I made into a video that is for sale on my site, called "Naughty Confessions." I enjoyed having my feet worshiped by a woman, and I also enjoyed worshiping her feet. You will surely enjoy the video if you like the idea of two women and mutual foot worship!

Mike Asks... I have always adored your feet, they are just amazing and I also have a fetish for women kicking guys in the nuts. So I was wondering if you would be willing to kick a guy in the nuts with your sexy feet if he asked you to do it?

Sure I would. Assuming you would make it worth my while.

Cook Asks... Do you like to smell your own feet when they're sweaty?

Not at all. That is what I have all of you for!

Scottie Asks... Hi Raven do you give footjobs? Would you let a small dicked man like me clean up your feet after you give a footjob to a real man?

That sounds like such fun that I would want to share it with my fans by making a video of it. What do you think?

Willycojote Asks... I would like to know how fast was the fastest and the longest footjob you ever given a man? How old were you when you gave your first footjob and how old was the guy who received it? Thank you and compliment's for you nice face and feet.

My first footjob was this past summer, and you can see it for yourself in my video "Raven Meets the King," which is available for purchase at

Desmond Asks... You're a footman's worst nightmare! You have gorgeous feet! I love your long nails and you're a very beautiful woman besides your feet as well. I'm a fairly attractive man if I do say so myself and I would melt to just have a unattractive woman who has feet like yours, so I'm just melting watching your pics. But my problem is that I have had some girlfriends who were not that attractive by most people's standards, but they had great feet and that just does it for me. The problem that keeps occurring for me is that, although they won't admit it, they always lose some respect for me just because of my sexual desire for feet. I don't know why. They never admitted to this, but I could just sense it in their behavior or the way they talked to me after a while. I know it's a strange question, but have you ever had the same feeling towards your partner because of his desire for your feet? Please be honest and I am talking about a serious relationships. I would like to close by saying, I love your feet, but you know a lot of men like your feet, I'm crazy about the long toenails, just like yours, the perfect length, not short, but not to long, very pretty, not a lot of women let their toenails grow like you, keep it up.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of men I have dealt with are not foot men. but even if they had been, I would not lose respect for him simply because of his fetish. Everybody likes something. Why not feet, right?

Lovestinkyfemalefeet Asks... Have you ever forced anyone to smell your feet? Do your feet get very stinky? If you've never forced anyone to smell, have you ever had your feet smelled? By another woman? A man? What did you think?

Yes, I have forced quite a few people to smell my stinky soles. They loved even more than I did!

Sean Asks... Do you ever get your soles really filthy and then have them licked clean?

What kind of foot mistress would I be if I didn't have slaves that licked my stinky, dirty soles clean?

Jim Asks... Firstly you are a gorgeous model. It would be an honor to be but a speck of dirt at your beautiful feet. My question for you is: what would you do to me if I were a bug crawling around on your kitchen floor being a pest? Would you step on me? If you did would it be barefoot or with shoes on.

I would step on you with my house slippers. Crush you with all I had!

Tuborg Asks... Have you ever seduced and given a toejob to a guy with your toes in a public place? If so what hapened then and whats your favorite technique do make it extra good for a guy with your toes?

I have yet to seduce and give a toejob in public, although the idea sounds fascinating to me. To make it good for a footman, I like to stroke and grip him with my toes, if you know what I mean. 

Peter Asks... Hi raven, you probably hear this all the time but I really love your feet. I jerked off on your pics so many times, I lost count. Anyway, I wanted to ask you what feeling does it give you knowing that guys all over the world (including me here in Europe) are shooting loads because of your beautiful feet. Take care of yourself and of those hot feet.

That is why I was put on this earth - to be the queen of the foot freaks all over the world. I love it. Keep up the good work!

Len Asks... Raven you feet are awesome. What size shoe do you wear? One of my fantasies would be to watch you give a footjob to a man with a big dick. After the footjob since I am only 3 inches erect I would lick all of his cum off your feet. Would you let a small dicked man do this and then insult me as I do it?

It would be my pleasure to watch you eat the cum of a big dicked man off of my size seven feet after he fucked them. That is only if you were good enough of a slave to deserve that privilege.

Jim Asks... Raven, your feet and soles are so beautiful, gorgeous, smooth and soft. I tend to be a "Foot tickling" man and was wondering how sensitive your soles and toes are to tickling? If they are ticklish, how sensitive are they to it and do your like having your feet tickled?

My smooth soles and plump, succulent toes are very ticklish. I love to have them tickled. It is a major turn on to me.

Solelover Asks... Hi raven can you remember a time when your feet have smelled really bad and do they sweat much in the summer?

They are stinky right now. And yes, they do sweat a fair amount in the summer. Don't you just wish you could have me put them in your face?

Nick Asks... Hi Raven! I'd like to compliment you on having such utterly kissable and sniffable little feet and toes. They are truly this footman's dream! I would treasure the chance to actually sniff your tiny toes, right underneath them and in between. Which brings me to my question - Have you ever really sniffed your own toes, and if so, can you smell that certain something that drives men like me crazy with lust? Women's feet and especially their toes have this special something about the scent. It is like a drug, once you start sniffing you just can't stop! It would really be great if you understood why we need to sniff sexy female toes like yours. Thank you for taking my question and may God bless those perfect feet!

I am not really into the scent of my own feet, but that leaves more for footmen like you to sniff, right? I would have to say that the pheromones that women emit through my feet are what keeps them coming back for more.

Luca Asks... Do you know Italian shoes called ZOCCOLI?

As a matter of fact, I haven't heard of them. Do you think they would look good on my feet?

