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Leilani Lei's Interview

"The largest black cock I've had between my feet would be Mr. Nuttz and I'm not sure of his measurements - maybe 8-9 inches and thick."

Twitter has introduced me to so many foot fetish models and producers out there that I either didn't know or only knew of. Leilani Lei falls into that category. I first saw Leilani's beautiful feet in a shot she tweeted that someone I follow retweeted. As soon as I saw her cute feet, I had to go find her and I followed her immediately.

I took a few days to check out some of her other photos and content. I liked what I saw as I found her to be down to earth and very "real." Sometimes you come across people who seem to just be running their sites for money. While a lot of us do like that aspect, you can oftentimes tell someone who is passionate about what they're doing on camera. Leilani is just that. We've had many online conversations over the months since I introduced myself and she's always been a total sweetheart.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out some of Leilani's work, do yourself a favor and be sure to visit her sites listed at the conclusion of this interview. As for me, I'm hoping to visit more than just her sites as Leilani is someone I very much wish to have in front of my camera one day for Soles of Silk. Her mature feet would surely be a hit on any site, let alone my own. Hopefully one day! Until then, let's learn a little more about Mrs. Leilani Lei.

Introduction & Interview by: Patrick ( 

Some of the Basics

What is your shoe size?
A 6.5 to 7.

What are some of your favorite styles of shoes?
My all time favorite is no shoes - none, nada, niente, nein, zip, zero! I love to be barefoot. If I do wear shoes, I prefer flip flops or slide on high heels with straps so I can dangle. The high heels are hard to find though.

What type of footwear makes your feet sweat the most? Do they get smelly too?
Any shoes that enclose my feet will make them sweat. Oh my, yes they smell.

Are your feet ticklish If they are, what spots are the most ticklish?
Oh yes! The arch is the most ticklish.

You usually have a wide array of polish colors in your photos. What are some of your favorite colors to get when you go out for a pedicure?
I do my own pedicures. I love bright, deep pinks the best.

What do you think about foot jewelry? Do you like to wear toe rings, anklets or any other kind of "bling" on those feet?
I adore toe rings and anklets. Unfortunately I broke both my anklets and have not replaced them yet.

What are your views on stockings? What kind are your favorites to wear?
Being a nudist, pantyhose I can live without due to their suffocating nature. Plus, I live in Florida and they can get very warm quickly! On the rare occasions when I do wear nylons, I prefer stockings that can stay up without garters. The less layers and amount of clothing the better. But I do agree that stockings and garters look sexy as hell!

What is your favorite foot fetish activity?
Having my feet pampered, adored, worshipped, and massaged.

If you could pick two different celebrities to do all those things to your feet, who would they be?
Never really thought of this.

Discovering the Fetish

How long have you known about foot fetishism?
Since the winter of 2010.

What were your initial thoughts on someone liking your feet, or female feet in general?
I had just become a web cam model and my first thoughts were... "Why on Earth are all these guys asking to see my feet?"

Have those thoughts changed over time? If so, what were some of the factors behind it?
I find myself looking at feet a lot and have even worshipped some feet.

Some people are embarrassed by having a foot fetish and even hide it from their significant other. What would you say to someone who is afraid to admit what they like?
Think of the courage it took for gays to "come out of the closet." I think you have the courage in you to embrace your sexuality too.

Modeling & the Internet

How long have you been modeling?
Since December 2011.

Were you always modeling your feet, or did you start out doing something else?
I started as a cam model in October 2010, did my first XXX video in December 2011, and finally gave in to my feet fans by exploring the many variations of fee fetishists and producing videos incorporating it in July 2013.

When did you first open your site?
I opened my first web site in March 2013. It was a XXX site mostly. When the foot category became popular I decided to start a site just for the foot fetish videos. I am currently working on building that site now.

How has the fan reaction been?
Fan reaction has been fabulous - support has been much less than that.

How does it feel reading all the positive fan mail and comments you receive?
My ego loves it, of course! Overwhelming at times, surreal, flattering, encouraging...

What would you like to say to each and every one of those fans right now?
From the bottom of my soul, thank you. I am flattered beyond words that you all like my work.

