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Naia's Interview (Archive)

The interview found below was conducted in 2001 on Wu's Feetlinks. Questions were submitted by users and fans. With Wu's passing in 2014, I have decided to preserve these interviews here on the all new Wu's Feetlinks Interviews Blog as I carry on with the new ones. Please note: The website URLs, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses below may no longer be valid.
Patrick, Editor

Below is an interview held recently with the lovely Naia from the website, Amateur Spanish Feet. She chose a select few of your questions to answer. Be sure to contact her at

CAFCFootLover Asks... Naia, You have very Beautiful Feet, and Lovely Toes! What do you do to keep your Feet in such a sexy condition?

First, thanks for your compliments. I take care of my feet everyday. I think foot care is a must for a woman's beauty. I need to keep my feet nice and sexy.

Jim Asks... Naia, you have the feet of a goddess. My question is, do you like to have your feet worshiped by men or women and which do you enjoy the most?

Hello Jim, well I am not sure about that. Men are probably more passionate and women are more delicate. Every woman knows what other women like, so this could be the key. The answer is probably women.

Bob Asks... Hi Naia , what kind of fetish do you specialize in? All kinds? Footjobs? Bare feet?

I don't think I am specialize in any fetish more than another. I really enjoy showing my feet to others and being into foot worship. I enjoy giving footjobs to my boyfriend as well as being tickled or feeling how fruit crushes under my toes.

Ronnie Asks... Are you willing to meet your foot fans and give them the chance of a lovely life toe sucking time.

Hello Ronnie. At this time, I am not able to meet with fans. I don't have the time to travel or meet anyone. My boyfriend and I are open minded people and don't mind sharing our foot fetishism with other people. I live in Spain, far from the world foot fetish focus: USA. Here there are not many foot fetish fans. Maybe in the future.

TampaBay Asks... Do you like to drive barefoot?

Yes. Driving barefoot is one of my favorite activities in the summertime. I like to feel the cold rubber under my soles. It is kind of like the pedals are tickling my feet. I only do this in the summertime.

Derick Asks... I often like sucking toes while having sex. It somehow enhances the pleasure for me. Does that sort of thing do anything for you? If so, what?

Hello Derick. Yes, I feel twice as excited when I have my feet worshiped while having sex at the same time. My boyfriend Jordi knows how to do this to make me feel like I'm in heaven. I think foot sex is practiced by many couples. They are not specifically foot fetishists, but there are many things to do with sex to avoid boredom.

WhiteHawk Asks... Oh my God! I can't believe that you are the next one in the interview! You are my favorite! Anyway. I really want to know how sensitive are your feet? When and how did you discover that you had a foot fetish? Maybe it is just me but I think you have the greatest feet 'n face all around.

Hello WhiteHawk. Thanks for your compliments. I think my feet are one of the most sensitive parts of my body. They have always been this way. My boyfriend was the one who made aware of how much a woman could enjoy having her feet worshiped I must admit that I never though about it before. I always took care at my feet but never saw them as sexually attractive Since then I enjoy foot sex almost everyday with Jordi.

ShoeFetish Asks... Have you ever done any trampling? If so, what do you enjoy the most: Face trample or Chest trample? With or without heels?

Hello. Yes I have trampled several guys. Although this is not my favorite practice, it tickles when I trample someones face. I prefer to do it without heels.

Wu Asks... How do you find all of your lovely models?

Well, this is not an easy thing. Most of them are lifetime friends of mine, like June, Agatha, Ayna, Mrs XXXX and more. Others are friends of other friends ., you know what I mean? Sometimes their facial expression when I talk to them about this says what they think. It's funny, but I must admit I'm very happy to have almost 50 models to pose exclusively for my site. I love to recruit new ones when I have the time.;)

Reaz Asks... My wife saw your feet pictures on the web and she thought they were cool. Now she wants to model her sexy size 10's. She is from central America and has perfect feet like yours. How can she model her feet on your wonderful [maravillosa] site?

Hello Reaz. I'm glad your wife wants to show her feet. If she wants to do it through my site I will be more than pleased to post the pictures. Just e-mail me at

Vincent K Asks... Hey Naia. Do you like tickling the other woman from your website and how ticklish is Elisa?