Tom C Asks... On a 1 - 10 scale how ticklish are your bare feet? Also, do you like to have the bottoms of your bare feet sucked and nibbled?

There are few things I love more than having my bare feet tickled, sucked, and nibbled. I would say that they rank an 8 on the scale. Sound like fun to you?

Chris Asks... Do you like to go barefoot in public places, for example shopping in the mall or going out for dinner, leaving your shoes at home and getting your soles dirty?

To preserve the softness of my feet, I hardly ever walk around barefoot anywhere. I am not sure if you have noticed, but people that walk around barefoot a lot develop calloused feet that are hard to the touch. I am sure you wouldn't have my silky smooth toes, soles, and heels any other way but smooth and silky.

Ericarrow Asks... When and how did your first foot "experience" happen?

I suppose that depends on your definition of a "foot experience." For as long as I can remember, I have always liked foot attention. Read all about it in my bio, which is found at

Nicky Asks... I love your feet. I am a girl with a foot fetish. Do you have a foot fetish and are you a foot girls dream as well? Thanks, your feet are great!

You sure know how to make a foot mistress blush!

Jimmy Asks... I love the site and the feet. My question is - If you had to give one guy in the world a footjob, who would it be?

The man that would make it most worth my while to slide my smooth soles up and down his long, thick shaft until he exploded. 

Brazilian Asks... Hi, you have a beautiful feet! My questions are do you like pedal pumping? Have you ever did some real pumping? Do you like to drive barefoot?

My experience with pedal pumping is minimal. Although some bad car experiences have made it necessary to pump my pedals. And no, I never drive or walk around barefoot. Gotta keep those soles and heels smooth for my foot men!

Bob The Toe Sucker Asks... Do like sucking on your own toes and licking your own feet? Also, do you like other women playing with your feet, or do you like playing with other women's feet? Thanks, and you have fantastic soles!

I don't suck or lick on my own feet. That is what I have slaves for. I enjoy having my feet played with by both men and women. I am an equal opportunity foot mistress!

Randy Asks... I would like to know if I can order your videos in the mail. I don't use my credit cards on the web. I want to order a few of them. I love a lady's feet and you have a very nice set. A new fan.

Sure. my videos may be purchased through the mail. All you have to do is send a money order, listing the videos you were interested in receiving, plus $5 shipping and handling fee, to: 

Feetishes, Inc.
P.O. Box 536
Hazel Crest, IL 60429

You might want to email us before sending the payment, so that we can look out for it in our mail. Hope that helps!

Crush Happy Asks... I've been a fan of yours for quite some time, but may I ask, what is your favorite part about crushing something like a crayfish under your foot?

I personally like the sound of the hard shell cracking as I step on it.

Charlieboy Asks... Hello First off your feet are exquisite, I was wondering what kind of high heels do you prefer wearing and do you enjoy giving footjobs?

I like to show my feet off in open toed sandals with a high heel on them. And I do enjoy giving footjobs.

Johnny TNT Asks... Hey raven, how likely would you be to let a stranger (who happens to be courteous and handsome) give you a foot massage? For instance in a park or on the bus, etc. Id like to imagine that if I ever ran into you on the street you might give me the chance to at least touch your feet. Thanks raven. You rule my foot world!

It depends on his approach. he would have to be charming, in addition to courteous and handsome. Is this you?

Desi Guy Asks... My girlfriend finds it extremely difficult to give me a foot job. Are you any good? What are some of your strategies. Can we see you enact it out?

You can critique my technique for yourself by purchasing my two footjob video productions, "Raven Meets the King" and "Nurse Raven to the Rescue."

Phatmann66 Asks... First off, I'd like to say I'm so loving your feet. Now, my question is, what is it you look for in a man who worships you and your feet?

A fat wallet, soft lips, and a superb tongue flicking technique - to put it simply.

Melle Mel Asks... Your feet are beautiful. What is the most public place that anyone has ever massaged your feet, licked your soles and /or sucked your toes?

Downtown Chicago, on a bench, in plain public view. it was heavenly.

Chris Asks... What do your feet smell like after wearing stockings and pumps all day?

You would think they smelled like heaven!

Toeboy Asks... Raven, I love your videos!! If you were out with a guy that wasn't into feet would you introduce it to him? Would you dump him or would you not care?

I am dating someone now that wouldn't care if I had hammertoe. He is far from being a foot man, in other words. I have tried to introduce the concept to him in some subtle, and not so subtle ways, but as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. All I can say is that I shared my desire and love for foot attention with him, and let him take it from there. I get plenty of foot attention from my foot slaves, but I can never get too much of a good thing!

Brennan Asks... I was a member last month and I had to quit because my girlfriend found out but you have the sexiest feet and your toes look so tasty. I promise I would give anything to sample your toes. I'm from Santa Monica CA. Black male 28 years old

Geeze. I hope you don't marry this girl, since it looks like your fetish is something you have to hide from her. And she is jealous of a woman that you are looking at on the computer. Good luck in dealing with all that, and thanks for the support!

Sole-Face Asks... Hello Raven, You have absolutely incredible soles. They are beautiful, and look so soft and smooth, almost like 2 lovely, foot-shaped pillows. Do enjoy sticking your soles in someone's (or your partner's) face and completely smothering them with your feet? And/or rubbing your soles all over over their face? I wish it could be me. Your partner is very lucky to have your gorgeous feet and sexy soles.

I love to smother with my soles. All over. soles in the face, and all over the body, too.