It seems like your foot fetish content became more and more common after I found you. Was it due to fan requests, or is it something that you also found you really enjoy?
It started because of fan requests and a means of exploring the fetish to understand it. At the same time, to decide if I liked it and if it would be comfortable for me to continue doing it. And of course, would the work be acceptable to my fans? The response has been wonderful, encouraging and I discovered that I really do enjoy it. Even the ballbusting is fun!

What kind of foot fetish related sub-genres can people find throughout your site?
Worship, teasing, jerk off instruction and encouragement (JOI/JOE), tickling, dirty soles, footjobs, cock and ball torture (CBT), domination, dangling... Of course I am just getting started, so who knows what I may discover in the future?

It looks like you know how to have fun with a cock between your feet. Do you remember how long ago it was that you gave your first footjob?
My first footjob was in November 2012.

Were you a pro from the start at milking a cock with your feet, or did that take some practice?
It took some practice. And for the record, a real cock is not quite the same as a dildo. Practicing with a dildo is not a bad start and helps to develop the muscles too. But the real practice is going to be a real cock.

You've always had a fair share of interracial content on your sites. Do you find that mixing the interracial with the foot fetish genre is something a lot of people like? It seems like there could be a market for that.
It's amazing how many of those people who like interracial like the feet too and how many are black men with foot fetishes. Yep, the two are definitely mixed together. Now to find that mix within the pool of male talent. Where are you all hiding?

While on the topic of interracial, what's the largest black cock you've teased between your tiny feet?
The largest black cock I've had between my feet would be Mr. Nuttz and I am not sure of his measurements - maybe 8-9 inches and thick.

Is it easier to milk something that big with your feet or your pussy?
I don't think one is easier than the other even though they are very different.

Do you like the feeling of cum on your feet?
Yes, I do!

Another thing people love about your site is the MILF/Cougar genre. Do you find a lot of people are into the fact that an older woman is out there being so sexual with her feet?
More so than I expected. Being a MILF and the fact that it was so popular was the main reason I tried the sex industry. 

You've also been known to show a dominant side - forcing people to smell your stinky feet, clean your dirty shoes, trampling, administering some ballbusting, and even denying orgasms. Are these FemDom traits something you enjoy? What are some of your favorites of the bunch?
I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it because I am too nice, but as I embrace my sexuality, I find FemDom traits are emerging slowly. More because I enjoy pleasing and it pleases many, it seems. Who am I to deny pleasure? 

Since you're bisexual, do you also enjoy other women's feet?
Yes, I do enjoy women's feet.  

No limits here. What are some fantasy clips you'd love to film one day?
Well, they have nothing to do with foot fetishism. Although one fantasy is more FemDom based, so does that mean I want to embrace my inner Domme? But who says it can't be sensual? Uh oh... Now you're really curious, aren't you? 

Were there any other models or producers out there who helped you get started in the foot modeling business? If so, who?
Foot Exhibit and Kandii Kiss have been very instrumental in helping me get started.

Other than your own site, what other sites and producers have you modeled for?
You'll find my foot fetish work on Metro Foot Models and Bandwidth Bangers sites. My XXX work can be found on 40 Something Mag, Jerky Sluts, Over 40 Handjobs, Cum Blast City, See Mom Suck, Vivid TV, MILF Tugs, and I am sure a few more I am forgetting right now.

Are there any other models or producers out there they you're hoping to work with one day in the future? If so, who?
There are many models and producers I would love to work with and I am sure that list will be ever-changing. After all, I'm just getting started.

What are some of your favorite shoots or videos that you've done? What made them memorable?
I don't really have any favorites. I enjoy the variety. The first time you try anything new is always memorable. 

Do you think the Internet has helped the fetish become more acceptable?
Absolutely. With the ease of access and the sheer volume of people reached, the Internet helps people see other people enjoy a fetish, which helps them have the courage to be open about it themselves - thereby perpetuating the acceptable factor.

What can people expect to see from your sites in the future?
Currently I am working on switching my XXX site to a different system which will enable me to offer all of my videos in full length, streaming format. The foot fetish site is on hold at the moment. It may become part of a network or follow the same format as the XXX site. Either way, it does push the launch back to the first quarter of 2015. 

Do you do customs for your fans? If so, what's the best way they could go about contacting you?
I love to do customs for my fans, preferable solos as I often have a problem finding talent to participate with me. My fans can contact me at

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