Hello Vincent. Well, tickling a woman's feet is a very fun job! I like how my victims laugh. If you ever see me tickling any of my girls, you will see what I mean. Elisa is very ticklish. Most women are very ticklish on their soles. That includes me of course!

Jan Asks... Have you been walking barefoot over the city streets in your town?

Hello Jan. Yes I've done it but, not often. I've done it 3 or 4 times when the weather is good. I did it when there was nobody watching me. I am very shy to do this. Otherwise I am always barefoot when I am at home. However, I suggest that every woman (and man too) walk barefoot. I think when you walk barefoot your feet feel like they are being massaged by the floor. It can be really stimulating.

StinkyFeet4Me Asks... Naia, I am very attracted to the smell of female feet. Are your aroused by the smell of yours or the smell of other feet?

Well, I like the soft aroma of female feet but, I don't like extremely stinky feet. I think this is neither erotic nor feminine, although I respect and understand that other people who like it.

Jose Asks... Honestly , I'm proud that a Spanish girl (you) has made what you made but, when did you begin your own site? How did you begin?

Hola Jose. I started my first site just for. I was curious about what it would be like to be on the Internet and Jordi wanted to practice some HTML. We posted several pictures with my face blurred on a free page, and we were really impressed by the popular response. People started to request more pictures and write emails. Popular demand was the cause of our stay on the Net. And the snowball has grown until today.

Schlumpf Asks... I've been a great fan of your feet for a long time, but there´s one thing I've always wanted to know. Do you like a cock under your feet in a shoe (Pumps or Sandals, Mules)? Or walk in shoes with cum inside? Tell me what you think about it.

Hello Schlumpf. Well honestly I never did any of the things you mentioned. I'll take note of them. It could be exciting. I am an open minded woman who is always looking for new sensations.

Max Asks... How much do you think it is important to use feet as weapon of seduction?

Hello Max. Well I think feet could be a strong weapon of seduction as long as the man or woman that you have in front of you likes feet. Many people feels offended by feet, so don't waste your time and bother them. But for those who appreciates it, feet is a great weapon of seduction, don't doubt it!

Tango Asks... I have dated a girl for 10 months. Every time I asked her if I could polish her toenails for her, she always disagreed and said I freaked her out. Could you tell me if most girls all don't like men to polish their toe nails?

Hello Tango. Honestly I don't know how every girl will see you if you try to polish her toe nails. I think if you ask a woman sweet and softly and don't feel disappointed by a negative response the first time, you will make her see how her feet is important for you. It's important to be soft, not aggressive I don't think a woman can get angry to have her feet cared for by a man.

Wu Asks... How is foot fetishism viewed in Spain? Are people more or less open about it there?

Foot fetish is viewed in Spain like a weird thing, never seen as a sexual activity. I must admit leather or dominas wearing high heels fetishes are more common. People feel indifferent about it, and most of them just don't understand it although you can explain it with all details!

Harry Asks... I see that you give footjobs, and, you also worship Junes' feet. What do you enjoy more, giving or receiving? male or female? P.S. I think you have incredible looking feet, I wish I could find someone where I live to allow me to fulfill my foot fantasies with.

Hello Harry. I do enjoy giving and receiving. I don't care if it is man or woman who worships my feet. Maybe women are more delicate and "technical" and man more passionate. I must say that I never licked male feet. My boyfriend doesn't like to have his feet licked or his toes sucked.

Bigman Asks... Do you sell your socks? How can i have one of yours?

Hello Bigman. Thanks for your interest, but at this time we don't sell any clothes. I personally sold some socks, pantyhose and shoes in the past, but had several bad experiences. I mean, packages and money lost on the way, excess of delay, disappointed customers by the loss of smell. Maybe in the future I will try again, but now I am not selling clothes.

ScottyTooHotty Asks... Where is Carmen and can we see more of her sexy feet in the future?

Hello Scotty. Carmen is ending her studying season. Of course, she will be posing her sexy feet in the future, she is a very requested girl on the site.