Maddy Asks... First off, you have absolutely beautiful feet, that fit perfectly with your amazing body and perfect smile! Do you enjoy making a man worship your feet, or would you rather him do it by choice? Do you like making a man smell your feet after a long, hot day? And lastly, has a man ever cum on your feet, and if you had the choice,how would you have the cum cleaned off your feet?

I enjoy foot worship, regardless to whether it is forced or by choice. if I know that a man will enjoy the scent of my feet after a long, hot day, I will enjoy rubbing my soles in his face. and if you wanted to see a man cum on my feet, I have a few videos that you can see. you can purchase them by going to the video store on my site.

Chrisluvsfeet81 Asks... Damn girl you have some hot feet!!! I was wondering where are you from? Also I would like to know if you give foot/blow job comb? Because that really gets me going!

I will go out on a limb and say that you couldn't even begin to afford the fee I would charge for something like that. although I probably could do it, I haven't, yet. and I am from the Chicago area.

Anklet Lover Asks... Do you always wear a anklet on each ankle? You ever wear two on one ankle?

I do, depending on my mood, and what I am wearing. I love anklets!

#1 sole lover Asks... Hey Raven..I am a member of your site and I must say you truly know what a true footman wants. Frome the many wrinkles in your soles to tightly curling your toes. It's all good. Keep up the good work pretty lady. I guess my only question is: What do your feet smell like after a night on the town? Don't hold back give the real to love.

After a night on the town dancing and mingling, my feet generally are in dire need of a massage. and smell like it. very tangy and desirable!

Boo Yah Asks... Hey pretty lady. I was just wondering what do you look for in a guy and what do you do for fun?

Intelligence, sense of humor, and a sound mind appeal to me in a man. among many other things. and when time allows for me to have fun, I enjoy reading and travel.

Jim Asks... What do your feet smell like and which part of your feet smell the most? Is it the toes that smell the most?

The toes hold my scent. lick between them, and you will have a taste and smell experience like no other!

Benjamin Asks... Raven, you have absolutely amazing feet. Would you enjoy having a personal foot slave? If so, what would the slave's duties include? (P.S. If you're looking, I'd be more than willing to volunteer for the the job!)

I already have personal foot slaves that serve me in various ways. most of which involve worship, massage, and tribute to me. and according to their feedback to me, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Your Slave Asks... Wow! You are so beautiful. I wanna lick between your toes and eat your delicious toe jam and clean under your toenails with my tongue and teeth. Is it possible to have your toe jam and toenails that you've cut off? Has anyone ate your  toenails?

I have my pedicures professionally done. and have had the request of saving my toenail clippings for the purpose of eating them, but I have yet to honor that request. haven't had a deal I couldn't refuse yet, I suppose.

Ikki Asks... Your feet are absolutely perfect. I was wondering have you ever done a footjob with your shoes on,and what is your shoe-size? Thanks for lovely photos!

I have never performed a footjob wearing shoes, and I wear a size seven.

Ron Asks... I live in the Chicago area and would love to get a foot worship session with you. Do you give footjobs in a worship session? I would like to get my first footjob from you. How much would you charge sexy raven? Give me a price!

For anyone interested in a private foot related session with me, they may contact me personally at  

Chazo Asks... Hi Raven. I must say you have beautiful feet, Have you ever trampled a man before? I would love to see you standing on a mans belly and walking all over him in one of your websites updates. Would you consider it? If you need a trample victim, let me know.

I have not trampled a man as of yet. however, it is something that I would consider. given a victim in my general area and the opportunity.

That Boy Deshone Asks... Say what up girl.its me again.I’m really feeling your feet though. yeah you answered my question about giving a footjob on all fours.taking it from the back.very nice turn on. say uh would you mind letting me get at you so I can get that experience?

All you have to do is come to Chicago with the right kind of money, and I will consider it. email me at for more information.

Tony Asks... Do you like to treat a man like a footstool?

Only if he is good enough to deserve to be treated like one. he has to earn that right with a foot mistress like myself!

Foot77 Asks... How fast have you made a man cum while doing a footjob?

I haven't ever timed it before, but all you have to do is purchase one of my footjob videos to find out!

Franco Asks... How many footjobs do you do in a week?

That would depend on how many of my slaves have what it takes.

Marco Asks... Do you ever put your toes in man's ass hole?

Never. my toes are jewels, not tools. You can buy something for that at the toy store, my dear!

Da_Buff_Guy Asks... Hello Ms.Raven, How are you doing? I just want you to know that I am a big fan of yours and I feel that you are the most beautiful and seductive woman online who has ever model her feet. You have a very sexy smile as well. I have a corporate job where I work at a desk all day. I love my job, especially during the summers. When I noticed women who like to slip off their shoes at their desks. Raven, let's say you had your own office, would you ever take off your shoes and place your bare feet on top your desk? I would love to be your male co-worker and walk in your office and see you with a business suit on and your bare feet propped up on your desk, with the soles of your feet facing the door. I would never miss work.

I just bet that you wouldn't miss work. I would prop my stinky, stockinged feet on my desk as often as I could. just to air them out and tease the footmen in the office like yourself. make them go home and think about my toes wiggling and teasing them. and make them wonder what it would be like to be lucky enough to have them in their face!

Ken Asks... Hi Raven, Would you consider doing a video with a guy tied up spread eagle and you giving him a long slow teasing footjob making him beg for release? Also how about a karate kicking video?

Both sound like interesting ideas that I would consider for future video projects. thanks for the suggestions!

Young G Asks... Raven, I enjoy your site and all of the videos you have done. Especially the one with you and Winter. My question for you is: Have you ever been out with a Man and teased him under the table by playing footsie? Have you ever played footsie with a woman? That would be a nice video idea for your next video.