Steve Asks... What is your fantasy?

Hello Steve. My fantasies are changing as the time goes on. My first fantasies was to have good foot sex with my boyfriend. Then I tasted women's feet, and this changed my fantasies. Now I would like to have my feet worshiped and loved by many men and women at the same time while I worship other women feet.

Kristine Asks... I am a lesbian girl with a foot fetish. Who do you prefer to lick your feet - girls or guys? Why? What difference is in that? Kisses on your feet.

Hello Kristine. As I said on other questions, women are maybe more delicate and expert, and man more hot and passionate. These are different things, I really enjoy both ways.

Leo Asks... Do you think, there are really women, that like to have a foot licking slave? Isn't it only a man's dream?

Hello Leo. I must admit I am not into mistress/slave practices. I understand that many women can enjoy having a foot licking slave, but this is not my case. I like to play this kind of games, but this is just fiction for me.

Luca Asks... Hi Naia. What size you wear?

Actually my feet size is 40 for Spain, 39 for Europe, and I think the US size is 10' but maybe I am wrong.

Footslave227 Asks... Are you ticklish on your feet?? Does it make you laugh hard?

Hello. Yes! Absolutely! My soles are extremely ticklish, sometimes I can't suffer the hard laugh this causes on me.

Wu Asks... Is there a particular type of shoe that is popular with the Spanish women?

Spanish Women use to wear mainly open toe sandals when the good weather appears. Unfortunately I don't think there's other specially popular kind of shoe in Spain.

Sunglow Asks... Have you ever given a women a footjob?

Hello. No, I haven't. It is not in my plans to do it. I really don't have any fantasies like this. Although I am bi curious, I don't like to use my feet to do footjobs to other women.

Federico Asks... Female foot fetishism has some interests also in women sexuality, or is just a male interest?

Hello Federico. Absolutely Yes. I think a woman's sexuality is very rich. Feet can be used as a weapon of seduction. It can be very stimulating and exciting to have your feet loved, massaged, worshiped or tickled!. Feet must be source of alternative pleasures also for women, at least this is for me..

Ace Asks... How can I convince women that having their feet worshiped is the bet thing in the world?

Well, try to convince her that having her feet worshiped is the best thing in the world for her, not just for you :) Give her a live demonstration of that! If you try this you have a good part of the work done.

Michael K Asks... You seem pretty smart. Have you ever studied the psychology of foot fetish? In the film "Foot Worship 21," Sharon Mitchell mentions this topic in brief. What do you think?

Hello Michael. Well, honestly I never though about this. Maybe you mean to use foot fetish as a topic of female domination or something like that. I didn't see this film, but I would like to do it sure.

Boy Asks... Where can i see more of that footjob pics you did right here?

Hello Boy. You can see this footjobs and more on my web page Amateur Spanish Feet. I hope to be doing more footjob sets very soon.

Mark Asks... I think my girlfriend has a foot fetish but I can't tell. How can you tell if she does without asking her?

Hello Mark. Well my suggestion is, try with something light for the first time. Give her a foot massage if she tells you that her feet are tired. Try to suggest a polish for her toe nails. Watch her reaction. Don't try to have a footjob or put all toes on your mouth the first time. She may feel uncomfortable. Let time pass between the first attempt and the following ones. I hope you have success.

Tony Asks... Hello Naia, I LOVE your feet! Do you like to give footjobs while wearing stockings/pantyhose? From my experience, I think it can feel better than bare.

Hello Tony. Honestly I prefer to be barefoot while I doing footjobs or having my feet worshiped. Stockings or pantyhose are a great clothes when my feet are cold, but I don't feel specially turned on when I wear them. However I know pantyhosed feet fans are a large group in the world and I respect them.

Kicked Out Asks... Hey, Naia! You know, in these days many foot fetish sites publish essays about women that use their feet in some kind of fight, like karate or kickboxing. Have you ever done a photo series using this kind of theme? And in the real life, have you ever used your feet to defend yourself or played this kind of fetish?