I enjoy teasing men under the table on dates. especially when there isn't anything that he can do about it. but sit there and throb.  . and no, I haven't ever played footsie with a woman. unless it was in front of a camera. not to say that I am above it, but the situation just hasn't presented itself to me just yet.

Footboy Asks... Have you ever had a guy cum on your feet and then the guy to lick it all off afterward. Very submissive. I would love to see that more often.

Are you volunteering to be my guinea pig for this adventure?

John Asks... I heard you on the radio in Chicago this summer, and you said growing up boys used to tickle your feet. Did you ever do anything back to them with your feet like make them smell or kiss them?

You heard me on Steve Dahl, eh? I never made boys kiss or smell my feet. I was too busy enjoying how it felt when they were tickling them. not too much has changed since then. I still love it!

Footman69 Asks... Hi Raven! I'd like to compliment you on your feet! They are extremely sexy, especially because I am a man that loves ethnically tanned feet! My question is: How would you give a footjob? Could you describe your method, such as step by step? My GF would like to know because she'd like to try new methods! Thanks!

Since foot sex is something that comes naturally to me, it isn't really something that I can really give step-by-step directions for, per se. but if you wanted to check out my technique, you can get either of my footjob videos that are available for purchase through the video store on my site. and good luck on that!

MrMoney$hot Asks... Hey Raven, guess who? I like what I've seen on your website. I’m interested in knowing what can I look forward to seeing from you in the near future on your website?

Now that is anyone's guess. I am the type of foot mistress that likes to keep her slaves in suspense. so I guess that just means that you have to wait!

Mo38 Asks... Your feet are really sexy. Do you like reinforced toe stockings and are you single?

I am single, and I am sure that although I love reinforced toe stockings, I don't love them half as much as you do!

Size Matters Asks... Do you prefer a HUGE cock or a small cock between your feet when giving a footjob?

What do YOU think?

Bukakke Boy Asks... Have you ever had several men masturbate onto your bare feet, covering them in cum? If not, does the idea of a cum bath on your feet turn you on?

Never found that many men at one time that could afford to jack off onto my feet. but if you can find them, then I am all for it!

Cage Asks... Hey beautiful! Curious as to if you have ever done any stuck type videos or if you have ever been stuck in your car in mud or snow. What a turn on!

As a matter of fact, I have been stuck before. but since we don't have many people that express an interest in videos of this sort, it is not worth our while to make videos like that. as a matter of fact, I had someone request a custom stuck video, then balk at the fee. maybe you need to email HIM and and him why I haven't made that sort of video yet!

Mandy Asks... I live in Chicago, would you lick my feet if my price was right? P.S. I'm a female (28 year old).  

Sure, I would. and now that all the men's mouths are watering. you can email me directly at if you want to talk more about it!

Dale Asks... Do you get turned on by looking at your feet either in a mirror or by lying on your stomach and looking back at your soles and toes and have you ever licked your toes and played with your feet? By the way I'm from Chi town and I would love to have some worship sessions with you. How can that be arranged?

DALE! hey babe! I cannot say that looking at my own feet turns me on. but it would turn me on to watch you worship my feet. so email me directly at, so we can make it happen.

Marc Asks... Raven. what part of your feet do you enjoyed having admired, whether kissed, licked, etc.?

Definitely my toes and the balls of my feet. those are my hot spots.

Bigg Willy Asks... Raven,to state that you are simply gorgeous wouldn't be enough to describe you, you are an absolute knockout! On the subject of footjobs, how long have you been into this? I have never had a footjob, but looking at your awesome feet, I wish I could have one from you princess, my soul pole would love the chance to blow my hot load on those sexy toes and soles!!! Take care lovely one!

I have been into the foot thing for a while now. and it has only deepened since I have had my legions of foot freaks at my beck and call!

Hug Asks... Your feet are as pretty and sexy as you are. If you were a mile tall gigantic woman, what would you do to the little population at your beautiful and very big sexy feet?

I would embrace them as they rubbed their little noses and tongues all over my smooth soles and plump, sweaty toes. sounds like heaven to me!

Joras Asks... How do you get a man down to your feet?

It is much more of a challenge for a man to talk me into worshiping my feet. and once they do, down they go!

Boris Asks... Just wondering. Let's say we were at dinner and you were sitting across from me having a pleasant conversation. The waiter/waitress walks up and asks us for our order. I politely offer you to go first (I'm a gentleman) and all the sudden you feel your shoe slipped off and your foot in a seemingly firm grip. Of course you know it's me (because who else would it be)! I began to rub my index finger along your sole and between your toes. Doe you think you could take being tickled without letting the waiter/waitress know what's going on? or Would you crack up and let it all out?

I would try as hard as I could to hold it in for as long as I could. but depending on how good you are with your fingers, it might not be for long!

Jeff Asks... Would it turn you on, if you were walking down the street in open toed shoes, and some strange guy just dropped down in front of you, knocked your shoe off, and started stroking his cock on your foot?

Not half as much as I hope it turns him on to be taken away in handcuffs. I am a normal person just like everyone else that expects you to respect their privacy and space. so unless you have a scheduled session with me, keeping your distance would be the smart thing to do!

Jaw Asks... do you consider yourself a foot slut? If so how long have you been this way?

I would say that I am capable of being a foot slut, depending on the desires of the foot slave at my feet.

TT Asks... My girlfriend's feet look very similar to yours, however, I have to confess I like your feet more.they're almost PERFECT! Well, she says that women with small feet usually get stinkier feet than other women. Do you think that is true? And did anybody ever made fun of the "strong" smell of your feet?