Hello. I did several photo series using that kind of theme on my website. My boyfriend really gets turned on when he see me wearing martial arts clothes. He likes the vision of a bare sole kicking at his face. Fortunately I have never had to use any method to defend myself from a molester, although I play this kind of fetish often.

Wu Asks... If you could choose one model from another site to pose for your site, who would it be?

This question is really great,.Well probably Bellecita. Her feet kick ass! I'm also keeping an eye on Betty Monroe's site, I like this girl with her Gothic look. Kim is also a feet goddess and I think she is very popular. It would be nice to have any of these 3 models on my site.

Amanda Bourne Asks... I would love to get involved in the foot modeling business. But, I need some assistance in how to go about it. People have always complimented my structure of my feet and toe nails. I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me when you have a chance. Thanks you!

Hello Amanda. I would be pleased if you contacted me at this email address: I would like for you to tell me about your plans. I will help you the best I can.

Fred Asks... Are sole fetishes more common than other types of foot fetishes? Do you find that most men are attracted to the smell of feet/leather? I've noticed that most of your pictures display the wrinkled soles of your models. My girlfriend understands the power her feet have for me and always teases me with her bare wrinkled soles after they've been encased in leather pumps or sandals. When she does this, I can't control myself- Your site is awesome- keep it up!

Hello Fred. Thanks for your compliments. I noticed that sole fetishes are more common than others. 70% of the email I get talk about soles. Maybe this is caused by my site content. I personally prefer soles. This is the favorite part of my feet as well as other female feet. I am sure your girlfriend knows how to drive you crazy using her soles. I think smell of feet is also a great attraction for many men.

Missouri Asks... Naia, if I asked you to place your right foot on top of my right hand and press down firmly, would you think I'm strange?

Hello Missouri. Yes and No! If you knew the things that most people suggested to me, you would think you are a very normal person. There are no strange things, only different things. That's my thought.

Martin Asks... What do you feel when the hot cum comes over your feet after a hard footjob

Hello Martin. You must know that I have only done footjobs to my boyfriend. In this way I feel very turned on when I feel my boyfriend's cum flowing over my feet. I also feel turned on when I see his facial expression of pleasure. It really drives me crazy.

David Asks... Once when your site was free , you made some bondage pictures. Why don't you still do bondage?

Hello David. Now I would like to do any kind of pictures like I used to do. I know there are people interested almost in every foot specialties, but unfortunately I don't have the time to do everything that I would like. But I will make sure that more bondage pics will be posted showing my feet tied.

Tico Asks... Naia, eres la mujer con los pies mas hermosos que existe. Me gustaria saber como y cuando te iniciaste en el fetichismo. Hubo alguien especial que inclinara hacia esto?

Hola Tico. Muchas gracias por tus halagos. Me inicie en el fetichismo gracias a mi novio hace ya unos años. Yo siempre habia cuidado mucho de mis pies, pero no los veia como un objeto posible de uso sexual. Me alegro mucho de que el me enseñara el camino, ahora disfruto mucho mas de la sexualidad.

Mike Asks... Naia, your web site is absolutely among the best out there. The photos are so much better than most, and I am particularly fond of the girl-girl toe sucking, smelling, etc. How many of the girls are really into the girl-girl foot worship as opposed to just posing for photos? And how about you, in particular? Thanks!

Hello Mike. It is not easy to respond to this question. I can't really be sure of how many of the girls are really into girl-girl foot worship. I just propose to them to do the pictures. I explain to them what foot worship is. Some of them already know it. They do it in their private lifes, but others reject it, and just pose their feet for the website. Penelope, Maite, Elisa or Malena are very open minded girls but I don't know if they really like to worship other girls feet as a topic in the real life.

Wu Asks... What can we look for from you and ASF in the future? Anything new or exciting?

I just added a fully functional chat room to the site. It's a good way to contact our members and get feedback from them. I am planning to add a new "personals" section, to help all people find anyone with the same tastes. I also hope to do live video-conference by installing a camera and new technical equipment on my computer. Produce our own videos for all the world's customers is another of our next goals. I get lots of requests about it, but Spanish and American VCR systems are different and this is making it difficult. I am always looking for new and exciting things for our visitors.


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