I am not sure. perhaps you could talk to some of your fellow foot lovers that are into smell. I am sure that their expertise in this area would give you a better idea of the relationship between size and smell. if there is one to be found, that is. and yes, I have had my fair share of people making comments about the smell of my feet at different times in my life.

TF Asks... Would you ever be interested in having your feet tortured or something like e.g. getting your big toe stuck in a kind of mousetrap (not to hard of course!)?

As my feet and toes are especially sensitive parts of my body, and I am not into pain, the most appropriate answer to that question would be HELL NO.

Footman Asks... I love your "longish toenails" have you ever considered having them longer?

I live in Chicago, where we have to wear closed toed shoes for half of the year, so LONG toenails would be out of the question for me. not that I would grow them, anyway. I find really long toenails rather unattractive, but if you like it, I love it.

Ralphy Asks... I would love to see your feet in some movie. Would you come out in a movie as a bad girl, whose job was to do bad things with the car, showing off your feet while you pedal pump the whole time? And at the end of the movie, how would you die before showing your feet in a sexy way?

You learn something new every day. like I didn't know that I had to die in a pedal pumping video!

Marc Asks... Congratulations with such gorgeous feet! I was wondering; what's your favorite color nail polish and what type of shoes do you like best?

I enjoy the contrasts of such colors as dark burgundy and a French pedicure against my complexion. and I enjoy wearing high heeled stiletto open toed sandals. with an ankle strap. very hot. don't you think?

Jlive Asks... Say you are at work in an office.dressed in business attire.blouse, skirt hose and heels and you repeatedly catch some guy checking out your feet as you dip your foot in and out of your shoe at your cubicle or his or as you walk around midday without shoes.would you be slightly aroused or grossed out?

I would not be grossed out, that is for sure. I would surely enjoy teasing the hell out of him. that is one of my favorite hobbies these days. in fact, just yesterday, while shoe shopping for a Christmas party, I caught a man staring incessantly while I was trying on some shoes. and just for his viewing pleasure, I flexed my arches and wiggled my toes. I think he enjoyed the show. what do you think?

Oweida Asks... Hey Raven, I love your feet .. Are you interested in extremely dominating a 22 year old Egyptian guy and do whatever you like to him as to be your foot slave?

Honey, I am an equal opportunity foot mistress. I like them red, white, brown, black, whatever. as long as their tongues are nice and warm, and their money is green.

Scooterman Asks... Raven, you are hot! Do you love to get your feet dirty and would you let someone lick your dirt feet clean? Great site!

Thanks, and I would love for you to lick my dirty feet, baby!

Luvsoftsoles Asks... Hey there Raven.. How's life treating ya? Good I hope .. Listen. I got a question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how soft would you say the bottom of your feet are?

They are as soft as silk. you tell me where that falls on your scale, my dear.

Donald Asks... Are there any plans of you making another footjob video? I would love to see you give a combo footjob handjob video tape. Do you make custom videos? I purchased your first two footjob videos and like them!

Another footjob video is certainly something that we have among our future projects. we do make custom videos. for more information on them, you can email me personally at

Tom Asks... Have you ever had your feet sucked whole?

I haven't found someone with a mouth that big before!

Paul Asks... Raven, you have very pretty feet. What did you think the first time a guy asked to smell your feet?

I thought that he was a bit unique in his tastes, but I willingly indulged him. and ended up enjoying it.

Busyb Asks... How long have you been in the business?

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that you are asking how long I have been a foot model. which would be for about a year and a half, now. I have had my site since April of 2003. and am enjoying every minute of it. as I hope you all are!

Steven Asks... If I have to treat you like a real queen marry you and give you millions of dollars all under your names in the bank account will you make me your submissive pet?

Now, what foot mistress in her right mind would say no to that?

Don Asks... Raven, you have hottest feet i have ever seen. I was wondering if you like having your feet sniffed, and also what your feet smell like? P.S. Thanks for giving me lots to jerk of too!

If only I had a dollar for every time I heard that. to answer your questions, I love having my feet sniffed, and their smell depends much on a number of things, like the weather, shoes I am wearing, and what I am doing at the time. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed, though.

Jon Asks... Hi Raven i believe you have the sexiest feet i have ever seen. I was curious if you have ever thought of restraining some one to your bed and giving him the most sensual footjob for about an hour or so just keeping him on the edge. Is this something you have ever fantasized about and if so would be interested in doing a private session.

I must say that is very interesting food for thought. and if indeed that is the sort of session you would like to have with me, I am game. email me at for more information on how we can make this happen.

Feetslave Darthvader Asks... How big are your feet, and could you crush my cock with your feet. I love my manhood flattened under a woman's feet.

My feet are a size seven. and I am not sure whether I could crush you with my feet, but I could have a fun time trying!

Allen Asks... Have you ever caught a guy jerking off in your shoes or stockings? What was your reaction?

As of yet, I haven't caught a man masturbating with or in my shoes or stockings. I have had a few slaves that smelled them and thought about touching themselves, but couldn't, because I wouldn't allow it.

Nic Asks... Please take me seriously. I have a tickle fetish. are you ticklish? Could you try to tickle yourself and tell me which part of your foot is the most ticklish? Would you tell me an episode that happened to you that involved tickling?

I guess that we have something in common, then. because I have a tickle fetish as well. I can tell you that the most ticklish part of my foot is my toes. they are very sensitive. but unfortunately, my experience with being tickled is limited to the point that I really don't have any outstanding experiences to share with you. looks like I will have to work on that one.

GimpyXZ Asks... Finding a woman with a love for foot fetishism. What clues do you look for that can give let you know they have that same kinda kink in them as well?

That is the $546,507 dollar question. all I can say is that after knowing the woman in question long enough to have built a decent rapport with her. and you ask her if you can massage her feet. she says yes. watch her response. if she is rather responsive to you, then taking it to the next level with a little 'tongue massage' may be okay with her. but if she is acting like she could take or leave it, then maybe you should do just that. leave it. good luck finding a foot woman. we are hard to come by, from what i have been told!

Hosedfeet4me Asks... How do I approach a lady that I have been talking to about her feet. Basically, can I please have some advice. By the way, you have beautiful feet!

I have already answered a question similar to this. but basically just approach her in such a way that you are not pushy, yet express an interest in her feet, by initiating contact like a foot massage. and gauge her response. if she seems like she likes it, then keep it up. if not, then you might want to either bring it to her in a different way or give up.

Faiz Asks... It is no doubt that you have a pair of luscious feet. Just wondering if somebody have tied up your feet for pleasure?

My feet have been in restraints before, yes. and mutual pleasure was achieved. you can believe that. 

Herc066 Asks... Hey raven. I was wondering will you let a guy massage your feet on a first date?

Probably not unless he was a foot slave.. in the 'normal' dating world, I tend to be rather reserved and old fashioned. I don't even kiss on the first date. so he would have to wait to feel these feet.

Herc066 Asks... Has a guy ever said "come on baby wiggle your toes and rub your feet together for me" when you have had your feet in his lap or he is lying on the floor next to him?

Most of the contact I have had with men that wanted to see that sort of thing has been in the context of a foot worship session. and during those times, I hear things like that said quite often.

PP Asks... Do you like to crush fruits under your feet and ask someone to lick it off completely.

I have never crushed fruit before, but I have had slaves eat fruit off of my feet. I have even eaten cherries off of my own feet. how do you like that?

Matt Asks... Hello Raven, I just wanted to ask you what your favorite toenail polish color was. Personally, I LOVE when you have a French pedicure, especially in your video "The French Connection". It's such a clean and neat look on what are already sexy toes.

As I stated on a previous question, I tend to be partial to colors that offer a contrast to my skin tone, like a dark, rich burgundy, or even a French pedicure.

Steve Asks... Do you do a lot of foot dipping and do you flex or wiggle your toes when you dip. Also what are your favorite stockings to wear.

I love to dip in and out of shoes, while I flex and wiggle my toes. and I love to wear Cuban heel ultra sheer or fishnet stockings. they are very hot!

Fman Asks... I found that you really like doing footjob very much. Well it good for you and keep up the good work. Just wondering if you have gave footjob while your foot being tied up? It will be a great experience.

Count that among one of the things that I have yet to try. I bet it would be an interesting experience. to have the man control how fast he fucks my soles. I am usually the one who controls that sort of thing, so it would be a big time change for me!

Jerry Asks... Raven, I wish there were more women out there like you who simple LOVE to have their feet lightly tickled. I think the ones that truly enjoy this are the real catch (lightly tickling a woman's feet is an incredible turn on for me!)I read your bio, and I'm still have you gone about getting a man interested in tickling your feet in this manner? How can I recognize a women with such an interest?

You are looking at how I go about getting a man interested in my interests. I started modeling and a foot site. I felt like I needed to resort to doing it for many reasons. including the fact that it wasn't always the easiest thing for me to talk about with people. and when I did bring it up, I found that most NON-footmen were not really responsive to my love for foot attention. so the next step was to call all footmen out. and the rest, my dear, is history.

Donny Asks... Do you like the feel on soft sexy stockings? And what is your favorite color?

I love the feel of soft silk stockings. especially black ones!

Sean Asks... Would you enjoy a foot bukkake? That is where several men cum on your feet. Would you also let me clean up the cum afterward since I am only 4 inches erect? Is that considered small?

There have been many men that have asked me questions during this interview wherein they spoke of having small penises and wanted to know if I would want to watch them eat the cum OF ANOTHER MAN off of my feet. I mean, if that is your kink, then cool. but it isn't something I would take part in outside of a paid private session, to be honest with you.

Alex Asks... I am a 20 year old male virgin. What does the thought of giving a virgin a footjob do to you? Would you ever 'deflower' one?

If he thought he could take it without any strings attached, I would be honored.

Doggie Slave Asks... Have you ever put one of your slaves on a collar and leash? Have you ever force fed a slave from your feet?

I have put my slaves on collars and leashes before, sure. and I have force fed them, as well. you make it sound like that is something you want to do. is it?

Rual Asks... Do you ever drive barefoot?

No, I don't ever drive barefoot. my feet are much too tender and sensitive for that!

T-Bone Asks... Hi Raven, Do you view men with foot fetishes as being weak? After we would love to kiss feet. Do you think men with foot fetishes can be made into a slave?

No, I do not view foot men as weak just because of their fetish. now if they are weak people in addition to having the fetish, that is another story altogether. and have slaves that can attest to the fact that footmen can and are made into slaves!

Jason Asks... Would you ever crush bugs, frogs, or crayfish barefoot or with flip-flops on?

Probably not. I never wear flip-flops. too uncomfortable between my toes!

Jasoos Asks... What is the place of an ideal foot slave? Does he kiss or lick your feet?

An ideal slave worships my feet in every way, massages them, makes sure that I have no needs in the world. sound like fun to you?

Footjobfreak Asks... How do you get a girl to give you a footjob?

First off, I am not looking for women to give me footjobs, but if I were, I would wait a LONG time to work it into things. and I would bring it up in a subtle way at first, to get this woman used to the idea that you are into rather unconventional things. start with a massage, maybe some worship, and then weasel the footjob concept in. a good time would be to do it in the heat of passion, when neither she nor you are thinking about anything but each other. good luck with it!

Justmarried Asks... Hey Raven, from your answers from previous questions, I can tell you have a good sense of this lifestyle. I'm recently married and my wife has gorgeous toes and soles. I've had a foot fetish as long as I could remember, but at risk of not freaking her out, how can I introduce my fetish into our foreplay or should I refrain. I guess my embarrassment about my fetish is also something I have to work on as well. What do you suggest?

Jeez, love. forever is a mighty long time to spend with someone that only knows the 'clean' parts of you. for your sake, I would incorporate foot play into things ASAP. otherwise, you may just find yourself veering off the right path. and this early on, that would not be a good thing. if foot fetishism is your nature, keeping it out of your sexual repertoire, and allowing it to remain on the back burner of things would be going against your nature. and there is nothing cool about that at all. so be candid with your new wife, and tell her straight up about what you like. and I wish you all the luck in the world on that. remember this, as well. a closed mouth never gets fed. so the time to open it is now!

Sean Asks... What is the biggest dick you have ever given a footjob to? What is the difference between giving a footjob to a 4 inch erect penis compared to a 8 inch erect penis?

The largest was probably about eight inches long, maybe three inches thick. the only difference between giving a footjob to a man with a larger penis as opposed to a smaller one is that my feet have less room to glide with the smaller one. I am sure that if you think about the mechanics of a footjob, that would not be too difficult to understand. right?

Mikelovesft Asks... Hey I wanted to say you have the nicest feet ever! I would worship them and do anything you wanted. Do you like giving footjobs? What's your favorite foot activity? Will you ever be in Oregon?

Footjobs are only as fun to me as they are enjoyable to the man I am with at that time. my favorite foot activity would have to be to have mine worshiped and tickled. that is pure heaven. and I do not see myself visiting OR anytime soon, as I am a student, and don't travel for foot slaves, even if i could. sorry!

Aikiaki Asks... What do you think about footjobs in kimono? My girlfriend is a black belt in karate and I feel so excited when she takes my hard cock with her soles after a karate training! Maybe you are black belt too? I'd like to see you in a karate footjob. I hope for an answer. Kisses!

Talk about an interesting fetish. kimono footjobs. well my dear, since I don't own a kimono, that would be hard for me to even consider. unless you would like to send me one for Christmas.   

SoleBrotha Asks... I'm a sole brotha and Raven you've got sole baby! How would you give me a masterful/soleful footjob? Bare of course.

I will not indulge that question, except to say that for a closer look at my footjob technique, you may purchase one of my footjob videos, which are both available for purchase at my site,

Robbase10 Asks... Hey sexy, my wife wears size seven with very small toes. I would love to see you toe fight her, what do you think and who would win?

How does one train for a toe fight? Due to my lack of experience in the sport (?), I would have to say that she may be the favorite on our first fight.

Mark_up Asks... Being in the footjob business, you get to have a lot of dealings with things 'down there' on a man. Do you prefer circumcised or uncut?

That would be quite an inaccurate statement, to be honest with you. I haven't given THAT many footjobs in my life to be able to say that I have "a lot of dealings down there" on anybody. but circumcised is much more pleasing to the eyes. and much easier to keep clean.

Terry Asks... Hi Raven, I have a big shoe fetish. How many shoes and boots do you own? What is your favorite shoe? Would you let me lick all of your shoes clean? After a foot queen like you deserves clean. Can a shoe cleaning session be set up?

Sure. shoe cleaning sessions may be set up. just email me at for more information. I would have to say that I own about 20 pairs of boots, and probably about 100 pairs of other kinds of shoes, including sandals, mules, flats, and sneakers.

Eric Asks... Raven, what is the best way a man could approach you to let you know that he is attracted to your feet? Also, would you be open to give a man a footjob on the first date if you knew he was into your feet?

Only if he paid for it. otherwise, he would have to wait. that is like having sex on the first date, which is not something I would do. hell, I don't even kiss on the first date!

JR Asks... Raven you got one of the softest pairs of feet ever. I was wondering, do your feet even smell when they aren't encased in shoes the whole day? If you were to go barefoot in the house would they still smell?

First of all, I never walk barefoot. so even when I am in the house, I have house shoes on. but they can smell when I have been wearing shoes all day, depending on what I am doing, the weather, and the type of shoes that I am wearing at that time.

Chante Asks... I have a question for you. What do you like about sweaty, moist feet, is it a turn-on for you?

Nothing at all, besides having my sweaty, moist feet licked and nibbled. I myself am not into sweaty feet, so no, they do not turn me on at all.

WatchGuy321 Asks... Hi there. You and your sexy feet put me over the edge. I was wondering, do you ever enjoy the smell of your feet by yourself? I know I would never take my nose off of them.

Nope. I am not partial to smell at all. not mine, or anyone else's for that matter.

Dee Nyce Asks... 1st let me say you are the most pretty lady i have seen and Do you ever have anybody lick your toes why they are smelly and stinky? If so what type of smell does your feet have?

They smell and lick the hell out of them while they are smelly and stinky, then they take the smell while it is in their nose and go home and jerk off. the type of smell is not something that I can describe. you might have to ask my slaves.

Valerie Asks... Can I lick your feet too!

If I am not wrong, Valerie is a woman's name. and sure, you can lick my feet, too, sugar. bring it on!

Zamora Asks... Do you like any other kind of torture, like bastinado?

I like no other kind of torture. especially bastinado. my feet are much too sensitive for it!

Damien Asks... Would you ever consider doing pics of bukkake but instead of cum on your face it would be cum on your soft bare soles? I think the pics would be incredible it's my most personal fantasy.

Not unless you could find a bunch of men that could all afford my rates at the same time. good luck on that!

Footslave Asks... Would ever do pictures showing you with a black man and the point of view of we viewers as your loyal slave, ma'am?

I already have. those shots are uploaded to my site, and you can see some of the worship sessions with a Black man on my videos "Raven Meets the King" and "Nurse Raven to the Rescue," both available for purchase at my website,

Likefeetinhousoton Asks... I would like to tell you that you have very pretty feet and toes. Like most of your fans, my fetish revolves around foot scent. Your feet look like they smell really nice. My question is if you sell worn hosiery or shoes so we can all enjoy and indulge in your foot aroma. If you do, how much and how long do you wear the items.

Houston? That is where I am visiting right now. good to hear from you. I sure do sell worn hosiery and shoes. just so you can indulge yourself in my heavenly foot aroma and i can wear them for as long as you want. Email me again soon at for more information on all of that.

Twodog Asks... I would pay for the opportunity to give you a pedicure that last for hours. What are some of the comments, about your lovely feet, has a pedicurist mentioned to you?

I have had pedicurists mention that they like my feet, how smooth they are, and that my nail beds are nice, as well. do you like them?

Les Asks... Would you let me eat your sock lint and toe jam after a long day wearing socks? What do you like the most about having male slaves at your feet? Most foot models hardly ever wear socks.

I don't wear socks, except for the winter time and when i work out in summer. and you need to come and eat the toe jam and lint from in between my toes now. before another slave gets to it.

Eric Asks... Hi Raven. I want to arrange a visit to Chicago to meet you for a footjob session. How can we arrange this? Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Wow! I am flattered that you would find me worth the trip. anyway, any sort of arrangements/provisions for any sort of private foot sessions may be arranged by contacting me at

Turbo Asks... Hi Raven. I love your smooth soles so much. Do you feel something special when drive a powerful car with a pair of sexy shoes?, will you like to blow up the engine of a car revving it with your delicate feet?

I must admit that I do feel more powerful when driving any car with sexy shoes on. I am not quite sure why, though.

Phatboy Asks... I see how much you enjoy being tickled,so I was wondering how often do you tickle? and have you ever used your sexy toes to tickle a guy? and if so tell us about it.

I enjoy tickling. but not as much as I enjoy being tickled. I tickle once in a while. when the opportunity presents itself. and no, I have not ever used my toes to tickle a man. in fact, I would love to have a tickling experience with a woman.

T-Bone Asks... Hi Raven, You have the best feet I have ever seen and I am becoming enslaved because of your feet. I was wondering if you would do a foot slave training session with me where you would train me to become a perfect slave as you see fit? Would you rather be called Mistress Raven or Goddess Raven?

Goddess Raven is fine. and I would love to do a slave training session with you, provided you can afford my rates and that you are in the Chicago area. email me at for more information.

Peter HK Asks... You have such lovely feet. If you had a chance to lick the soles of a female Hollywood celebrity or singer, who would you choose and why?

Not that I am really into licking soles, but if I had to choose soles to lick, they would probably belong to Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez.

Chang Asks... Would u considering giving a footjob to an Asian guy with a small dick?

Sure. if the price was right.

Mike bbj Asks... Hello Raven, my question to you is when a man worships your feet do you feel superior? if so, why do you think you feel that way. Oh by the way, your feet are amazing I would worship them any time.

I feel many things when my feet are being worshiped, including that of being in a superior status to them. and aside from the obvious reasons arising from putting men in a subordinate position, I think that just knowing that my feet have such power makes me feel superior, as well.

Dan Asks... How smelly do your feet get?

Wouldn't you like to know? 

Conor Asks... How old is too young and would you want to do anything with a little shoe cleaning (your shoe of course) being involved?

Under the legal age would be too young. and shoe cleaning would be fine.

Chase Asks... When did you first realize you had a foot fetish?

That is a question better answered in my bio, which can be found at Hope that helps!

One Of Your Slaves Asks... What do you feel is the greatest dream of millions of your fans?

From what I am seeing in my fan mail and in this interview, men seem to want to be able to smell and worship my feet for hours on end, and to have an endless supply of footjobs.

Desomon Asks... I would have to agree that the more intelligent a person is, the more capable they are of sophisticated thought processes, including that of fantasizing.

Hi Raven, hope you'll answer my second question. In my experience about foot fetish, talking to other men about sex has made me believe that a lot of unintelligent men are usually very simple in their fantasies if they even have them and the more intelligent a man is, the more he has the ability to fantasies. it's just something I think about, I think that most men with submissive fantasies (like foot fetish) are intelligent, just a thought, I would love to hear your comment on that, Do you agree or am I way of the mark here? (by the way, it's not surprising to me that most of the men you dated are not footmen like you said, because there are many things about your looks that will attract a man!)

IEastCuteFeet Asks... Do you "get" why a guy might want to spend time sniffing your feet, or do you just accept that it's a weird quirk and have fun with it?

Sort of both. I really don't have a foot fetish myself, so I cannot directly relate to the desire for sniffing feet. I like to tickle and nibble on feet, though. but I enjoy having mine sniffed!

Scott Wilson Asks... Raven will you send me free videos of your feet?

Don't take this the wrong way, but hell no. That is what I have a site for. If you wish to see MPEGs of my videos, or purchase some of my videos, that is where you will find them.


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